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Just a note of thanks...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

emoticon emoticon emoticonto every one of you who commented, complimented, and congratulated my daughter ... I am very proud of her and I truly appreciate all your kind words! emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HEALTHYSLIM2 5/2/2012 7:15PM

It's awesome to have kids... and seeing them shine in any way is so special!
What a lucky family you have to have such a loving and supportive mom!!!

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SEASONS__CHANGE 5/1/2012 11:07PM


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BIGPAWSUP 5/1/2012 8:28AM

    emoticonNo problem! emoticon

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STORMMIEONE 5/1/2012 8:13AM


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My daughter, the Prom Queen!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last night was prom... my daughter was voted Prom Queen! :)

It was so surprising to her... before she left my younger daughter said she was so pretty she could be prom queen... Melanie said "No Way!!" LOL!

Recently, she also has won 1st place in a local art competition between 15 schools, 1st place in our state Nutritional Poster contest, and 1st place in our District's Congressional Art Competition, where her art will be on display for a year in Washington DC. Several rewards go along with these wins as well.

I am very proud of my little girl!

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NEVERORNOW 10/25/2012 9:19AM

    She's absolutely beautiful and so talented besides! I can see why you are such a proud mama. :) Congrats to her on her accomplishments!

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JUSTME29 5/1/2012 8:33AM

    What a beautiful and talented young lady!

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JUSTLYLE 5/1/2012 7:43AM

    I can see why your soo proud, congrats to all. VERY DESERVING!

Skeeter emoticon

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GARDENCHRIS 5/1/2012 6:52AM

    very pretty girl! and congrats to her.

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LIVING4HIM_INWI 4/30/2012 2:29PM

    That is great!!! That shows she is not only beautiful on the outside but the inside as well!!!!

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CHARLIE-B 4/25/2012 1:14AM

    Like mother like daughter, Melanie is just as gorgeous as her mom. Wow, and talent too! That is a wonderful accomplishment for someone so young, congratulations to Melanie . I can just see you beaming Renee`!


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KATJAMN 4/24/2012 11:35AM

    Pretty and talented too... very nice

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DISPATCHER04 4/23/2012 4:32AM

    Renee, that is just FABULOUS!!! Oh, I know you must be SO very proud! :) And she looks just like YOU! :) Congratulations to you and your beautiful, talented daughter! :)

Cheers! :)

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SARAHTAIT 4/22/2012 10:25AM

    How wonderful...I know you are bursting with pride at your daughters accomplishments...she is quite a beauty and I know the boys flock her way,,,,I know you are really proud of her! emoticon

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STORMMIEONE 4/22/2012 9:19AM

    Congrats to her! She is very pretty

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NYC_NATIVE 4/22/2012 6:25AM

    She is beautiful! No wonder you're so proud of her - I'd be too, if I were in your shoes. Congratulations!

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HEALTHYSLIM2 4/22/2012 5:08AM

    Oh wow - how fun! Lovely to be so young and full of promise - and have life ahead of her.
emoticon to a beautiful gilr!!
Great job momma!!

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BIGPAWSUP 4/22/2012 12:25AM

    Wow! You have a beautiful daughter. Congrats to her!

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GRAYGRANNY 4/21/2012 7:46PM

    And Momma should be very proud of her!!! She's a knockout for sure!!! Congrats to your daughter for her accomplishments !!

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SPARKNMOM 4/21/2012 6:25PM

    Wow!! What a very pretty young lady!! And she looks just like her momma!! I also love that her dress is of such good taste...some of the prom dresses these days make me cringe!!! Way to go, momma!! She's quite a lovely daughter!

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FRAN0426 4/21/2012 4:30PM

    She is a beautiful young lady, hope she will remember her prom night forever. Congrats to her for all the recent acheivemets she has recieved, you should be so proud, and rightfully so.

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BRENDARK 4/21/2012 3:32PM

    Very beautiful and talented indeed!

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    Beautiful and talented - killer combination!

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LIOCORO 4/21/2012 2:56PM

    Oh wow, what a win streak for her! Really awesome. And she is so pretty, I absolutely love her dress (especially the colour). She looks stunning!

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BEARGODDESS 4/21/2012 2:33PM

    Beautiful!! emoticon emoticon

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MICHELELYNN777 4/21/2012 2:27PM

    emoticonWhat a beautiful and taletnted daughter~you have every right to be proud!

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LIBRA73 4/21/2012 2:15PM

    I would totally wear that tiara around everywhere!

She is just gorgeous. I would blog it and have a brag too!

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SEASONS__CHANGE 4/21/2012 12:11PM

    Gorgeous pictures and congratulations on the contest!


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ALLIEALLIE2 4/21/2012 11:53AM

    emoticonHow pretty!

