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Saturday, January 10, 2009

So. You all curious as to what it is I am doing?

My brain feels safe in telling you now. I've already gone off the deep end with it.

Ella and I are Clogging.

This is how it all happened.
I signed up Ella for clogging...
We get there, and really there is no beginners class...Community ed messed up
The instructor gives her the option of taking a "crash" course with one of his best students, or signing up for the beginners classes in March.
She chose the crash course.
This means mom best pay attention, because Mom will be working hard on this at home with her.

Well, by the time next class came around I decided to sign up myself. There were other women my age there clogging...so I wouldn't be the only mom with a bunch of kids.
Somehow my neighbor and her daughter got conned by me to join as well. ;)

We learned some basic stuff. Supposedly 8 weeks worth of training in 3 weeks.
Then christmas break came along, and Ella decided that the crash course was just too much. So she and her friend will be taking the classes in March.
That leaves my neighbor and I to clog on.

Clogging you say?
Kinda weird.
(these are things I told myself)

what I have found out...
Its a major leg workout. I have yet to see a fat-legged clogger.
My legs are my problem area. :)
I love the social dance part of it all.
I love the challenge of learning a new song every week..its like putting a puzzle together, and being active. Kind of hard to describe.
I love getting out of the house.
I love having a physical hobby.

The one thing that would deter me?
Country music.
Its mainly centered around country music.
I can't stand country music. LOL!

I actually don't hear the music much anymore.
Its mostly old country, so I can handle that.
There is rock and other songs involved, but its mainly country.

So even with that being said, I love it. I love the challenge, and the whole physical part of it. Its fun. Its fun movement.

On the physical, weight part...I am doing great. I am on track to lose that 10 lbs this year. (maybe even more).
I feel alive. I'm getting up early. I'm eating very well (healthy). Plus, I'm drinking water pretty good. I'm moving every day.

We haven't gotten into the swing of school yet after christmas break...that's next week.
I've painted the walls in my living room and entry. The color of my page.
Oh the hallway too...That's a greeny gold coffee color though.
I am loving my house again.

Well, I just had to stop in and let you know that I am alive! Ode to life is really alive. I'm livin life.

I hope 2009 finds you all movin!
I've found that moving naturally leads me to eating less...and more healthy.

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BARBARA_BOO 9/20/2010 12:15AM

    I LOVE country music.

And, as a tapper, I would love clogging as well. Don't fight the country music, Babe. Just relax and go with it. You like it. I know you do. You just think it's not cool to say so. Only a tight-a$$ doesn't like country.

Glad you're alive. Hugs and kisses.

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    I'm super proud of you Lisa! Keep it up! It really does help to do something you enjoy for exercise. I think I would really love Zumba - I just need to take the time to get to the classes!! And eating healthier... good for you, girl. Now get back into school! I know how it feels though, we took off 3 weeks around Christmas and last week was our first week back. Hard to get back into it, but it needs to be done!



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CJROMB 1/11/2009 8:29AM

    Way to go YOU! I was totally happy to come to your page and see that you blogged. Haha. And clogged. Oh, my.

You know, I was just thinking yesterday about how I don't want to do repetitive, loner workouts anymore. I'm having a bit of trouble with my goal of burning off calories, and that's why! I figured out what I'm going to do about it, and it looks like you've figured out what you're going to do about it, too.

I love that you're hanging in here and showing up here and in your life. I hate country music, too, and I used to be in a band that played it (I hated it then, too.) We DID clog, though (only basic, and not very well.) I remember it as big fun. I used to go dancing to work out, too, with a girlfriend. Thanx for reminding me of another great option for working out.

Why is my mind blanking on the name of that dog who's your icon? Underdog? Is that it? What was his girlfriend's name.

Hugs and Happy new Year!

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CAROLISCIOUS 1/10/2009 4:37PM

    Clogging is one h*** of a workout...especially for the legs. Glad you found something just for you. How cool the way it all worked out. Kinda' like fate just had you in the right place at the right time, huh?

I went to a 45 minute Zumba class this morning and burned 450 cals...I'm sure clogging is more.

Is yer dawg in luv with yer boyfriend and yer momma drankin' agen??? (Sorry...just had to tease you about the country music...I don't care for it either!)

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250STRONG 1/10/2009 9:32AM

    I have always loved clogging, watching it anyway, never tried it. I'm so happy that you have found an activity you like. Isn't that supposed to be the magic key?

Our kitchen is the darker of the two reds on your page and we have dark chocolate stained cabinets. I love it.

I'm so glad you blogged today. I was wondering about you. :)

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ZIRCADIA 1/10/2009 8:41AM

    I'm glad to hear things are going well! :) Clogging -- sounds fun if I too can ignore the country music. HAHAHA :D

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*And I thought it was a while last time. Ha!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hello my friends. If any are left to watch me. emoticon

I am secretly (shhh, don't tell myself this) back and alive again.

What are some things I learned from the last fall? What are some things I'm not willing to compromise? Read on.

Well....I've learned to like me. Just where I am. Its a big one. Its a hard one.

