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2014 Spring Challenge!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A couple of my SP teams have organized Spring Challenges to get back into exercise and lose at least one pound per week from now until June 21st (22nd).
I love it! I have been hibernating WAY too long!! I just want to get outside, run a couple of 5k's, get my butt in shape, and lose some (more) weight.
I'm back up 2lbs from the last challenge, so the next two weeks will be focused on getting back where I was, which is the frustrating part of getting healthy - THE BACK SLIDE!
But, Spring efforts give me a head start for Summer activities and Fall (which I love best) raking leaves, runs, hikes, and long walks.
So, my dear SP friends, cheers to Spring!

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CARRENK 4/1/2014 12:56PM

    Go get 'em!

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CHERKYLE 4/1/2014 11:46AM

    What groups/challenges? Still time to join??

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ZANYGIRL1 3/30/2014 6:35PM

    And cheers to you Pam, WE'RE GONNA DO THIS!!!!! emoticon emoticon

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EVER-HOPEFUL 3/30/2014 1:30PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    emoticon YES!! cheers to spring .. we are having a real heat wave in Michigan today, supposed be in the low 50's .. LOL emoticon

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1st day of Spring!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Well, it is the first day of Spring and we just had new snowfall to add to what hadn't started to melt yet. UGH!
I have a 5k scheduled for April 12th, and then Race for the Cure May 11th! They are coming up fast and I can't get out to train. My road conditions go from slush to mud to ice to ankle-deep water. I don't want to risk breaking a leg while getting ready for 5k's. Its such a quandary.
SPRING!! I do love Spring! My birthday is in the Spring! The birds come back, the leaves and grass grow and turn green, the lake melts, we get the dock in, the the boat!
This weekend high is predicted at 26-28 degrees. Sunshine, but cold.
I find myself even looking forward to 50's and rain. Anything besides this snow and ice. I know I live in Minnesota, but we have had severe cold and snow since late November. I did not get a chance to escape this winter and it is really wearing on me, and several others I know. SAD is a real thing, and boy am I feeling it!
Light at the end of the tunnel! Spring is here! For the temps -- nowhere to go but UP!
Even if it is cold. I'm taking 3 days off for Spring Cleaning!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CAKEMAKERMOM 3/22/2014 12:57PM

    I understand. I'm fearing the morning ice when the afternoon melts. I think they lied to us about the highs for the weekend. It will come eventually! I do see the fire hydrants again!

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MRSKATEDUVALL 3/21/2014 9:32AM

    I am so glad spring is here, at least according to the calendar.

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FRAN0426 3/20/2014 11:03PM

    As a Minnesotan who has been in Phoenix since the end of Jan. I am not looking forward to returning to the mounds of snowbanks still there. This is the first time we have gotten away for a couple of winter months, I think our timing was all we hoped for. Will be starting the drive back the end of March. Happy spring to you---it will get better, it has too eventually.

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ZANYGIRL1 3/20/2014 7:43PM

    I know how you feel. This has been the worst winter for us and I've been going alittle nuts, being cooped up for so long. I'm thrilled about spring being here!!!!!! Good luck with your walks, I KNOW YOU'LL DO GREAT!!

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NHES220 3/20/2014 2:24PM

    I hear you, I am from Chicago and I had not run outside since the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I have run outside 3 times so far since we've had a break in the weather - twice with my running class and a 5k last Saturday. I have an 8k this Sunday but it will be chilly again, but hopefully dry conditions. Good luck with your training and your races!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 3/20/2014 12:59PM

    well when you finish your spring cleaning you can come and finish mine afterwards love emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Surviving Christmas!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Okay, so family and friends are all well and safe-n-sound! We all had plenty to eat and drink--and I mean PLENTY! We were all together, at least most of us, and we had plenty of Christmas cheer!
I do love my family, not just when they are good and behaving, but unconditional love. I find that very special about my family because I do know people that do not have that comforting stability.
But, my family can also drive me crazy.
My DS and DD are home and fighting over what to watch on tv, at 24 & 27!
My mother being the harpy that she loves to project her opinion on everyone! Calling me a 300lb blimp when she knows I have been struggling with my efforts to get to 199 for 5 years, never even close to 300. She loves her exaggerations, no matter how it hurts.
And, my DH crashes my car!
Merry Christmas to me!

So? What's the plan? Well, not to dive into the cookies and chocolate! That would have been too easy. Looking for ways to pay for the damages to my radiator and headlight so the car is safe to drive. And not diving into the cookies and chocolate!