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28 Day Bootcamp DVD Days 15 - 21

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm still hanging in there with the bootcamp dvd! Also still filling in rest days with other stuff. I can't do the Brazil Butt Lift yet... not enough energy! My daughter is doing it and doing great, although she says sometimes it kicks her booty. :)

I've suspended the Vi-shakes since Easter. I couldn't get the eating under for several days... since my son's birthday... and I decided to not waste it. I am 3 days into the 6 day supermodel slimdown diet that came with the BBL workout discs. So far so good. :) I"m not cheating! It's just what I needed.... some discipline. After this... I'm back on the shakes.

Well... overall I'm 24 days in a row exercising!
How many days does it take to make it a real habit? I still have days of "I don't wanna!" but I'm always glad I did.

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KAREN_NY 4/18/2012 9:28PM

    Gives a whole new meaning to a "brazilian," lol! Excellent job!

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MICHELELYNN777 4/18/2012 7:42PM

    emoticonA 24 day streak for exercise is GREAT! I don't know about the time for a habit, I just know exercise is an easy habit to get out of! I usually have to talk myself into it, but like you, I never regret it. Keep going strong~you can do it!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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STORMMIEONE 4/18/2012 8:28AM

    You are doing awesome! Yay!!! emoticon

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DISPATCHER04 4/18/2012 5:33AM

    I haven't tried the BBL, but it looks fun and challenging! :) Go you for working out! You're doing great! :)

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SPARKNMOM 4/17/2012 11:47PM

    Fabulous job, Renee'!! Keep at it!

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LIBRA73 4/17/2012 10:39PM

    I have heard it takes 21 days to make something habit.

You are doing awesome! You will be ready for those surf lessons in time!

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BRIDGIEEE 4/17/2012 9:50PM

    Good job! I have really slacked on the 28 Day Bootcamp. I've been doing more at the gym and I'm trying to master my hula hoop lol.

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28 Day Bootcamp DVD Days 8 - 14

Monday, April 09, 2012

Haven't missed one workout and I'm still filling in the 'rest' days with something else. I'm on a great streak! 16 days straight of exercise. :)

I'm also riding the exercise bike sometimes and/or samba reggae... I'll soon add the Brazil Butt Lift, but it looks hard!

I'm really scared to get on the scales again. I had a gain last week and Easter Sunday was a piggy day. Hopefully by Saturday I'll have a nice woosh! I really am doing well except for that one day. My trackers are public to prove it! :) (well, I did really crappy eating wise on the 10th... really bad crappy.)

Many thanks to all who encourage me along. :)

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SPARKNMOM 4/16/2012 11:15PM

    Hope you are doing well!! Thinking of you!

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LIBRA73 4/16/2012 7:12AM

    I still say it's building muscle that made the scale move up!

I hope you had a great weigh in and weekend.

Thanks for asking my questions all last week!

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KALISWALKER 4/15/2012 4:25PM

    Keep your streak going there! I was up for my weigh in too, but the next one will be better for both of us.

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DISPATCHER04 4/14/2012 5:31AM

    Go you! :) Samba Reggae sounds fun! Have you tried Zumba yet? Soooooo fun! :)

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MICHELELYNN777 4/11/2012 11:58AM

    Keep up the routine~you are doing emoticonI know the scale will eventually catch up to all your hard work!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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STORMMIEONE 4/10/2012 8:17AM

    You are doing great! emoticon

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JMCADE 4/9/2012 11:03PM

    Great job with your streak! Keep it going. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Brazil Butt Lift!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Aloha friends!

A couple of weeks ago I was considering a new workout... Turbo Jam? Zumba?
Well... my daughter wanted to do the Brazil Butt Lift..

and so that's the one we got. It just came in today and we are ready to get it started!

I'm still going to be doing the 28 Day Bootcamp emoticon as well as Samba Reggae emoticon and my exercise bike emoticon...

I took measurements today. So far not much change. 1.25 inches gone from my waist, but I increased a half inch in the hips (perhaps it was a measuring mishap before??) no change anywhere else. My weight is up by 2.5 lbs right now, too. Don't get that.... I have been doing wonderful on everything: eating has been spot on, exercise has been daily with no misses and water has been 8 or more glasses per day. So I reckon I'm gonna blame t.o.m. :/

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HEALTHYSLIM2 5/2/2012 7:18PM

    Oh yes - every woman's favorite friend - wreaks havoc with the scale EVERY TIME. Just hang in there and keep doing the right things... the lbs and inches will go when your body gets back to "normal" (ttil next month, that is!)

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BRENDARK 4/10/2012 10:55AM

    Great job! Has there been a change in the way your clothes fit? Sometimes the scale isn't always the best way to measure our progress!

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LOOZINITNOW 4/7/2012 9:38PM

    Keep workin' it! The changes will happen!

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STORMMIEONE 4/7/2012 8:30AM

    Darn that TOM emoticon

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LIBRA73 4/6/2012 1:32PM

    Don't forget you build muscle with exercise! You will be buff! Grrrrrr!

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