I've learned that I do need to move some more, and I do need to eat some less. Don't tell my brain I've been doing that though, it will get scared.

I've also learned that I have to accept the place I am in.
Without that acceptance, its a constant fight. With me.
Fighting with yourself is no fun. So I just quit fighting. Yes, I gained weight, but I also was released from the fight...therefore I quit the sabatoge of myself, inside the head.
Yes, at first I ate and layed around like there was no tommorow...but that gets old after a while, and you start to feel more self control, and self worth...when the fighting stops.

I've learned it really can be small, subtle, good choices that can really change you.

I've learned that if I get too technical about this, I will flop. I will all of a sudden be running at full speed towards weight loss...leaving everything else behind...and we all know that doesn't win the marathon.
I need to be very sneaky. my brain is very paranoid.

I've learned to truly not use any kind of deprivation. Its really a lot of brain work.

I've learned that spark friends are always with you...even when you're not sparking.

So...what does that all mean? What am I doing different now?

I am not calorie counting for now. And I might not ever want to. I might not ever need to. Its one of those thing that gets too technical for me.
I also won't be calorie burning counting for the same reason.
I know how to do both very well. Really. I don't need to unless I get to a place where I really want to start defining my muscles.

I will not tell myself that I cannot have something because I am on a diet. or because I am making a lifestyle change. Or because "I am eating healthy now."
I don't bs myself anymore either.

I will not be sparkpeopling on a daily basis. Also too technical.

I WILL be moving more...I have a new class I started. Its not at a fitness center, or a gym...its not at my home though either. Its really fun, and that's all I'm saying. For now. Don't worry....its not something bad, I just have to keep my brain in check, and keep tricking it. If I talk too much about it....it gets too excited and wants to go gungho on the idea. So, just know I am having fun and moving a good amount of time.

I am eating better and drinking more. That's also all I'm gonna say about that.

I did get back up to 200 in November. That might have been the straw for me. I gained back half of what I lost. I knew I didn't want to keep gaining.
I am back down to 194 now...so only 9 lbs gained since my most lost this year. Not bad really.
It shows that some things are sticking.

I will only be weighing myself when I feel the need. Not- only once a month, or week. and not- every day.
Whenever I feel the need. Whatever the brain decides.

My goal for this year, is to be at 185...this time next year. 10 pounds.
Yes, I know I could lose more. I also know I could easily gain that "more" back....because it was lost in vain. It was pushed...when I wasn't really ready.
I'm ready to be at 185 next year. Who knows, it might be more loss than that. If so? fine. If not? Fine. Really.

I will be stopping in to see my long lost friends. So expect to hear from me sometime in the next few days. I'll be gone again after that for a while though. I'll drop in once and a while. School time is busy and fun!

Thanks to those that have dropped in and said hello while I was gone. Thanks for not chastising me. I'm sorry I haven't kept up with you...I've kind of had to get selfish with me though. I have thought of you!


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GRALLEN 1/1/2009 9:04PM

    Hi Lisa, well I hope you find what works best for you.

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CJROMB 12/14/2008 12:00PM

    This is the most non-committed committed blog I've read in awhile. :) Hope whatever you choose to do, it works for you. It's a continuum, each calorie counts, each move counts. Baby steps are still movement forward.

Thanx for the holly goodie!

Time for me to get outside and work out.

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ZIRCADIA 12/8/2008 4:01PM

    I really hope this works for you!!! *HUGS* You've spent a lot of time working on the inside trying to make sure that you're not sacrificing everything at the expense of losing a couple of pounds and I think that's really admirable. Best wishes!

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CAROLISCIOUS 12/6/2008 6:03PM

    We all have to find our own path. What's important is that you are here...and not on the sofa.

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250STRONG 12/6/2008 11:40AM

    Hey Lisa! Good to hear from you. I'm glad that you are finding the right journey for YOU. Keep in touch!

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Its been a while!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My my....I have been busy. Again.

We made our last trip out this past sunday. It was an awesome trip.
The leaves were changed where we went..and the campground was unbelievable. Its my new favorite. Although I don't know what it is like in the summer. It was actually kind of busy for fall. Mostly retired folks, enjoying their earned time off.
We rode bike 12 miles! There is an awesome bike trail connected to this park, and well, it was awesome. Fell in love with my bike again.
The hiking was supreme. Fun was had by all.

I'm 37 now. My husband keeps trying to tell me I am pushing 40...Then I remind him that he'll be turning 40 soon...he comes back with, "not 'til next year!" . January. ha.
My birthday was uneventful. I took care of my friends children overnight. We rented some movies and had some pop. We splurged. lol!

My thoughts on my weight loss journey?
well, I'm in a not so good place again in my brain.
My new goal is to lose 30 lbs in 3 years. 10 lbs a year. If I do it sooner than that? Good for me. If I don't? I'll still be on track.
I'm still doing the small things I was doing before, water...breakfast, healthy meals. But as far as moving more? I'm not going to sweat it yet. I want to change one thing permanently at a time. I know with exercise I can bust off 30 lbs in a couple of months...so lets get something concrete down first.
I gotta get that book out again, and just read it like CJ said, instead of trying to do everything it says. I'm just gonna read it.

