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I'm Struggling!

Friday, April 29, 2011

I feel the old, unhealthy Krista trying to come out. I don't know if it's because I'm exhausted and tired from a very long week or what.

All I want to do is curl up with a good book (which I have but haven't taken the time to read) and a LARGE bag of peanut M&Ms and maybe some jelly beans, oh, and a large glass of whole milk. That might be one of the reasons I'm not reading is because up until a month ago reading and EATING always went hand in hand.

I'm feeling sluggish today! Having a hard time moving. I just forced myself to get on the treadmill. Walked for 30min but it was TOUGH! I kept my incline at a 2.0 but didn't, couldn't, go faster than 3mph. I figured it was better than nothing. I was watching an old episode of Biggest Loser. There is about 20 minutes left of the episode. I am setting the goal now to get back on the treadmill, before the day is over, to finish the episode.

During the show Bob told Jay, I'm going to find the athlete in you. I want that so bad. At least on the surface I want it but I'm not sure how deep down I have that desire. I'm hoping I can find it. I'm hoping the desire to become healthy and fit like an athlete will start to outweigh the desire to just relax, graze and eat all the yummy junk from the past.

I WILL make it through this day. I WILL eat on plan and within my calorie range. I WILL get one more workout done today! Do I want to do any of those....NO...but I WILL!!!

I'm ending my day on a good note. Took my kids to the park...BRRR freeze...but it was good to be outside. Came home and did 30 more minutes on the treadmill. Finished my meals within my calorie range (on the low end) and I'm heading upstairs to my room. My daughter is making cookies and I need to take myself out of the way of temptation. Thankfully it's late enough I can put my little ones to bed and go read.

THANK you everyone for your support. It really helped me get through the day. I've been on SP A LOT today!

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QUEENCREOLE 5/1/2011 4:16PM

    You're amazing just for realizing the signs of struggle. But know this, you are a warrior! And you are a winner! Press on, God bless! ;-)

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A-M-CARDIOCAT 4/30/2011 7:18PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

We all go through ebs and flows in life. I was in a bad spot recently, but I refused to allow myself to continue on that Stinkin'Thinkin'. Try to focus on the positive things you have done and let go of the not so successful things, and PUSH yourself to go forward! It's like that quote that 'one slice of pizza is ALWAYS going to be less in calories than two.' Apply that to your food, AND your fitness! Eating less is positive, and even a LITTLE fitness is better than NONE!

As far as not LIKING the working out part? Well, keep going. Push forward. Don't look at what you HAVEN'T done, but what you HAVE. THEN, one day, take note of how you feel AFTER an incredible workout. That is progress. And THEN, one day, after you have missed a few workouts (cause it will happen, it's life!), when you have missed a few workouts, take notice how you feel THEN. Most likely, you will not feel so good. Guilt, sluggishness, self pity, feeling of failure will likely be there. (At least that's ME!) And there you go....GET UR BOOTY TO THE GYM! OR, whereever else you workout. emoticon


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CELEBRATELIFE1 4/30/2011 5:06PM

    Yeah for you. It's hard to fight temptation when it is right there in the house with you. But you used good strategy to overcome. First posting and receiving support and then going and finishing watching the Biggest Loser and watching others overcome.

I understand that this is a moment by moment challenge. Celebrate every victory and continue to acknowledge where you have come from and where you are going.

Blessings to your journey and being an overcomer.

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FITMARY 4/30/2011 9:19AM

    All's well that end's well! Not "you can do it," but YOU DID IT!!!
p.s. you WILL find that inner athlete! I could never understand those people who said they "had" to get a work-out or they didn't feel right until one day, "suddenly" after months of forcing myself, I had to drop what I was doing and go get a work-out.

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WATCHMEGO! 4/30/2011 9:00AM

    Sounds like you were able to turn around your day. What a great accomplishment! You inspire!!

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DJS-DEBBIE 4/30/2011 1:16AM

    Sounds like the day turned out to be a good one!

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 4/30/2011 12:53AM

    Glad to hear it ended well.

I have started paying attention to my food. I am finding that I really don't like the junk. I don't feel well when I eat it. Yes, I struggle anyway. Dumb huh.

I am working to make prayer a part of my journey.

Best wishes learning how to read without eating. It can be done. I promise.

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 4/30/2011 12:39AM

    Glad it ended well!! You put a plan in place to cope with the temptations and it worked!! Yay!! Sounds like you need to find some time for your relaxation activities though. Rest is an important part of your fitness routine. Making time for those activities you enjoy is important. Keep fruit nearby or read well away from food. Glad it ended up being a good day in any case :).

