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Mid-New Spark Challenge

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm half way through this challenge and so far I'm doing ok with food and water and all ... well, ... I had that family reunion and blew that day, but got back on track. Still, the exercise is eluding me.... unless housework counts :)

Thank y'all for your support!


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GRALLEN 7/16/2008 8:15AM

    I agree with Scolly. Just 10 minutes a day. Turn the radio on and dance if you don't like exercise. Anything to get your blood movin.

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SPARKNMOM 7/14/2008 11:32PM

    I think you're doing great. I saw a post from Maria, I believe directed to you, regarding exercising just 10 min. per day. I started that about 10 days ago and haven't stopped : ) It's not much, but I'm feeling better already!! BTW...reunions are always hard for me too!!! Way too many goodies to be had!!

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    Gurrrrrrrrrl, housework counts just do it vigorously! And let me tell you... you'll be sweatin' in no time! Glad you're doing it and glad you had fun at the reunion, eating. LOL

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MARIADALE 7/14/2008 6:04PM

    Blowing some fairy fitness dust your way!

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New Spark Challenge :) 7/7 to 7/21

Monday, July 07, 2008

Here's the basics of the 2 week challenge, very straightforward and do-able.

1. Drink 9 glasses of water 7x/week
* I will be able to do this one easily. I often get in 13 to 19 glasses a day anyhow.
2. Track at least 1 meal on the nutrition tracker 6x/week
* Just got to stay on top of this one and not binge... I hate tracking binges!
3. Get 30 fitness minutes in 5x/week.
* This will be the hard part for me, a non-exerciser. **sigh**
4. Be sure to include a veggie salad and 3 servings of fruit 4x/week.
* Low carb veggies are easy to do, getting the fruit will be tougher, I'll have to buy some berries.
5. Visit the chat thread 3x/week.
* You got it!
6. Post your results here at least 2x/week.
* Will probably post more often :)
7. Blog about your experience 1x/week.
* Blogging now, the beginning, will try to remember to blog again in the middle, next Monday and the Monday after that.

This will coincide with my back to induction phase to the the scales moving in the right direction for a change!

Thanks Carla!

(aka... Morticia)

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KELSPRETTYGIRL 7/13/2008 11:57AM

Your presence has been missed. I'm so glad you got into this challenge. You will reach your goals. You're the best! I know you can!


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GRALLEN 7/10/2008 2:13PM

    This is very doable. I have faith you will accomplish this challenge.

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MARIADALE 7/7/2008 9:26PM

    Good luck with this challenge!

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LIBRA73 7/7/2008 8:25PM

    Sounds like a do-able challenge. I am on the right track. ANd no, I don't track binges either! Best of luck!

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New Beginning... Again

Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey, as many times as it takes until I get there! So what if I have to have a million day ones, as long as I never throw in the towel. I will win this war on weight. I have lost the June battle, but I'm prepared to battle further in July. I'm armed and ready LOL!

I'm afraid I have gained more. I've not weighed as I'm truely afraid to get on my scale. So, I'm going by my clothes, which are tight currently. I'm striving for loose fitting jeans by the end of July. That's my goal, and perhaps then I'll weigh in. I focused way too much on numbers on that scale for so long.

Catching that focus train again and getting BACK on TRACK!!!!

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SPARKNMOM 7/1/2008 2:26PM

    I'm currently experiencing "tight pant syndrome" myself. Here's to us tightening that belt!!!!


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MADE2PROSPER 7/1/2008 11:21AM

    I am with you too... July is our victory month!!!

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GRALLEN 7/1/2008 9:18AM

    Hey, Iím with ya on the July battle. I didnít do so well in June either. Letís set a goal, 2, 3 pounds or more??

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NEWBUTTERFLY76 7/1/2008 8:59AM

    That makes another one on the July train! We'll get there!!

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MARIADALE 7/1/2008 8:32AM

    I struggled in June as well, but I am with you on that July train.

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LIBRA73 7/1/2008 7:42AM

    Girl, hang in there. I believe in you. And you are right...as many times as it takes to get there...I will be behind you the whole way!!

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JNORMAN1969 7/1/2008 7:32AM

    Renee that is the biggest thing, not giving up, just keep on keeping on and you can do this. We are all here for you.

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    You can do Renee I know you can. You go the power, you got the knowledge, (how does the rest of that go?) I forgot, ohhhhh we can rebuild....oops wrong show...well you know what I mean. You can do it. here is 31 hugs, one for each day for support :) and my birthday is in July....so you have to lose some weight by 19 July, so that way we both can celebrite. Yes, good, we celebrite then :)

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VEGANNEWBIE 7/1/2008 12:44AM

    Hey, are you writing about you or me? I'm in the same boat. It is frustrating, isn't it? Congrats on beginning again, it takes some guts, doesn't it? One day at a time, Renee, one day at a time. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you.


