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Getting Moving!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Okay, life is crazy and I'm finding it hard to get exercise in. I've been jumping on the treadmill, occassionaly, and walking the neighborhood every once in awhile but I need to do MORE to get in shape and get this weight off! I know that strength training is also important in the equation. More muscle = faster calorie burn so that's DEFINITELY something I want/need.

My sister (Nat-Again) signed up for Curves this week. She called me up and said she could give me a free month membership. I went down to take a look and...I liked it. I know once I get stronger I'll need more, the things a regular gym can offer but for now Curves will get me going.

#1 - I won't be embarrassed to walk in. #2 - having a daily date to meet my sister there will get me out the door. #3 - it's close enough to my house I can get a good walk there and back (eventually jog)
#4 - I'll get MUCH needed me time and maybe a little socializing in #5 - I'll start working muscles that don't get much of a work out. #6 - they weighed me, measured me, calculated my BMI and took my body fat...VERY SCARY!!!

We have the plans to go every morning right when they open...5:30a.m. Today I haven't gone yet because it's a holiday and I WANTED TO SLEEP IN! i'll be heading there in 45 minutes.

I don't think I'll weigh myself at home and wait to do that once a week at curves (I'll have to hide my scale to get rid of the temptation).

On the food front my calories have been too low, the same with my water. So today I'm going to work on eating more, get my calorie, protein, carbs and fat within the range that has been set for me.

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SPUNKYDUCKY 11/11/2009 7:13PM

    I hide my scale all week and usually only get on it once or twice a week (once is the plan but sometimes I just HAVE TO KNOW)..I think it is great that you joined Curves -having a comfortable place to exercise and creative good habits is really important!

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REDRUDY5 11/11/2009 2:09PM

  emoticon emoticon

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LOOZINITNOW 11/11/2009 1:47PM

    What a fabulous attitude! Keep that up and you are going to go far! I know what you mean about the calories. I'm bad about hitting my lowest part of the range. Partly fear I think. Thinking about a blog about that. emoticon

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LAURAJAH 11/11/2009 1:41PM

    Sounds like a good plan. Good luck. emoticon

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VENISEW1 11/11/2009 1:18PM

    Good for you for getting some extra sleep and exercise today! Good luck on your nutrition. Better to try and eat more than to find out your eating too much!

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REALLY Getting Started!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Okay, so it's been one week since I signed up with Spark People...I'm loving it. I do have admit that my first week was not done to the fullest. It was a combination of things...TOM came (UGH!), I spent a lot of time finding my way around this site, finding teams, meeting people, etc..., AND I have a health issue that is slowing me down.

I have a lump in my throat, it's been there for three years off and on, mostly on. I finally went to the doctor about it (it's interesting how I don't take care of myself at all unless I'm actively trying to lose weight and get healthy). He couldn't feel anything so he's sending me to a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. He said they have a special scope they send down through the nose to see the throat. That does NOT make me feel any better. I know I want to get this taken care of so I immediately called the specialist and lucked out that he had a cancellation. My appointment is Thursday. I'm hoping a cause can be found and a course of action taken to solve this health issue. I'm ready to get it off my mind and out of my throat!

I'm ready to commit! Ready to be accountable to the challenges I've entered, 100 day Challenge and the Calorie Killers! The key for me is to knock out my exercising first thing in the morning so I can cross it off my list and go on to parenting my 7 kiddos, my 2 at-home-part-time jobs and life!

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TRICIALICI 11/11/2009 12:30PM

    Good luck with your doctor visit! I hope the problem isn't serious and can be remedied quickly! Congratulations on your decision to embark on a sparkjourney to good health! The tools and support that SparkPeople provides is AWESOME! Have a good week!

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KELSWORLD 11/10/2009 5:46PM

    Welcome and congrats on starting your journey. I love SP! If you need support this is the place. Good luck with your test and keep working towards your goal!