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HDHAWK 4/29/2011 9:32PM

    You'll be glad you did it in the end! It's harder to stay on track when I'm tired or stressed. emoticon

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TABUKRA69 4/29/2011 9:15PM

    You can do it. If your body is saying "Give me a rest day." Then give it a rest day. :)

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FITFABJENN 4/29/2011 8:51PM

    You WILL! You can do it! You're worth it! Spark on!

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    Some days you are just going to have to allow yourself to take a little easier. Here's a tip - when you don't feel like exercising - make yourself walk for at least 10 minutes. If after the 10 minutes, you still feel sluggish - you just need a rest day. If you feel more alert and better after the 10 minutes - go ahead and complete your workout!

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LISAWILLBEFIT 4/29/2011 6:06PM

    You can do it.Maybe you are coming down with something.I know when i am getting sick i feel like that.

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15,420 Steps

Friday, April 29, 2011

I started wearing a pedometer this week. 5.5 years ago I lost 70lbs in four months. The way I did it? A VERY strict diet and I walked 10,000+ steps everyday. I put all the weight back on as soon as I quit the diet.

One thing I liked about wearing the pedometer is it made me get up and move more. If I was short by a couple of thousand steps I would head out for a little walk with my kids. I decided to start wearing it again to see if there are days I could get in a bit more exercising.

Tonight we had a PInewood Derby, I was in charge. It was fairly large with about 26 boys participating. With set up, running back and forth during the races and then clean up I was able to accumulate 15,420 steps!

For my workout today...30 minutes on the treadmill, incline 4.0. Did 1.5 miles in 27:45.

Here's to another successful day!

P.S. It's really important to me to keep a journal of this progress. A way to motivate myself, a place to keep my stats so I can see my improvement and maybe, just maybe a year or so from now when I have results like ZIRCADIA, 4A-HEALTHY-BMI, SMARTLADY66, TUBLADY, MSSUNBUG, just to name a few, others will be inspired and will want to read my blogs for motivation. So don't feel obligated to read or comment. I'll keep posting regardless! (But I DO enjoy the encouraging words...It keeps me going to know I'm not alone)

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STAABSGIRL00 4/29/2011 3:16PM

    OOOh! I was just thinking about buying a pedometer this week, maybe now I will! I'm curious how many steps I take a day...probably not nearly enough but at least then I'd have a starting place.

Way to go - you are most definitely headed in the right direction!!!

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SCRAPPY_RN 4/29/2011 2:40PM

    That is awesome! My pedometer really helped me to get moving also. I did not realize how little I walked before...

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 4/29/2011 11:06AM


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LOOZINITNOW 4/29/2011 10:21AM

    You are doing this!!! emoticon

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HEATHERALB 4/29/2011 10:14AM


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MACMOM57 4/29/2011 8:44AM

    Thats awesome way to go. I like your idea. Keep writing I'll keep reading.

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IMIN2GENES 4/29/2011 8:32AM

    Great job! Those steps sure add up quickly!

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GRACEISENUF 4/29/2011 12:23AM

    emoticon Another successful day like you said. That is alot of steps.

Sleep well!

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Day 11 - 5K Your Way - Walking...OH MY STARS!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assignment: 2.5 miles
Where: Treadmill
Goal: 50 min (20 min miles, 3mph)

I've been planning on this day, this is the farthest the program has asked us to go thus far. It's just going to get longer and longer. I asked my DH if he knew where our Ipod was, no luck.

To keep me focused and not thinking about how long it was going to take me to do the 2.5 miles, I took my laptop out to the garage with me and turned on Episode One of the current Biggest Loser Season.

I kept my incline at 2 (probably will not have it at 0 again, I'm getting stronger!) As I started I decided to change my goal to 19min miles. I'm a number person so quickly figured I needed to finish my 2.5 in 47:30 minutes. I started at 3.0mph then every minute I changed it to 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, then back down again, hitting all the same numbers, until I reached 3.0 where I started it all over again! I was able to finish my 2.5 mile assignment in 46:30. YAY me!!! BUT...there is even BETTER news!

As I was approaching my two mile mark the contestants on BL were asked to complete a 5K, together as a team, to be able to choose if the got Bob and Jillian as their trainers or the Unknowns. I thought to myself, I can do that, I can do a 5K. So right then I decided I would NOT stop until I too finished those 3.1 miles.

I DID IT!!! I walked a 5K in 57:15 minutes! emoticon What a GREAT feeling it is to get stronger, to be moving and WANTING to move and not just sit on the couch all day with a book or tv.

I am constantly learning new strengths that I have. Once I uncover one there are still times when I workout again that my old self starts complaining saying that "Last time was just a fluke, there is NO WAY I can do that again" When that happens I invision Bob or Jillian yelling at me, cheering me on telling me I CAN DO IT...and...I CAN!!!

New strength? I can walk non-stop for 60min (actually walked 3.25 miles) and I can do a 5K in almost 57 min. Next week, a week from Saturday, I'll be doing my official Virtual 5K Walk. My goal for then? Less than 57 min.

