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feeling excited

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Today I am quite excited. My husband and I recently moved and tomorrow, two very dear friends are coming to visit! One of them was a woman I walked with 5 days a week, through rain, snow, sunshine, heat, thunderstorms, you name it, we were out walking. I think we walked together for at least 5 years. I miss our walks and talks soooo much! Yes, I still walk, but it sure is nicer when you have someone to walk with!

Then Friday, I get to visit with our two oldest children. I have not seen them since Christmas. I know for some of you that may not be such a long time, but it is for me!

Sunday we are also having some company! I have not seen them since November. Again, this woman is such a dear friend. We have spent many hours every week together sewing and quilting. I so miss her company in doing this too!

So yes, I have reason to be excited!
Plus, I managed to sit down and eat everything I ate yesterday. I am so bad about nibbling and just standing while I do. Sometimes I even eat a meal while standing! This is a bad habit and I am going to break it! Today is going well for that plan too!! emoticon

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PATIENTSAM 2/11/2014 6:12PM

    Amina, I am so glad we can encourage each other, even when we don't realize that we are!
I will enjoy my visits for sure!
In my many, many years of diets, I was told not to do anything but eat while eating. No tv, no books, magazines, just eat! It is amazing how when you are not paying attention, that the food just disappears!! emoticon
I know you can get in the habit of eating at the table. I know it must be hard when you are by yourself, but I know you will enjoy your meals so much more, as will I as I continue to make it a habit to eat at the table too!

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IAMSODONE 2/11/2014 4:50PM


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    What a lovely, happy blog! Made me smile just reading it, so I can imagine just how excited you are, and how much you're looking forward to catching up with friends and family. Enjoy every moment of being with them.

As for sitting down to eat, you made me realize something about my eating habits - I always sit down while eating, but unfortunately it's usually in a recliner, while watching tv. That's it, no more doing that. From now on, I will take the time to set the table, switch off the tv, and pay attention to my food as I eat it, so there will be no more sudden realization when I glance down at my plate that I've already eaten everything without noticing. I'm so happy I haven't yet had breakfast, so I can make the change straight away,

Thank you for helping me to realize something about myself I guess I've chosen to ignore for way too long. I guess after my girls all left home I gradually just let myself do something I always said I would never do.

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feeling a bit more happy

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Today was a rough day. I just was not handling some issues very well. So I caved in and ate few things I should not have.
But then I came to check on things on sparkpeople. I wished I would have come earlier today. All those kind comments and notes of encouragement are helping me to take a step back and see that I don't need to take my troubles out on food.
Thanks everyone emoticon
Tomorrow will be a better day!

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RAESUN54 2/9/2014 8:36PM

    That's grest. I know just how you feel. I read my messages and seeing people believe in me. I can do it. And so can you.

emoticon emoticon

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sewing room

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Well, today I have decided I am going to focus on getting my new sewing room all organized. I have not done any sewing since Christmas Day! That is way too long! But I don't want to start pulling stuff out yet until I know that when I am finished with it, it will have a place to return to. I want to have a room where I can find what I want when I need it! This is the first time in a very, very long time that all my sewing stuff can be in the same place!

In saying all of this, this project will help keep me out of the kitchen, making it easier to stay focused on my weight loss!!

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PATIENTSAM 2/9/2014 7:29PM

    Well, my project for yesterday to organize my sewing room did not get very far. Other people needed my attention and then I was asked to move some boxes to make some room for others in my house to play a game. So, I ended up doing some sorting of way too much piddly stuff. Tomorrow I will get to work in my sewing room if I have to go and lock myself in!

Hats off to those of you who have given up your sewing space for a time so others have a place to live. I know that can't be easy.

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    Great idea, for several reasons. Firstly, as you say, it will keep you out of the kitchen, next, even sorting out, refolding, and packing away fabrics, threads, etc., is exercise, and lastly, if you manage to get it all sorted and arranged as you imagine it is going to look, you will go to bed feeling really satisfied with your day. If I go to bed at night feeling that way, I wake the next morning ready to tackle whatever life throws at me.

I know you will have many happy hours working on your patchwork projects in a beautifully arranged room, able to access everything easily, and I'll be looking forward to seeing future projects displayed in your photos and maybe even written about in blogs.

I did have my sewing room set up almost perfectly, but a close friend's daughter had to move home unexpectedly and had nowhere to store her furniture. My once-was sewing room is now housing her furniture and my sewing table, etc., is squeezed into my second bedroom, along with two wardrobes (not mine), my over-large computer desk and filing cabinet, printer table, the large recliner my elderly cat loves sleeping in during winter... guess only small sewing projects are going to be achieved till I can finally reclaim my room. I was happy to be able to help, but with each piece of furniture we put into the room, my future projects were mentally crossed of my to-do list.