I start a new Dietbet on January 1st, to lose 4% by January 31st. That will get me closer to 199. I am pretty good at challenges, I am very competitive, and it always helps to surround myself with supportive people, especially SP friends! When I get within 1-5lbs from my first goal of 199, I crap out. I have been here 3 times before, and just can't seem to break that hurdle. New efforts! Maybe this bet will entice me to lose more than the required 4%, and break that road block, real or imagined!

I am at work today, gives me space from family. As I work through my anger, baby my swollen knee from the collision, and thank God no one was hurt, this too shall pass.

Already looking forward to next Christmas. Maybe Florida with the in-laws would be better.

2014 HAS to be better! Right?
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ZANYGIRL1 1/3/2014 7:23AM

    2014 WILL be better!!!!!! Have faith, and I will be here to help you through!

emoticon emoticon

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CARRENK 12/29/2013 5:26PM

    Sounds like you've had a rough holiday season. Good luck with your car and your recovery. Just keep reminding yourself how much you'd miss the squabbling if the kids weren't there. Like that old Bing Crosby song "Count your blessings instead of sheep" emoticon
Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 12/28/2013 5:01PM

    hi love glad you weren´t too seriously hurt in the car crash.have you thought of instead of concentrateing on the numbers on the scale concentrateing on a certain fitness goal instead.i had the same problem as you when i reached both the 300lb and 200 lb marker and was yoyoing with the same 5-10 lbs for months near theese markers then someone said concentrate on something else.increasing fitness minutes or number of reps instead and forget the scale.not that i could forget the scale totally but by concentrateing on fitness goals instead it seemed to take the focus off the scale so much that i was actually surprize when i passed theese milestones.give it a go and let me know how it went.take care and keep smiling and have a happy new year. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Marching On!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Well, another week has passed, and I am stalled again. I was SssOOOooooo excited that I was able to lose ~4.0lbs after #stayingontrack for the month of September, possibly hoping that the scale would keep going down, but sadly, No.
But, what I have lost is inches.
Bust - 0.5"
Waist - 0.5"
Hips -1.5"
Thigh -4.0"
Bicep -0.5"
Total inches lost since 9/6/13 = -7.0"!! emoticon

My focus for October:
Dietbets through October 23rd.
SP Skinny jeans challenge
SP Fit Food challenge

I'm working on losing another 4.0lbs, and maybe even 7 more inches!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LETHA_ 10/3/2013 9:18PM

    Congratulations on your 7 inch loss!

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FREEFROMFOOD 10/3/2013 5:15PM

    My journey has taught me that its not always about the number on the scale. The NSV's are far more rewarding. Do you feel healthier and fitter, can you get new things for your wardrobe...

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YOYONOMORE1 10/3/2013 2:37PM

    emoticon on those inches. Your body may just need a little time to adjust before the scale moves again, you are doing really good, so wouldn't fret over the scale not moving.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EVER-HOPEFUL 10/3/2013 2:21PM

    i have also joined the fitfood challenge yesturday. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LJOYCE55 10/3/2013 12:52PM

  I think you have done very well and probably next week will show a bigger loss than anticipated.

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A Great Fall Day!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I do love Fall. It is my favorite time of the year. The air is clear, the evenings are cool, with still warm enough days, the leaves start to change, and my exercise induced asthma does not flair up.
I also start a new class tonight! I do love to learn. I'm starting Beginning Swedish I. But with a class also comes additional planning. I do love to plan, and I am a list person. So when I have items on my calendar, I have to plan around them, not just go home and veg on the couch! Ugh!
With working with a commute, planning also becomes more important, as I don't want to waste time in traffic, or waste gas!
So, my new Fall schedule (at least for the next 9 weeks) includes Work (7:30-4:30), Monday thru Friday, with Monday cardio (walk/run) before I have to pick up my son at 7pm--plenty of time; then Thursday cardio (walk/run) before I have class at 6:15pm. Cutting it close, but I bring my planned dinner. That still leaves Saturday and Sunday to take the dog for long walks, or bike ride with DH. Now I'm getting my 3-5 cardio's done in a week, where I had only been getting 2. Woohoo!
I love it when a plan comes together. emoticon
Cheers to new beginnings and FALL!!
emoticon emoticon

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YOYONOMORE1 9/26/2013 7:11PM

    You really have a good plan and so well organized, good job!


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CAROL6X 9/26/2013 6:54PM

    I love the Fall, also. it is really showing it here in Upper state of New York. Fall leaves have started. We have the yellows plus I see some reds starting as well.

Time to start the fall recipes.

Carol (enjoy the fall while it is here. Snowtime sneaks up too soon!)

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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