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Day 4 of Induction

Friday, April 06, 2007

Did well first day, I feel, but went overcarbbed the next two days, and feel pretty good about today so far. But, regardless, still am down a pound and that's good. Hubby wants to do this with me... which is good & bad... He does need to lose weight, and I encourage that completely, but... he will lose faster than me, and it won't be fair!!! Some of you ladies will know what I mean! :)

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BRITEIIIZZ 4/6/2007 5:00PM

    Hey Ohanamama ... keep up the good efforts ... all the small ones make a difference! Don't ever under estimate them. I know once you get your first couple of weeks out of the way you'll be very happy with the program I know I am!! Hang in there.

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OHANAMAMA 4/6/2007 4:02PM

    I think I could do with half a mango. Any mango is better than no mango :P
Water is getting easier. I bought me some bottles and refill them, pop 'em in the freezer and after just a bit, they are icy. I like icy :)

Thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words! And woo hoo to you again for your pounds gone this week! ~Nani

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    It's just so unfair that men can do less, eat more and lose weight faster! I'm thrilled that even though you felt you'd been a bit over on the carbs you still lost weight! I saw you missed your mango so I went and looked up the carbs. If you could be satisfied with just half a mango it would still leave enough carbs for salad and a vegetable during the day!
Anyway, hope the water is slipping down easier!
Have a great weekend.

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Day 1 of Induction

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I started the Atkins Diet today.
I'm not feeling hungry right now, and have only had brunch (it was around 10AM) of 2 scrambled eggs and 1oz of gouda cheese. I do need to drink some water, tho. I always have trouble with that in spite of liking water. I do best with bottled water, so I'll pick some up!

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    Good luck and best wishes. I know if you did it before you can do it again! Don't forget, tho, keep drinking the water :)

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Atkins Diet

Monday, April 02, 2007

Worked well for me before, and I felt so much better. I have the Atkins Diet Revolution book, and I'm about to pull it off my shelf and start it all over. However, tonight's dinner is spaghetti, my daughter cooked it (she likes to cook) So, tonight I read... tomorrow I change my life!


Pizza Pizza Pizza

Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday nights at my house are always pizza nights. With 4 kids and usually a few extras, I can't eliminate it just for myself, because I have no willpower! I must have control... I *kinda* controlled tonight. See, I ususally have 4 or 5 slices, and tonight, just 2 :) Kinda good, but still not a good food choice.

I still haven't replaced my scale's battery. Scared to see what it says now.

Thinking of going back to Atkins.
Today calories were more than I wanted, carbs way more and fat way way more. Well, tomorrow is another day to do better!
I give today a... 6


Starting Over... Day 1

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well, the camping trip just threw me off course, totally. I don't know what it is about camping, but I tend to eat like a 10 year old... chips, hot dogs, and all the cookies I want for starters. I wish I could discipline myself to do better. I must! We'll be going camping again soon. It's so much fun! btw, I need a bigger seat for my bike, that way I'll ride it :)

Got on my scale this morning to see the damage done, and, must be a sign, it didn't work! I have a digital scale that has been accurate with my doctor's scale, to the half pound, and this morning, nothing. I'm sure it needs a new battery, but should I replace it? I have to, how else will my little sunshine cross the ocean waves LOL?

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OHANAMAMA 3/30/2007 10:37PM

    Eat like a 10 year old, but without the 10 year old energy level... bummer. :) It'll come... eventually. :)

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FINDINGME8 3/29/2007 1:31PM

    Well - if you eat like a 10 yo while you are camping - then you have to run around like a 10 yo while camping! LOL - hike lots - bike lots - and drink lots of water!

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