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BLC-23... Must discover why I let my discipline down during breaks!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

BLC-23... I Must discover why I let my discipline down during breaks!

What is up with that!? It's like I really need that "team" weigh-in to keep me on the right track to losing weight.

emoticon I was so bad during our break... too many temptations and schedule interruptions.

During BLC Break, We were up in beautiful Wisconsin for the International "Birds in Art" exhibition at Woodson Art Museum and met other artists from around the world. It was amazing! The museum paid for everything during our opening weekend... so many unhealthy choices and I indulged, resistance was futile!

Then, after 10 years in my home painting studio, I made the time to pull everything out and reorganize... drawers, shelves and all! So, I'm now prepared for a productive Autumn & Winter!

I posted photos on Facebook if you want to see my newly re-organized art studio: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?

Now, you'll be able to picture me when I write... "I've gotta get back to my easel!"



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SEAJESS 12/9/2013 12:49PM

    emoticon Wow. Just wow! Your studio is impressive. I especially love the pictures of the daybook with color combos on the pages. Beautiful!

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DRADDIE 9/19/2013 8:42PM

    Cool studio Camille!!!!! I'm envious of the space and time!! And here's to BLC 23 pushing ya forward!

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KRZYKAT3 9/19/2013 8:10PM

    I AM so with you, spark truly helps keep me from wandering to far from my plans, goals and the motivation is even better!!

emoticon M emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Persistence, Determination, Commitment!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

emoticon "Desire is the key to motivation,
but it's determination and commitment
to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal
-- a commitment to excellence --
that will enable you to attain the success you seek."
-- Mario Andretti


Motivational speakers share how PERSISTENCE is often their key to success. But what do you do when you've been striving for so long that it seems like you will never reach your goal?

How do you deal with the fear that you're about to fail? Again.

I lost -60 lbs... then got off of SparkPeople and relaxed my choices and gained every single ounce back in just a few years! I originally joined SparkPeople in Sept. 2008... and here it is Sept. 2013 and I still struggle with obesity!

I keep telling myself that this thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down-- it’s the staying down!!! I am DETERMINED to unlock the healthy, slender "Camille" inside and experience her freedom!

I CAN DO THIS! I am giving it just one more shot... and if I slide again...
I'm going to give it one more.

I think about all the sweat and time I've committed already. I've come this far, I'd be feckless of me to quit without a fight.

Even though the odds are way out of my reach, I'm reaching out to take one last swing. I don't know what will happen this time. But I do know that Big, meaningful achievements don't just happen when everything goes my way. How many times have you seen athletes make miraculous winning moves while lunging for a ball that seemed impossible to reach? I am determined to find victory in the effort.

emoticon emoticon
Since my recommitment January 2013 I've lost 31.6 lbs. & 22 inches
and at this moment, I've slid a little off program, but awoke to a NEW DETERMINATION to reach my goal weight... but at 258.4 lbs (down from 289.8), I definitely have a long way to go and must remain PERSISTENT!

Hugs & blessing, Camille

emoticon “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
― Calvin Coolidge

emoticon Decide what you want.
Decide what you are willing to exchange for it.
Establish your priorities...
and get to work!

emoticon There's a difference between interest and commitment.
When you're interested in doing something,
you do it only when it's convenient.
When you're COMMITTED to something, you accept NO EXCUSES;

emoticon The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!

emoticon For your weight loss goals to succeed,
your main motivation should grip your attention like a new love.
Your main motivation is the best reason you can think of for getting up,
getting active and getting healthy.
Do you know what yours is?

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VICTORY2XS 9/6/2013 3:24PM

    Great quotes! Your persistence is going to get you through. Your sparkfriends all stand behind you and your efforts. You CAN do this!

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QTLADY 9/1/2013 9:36AM

    Good for you to being persistent! It's often difficult to keep that attitude and "keep pushing play" as some may say. Congrats on your weight loss so far!

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BLC22: I LOST -17.5 INCHES & -15 lbs !!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I LOVE THE BLC CHALLENGES on SPARKPEOPLE.COM!!! And, I am soooo grateful to those of you who lead this amazing group!!! Since joining SparkPeople in 2008, I have proven to myself time and again that I cannot lose the weight without this challenge. When my schedule becomes too busy and I drop out, I also gain the weight.


Even though my schedule became crazy again, I am very proud of myself for remaining somewhat on track and seeing these weight loss results:

emoticon End of Round Measurements (August 28) in Inches:
Neck = -.5
Bust = -1.5
Waist = -4.0
Abdomen = -2.25
Hip = -2.5
Lt Thigh = -1.0
Rt Thigh = -1.0
Lt Knee = -0.75
Rt Knee = -1.5
Lt Calf = -0.75
Rt Calf = -0.25
Lt Bicep = -0.5
Rt Bicep = -1.0
emoticon TOTAL INCHES LOST IN BLC22: -17.5 emoticon
emoticon TOTAL POUNDS LOST IN BLC22: -15 emoticon

BLC 21 starting weight = 289.8 (Jan. 16, 2013)
BLC 22 starting weight = 273.4 (Jun. 05, 2013)
BLC 22 ending weight = 258.4 (Aug. 28, 2013) -31.4 so far

emoticon CAMILLE'S BLC 22 GOALS:

**** Work as hard as I can to Finish in the TOP 50
**** Be Faithful to my eating plan & Make healthy choices
**** Eat Veggies for Snacks - this works for me!
**** No Carbs within 2 hours before bedtime
**** 20 min Exercise / participate in our BLC/FOX challenges
**** Drink my water 8-8 oz. glasses
**** Get proper sleep 6 to 8 hours
**** Recognize where I need Discipline & take steps toward improvement

The next round of BLC23 is open for registration! Come join us, it just might be the discipline you need to reach your goals!!!! Here's the link:

So what IS BLC? "BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE" - 22 teams of about 30 members each lead by 2-5 veterans that will give you weekly challenges, nutritional help and lots of encouragement. You will make new friends through the daily chatter on the team threads. It's been many's secret to success. The challenges encourage us to push just past our comfort zones, try new foods, etc.

