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My Body and Scale are in CAHOOTS!!! And Day 14 of 5k Your Way - Walking

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Two days ago was my official weekly weigh-in day. After weighing in on Tuesday I was thrilled with my loss and saw that I was .6 pounds away from losing a total of 25lbs.

Of course I wanted to see that .6 off sooner rather than later. Tuesday and Wednesday I walked on the treadmill for an hour! I've been watching my food closely and have gotten more water than planned in. Today's scale didn't show a loss of that .6 lbs but a GAIN of a pound. I know the reason, my pipes are clogged!!! So today I'll be increasing my fiber and making sure I get enough water.

Tomorrow WILL be the day that I can claim a 25lb loss. Watch out scale, and take note body, I'm in charge and THIS will happen!


5K Your Way - Walking
Assignment: 30 min
Where: treadmill
Goal: 30 min, 1.5 miles

I didn't go into this morning's workout with any intense plan, I just wanted to get it crossed of my "To Do" list. Woke up at 5:30, quietly tip-toed out to the garage, and got on the treadmill. I was tired and my body didn't want to do it. I planned on keeping it at a pace of 3mph but quickly decided to up it just a tad so did 26 min at 3.2mph.

Since I am trying to push my body a bit right now to make sure I get some weight off I'll be doing 30 more minutes of exercise sometime today. Tomorrow I'll take it easy because Saturday will be my official 5K for my program! Once I get that done I'll be working on cutting down my time. I don't know if I'm ready to jog yet, I'm afraid I still have too much weight than what my body will want to support in a jog.


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JCDUBEA63 5/10/2011 12:57AM

    emoticon Eating a lot of veggies n fruit has helped me. I cut way back on carbs too! Good Luck I know u will get past this!!

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35ANGELS 5/6/2011 12:34AM

    Good luck. emoticon

I always have a hard time getting in my fibre. I need to stock up of fibre one cereal and bars. lol

How do you get in your fibre?

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JENNSWIMS 5/5/2011 8:10PM

    Where did you find this 5k your way walking program? It sounds great!

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DEBLYNN323 5/5/2011 4:48PM

    emoticon...great blog!

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    You are going to do great on your 5K!! Hope your plan takes effect and that scale listens!! :)

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    Way to go on figuring out the problem and fixing it without getting upset.You are doing such a great job you should be so proud.

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TURTLERASKIN 5/5/2011 1:14PM

    I added fiber to my fitness tracker so that I can see how I'm doing. Since I'm veg, fiber's not usually a problem for me, but I do notice when I'm low on it! Good luck making the goal!

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Weigh In #5 - Airplane Fears!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

emoticon Today was weigh in day and I get to wave emoticon emoticon to 5.6lbs!!! That makes a total loss of 19.4 pounds in 5 weeks! Just .6 away from 20!!!!!!!

Normally I would be content with a 2lb loss, or pretty much any. As long as I lose something each month I know by the end of the year I'll be healthier and more fit!

BUT...until May 12th I want to lose AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE while eating healthy, within calorie range and exercising! May 12th is the day I board an airplane to go visit my brother and his family. I'm nervous, I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck between two people and overflow on both of them. I can't reserve seats ahead of time so I am praying for an aisle seat or even a window.

I'm also worried about the seatbelt, I really don't want to ask for a seatbelt extension. I guess if I had to choose between the two I'd ask for the seatbelt extension if I could have an aisle seat. For some reason I've got stuck in my mind that if I can just get below 300lbs I'll be able to fit, or at least feel more comfortable about myself and in-turn about the flight.

Anyway, for now I'm focusing on the POSITIVE...I weigh 305.6!!!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
P.S. I went on a 45 min walk yesterday...YAY...so my total workout time was 90min for yesterday. I also took the time to READ. I haven't really read in the past 5 weeks, it's too connected with my bad behavior. In the past sugary junk food was always a part of my leisure reading time. Not last night. AHHhhh, it felt so good to relax with something I love! I absolutely LOVE reading!

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and walked on the treadmill for 30min!!!

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MACMOM57 5/4/2011 6:12PM

    Woohoo way to go thats awesome I know you will make you goal. Enjoy the visit.

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SILENTE8 5/4/2011 3:55PM

  You are doing a wonderful job. Good luck on your trip.

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    Way to go. I worry about having to get on a plane at this weight too. For some reason that would be the ultimate humiliation. I bet you'll be just fine.

