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It's over.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've pretty much given up.

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ALISONSLP 10/13/2008 12:38AM

    PLEASE don't give up. There are people here who want to help you!! Reach out and talk about what's going on for you. Many of us have been there. trust me, there is hope. Send me a sparkmail if you need to, I would be happy to help if I can!!

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Week 7- Hmm...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So this week, although I weighed in as a pound less this morning than last Friday, I don't believe I lost any weight. I'm only entering it in so as to push myself next week and keep it off if that makes sense. Why am I so skeptical? Well for one, I weigh myself every day (I know I shouldn't) and my scale is very moody, so I probably didnt ACTUALLY lose a pound. Also, this week I ate extremely poorly. It was my TOM so I won't be that upset at myself unless i continue to eat like this. I don't think I gained any weight, so I'm fine with it since I lost two inches on my thighs as I mentioned in the last post. See you right here next Saturday!

Goal for this week: Not weigh myself until next Saturday.


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REVSERENA 10/1/2008 4:59PM

    Congratulations on your success! I'm sure you believe it when the scale goes up. Don't dismiss your success so quickly! You deserve to be happy about a change in the right direction, even if you can't fully explain it. The loss in inches is more reliable than the scale anyway.

Your scale may be temperamental or it may be your body that is changing day to day.

It's really normal for your weight to fluctuate up and down each day based on your monthly cycle, how much sodium you've been eating, whether or not you have been drinking plenty of water, whether you are building muscle and the time of day that you weigh yourself. If you are dehydrated, your body will hold on to extra water weight. If you are challenging your muscles with your exercise routine, you can actually get slimmer and gain weight at the same time! The scale isn't always a good indicator of progress.

Sometimes, even though I am staying in my calorie range, I gain two pounds or more! Once I lost something like three lbs. in one day. Crazy!

Weight doesn't usually come off at a steady pace. It happens in little spurts. Sometimes it seems like you're never going to lose anything, and then suddenly one day the weight is gone.

The thing is that over time the scale is gradually going down. If you look back to a month ago, and two months ago, it is easy to see the downward trend.

I'll be cheering you on!!!

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    Goal for this week: Buy a new scale? One you can believe?

But I am happy for you and will celebrate with you the one pound and 2 inches! That is awesome!


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A bump in the road. (Just a little one.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My school district has been on strike for about two weeks now. They made a very abrupt decision to go back tomorrow, and decided that it would be best to inform everyone at 6 o'clock this evening (go figure!).
I decided to measure myself this evening because I know I won't have time tomorrow morning, and I lost 2 inches off my thighs!!! Woo! I'm so excited since this is the area I most desperately needed to lose inches from.
Anywho, I will most likely write my regular Friday blog tomorrow during my lunch-time, or switch my weigh-ins to Saturday if that doesn't work out.
Cheers all! Wish me luck.

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 9/19/2008 12:10PM

    Wish you luck? I want to say congrats to you, big-time!

You are doing great! I too am having luck with reducing my thighs and would like to share this magic with you. Walk Away The Pounds videos! Yup, even just the 1 mile 15 minute workout will start reducing those thighs!

Hugs and of course best of luck to you!


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Week 6- Finally, a sigh of relief.

Friday, September 12, 2008

As always I've been a bit worried this week, this time because I've only been eating about 1000-1100 calories, and usually up to 40% of them have been coming from fats and 25% or so from protein. I can't seem to eat more than that or make it more balanced for some reason, and I was sure I would gain weight this week. Sure enough I lost a pound, and I finally lost an inch on my hips! I also lost 1/2 an inch on my waist. I've been taking a 5 mile power walk every day when the weather permits, and on other days I use a stationary bike for 30-45 minutes. I still haven't gotten back into strength training, but I'm not especially worried about it because I have a class at school (if school ever starts) where I will be doing a lot of strength.

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    Obviously I am thrilled for you to lose weight and inches!

But why can't you eat the required calories and why so much fat?

However, keep up the great work with your walking and biking. Have you tried the Walk Away The Pounds videos? They are a quick but potent workout that I am having a lot of fun with.


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Week 5- Questions, Comments, Concerns; What else is new?

Friday, September 05, 2008

So I was sick again this week but I tried to exercise and eat right at least a little... and I lost a pound! I am extremely happy about this as I am one who will overeat/not get up off the couch when ill and/or depressed (hence why I am here as I gained 20 lbs within the last year) so losing a pound during a two week illness is a major accomplishment. I am still concerned though as I still have not lost any inches yet anywhere and the ten pounds I have lost thus far don't really show at all. I also was not up to strength training this week I only felt like walking and I hope to get back into that somehow. I hope this recent weight loss isn't just temporary, but nonetheless I am happy about it and I definitely think I am making progress.

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MARTY19 9/6/2008 9:42PM

    Hi Amanda
When you lose any weigh, it is a cause for celebration. Be proud of yourself. To lose inches, you need to workout. Try a dance tape or Richard Simons. Exercise also makes you lose weight faster. Be positive - you can do this.

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