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CARTOONB 11/9/2009 11:51PM

    Welcome and good luck! If you would like, the Calorie Killers are doing a virtual walk to the North Pole. It's not too late to join!

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SPUNKYDUCKY 11/9/2009 12:06PM

    It is great that your are have a plan and that you are taking care of yourself. I have been scoped (nasopharyngoscopy- nose hose) many times. It is a bit uncomfortable, but not too bad. I think it is great that you are getting checked. Keep on exercising and that 100 days is going to go by very quickly!

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Get OFF the Computer and...MOVE!!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I've been on the computer WAY too much!!! I know I'm just starting Spark People so there is A LOT to explore. There are so many wonderful success stories and motivational tools to read a person could be on the computer all day!

Jumping around from member to member and checking out different teams I found a team called the Calorie Killers. They are currently doing a challenge to walk to the North Pole. That's exactly what I needed...a Challenge.

I always use the excuse that with 7 kids and 2 part-time-at-home jobs, I just don't have the time to exercise. FALSE! Even I can cut out some computer time to get my body moving! Although Spark People is a wonderful site and there are many inspirational blogs I love to read I need to remind myself that sitting and reading won't get me the healthy body I so desperately need but getting UP and MOVING will!

I'll still enjoy my daily jaunt to the cyber world because that is where I'm receiving the motivation to KEEP GOING!

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    I was an excuse maker too - when my kids were at home. Now I realize that I would actually have had more time with them if I had taken time away from them to exercise. The additional time would have come from my increased energy level.

You can do this!!

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SATURDAY63 11/3/2009 2:43PM

    Ha! I love your post b/c you're so right! I take mini-breaks at work and instead of walking up and down a flight of stairs I find myself jumping on Sparks!


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First Day Using Spark People!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I'm exhausted, probably due to daylight savings time and having a one-year-old who doesn't understand the clocks have been changed. All I want to do right now is crawl into bed. But then I remembered I committed to tracking my health and I've chosen to use the wonderful tool of Spark People to help me do that!

Three goals that I chose to track are:
1. Drinking Eight-8oz of water
2. Track my Food
3. Track my miles walked/calories burned

Well, I can say that at least the goals are in my mind and having set them makes me think more about them, even if I didn't actually accomplish them. I do NOT drink water. It's not that I don't like it, it just doesn't usually cross my mind. But I do have to admit to being AFRAID of drinking water. I feel I'm already tied to the bathroom and I don't want to live in it from drinking a lot. I know I need my body to adjust to it but it's difficult for me. So for today I got two-8oz in. Not good but better for me!

I tracked my food. Did I eat perfectly healthy...NO! But I did stay in my guidelines! It was hard to make healthy choices when there was TONS of halloween candy sitting around. Thank goodness for the bite size chocolate bars!

My exercise goal for right now is to walk 1.5 miles six days a week and increase that weekly. After being sick Saturday and Sunday with the stomach flu I didn't want to push it so didn't schedule it in my day. I did take the kids outside to play in the beautiful fall weather and my 5-year-old asked if we could take a walk. So I loaded up the 1-year-old in her stroller and had the other two walk along side me. I thought the little legs would fizzle out pretty fast but I was wrong. We were able to go on a pretty good walk and I was able to feel some accomplishment!!

I'm looking forward to this journey! It's not going to be easy but I just need to take it one day at a time and remember two basic principles...EAT LESS, MOVE MORE! That's really all it takes. Sounds simple but the follow through is NOT!

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HAPPYCPA1965 11/3/2009 1:41PM

    Welcome to Spark People. Sounds like that in spite of the challenges of having a 1 year old you are on the right track. Keep up the good work. emoticon

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AZERET0521 11/3/2009 6:03AM

    Going from no water to 2 8oz servings; staying within your guidelines; and knowing what exercise your body can handle... It sounds like your off to a great start! Congratulations!

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DEE107 11/3/2009 1:04AM

    add a piece of lemon or lime or ice tea if it helps you good luck

Hello and welcome to sparks people and the team

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