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SUSANMOMOF6 5/3/2011 8:27PM

    Hey, beautiful friend. Congrats on the loss! You earned it. Don't worry about the seats. Do what you can, but try not to let yourself worry. God is pretty clear about the fact that we are to trust Him, and not fret{yes, I feel like a big 'ol hypocrite saying this to you, but I still have to say it}. It will be what it will be. You are changing your life and have so much to be proud of. Think where you will be in 6 months, in a year. So amazing!

I know what you mean about some of our activities being so powerfully paired with overeating. For me, it was several things. but staying up late, after DH and the kids were in bed, equaled binging. No more! Being up late now doesn't have anything to do with food. We are changing our destructive habits. Go us!!!!!!


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DEBLYNN323 5/3/2011 4:21PM

    emoticon...great job!

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35ANGELS 5/3/2011 3:06PM

    You are doing awesome! Congrats on waking up and exercising so early. When i wake up that early....I roll over and go back to sleep lol. emoticon

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MNGIRLIE 5/3/2011 1:34PM

    Congrats to you on your great success!! You'll hit that 20 before you know it. You've totally got this.

I used to travel a LOT for work. Flying at least twice monthly for a few years. During some of this time I was over 300 pounds. Sure, it was sometimes uncomfortable in the seats, but I never needed to ask for a seat belt extender. I think you'll be fine. Don't worry about it too much. I always chose the window seat since I didn't need to visit the rest room often.

I used www.seatguru.com a few times to see if the smaller planes had less wide seats. It was usually helpful.

Again great job with your WL so far!!

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I.M.MAGIC 5/3/2011 12:41PM

    I applaud you, friend!... emoticon
I try not to drink or eat anymore when I'm doing something else--it is mindless consumption and unnecessary--and you can't savor what you have if you're ignoring the process while doing something else... Savoring is a VERY important part of my program now! LOL

Interesting thing you may want to keep in mind, though: different people can weigh the same and be different SIZES. My mother and her sister did: Mom was an active Registered Nurse, her sis was a stay-at-home mother whose children did almost everything FOR her... I never saw her do more than walk around shopping--and THEY carried her purchases! LOL In family photos, my Mom was always a good four sizes smaller, if not more... and the difference was just muscle tone.

Your success should NOT be measured by JUST the scale--your tape measure would seem a very appropriate frame of measurement for your current concerns-- Mine is my best friend. I once actually GAINED four pounds--and lost FIVE INCHES! I'll take the inches any day, that means there's more muscle in there and I can burn more fat! LOL

I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip--and savor the experience without an extender!

Kathy emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/3/2011 12:56:00 PM

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 5/3/2011 12:34PM

    Good luck reaching your goal. I sometimes drink herb tea or SF cocoa when I would have snacked. That sounds relaxing with a book.

YOU are making good progress.

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 5/3/2011 11:28AM

    You are doing so well!!! Glad you got a chance to read too! Keep in mind all that you have accomplished and no matter what your trip is going to be awesome.

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JENNSWIMS 5/3/2011 11:14AM

    I am guessing I was about 325 the last time I flew and my seatbelt was just fine... no extender necessary. I think you will be just fine! Enjoy the trip, no worries!

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Day 13 - 5K Your Way - Walking (+ Insight From Biggest Loser)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Assignment: 40 min
Where: Treadmill
Goal: 2.5 miles in 45 min

I have to admit, I hit the OFF button on my alarm when it went off at 5:30. My second alarm was set for 6:30 to wake my husband up and that's when I got out of bed too. Darn ME!!! So I had to wait until I got 5 of my kids off to school, saw my husband out the door and then waited for my 18-year-old to wake up so she could watch my youngest. Thankfully she gladly did it and I was able to hit the treadmill at 9:30.

I was watching episode 3 from this Season of Biggest Loser. They always have some motivational phrases! I'm glad they did because today was TOUGH I don't know if it was because of my long walk on Saturday or what (I took a rest day yesterday). I kept thinking about the numbers, how many more minutes, oh no I have to go faster to get my mileage in. Then Brett said what I used for the rest of my workout, "Don't think, just do!" From that point on I just focused on breathing correctly and keeping my feet moving.

Incline kept at 2.0, speed was at 3.2 and 3.3. I didn't quite meet my goal of 2.5 miles in the 45 minutes but I did do 2.43!

Another thing that caught my attention during that episode was Dr. H's visit with the different teams. He told Sara (pink team) that she was 58% body fat, the highest on the show! He told her if she wants to get healthy and stay healthy she had to commit to 90minutes of exercise six days a week. I remember a couple of years ago another contestant, after her season, said for her to keep her weight off she has to workout 90min to 2hrs 6 days a week. I agree with this. For me exercise is key. I could eat an apple and gain weight.

