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Friday, May 03, 2013


Last year I decided to grow my hair out to a longer length. I have had short hair styles for way too long! My hair is now at shoulder length.

Lately I have noticed younger men looking at me. Which is flattering to my ego but it is also shocking at the same time!

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TERRIJ7 1/18/2014 3:32PM

    How wonderful to have reached your goal! I recently chopped off my longer hair to just at shoulder length. Now I have to fuss with it every day whereas before I could just tie it back. I suppose it is more flattering, though.

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BARBSIDDIQUI 1/18/2014 1:51PM

    Okanog- I am just coming back to Spark People..... Again. I'm So impressed you've reached your goal. Congratulations to you!

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KLUTZY68 5/24/2013 7:38AM

    Congratulations! Time to change your ticker! emoticon

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OKBACK2ME 5/3/2013 11:05PM


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BARB4HEALTH 5/3/2013 6:27PM

    emoticon emoticon

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VONBLACKBIRD 5/3/2013 1:51PM

    I too have been growing mine out to donate to "Locks of Love"..I donated a few years ago and then kept my hair short until this winter. Hope you share photos...and yes men love long hair.

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SWANATOPIA 5/3/2013 1:29AM


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SQUINN2208 5/3/2013 1:25AM


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It's Amazing How Junk Piles Up!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today, I decided to tidy up, my laundry room. The room is home to an extra working fridge, floor to ceiling shelving, hotwater tank oh, ya plus the washer and dryer. It is actually my junk room. I started this process this morning to find some plastic sinkers to hold screws into a wall.

My daughter is coming over this afternoon, to help me move the drapery rods in my living room. Grand daughter, thought is was a great place to play hide and seek, in the process has pulled the the screws out of the wall whch were attatched to the drapery rods.

My daughter has an electric drill to make new holes for which my draperies will hang from. Some where along the way one of my boyfriends, left with my electric drill. I have lost quite a few electric drills, over the years...... Grrrr! Good thing I taught my daughter about home repairs, as her husband is clueless.

Yea! My laundry/Junk room is tidy again!

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BARB4HEALTH 2/2/2013 11:58AM

    It's feels great when rooms are tidy! emoticon

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Summer Time ~ Speaks Volumes

Thursday, July 19, 2012

This year I bought a 2 pc. bathing suit, I didn't try it on in the store!
The last time I tried a bra on in a deptment store, an idiot guy opened the door!
Was I in shock? I manage to yell loudly and the fellow disappeared into the woodwork. I did report the peeping tom to mall security.

I convinced myself to buy a 2 pc. bating suit. Once home, tried the bathing suit on, staring into the mirror, thinking to myself, well no one's perfect but gal you are shrinkin!
In the last 4 years I have gone from a size xl to a size 12 petite. My goal this year is to reach a size 10 petite by end of the year.

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COURTNEYTITUS 7/19/2012 3:26AM

  Good job! I remember buying a skirt without trying it on once, I got home and had a muffin top without even zipping the fly. Now that skirt is too big for me, but I keep it to remind myself of that triumph.

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My Biggest Dieting Mistakes

Thursday, February 23, 2012

First of all I was a skinny kid, slim all the way till my late 40's. I really started to pile on the weight. I really hated going into larger size stores. So what did I do instead of facing the problem, I ignored the problem. Stopped buying clothes. Instead my shop-aholic days, consisted of buying shoes, purses and jewellery.

My sister took a picture of me, when I was over weight. We were out with our kids to an amusement park. I was sitting on a bench, when she snapped the picture, I thought she was taking a picture of the kids.

Long story shorten, she showed me the picture a couple months later.

I said to her "Who is that big fat person sitting on the bench? "
She replied "It's you idiot!"

To tell you the truth I really never reconized myself, as being so overwight.
The mirror image in our mind does play tricks. I was really shocked to see myself for the first time as I was in all my excess poundage.

I went to weight watchers, I lasted maybe two weeks, joined a few other diet programs.
I failed miserably. A friend asked me to join TOPS [Take Off Pounds Sensibly] with her. So I agreed to do so.

TOPS Club, Inc. is the original, nonprofit, weight-loss support and wellness education organization. Established in 1948 to champion weight-loss support and success, we've helped millions of people live healthier lives. If you are interested to find out more, below I have added a link to T.O.P.S.
It is alot cheaper than going to Weight Watchers if you need weekly human contact. It is $29.50 per year [Canadian Funds it maybe Cheaper in U.S. funds] to join.

I learned so much in the first year and was slowly loosing weight. I was voted to be team leader. Well that made it even harder to cheat, embarrassed to face everyone with failure. As they say in TOPS:
"For All the World To See, What a Fool, YOU Have Been." That saying has never left my mind.

I joined Spark People before it went free for all to use. I would have chosen TOPS online but they were not on line at that time. Today they are online.

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READINGLOTS 2/24/2012 11:52PM

    I am glad you are here! Thanks for the encouragement!! emoticon

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Innocent Fingers

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It started snowing in the afternoon and snowed sporadically through the night.
I went bed last night shivering cold, even my down quilt plus extra afghans, atop could not make me feel any warmer. Teeth chattering too cold to get out of bed, to check the heat thermostat. Thought I was coming down the flu or had food poisoning but finally I fell asleep, to awaken at midnight, seemingly even more colder than I was, when I had fallen asleep. Staggering out of bed I check the thermostat. I crank the thermostat to the highest heat source. All the heat registers, blow down from the ceiling. If there was any moisture in the air it would have turned to ice crystals, the forced air was so cold. Checked the thermostat it was stuck on air conditioner symbol and would not move to the heat source symbol.

Unknown to me, my little grand daughter, went into my laundry room, where the gas water heater is. The heat system is rigged up with the gas water heater.
She had turned the water tank to just above off and pulled some wires out, of the unit, which control the furnace part of this system.

Called my plumber in the morning whom used to be my next door neighbor along time ago. He had two little boys, 3 and 4 years old. Guess who arrived to fix water tank? The youngest boy. I was so surprised to see the youngster of days gone by, now a young man. A licensed trained plumber following his dad's footsteps in the working world. He told me his older brother got a job in Alberta working on the oil rigs. His dad delivered the new hot water tank. We chatted about old times, both our young families moved away and we lost contact.

I don't know what the price will be for the replaced water heater, plus 6 1/2 hours labour, when he left he sad his dad would send me the bill. Great, I got heat but at what cost? One thing that is priceless, was to see such an ambitious young man, that little boy turned out to be!

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WVAWACKADOO 1/20/2012 4:24PM

    Sometimes it is the small things that make us smile...Take care...


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LISAKRISTY 11/23/2011 5:36PM

    Great how we reconnect with people in many different circumstances!
Not so great that you were freezing...and what your precious little grand-daughter did to the water heater...LOL!

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CKAYTHOMAS 11/17/2011 8:58PM

    So glad your heat got fixed. Also glad you didn't get mad at that precious 4 year old. Maybe the friendship will "kick in" and you will get a big break on the bill.
Also, so glad you don't have food poisoning or the flu.
I guess I'm looking on the bright side.

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