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Off "Track"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well I haven't been tracking my calories for a week and it shows!I am heavier and still cannot get going number 2 regulated!!!! I have been working out everyday but have not written down one ounce of food! I don't eat bags of chips or boxes of doughnuts, but I do eat LARGE quantities of food! Like random peanut butter slices, which I know are a least 250 cal! Ugh, I cannot seem to stay on the food wagon! The Hubs is home in a month and this is not the time to binge eat! I wanted to lose 10 pounds,not just for him but myself!I hope when he is back the 2weeks together will start my "normal" eating patterns again. It's funny what you will eat alone and never when others are around! Exercise 1 ,Healthy eating 0

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MY_AGREEMENT 1/17/2010 10:08AM

    Since you're alone, take advantage of this time to try things that you might not try if you had to talk hubby into it ... like a meatless day, or soy milk, or a new recipe with ingredients you've never cooked with before. The other advantage of being alone is that you can really plan your meals ahead. Rather than just tracking after you've eaten, try planning out a whole day's meals the night before, tweaking to make sure you have a good balance of nutrients. I think it's actually easier to eat healthy when I'm on my own; it just takes a different way of thinking about food and eating plans. You can do this! --Marsha

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Spinning Spinning Spinning

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I feel like crap today! This what happens when I get really motivated to work out and I take a rest day. I hope to spin everyday next week and weight train 3x at night. I only have a month before Hubs comes home on RR! My friend I have been working out with says she can notice a difference already. But I have a size 14 pant I bought and wore up to I was almost 7 months pregnant with baby 1 that I still cannot button! When I am able to button them and then get back into my "fat" pants (size12) Ill feel like I am really making strides.
I hope to be under 200 by feb15 comes around. I think I can do it! The exercise is a go its the eating that is still BAD! I know I would be doing much better if I would stop the bad choices!!! I think having Hubs home will help me alot with keeping my eating in check. Then the motivation of lookin smokin hot when he comes home in August will keep me on track!!!

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MY_AGREEMENT 1/10/2010 10:02PM

    The regular exercise will help keep you on track with eating, too. At least it does for me ... I start thinking about food as fuel and making sure I have the right amounts of carbs/protein for the activity I'm doing. No worries, you're making great progress and I bet hubby will notice when he gets home! :-)

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School=Late nights & stress eating

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Well I am back in the books. I start out with a positive attitude then find myself binge eating midway through the semester! This is the 2nd semester without hubby, so he isn't here to steer me out of the kitchen and last spring I was pregs with diva #2 , so it was "acceptable" for me to eat ice cream between writing papers! I don't want it to happen this time!
I have rid my home of temptations and I drink cups of peppermint tea (a tip from one of my neechies here on spark, meegwetch by the way) which really curbs some of the cravings!
I was attempting to leaf through a text and ended up eating 4 cups of strawberry chex cereal! I was measuring it to track of course, and in the end ate over 500cal!!!!!!!!!! WHy do I do this? My exercise streak is going well, Body pump, spinning, running and weight training. All burning high calories then I sabotage all the progress with eating huge amounts of food!!!!
I NEED my hubs to come home! Get out of the military, move into the Bush, eat home grown veggies and venison.

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MY_AGREEMENT 1/10/2010 12:19AM

    Tracking is the key! Now you know how many cals you were eating, you'll think twice before doing it again. I like the idea of combining carbs and protein - good combo, keeps you fuller longer. You'll get the hang of it ... keep at it! --Marsha

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    I hear you. In fact I think I will cook some moosemeat tomorrow...
How about when you have had the first little bit of the cereal - try eating a portion of protein/fat like cheese, boiled eggs, nuts (keep some handy), even a piece of steak from supper. Tell yourself - you can still eat the cereal - but after you wait 10 minutes after the boiled egg/ cheese/ nuts/ meat. In the end you might not want any more cereal. We are not designed to function well with all of this white processed stuff. I think at least 50 of my pounds come from toast, breads, muffins, pasta and rice...
Try that it might work. I truly know that feeling of eat eat eat...
take care and keep walking...

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Hot Momma

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I am not obsessed with my looks, but I want to be hot! I want to be as fat as I was when I THOUGHT I was fat!!!! I want my husband to think of me and his knees go weak. I want him to be the jealous guard dog he once was! And not just think of me as the girls mom. And yes I welcome other moms to think I am a pretentious Bleep when I go to school plays lookin fabulous! When you are healthy and fit you feel 100x better physically, and emotionally. I need to get there! I will. I am tired of daily self loathing emoticon

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MY_AGREEMENT 1/7/2010 2:19AM

    I have to agree with Shawna. Here's a little secret: how you look has very little to do with self-loathing or self-love. You are GORGEOUS. Honestly. (And I don't mean just "inside" - I've seen your pictures.) Believing that and loving your body is a different matter entirely. However outrageous it sounds, you can choose to love yourself *before you lose a single pound or inch*. In fact, I'd recommend it ... self love will take you much farther on this journey than self loathing ever will. And furthermore, believing you're sexy and hot, and acting like it, will also change how your husband sees you. Really.

As the song says, "free your mind and your a$$ will follow..." LOL.

Hugs! Marsha

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OKEESEGOBELLA 1/6/2010 10:53PM

    umm just to let you know sweetie - you are very "hot" right now he he. Just keep going. keep going.

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Speed training/2 a days

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Well I have become a workout machine! Well actually getting back to where my Husband and I were before the Princesses arrived! I need to get my eating under control! I had to throw away my icing sugar because I was mixing it with Peanut butter and coconut! I do crazy eating things when I stress out. School starting this week and the anticipation of Hubby coming home in just over a month. I gained 5 pounds the month before we got married, Thank god I was in decent shape then and it didnt do much to my appearance. But 5 pounds now would be disaster!!!!!! emoticon


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