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The Waiting Game

Saturday, March 09, 2013

We wait and wait and wait. We wait in traffic. We wait in lines at the supermarket, lines for amusement park rides, and lines at the airport. With anticipation, we wait for the warm spring weather after the snowy, cold winter months. We wait prayerfully for the arrival of the birth of a newest family member and the blessings it holds. We hold our breath as the clock ticks down to 0:00 in the championship game to see if our favorite is the victor. We wait and wait and wait.

So, I ponder. If we wait on so many things, why have most of us waited so long to realize how important healthy choices are for us. Looking back I view my wait as being selfish. Lack of exercise and poor food choices left me tired and attributed to illnesses. This stole time from my family, from my work, from me and from my ability to serve my Lord. It sickens me know that I was the one which allowed this to happen. Thankfully, I've realized the consequences of my unhealthy choices and have chosen to make changes, better choices.

I still wait in traffic and in lines. I very much look forward to the newness that comes with spring time and memories yet to be made with family and who doesn't enjoy a close championship game. But I no longer am waiting on becoming a more healthy me. I will not allow selfishness to steal a single moment away from my life. This waiting game is over!!!


2012 Run in Review

Monday, February 04, 2013

March 4th-20th Annual Challenged Child 5K(37:15)
My first run since recovery from a severe IT Band injury. This was a well organized run for a fantastic cause. The temp was cold and the wind was blowing on this day but my heart was warm to once again be running not only for my own health but to help lend a step ahead for some very special children.

March 25th-Run for the Roses 5k(36:45)
This run was held a beautiful Sandy Creek Park in Athens, GA. The spring temps reached into the low 80's with the warm sun. I really liked the t-shirts participants received with the saying, "Mama says they was magic shoes...they could take me anywhere."-Forrest Gump
I pray that one day, with an end to juvenile arthritis(that was the benefit of this run) that everyone's shoes can take them anywhere they desire.

April 11th-13th Annual Galilee 5K Mission Run(37:29)
I was a little disappointed with my time on this one; I really thought I was going to be under 36 min. Held by a small, what I call, country church this run took us by pasture land, onto a dirt road and pass a stretch of sweet smelling honey suckle. These are the run that you must remember the cause you're supporting and the goal of becoming a more healthy self.

May 5th-5k for the 3 Day(35:12)
I love this run! It's a win-win for everyone involved...from the organizers, to the girl-scout water girls, to the runners, to the cause of the fight against breast cancer. A true win-win.
Oh and BTW, I medaled 3rd in age group as did my daughter, Randi(3rd in her age group).

July 4th-Atlanta Peachtree Road Race 10K(1hr19min)
My first 10K---A 6.2 mile street party!!! Randi and I had a blast. Live music filled every mile, thousands cheering from the sidewalks, confetti being fired across the air overhead, sprinklers cooling you along the, fun, fun. And the prized t-shirts at end-well deserved!!!

September 17th-35th Annual Barnesville Buggython 10K(l hr 15min)
Randi(my daughter) and I thought it would be great to visit her alta mater Gordon College and participate in the town's annual Buggython celebration. Once signed in, we ventured to the athletic field to await the start of the run. No doubt when to start, they shot a real cannon as a indication...BOOM!!! I wasn't sure if I should move forward or to the port-a-potty because I was so shocked by the boom. Forward we went and paced ourselves along the roads of this small college town. Afterwards it was great to walk around campus and share treasured memories that my daughter has of her days as a Gordon Highlander softball player. A special day indeed.

October 17th-2012 Atlanta AIDS 5k(35:43)
No easier than last year-an emotional day for us all. This year I was joined by my son(his 1st 5K), my daughter, my husband(his 1st 5k) and a niece. Just as last year, tears flowed as loved ones were remembered. This run holds a special place in my family's heart and are honored to run in memory of Marty and all whose lives have been affected by this disease. With each step we were proud to run for our loved ones.

November 17th-Run for Shelter(35:53)
A warming sunshine greeted me on this cool November morning at beautiful Tribble Mill Park in Gwinnett County. Better than the beautiful park, was the loving friends that gathered to participate together, as sisters in Christ, in the Run For Shelter 5K. My sisters and I were completing our Run For God bible study and I could think of no better way than to help fight homelessness by raising funds, one step at a time, to obtain funds to provide transitional-permanent shelter for the homeless in Gwinnett County. It was a good run; everyone completed the run and 3 of us received metals in their appropriate age group. All in all, everyone was a winner...we all ran our own race and were thrilled to use our feet for a greater purpose than ourselves.

December 16th-Jingle Jog for Jimmy 5k(32:14)
My person best for a 5k!!! and I got a medal for age group. Travis(my son) and Becky(my niece) joined in on this one. As the weather goes, it was raining buckets; my first run in the rain. Believe it or not, I found running in the rain quite refreshing and kind of mesmerizing. Nonetheless, it did feel good to return to the house and get a warm shower.