Last night I stayed up late helping my 16-year-old son with his Spanish homework. It was just the two of us. I've shared with him my goals, he's been my child who has, over the years, pleaded with me and even cried for me to lose weight. I also told him I need his help, his encouragement. (He is a 6'8" athlete who is always taking great care of his body) I hung a poster, where my whole family can see it, that has 100 squares on it with the words...GOAL FOR 2011...LOSE 100 LBS! I cross off boxes, how ever many pounds I lose, each week on my weigh-in day, Tuesdays. This same son is the one who keeps asking me about it.

Last night I showed my son the AMAZING results of so many people here on SP. Those before and after pictures are JAW DROPPING! My son was blown away and asked, "Is this what you're trying to achieve?" Without hesitation...YES! Then he said, "Please get dad to do this with you." I would love my husband to get healthy! He has RA and diabetes and isn't taking care of either one. But, like we all know, it's not something that can be forced, he has to make that decision on his own. I will just keep on keeping on leading by example.


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BUFFALOMAMA 4/28/2011 6:46PM

    Where is the group walking the 5k??

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JOJOBEE318 4/28/2011 2:24PM

    Amazing blog! You go, girl!

I think I'll steal the poster idea. I've been wanting some visual way to show my family my progress.

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SUSANMOMOF6 4/28/2011 11:55AM

    It's all been said, but I have to say it too. SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you my friend. Pushing yourself is such a sign that you WANT this. I see people at the gym who never break a sweat. Most are thin, but still. Really, if your not there to sweat, I don't see the point! LOL I pushed myself on the treadmill last night too. Felt so good to do a 15 minute mile. I was holding onto the handles for dear life because I was truly afraid I would go flying off the back. emoticon

You are being such an amazing example to your family. Did I say I was really proud of you? Well I AM!!!!!!

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35ANGELS 4/28/2011 9:26AM

    emoticon I was in week 3 of the 5k walk your way, when my treadmill died on me. Where I live is rains all...the...time...( had a few flurries yesterday!) Will have to pick it up again when the weather gets better.


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    You are an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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FITMARY 4/28/2011 5:26AM

    Great blog! Congratulations on making great changes! Keep going and if you come to a roadblock, just take baby steps around it!

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 4/28/2011 12:05AM

    Well, who needs a program when you are around-lol!! Kind of like skipping to the end of the book-lol! That is sooooooo awesome that you just did it!! Now you know you can and it is nothing but adding speed now. Glad son is excited for you and so supportive, keep leading by example and the two of you will have husband out there on that treadmill soon. So awesome!!

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PATTYS74 4/27/2011 10:16PM

    Awesome blog. just so you know your dh is welcome to join ourWhite tiger team as well. We do have on man right now. So glad to have you on the team.

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    emoticon You are doing super!

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CHRISTINA791 4/27/2011 8:29PM

    Awesome job! I had to laugh, because I totally play number games with myself on the treadmill too (even though I'm not a math person).

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KWHITEHEAD9 4/27/2011 8:18PM

    You are a-mazing......great job!

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KATJAMN 4/27/2011 6:30PM

    Look at you go!! You are so awesome!!
Love that your son was excited for you. You are right, it has be be your hubbys decision.. you just keep setting those good examples. YOU ROCK my friend, YOU ROCK!!

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GRACEISENUF 4/27/2011 6:27PM

    Outstanding accomplishment today, I am so proud of you! Your son sounds like mine. My son is seventeen and is a track runner, lift weights and bikes too. He is such an encourager to me. If I ask him to walk with me he is always "game". I love him dearly and appreciate him so much.

I love your idea with the squares, so cool!

When I started my journey I wanted my hubby to do it too...it took about two years for him to even budge...it had to be his choice like you said. What an example you are setting!


Comment edited on: 4/27/2011 6:28:11 PM

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LADYRK 4/27/2011 6:26PM

    Congrats!!! YOU DID IT!!! Keep on Sparkin! emoticon emoticon emoticon


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LOOZINITNOW 4/27/2011 6:23PM

    emoticon You are doing so awesome! I look forward to seeing you post about your progress!

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ONE Month and Tickets Bought

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today it's been one month since I decided to start my journey...AGAIN...to get healthy! I started at 325 and today I am 311.2 so.....13.8 gone! YAY!!!

My first little goal is to lose as much as I can by May 12th. I'm flying out to Arizona for my baby brother's graduation from ASU with his Law Degree and Master in Business. I HATE flying!!! Mostly because of my size. But I'm going instead of using any of the MANY excuses I could come up with. I want to be there to support him, I'm just hoping, praying, that I won't have to ask for a seatbelt extension and that I can get an aisle seat (with my sized I'd rather not be squished between two others or, more likely, squish them!