I'm going to steer my thought process towards how I can incorporate 90 min. in a day and what different types I can do so I don't get burned out or put too much stress on any one body area.

Weigh-in is tomorrow! I took a little peak today and unless I gain it's going to be a GOOD one!!!

Happy Monday and let's have a MARVELOUS May!

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LOOZINITNOW 5/2/2011 8:06PM

    Can't wait for your post tomorrow! I will be celebrating with you!

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    Wow yoou are doing so great.Just be sure not to burn yourself out.Goodluck on your weigh in tomorrow.

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OVERHAULING-ME 5/2/2011 4:39PM

    Yes, I agree about the 90...WOW!!! Hopefully I can just increase my activity level. Go on walks with the kids, play Just Dance on the Wii with them and of course try to get some of my harder cardio in. I just need the weather to get a bit nicer here so the kids and I can do more outside!

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    Wow 90 min. 6 days a week, that is a lot, but I totally understand it. Great post!!

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Someone Noticed...

Sunday, May 01, 2011

That I'm losing weight!

A week ago when my husband was "checking me out" he said he could tell my pants were getting a bit lose. But last night at one of the wedding receptions I attended someone actually said, "You are looking good, thinner!" Of course I said, Thank you. But...

REALLY? Could she REALLY tell? I doubt it. I wasn't in pants I was in a lose skirt with a cardigan, not super slimming. I started at 325 and, as of yesterday, have lost 17 pounds, really not enough to be noticeable.

Here is why I think she made that comment. I am feeling so good, feeling stronger and healthier that I am emitting a different aura, I'm feeling confident which is making me stand taller and straighter and I know I am smiling more as well. I think that is what brought on the comment. I'll take it!!! It's one more of those motivators to keep me going!

At one of the receptions another friend was talking about some friends of ours who are losing weight on Medifast. I wasn't really sure what it was so I looked it up when I came home. The foods look good but it's EXPENSIVE! I've tried so many diets that tell me what to eat or require me to eat their products. The work, they definitely do but the moment I quit one of those diets and started eating normal, regular food I quickly gained the weight back. I wish my friends the best with their diet and to anyone else who is on something similar. For me, I know they won't work.

I know this time I'm going to take this weight off and stay focused. I'm taking it slower, I'm changing how I eat but am still eating regular healthy food that I buy, prepare and my whole family eats. And I'm trying to make daily exercising a part of my lifestyle routine. I'm hoping to be able to start loving it so it will be a tad easier to keep doing.

Today is my rest day from physical exercise. I'll still be working on me though, my spiritual side, something I need to be able to stay strong on this journey.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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SUSANMOMOF6 5/2/2011 12:01AM

    That is wonderful! Isn't it amazing what a change in our attitude and mood can do? We do walk taller and start to exude confidence. Take the compliment- you deserve it, you have been working hard! I think I was a bout 2o pounds down before someone noticed, and I was like, finally! My husband blew me away the other day when he said that I was getting sexier everyday. Now that's motivating! Take care, sweet friend! Have a great start to your week!

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 5/1/2011 8:56PM

    I would be it is showing in your face. That is what the people that notice on me tell me. I still really feel awkward about the complements but, take them as sincere and go with it. Feel good about it and use that momentum to help keep you moving forward.

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REJ7777 5/1/2011 8:33PM

    It's so encouraging when people start to notice! It was probably a combination of both: the actual loss (17 lbs. is significant!) and the way in which you now carry yourself.

Keep up the good work! emoticon

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LOOZINITNOW 5/1/2011 7:29PM

    The way you carry yourself makes a big difference in how you appear to others. Keep up the confidence! You are doing this in the healthiest way there is.

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    Yep, agree with the others so far, own that compliment without any conditions :). She noticed and you deserve that recognition because you have been working so hard. :) Happy Sunday to you too hope it is an awesome day :).

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    I actaully think she may have noticed cause when i had lost about 20 ppounds someone noticed because it showed in my face and neck so dont sell that shortI am happy you feel stroinger and more confident

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HONEYBEEZ 5/1/2011 12:11PM

    Sometimes 17 pounds is enough to notice...even on those of us who have a lot to lose. I guess it all depends on where they were looking, and where we lose weight first. Others always notice it in my face first (perhaps I have a fat head...I don't know).