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SAINTBERNARD6 2/8/2014 2:48PM

    I have to wait until my granddaughter and her babies move out to get my sewing room back...right now it is so piled up that I can barely see my machine...

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SADIEMAE32 2/8/2014 11:17AM

    Sounds like an awesome project!

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AZMOMXTWO 2/8/2014 10:54AM

  great plan

enjoy the sewing room

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Friday, February 07, 2014

I don't know what is wrong with me. I just got a new sewing room built just for me. You think I would be jumping up and down with joy. I love to sew, if you haven't noticed from my pictures.

I am doing well on my weight loss again, but again, I am just blah

Tonight we are taking my niece and nephew out for dinner. I am not too thrilled about it because we will most likely go for pizza. Can I be strong enough to resist when I am feeling so blue?? I thought about just taking a protein bar with me and maybe ordering a salad. I know I would be so much happier with myself in the morning.
Just last week, my husband and I went to a restaurant that I LOVE. Everything I have ever had there is just so good. When my husband asked me what I would order, I told him I was having a meal bar. He said I could have a treat once in a while. I told him that I had gone back and forth on it and had decided that I needed to stick to my plan and that I would enjoy a meal from there sometime in the future. I need to maintain that attitude.

I am going to do this. I am going to achieve the goals I set out to achieve. I know I can reach them if I just try. I can have pizza sometime, but not tonight. Perhaps I will make some of my own soon because I know that it will be healthier. Well, there, that is my self-pep-talk for the day.

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    Congratulations on your pre-planning. To take just a tiny corner then stop shows how determined you are to succeed in the whole healthy weight/healthy body journey.
I understand just how you felt. That first time I went out for dinner after joining SP, I almost changed my mind and stayed home because I was sure I couldn't resist my usual fat and salt laden foods. Then I realized that if I stayed home that night, I'd never learn to either try just a little of something and then move on to a healthier option. I was lucky in that where we went has a serve-yourself bain marie for vegetables, and a salad bar (basic salads only, but at least they are salads) so I could just order myself grilled fish, then pile on the salads.
Friends are talking about going out to a pizza restaurant in the next few weeks, so I dread the challenge of making a healthy choice there that I will be happy with. Guess, like you, I will see just how determined I am not to fall off the wagon.

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MOMJULIEC 2/9/2014 12:38AM

    Great job sticking to your plan!

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JANETTEB553 2/8/2014 8:44PM


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PATIENTSAM 2/8/2014 10:36AM

    Thanks, I ended up taking a bar with me, but just had to try the pizza. I took just a little tiny corner. It basically was one bite, a tiny one. The pizza was not even that good, so I am glad I opted not to waste so many unhealthy calories on it!

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JACKIE542 2/7/2014 10:56PM

    Good job!!

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exercise minutes

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Ok, sorry sparkpeople, but this is just bugging me! How can someone track 840 minutes on the first day of February??? I thought we could only track 120 a day. Also, how does one track over 3840 fitness minutes in the month of January when you could only have3720?? Sorry, I get a bit competitive in my exercise minutes...

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PATIENTSAM 2/8/2014 10:39AM

    I have decided to not even look at the leaderboards any more. Just too frustrating and when I get frustrated, I eat!! So I will just continue to do my two hours of fitness every day and know that it is good enough for me!

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TOWHEE 2/2/2014 10:44PM

    Quite often people will prerecord their exercise for the month. If you check their numbers next week, you'll probably find that they haven't changed. On the other hand if you run a marathon or go hiking you can easily get more than 200 or 300 minutes in one day. However, only the first 120 minutes each day get spark points, the other minutes will be included in your calories expended report and in your Spark America report (if you are participating there).

The only person you should be competing against is yourself. If you improve from month to month then you are doing well. If you are ill or injured you won't be as active, but the whole idea is to get some activity in each week.


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GLOYNBYW 2/1/2014 1:21PM

  Not sure, but I think only the first 240 a day give you spark points. You can do more and they count toward your fitness minutes still.

Though 840 minutes in one day. Have we even had that many minutes since Midnight?

Oh my goal for the month, hit that 2500 mark.

It is going to be tough, only 28 days and a wedding, mini vacation with very inactive people but I plan on finding time to walk and bringing my stretch band.

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ELRIDDICK 2/1/2014 1:07PM

  Thanks for sharing

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