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Update on ME :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm not gone, just not doing well. Binged like crazy over the last 3 days and today is Day 1 again. I hate when I let myself fall into that cycle, but I"m in it. I"ll do good for nearly two weeks and then screw it up major, and have to start over. ** sigh **

I'll also be pretty busy for the next several days/a couple weeks. We finally got another pool, above ground, and we need to work on leveling the site and getting it put up. I'm excited about that. Maybe it will inspire me to get in some swimming type exercises! Then, we'll be starting the remodeling of my daughters' room. That is going to be a chore, but fun! I'm looking forward to doing that and seeing how it comes out. I should put up some before and after pics cause right now their room is a wreck on top of being small! :)

Anyhow, don't give up on me, I'll be popping in now and again to track foods.

Keep me in your prayers, good thoughts and good wishes for me to stick with my eating plan this time. I can't keep gaining weight!

I've decided to hit induction again for the next two weeks. It would be really nice to be back where I was by the end of June. It could happen IF I'm diligent and consistent and do not fall into any binges! Only one hard day should be ahead of me... my 22nd anniversary on the 23rd of this month. I've already told hubby that I'd really rather not go out to eat.

I hope all of y'all are doing well and keeping with your plan!

Hugs to all!


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BETH... 6/18/2008 3:30PM

    Renee: I've been wondering about you, and am so glad you posted! I miss seeing you around. Don't give up, and don't be so hard on yourself. Throw yourself into your pool and your daughter's room, and let yourself focus on that. Hang in there! emoticon

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GRALLEN 6/17/2008 1:19PM

    Swimming will be GREAT exercise and fun. Take it one day at a time with the eating. Just try to make good choices at each meal.

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JNORMAN1969 6/17/2008 7:24AM

    Renee you will definitely be in my prayers. Just keep on keeping on girl, you can do this, as long as you pick yourself up then that is good it's when we stay down that we get into trouble, check in often and let us know how it is going.

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SPARKNMOM 6/16/2008 10:05PM

    So glad you checked in. Hang in there. You are such a great buddy here. You fess up when you mess up and pick yourself up and start again. That's the sure recipe for success...diligence. Hugs to you, Renee'!!

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VEGANNEWBIE 6/16/2008 8:59PM

    It's so good to hear from you. Seriously, I miss my regular buds when I don't hear from them. I totally understand where you are, I find myself there a lot more often than I want! I know how hard it is, but love yourself anyway, get back up and go again. We're here for you and love you.


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LIBRA73 6/16/2008 7:33PM

    Hang tough girl, you will ge thru it. We all do! So when can I come over for a swim?

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MARIADALE 6/16/2008 6:19PM

    Just keep picking yourself back up and don't give up. i am living proof that it can be done!

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I'm just glad you're still with us. I know how it can get. You need to get back on for that day to day accountability and support. We help keep you focused. emoticon
Do what you gotta do, but just say it's too hot to eat anything but melons!!! LOL
Looking forward to the before and after shots!

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Darn Binging!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

After a couple weeks of too many days of binging and not enough days of staying on plan, my weight is up... oh wow, I'm about to die from not being surprised.

So today I finally upped my ticker to reflect my current weigh in. It stinks major, but I'm looking forward to watching it go back down as I get my rear in gear this month.

I hate it when this happens.

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LIBRA73 5/20/2008 8:52PM

    You get an award for being way honest. I never move my ticker up. I hate when that happens, and that pic of chocolate doesn't help! You will get back on it.

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JNORMAN1969 5/9/2008 7:18PM

    Moving that ticker is like one of the hardes things to do, when you have to move it to the left that is, but you did it. You can do this hang in there.

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    I much like Scolly, I'm very proud of you for being willing to be held accountable and posting your current weight.
I know you can do this, Renee! Don't let the past get you down. Look to that near future when you've reached goal!!!
Come to the chat thread when you can... maybe posting with the rest of us will get you reved up for accountability. Lots a love!!!

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SPARKNMOM 5/8/2008 9:33PM

    I'm so proud of you for facing it head on, moving up the ticker, and continuing on here. You'll get there...I have no doubt.

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VEGANNEWBIE 5/8/2008 5:19PM

    You are a more courageous person than I am. I should have upped my ticker a long time ago, but to do that I would have to face the scale and I can't even make myself do that. I am proud of you! Did you take this photo yourself, because if you did, I'm going to have to confiscate all that chocolate so it won't tempt you!


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MARIADALE 5/8/2008 5:04PM

    Take a deep breath, stop trying to be perfect...it always backfires on us all or nothing personality types... work on one thing and one thing only..stop the binges. We can do this!

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