I woke up at 5:45 this morning to get a 30 min walk in. Today I did it on a 3 incline! It feels great getting stronger but I know there is even more inside that I can give. I have to find a way to get it out, to WANT to bring it out so I can really hit it and meet my goals!

emoticonA month of healthy living...LOVE the results! Can't wait to see what two months feels like, six months, a year.....


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FLUTTER-BY)L( 4/28/2011 12:27AM

    Good job. I hope you enjoy your family visit. It is great that you have fitness goal too.

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STAABSGIRL00 4/27/2011 3:23PM

    Nice! You can do it! You're right - just think what exciting feeling are right around the corner for you!

Keep with it! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOOZINITNOW 4/27/2011 9:02AM

    Keep up the great attitude and the awesome work!!! emoticon

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FITMARY 4/27/2011 5:27AM


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GRACEISENUF 4/27/2011 1:26AM

    Krista with your attitude and determination I can't wait to see you reach your goal. WE CAN DO THIS!....one step at a time and one day at a time.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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.DUSTY. 4/26/2011 10:04PM

    emoticonHi Krista!

Did you see these posts on our Team 300 lbs. Plus?

You'll have to copy and paste because links don't work in the blog comments.

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Big girl friendly airline

Keep up the great work! emoticon

Comment edited on: 4/26/2011 10:06:21 PM

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TJHIERS 4/26/2011 7:33PM

    your weightloss is great! keep up the good work, the best is yet to come ! i can understand your concerns about flying, just remember you have just as much rights to be on that plane as the next person, and don't you let anybody try and make you feel like you don't,be proud for what you are accomplishing, and we are here for you to help any anyway we can !
have fun when you go see your brother. emoticon

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 4/26/2011 5:52PM

    Glad you are going to the graduation. I can't wait to see all the great things you accomplish!!

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LISAWILLBEFIT 4/26/2011 5:37PM

    I am so excited for you.You are getting fit and healthy.I am glad you are not letting your weight keep you from your brothers graduation.

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    Good for you ... just stick with it!! emoticon

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Day 10 - 5K Your Way - Walking

Monday, April 25, 2011

Assignment - 40min
Where - treadmill
Goal - 2 miles

I was going to wake up early to get my workout done before my kids started waking up. When my alarm went off there was NO WAY I could get myself out of bed. Thankfully I had no daycare kids today so I was able to get it done after my older kids left for school.

I'm getting stronger and it feels GREAT! Incline stayed at a 2 and besides a few minutes for warm-ups and cool down I kept my pace at 3.2mph with a few one-minute bursts at 3.5. Total mileage in the 40 minutes was 2.1...YAY, I passed my goal!

I've had a great day today with my food and all my workouts! I'm adding 60 crunches each day to my routine. After having 7 kids that is definitely my worst area. I also added logging my steps. My goal is 10,000, today I got 12,998.

Aunt FLO is visiting so that's always a monthly struggle. Felt hormonal today and was getting on the cranky side with my kids. I try to tap it down because I hate it when people blame any craziness due to hormones.

On a side note:
Tonight was 6th grade orientation for all the 5th graders moving onto middle school in the fall. My daughter, child number five, is in that category. I can't believe how fast time has gone by and that she'll be in middle school. In some ways it gets a bit easier with each child but at the same time the pain and joy I feel as my kids do grow up never gets easier. This daughter struggles academically. We've had many moments of tears with her questioning why she was given this struggle. My heart aches for her from knowing that the next academic step will only be more difficult rather than easier. But she is a beacon to all those around her, very kind hearted, charitable and a hard worker.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

THE_NEW_MELISSA 4/26/2011 9:28AM

    Excellent job! Congrats on surpassing your goal!

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    Keep up the great work with your workout ... and your parenting emoticon

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LOOZINITNOW 4/26/2011 8:05AM

    Great commitment! Keep working it! emoticon

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GRACEISENUF 4/26/2011 1:09AM

    Way to go on your workout and also adding the crunches. After two children I have a problem area there too! :)

Your daughter sounds like a sweet little gal who has a gift of "a heart for others". I have one child, a DD who is in college that tries very hard to get her good grades and a son that it comes so easy for him. It always amazes me how each child is so unique. What blessings God has given us!

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 4/26/2011 12:13AM

    I understand the need to add in some crunches-lol!! I only have 3, but they were each of them c-sections. Abs? What abs? So awesome you are to a place where you are adding in MORE exercise!! Sorry for daughter's struggles...my second seems headed down that road too (her older brother excels, she struggles). It is one of those situations that has to be taken day-by-day and step-by-step. Your daughter has a great example of what persistence and hard work can accomplish so I'd be willing to bet that she's going to do a great job of fighting her way through to find the person she knows she can be.

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