December 31st-Flashlight 5k(35:36)
A great course for a year-end friendly run. Best of all on this run, Travis and Randi both joined in. We were decked out in full running gear, complete with our red flashing beeper that we each got for Christmas to run safe at night. Since I had an upcoming surgery, this was for sure a take it easy, enjoy run. I had two favorite sections of the course. First was the section that was filled with cheering spectators, blowing their New Year noise makers and ringing bells.
These types of sections brings smiles to your face : ) The next favorite was a lane that the organizers had taken time to line the roadside with luminaria to light the route. I thought it looked very good. At run-end tables were well stocked with pizza, chips, bananas and water. I enjoyed this run and also loved the that it was local. Happy New Year!


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RACEWELLWON 2/11/2013 1:01PM

    Wow , nice ! I have a bust schedule this year for running - trying to get prepared for my first half marathon - love all of your races. ! emoticon Hugs Karen

Congrats on the Medals - Woo Hoo !! emoticon your number one in my book !

Comment edited on: 2/11/2013 1:02:47 PM

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It's Hard

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Bricks are hard. "Hard" as an adjective means: solid, firm, and resistant to pressure, not easily broken. Believe me, when those bricks are stacked before they can appear as high as the Empire State Building and as wide as tractor trailer; that's pretty big. At times, that's how this journey to a healthier me can feel-like I'm up against a brick wall.

You all know what I'm talking about: When the scale doesn't seem to be budging in the direction you want it too, regardless of all the measuring of foods, the wise food choices, the ending of late night snacking, and sticking to a exercise routine - When your blood sugar numbers still read high and you've stuck to that low carb diet, you've exercised daily and are doing all the "healthy" things that the doctors has advised. Yes, at times it may seem like more and more brick are being added to that wall, making it harder and harder for a breakthrough-not easily broken.

Hard also has the following meaning. Also has an adjective "hard" is intense in force, demanding the exertion of energy : calling for stamina and endurance , carrying on with great energy, intensity, or persistence. Now that's the hard I desire to be focused on. With great determination I am continuing to make those healthy food choices. With intensity and persistence I continue to exercise daily, increasing my minutes and the intensity of my workouts. For this year, 2013, I will be training for a half-marathon in the fall. I will continue to look at the victories such as a better night's sleep, better fitting clothes(at smaller sizes), less body aches and the overall more healthy me.

Brick by brick the wall can be broken. Nothing is too hard when determination is applied and if it were easy everyone would be doing it. I'm a "hard"-core individual, set on continuing to become more physical fit and in better overall general health. So go ahead, stack another brick in front of me---trust me one by one, they're coming down!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NMSUSTUDENT 1/9/2013 5:26AM

    Quote: "Having a goal is a state of happiness."─E. J. Bartek

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Sticking to the Grind

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It seems ages since my scales have shown a different weight. Thank goodness, however, that during this time I did go down 2 pant sizes. I could have become very discouraged. Instead, I stuck with what has now become a lifestyle for me and didn't give way to giving up. Now after all that hard work and wise decision making, the scale marker has began to move again; 2 more pounds gone.

I just heard a comment from Brain McCann, the ATL Braves catcher. He's really been struggling at the plate lately, getting very few hits, tough for a 6xAll-Star and a 5x Silver Slugger Award recipient. When asked how he gets though these type of slumps(in weight loss that would be a plateau), he calmly stated that you just have to stick to the grind. If the Major League players can stick to the grind when it's there career, I for sure can stick to the grind when it comes to a more healthy me.


My 5k Updates

Monday, November 14, 2011

August 6, 2011...In the Heat of the Night benefit for Watkinsville Civitan Group-38:41
My first K5-my goal was to try and finish in under 40 minutes : )
My fantastic running partner was Randi...thanks to Jeff for all his support!..

September 18, 2011...5K 4 the 3-Day to benefit Susan G. Comen "For the Cure"-36:47
The first mile was totally up hill : (
It was a chilly morning with temps near 60 degrees and rather breezy
(brrrr), but I warmed up quickly.
I finished 3rd in my age group(got a medal) and my wonderful partner,
Randi, finished first in her age group : )
Again, Jeff was awesome to cheer us ladies on to the finish!

October 16, 2011....AIDS Atlanta 5K-because Every Life Deserves Hope-36:59
A gorgeous day at Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta.
The day was an emotional roller coaster: tears, blessings, sadness,
laughter and praises.
It appears that the chips are off my @30-40 seconds, but no matter
because anyone who participated in this event is a winner for doing so.
Once again, my dear daughter, Randi was my running partner
and Jeff was there with hugs at the finish.

November 12, 2011...Lanier Under the Lights 5k to benefit Toys for Tots-34:34
Under the stars of the night and along streets with illuminated characters and holiday scenery comprised with millions of lights, over 1557 runners laced up thier shoes to be a part of this 2nd annual run to benefit the Marine Corps Toys for Tots.
I was pleased with my run time and finished #661 out of 1557, and a personal best time at 34:34.
Once again, my youngest, Randi was my running partner but she passed me by in this one; her personal best also, at 32:56. Jeff snapped a few pics and was there at the finish with high fives for us both.

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HARRIET2 11/14/2011 4:29PM

    how fantastic that you run in those 5Ks Congrats on your great time too.

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