This BLC23 round will help you safely navigate past the unhealthy Holiday seasons that approach.

Think this would benefit you? DON'T delay - there are not many spots remaining.


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VICTORY2XS 8/29/2013 9:51AM

    Wow! You did great, Camille! So happy for you, so proud of you, as Kal said. It is encouraging to know these challenges are so effective!

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    I was JUST coming to ask you how the round ended for you knowing you had some big family obligations and commitments that COULD have derailed you but you prevailed Camille! You rocked it! I am so excited for and proud OF you for putting you and your fitness and health as a priority in your life knowing that you need to love you and care for you in order to do everything else you do!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

My new painting: "Floating Between Two Worlds" just shipped to Woodson Art Museum for 2013 "Birds in Art" exhibition! YAY!

Here is a link to a larger version:


For some reason, my Facebook links won't work when I post them on SparkPeople... I wonder if Spark has them blocked?

emoticon emoticon

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FRIDA11 10/3/2013 4:21PM

    Wow how good

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VICTORY2XS 8/29/2013 9:48AM

    You are truly talented. Congratulations!

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WACFIT 8/22/2013 11:38PM

    Wow! Beautiful!

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PATTYJ48 8/22/2013 2:24PM

    Congratulations, Camille. I love this painting. Will be stopping by your page to see what you are currently working on.



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JAMER123 8/18/2013 1:11AM

    Beautiful!!! emoticon emoticon

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HICKOK-HALEY 8/18/2013 1:08AM


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IDLETYME 8/11/2013 4:54PM

    That's fantastic! All of your work is beautiful. Congratulations on another great job! emoticon

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QTLADY 8/10/2013 8:29PM

    So beautiful- congrats!

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MUSCLE-UP 8/9/2013 12:11AM

    I am in awe of your work. I just saw your Alice in Wonderland painting and it was so wonderful. The little bird on the tea cup and the rabbit's ears and the beautiful child really drew me in.

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SILVERWITCH59 8/8/2013 9:54PM

    emoticon BEAUTIFUL!

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SLIMMERJESSE 8/6/2013 12:27AM

    Wow, you are sooo talented.

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CAROLIAN 8/6/2013 12:25AM

    emoticon Your birds look so real emoticon emoticon

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    Camille, it is wonderful.

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GLORIAMAJDI 8/4/2013 10:12PM

    Oh Camille, I just LOVE this!

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BYGRAD 8/4/2013 9:43PM

    I commented on your photo link, but I'll comment here again. I LOVE this picture! You have an amazing talent. I'm so glad this picture is getting put on exhibit because it deserves it!!! Thank you for sharing your artwork with us.

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HAWTGRANNY2014 8/4/2013 9:03PM

    It is so beautiful and all your paintings are gorgeous. You have an awesome talent.

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BUGSMIMI 8/4/2013 8:54PM

  That is beautiful! Congrats on the exhibit!

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DEBBIEDAY 8/4/2013 6:17PM

    Beautiful!!! Congratulations my friend! As always...LOVE your work!!!

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ELRIDDICK 8/4/2013 6:15PM

  Thanks for sharing

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MMILLER139 8/4/2013 6:13PM

    Wow. Very impressive! emoticon

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TCANNO 8/4/2013 6:10PM

    Nice job, well done

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LOSE4LIFE47 8/4/2013 6:09PM


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GOAL: To finish in the Top 50 again...

Monday, June 24, 2013

I finished #38 in the BLC21 CHALLENGE and at age 58 with my metabolic problems, it took every bit of discipline I have to refrain from the carbs I know cause me weight gain.

I've been on a "cleanse" the past two weeks... I will be honest, I expected the weight to slide off me, even my tough body... but I am beginning to lose slowly again... mere ounces each week and I'm hardly eating anything. I have two more weeks in this cleanse... and she reminds me it's NOT about the weight loss, it's about getting my inner body cleansed and more alkaline (whatever that means... I'm assuming it's a good thing.)

I honestly will feel WONDERFUL if I surpass my -15 lb goal I set for myself during this leg of the BLC.


**** Work as hard as I can to Finish in the TOP 50 (BLC22 challenge)
**** Be Faithful to the Detox eating plan & Make healthy choices
**** Eat Veggies for Snacks - this works for me!
**** No Carbs within 2 hours before bedtime
**** 20 min Exercise / participate in our FOX challenges
**** Drink my water 8-8 oz. glasses
**** Get proper sleep 6 to 8 hours
**** Recognize where I need Discipline & take steps toward improvement

Imagine yourself achieving the goals you set for this challenge.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

VICTORY2XS 7/14/2013 4:26PM

    These are great goals, not only for BLC, but for life! Congratulation on your progress! Good luck in being in the top 50 - with your determination and tenacity I am sure you will be!


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PURESTILLWATER 6/24/2013 10:26PM


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35ANGELS 6/24/2013 7:23PM


I'd love to hear more about your detox plan


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HAWTGRANNY2014 6/24/2013 7:08PM

    You can do it. If you can stay on a cleanse for a month you can surely lose weight. I don't think I could do it. I am curious though. It is storming really bad right now.

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