Other people also notice attitude changes, and yes, attitudes do weigh us down...or lighten us up as the case may be. Either way...congratulations.

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Day 12 - 5K Your Way - Walking...5.5 Miles.......WHAT?!?!?!!!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Assignment: 2.75 miles
Where: Outside
Goal: To do 3.1 miles under an hour

YES, I just got home from doing 5.5 miles. I didn't plan on it, wasn't in my schedule.

Today is a VERY busy day for us. We have four basketball games, one volleyball game, two wedding receptions and grocery shopping. With Sunday being my rest day and the goal to get under 300 before leaving for my brother's graduation I decided I needed to do an intense workout today (intense for me).

My plan was to do a 5K today. We have a beautiful nature park that has trails leading every which way. My 12yo came with me, we drove to the upper parking lot and checked hte board that showed the different trails and their distances. We added up which trails would equal the 5K and started off. After walking a bit we made a turn onto a trail that had a sign posted: "Water Covering Trail" It also had a sign "CAUTION: Cougar Observed" My daughter didn't notice the 2nd sign but said lets do a different trail if there's water on this one. So we turned around and started onto another trail. I told her this would throw off our 5K since we didn't calculate the mileage of the different trail but that we would walk for one hour. After walking a bit on the 2nd trail we came to a turn where another "CAUTION: Cougar Observed" sign was posted. This time my daughter DID see this sign and was a bit concerned.

She wanted to walk where there were more people so we wouldn't be by ourselves in case a cougar did decide to show it's face. So once again we turned around and started down a third trail thatran along the main road inside the park. After walking about a mile total (20min) we could see a few booths and a lot of people gathered farther up the trail. We continued on our course which required us to pass the booths.

There was a booth of food and then a booth of registration forms and then one where you could buy shirts. As we continued past, further up the trail, there was a HUGE chalk drawing on the path that said Start and Finish. We decided there must be some kind of race, jog or walk going on, or getting ready to start. We continued on our way following chalk drawings on the path. We figured at least there would be other people around in this direction. After walking for quite awhile we past a group of ladies and asked how far this event was. They said it was a 5K.

WOW, well we wanted to do a 5K but we had already done a mile. The hard thing was once we started down this trail there was no short way back. So we decided to complete the 5K. It was hard but we did it in 56 minutes!!! As we crossed their finish line there was a lady there who took our picture. We smiled as pretty as we could after having walked more than 4 miles.

The hard part was now we still had to walk another mile back to my car!!! We sat down and took a five minute break then got back up and made the trek. It was HARD, our muscles were sore! I told my daughter, as we were walking back, if someone had asked us to go walk 5.1 miles with them today we would have said, NO WAY we can't do that yet. But look at us, we DID walk that far. That let's us know that our bodies are stronger than what our minds think they are.

We were so THRILLED to see my car! I decided to use my odometer to see how far we had actually walked. The only part I could track was the trail that ran along the road. It was one mile. So two miles, for there and back, plus the extra trails we turned on at the beginning, PLUS the 5K. We walked AT LEAST 5. 5miles and did it in 1hour and 40 minutes.

My legs are still sore and so are my feet but my SOUL is soaring! I am so proud of myself and my daughter. There is NO WAY I could have done it without her by my side!

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SUSANMOMOF6 5/1/2011 11:56PM

    God knew you could do it and you DID! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MACMOM57 5/1/2011 9:04PM

    Way to go thats awesome Krista.

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FITMARY 5/1/2011 8:55AM

    That's the way to do it! Hurray for you two! emoticon

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35ANGELS 5/1/2011 12:33AM

    Awesome! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.My dd9 is always up for a walk. My ds5 on the other hand whines the whole time. lol

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LISAWILLBEFIT 4/30/2011 8:44PM

    Way to go that is so exciting.

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 4/30/2011 7:31PM

    What an awesome adventure you both had today!! And that on top of a very busy day!! Kudos to you both!! Hope your busy day goes well :).

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    emoticon emoticon

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TUBLADY 4/30/2011 3:49PM

    That is fanastic. I am so happy for you.
I am trying to figure out where this area is.
It will come to me.
Since we both live here in Oregon, I should know it.
take care.
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FLGIRL1234 4/30/2011 3:31PM

    That's fantastic. I love when that happens and you end up doing more then expected. Good for you and your daughter!

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LOOZINITNOW 4/30/2011 3:19PM

    You are amazing! emoticon

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GRACEISENUF 4/30/2011 3:15PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

You are a Fitness Rockstar today....So proud of you and your daughter...way to go Krista!


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