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One week...two lbs!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Well one week, and I lost two lbs. So for the first week back, I am very happy with myself! It wasn't bad at all! I actually enjoy food shopping and searching the labels, I'm sure people think I look funny but WHO CARES!
My mom and dad are catching this as well! I guess they are so sick of hearing me say"Ya know how many calories such and such is?" My dad even went out and got that brand new 64 calorie beer! I was impressed! He usually doesn't enjoy the light beers when he has it while watching his Eagles! But I think I made a small impact on him! It's only to help him!!
I just remembered one of my favorite snacks for a quick chocolate fix for my favorite Chocolate Covered Strawberries. I just take a Dannon light and fit strawberry yogurt, and a little spoonful of sugar free Choc. pudding. Mix them together each spoonful, YUM so good!Try it! It's a quick fix, and plus you get the calcium!
I hope to lose another two lbs this week! I will be traveling a lot this week for basketball, so I need to stay focused on packing healthy alternative snacks for myself instead of munching on whatever the girls on the team are eating.

My puppy just started playing soccer outside in the back yard, so I get to go out there with him every day. An extra little workout! He has so much energy. I wish I had all of that!!!!

Well here's to a great week!!!



Monday, December 29, 2008

I am super excited to get back at this again! It took me a while, but it feels great to start this again! Second time is for me!! I did an inventory of myself, and I realized I never do anything for me!! So, this is me attempting to give myself the greatest gift of love myself completely inside and out!!!
I realized I needed to stop dwelling on all of the negative people and situations in life, and do something positive for myself! Forgetting all of the people who make me sad, because that isn't who I want to be! I let that go recently!
I have awesome things going for me now, a brand new job!!!, and a brand new puppy! I can't wait till he gets a little bigger so we can go on runs together! He is already keeping me active by just learning how to go up and down the steps, so I am contantly chasing after him. Ok must get back to work yay to a new beginning!!!!

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JARHEADSBABY 12/29/2008 11:42PM

    Welcome back! You can do it!

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crazy couple of weeks

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ok i haven't been really good about posting everything I ate in the past week or so....It honestly has been difficult to eat, since I got my wisdom teeth out Friday. I pretty much stuck to soft foods like sugar free pudding and sugar free waterice for about three days. I tried to start eating normal food again on Monday, didn't work out too well. So I am back to soft things like soup. I thought for sure I would see the scale drop, but not really. I only lost a pound from the last weigh in which was two weeks ago I think.
Everything is starting to get super crazy. Phillies games, school, and work. I think I may start a part-time job serving again, quick and easy money if I can fit it into my schedule.
My sister's wedding and my best friends wedding are just around the corner. I have to really start thinking about getting my dresses taken in, because they no longer fit. YAY!
Ok hopefully I start eating normal again! Im dying for some good healthy food that I can actually chew!


I did it!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Yay! I finally met my goal weight! A total loss of 21lbs....but I'm going to keep on going!!!!!

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SARAHP130 4/4/2008 3:06PM

    Great job! That is awesome! YEAH!

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    Congradulations you truly are an inspiration Stop by my page and keep me posted God Bless Starr

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Two More till my goal weight!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Im super excited...I lost another pound today at weigh in... which brings me just two away from my goal...I'm going to reward myself with a shopping trip. It is a much needed one, since all of my work clothes and jeans are falling off of me, I look rediculous. I might also get the tattoo I have been wanting to get as another reward. Then tomorrow, I'm going to do a 5k with my roommate for ALS.
Things have been going great! Can't wait till next week's weigh in, maybe I'll hit my goal!
Monday is opening day for my Phillies, so I am also super excited with that. I have partial season tickets with my mom and dad. Then my friends and I will go to a lot of games on top of that, it's an intense relationship with the Phillies! ha. I'm afraid I will gain a little weight back when the season is in full swing, since I'll be tempted with the good food and beer. I just have to remember how great it feels now, when I feel skinny. I want to keep it going and going, I love it. Ok here's to an awesome weekend!!!!

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BAMOM19 3/31/2008 7:46PM

    Way to go girl!!! I love the new hair cut, and you do look fabulous! I'm sorry the Phillies lost today(opening day)Gordon really stunk it up...but yeah J Roll and Chase...

I read what you said about how people react to your weight/appearance now, don't let it bother you. I've found that often, people who aren't comfortable with their own wieght, feel a bit put-off by someone who has lost excess pounds, it just makes them feel worse about themselves. So, their reaction isn't about you, as much as it is about their self-image issues.

Keep up the good work. I'm glad you're back to lifting, it's a great life-long habit.

PS, I think I saw you on TV at the Phillies game today...were you wearing that green T-shirt w/Phillies emblem? If it wasn't you, it was someone who looked a lot like you.

Mrs. R

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