Its going to be a busy few weeks ahead. I'll be sparse, but you'll all be in my brain still!

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BUSBYBOTTOM 12/6/2008 11:19AM

    And we will be here when you are ready to check in again!

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ONEREDCENT 10/14/2008 8:03PM

    Happy Belated Birthday! You're still a baby! Hope it was at least relaxing!
Hope to catch up with you soon!

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CJROMB 10/4/2008 9:36AM

    You're just barely over 35. Haha. Tell your hubby to take a hike. That way HE moves more and that's a start. Giggle.

I'm glad you blogged, cutie. You just have to keep showing up here. Wait for your rebel child to agree to do what your good girl wants her to do. It will happen. In the meantime, you really don't have to do a single thing that book says. Just read, baby, read! :)

Thanx for stopping by my blog. A morsel? It was a nasty, evil morsel, huh. I'd be ashamed of my bad behavior this morning, but it was FAR too fun!!!


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ZIRCADIA 10/3/2008 6:52PM

    You've set yourself some good bare minimum baseline goals and a generous time to allow yourself to do it. Sounds like a FABULOUS TRIP!!! :D Glad you had an enjoyable time on the bike and hiking. Sounds so fun... *jealous* :D

P.S. -- Happy belated birthday. :) You are NOT pushing 40. Crazy hubby.

Comment edited on: 10/3/2008 6:50:36 PM

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CAROLISCIOUS 10/2/2008 10:13PM

    You're just a baby....Happy Birthday, love!

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VEEJAY3 10/2/2008 4:56PM

    emoticon Just dropped by with a little birthday cake for ya!

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250STRONG 10/2/2008 2:49PM

    Baby steps, right?

Happy birthday. I've got ya by a year!

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Today? Its another good day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've had a great day already. I didn't get up as early as I would have liked to, but...there were circumstances behind that.
I Deliberately went out for a walk.
I set my mind to it yesterday, and today...I did it. Willie and I went for a good walk.
Was it earth shattering? nope. Was it strenuous? nope. Was it refreshing? YES. I felt great.

On the way home, I kept thinking, and actually started saying...its harder to be fat. Its harder to be fat. Over and over and over.
It is harder emotionally to be fat. Its funner emotionally to be fit.
You get to think happily about clothes. Instead of wondering if they have big enough, long enough clothes to cover your fat rear end. "do they have any new fun styles for fat girls?"
No. they don't and they won't.
I was reading Zircadia's page the other day, it might have been last night..and she pointed out in there that she was a fashion buff of sorts.
Well, I'm not really..in fact a t-shirt, or a sweat shirt and jeans is what I live in. I don't think I own anything that would make it at a funeral. I could limp by with something.
But Wouldnt it be great if I could wear some cute stuff?

See, my SIL use to be a big girl like me...She somewhere along the line, turned into a jogger. in the last 3 years, she has gone from a size 16-18 and sometimes higher, to a nice little 5, and she is having fun dressing and she's cute as pie.
I could do that. If she can do it I can do it. If Dana can do it, I can do it.
its going to take me a while, but I'm going to earnestly work at it.
I'm not going to jump in with both feet though. There will be days that I will. But really, I want things to stick.
I am so glad I did lose all that weight this summer...I really learned how to eat and when to eat, and some of that stuff really stuck with me, so I can easily go back to that now, and NOT deprive myself of anything.
What was I eating the other day? oh! Taco Johns taco. While I was busting butt this spring, all I wanted was a taco johns taco. I had one here and there, and they were sooo good.
Now I had one the other day...and it was nothing. Didn't do anything for me. Eating clean is gonna come in handy again.

Its fall, and I love to make soups and stuff. They last a few days in the fridge, so things will be in there ready to eat. I have a tub of cottage cheese in there...stuff with protein I can handle.

Anyways...off on some sort of tangent here. I don't know where its going, I'm just babbling.

So with a walk in already today, and half my water out of the way, I am ready to go teach them chitlins something they need to know.

Oh speaking of them...we're reading the LIttle House Series right? Like a lot of homeschoolers? lol well, we are only 3 hrs from Walnut Grove, and I am thinking we will need a Little house trip in a week or so. It has to be soon, because Aaron is getting his tonsils out (at the place I am comfortable with, if you've been following..we had our appt on monday, and the dr is great. He left the descision up to us, his tonsils are big, he's wetting the bed, not sleeping well, apnea'ing...so We thought about it for a few days, and we are willing to do it. I am willing to go through that hell again. Recovery is hell. )
So where was I?
Oh Walnut grove. Yes. I'm going to check into that. We are on the book that takes place in Walnut grove, so that might be super cool. the actual dugout where they lived is still there, and there is a museum and stuff.
We have been to Pepin, for laura Ingalls Wilder days..she was born there. That was fun too, but really it wasn't...I had an 2 year old, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old...Why was I thinking that was fun? It was to an extent..but this time, it would be a blast.

Ok enough now!

I have to go up.

That is Laura on the Right, and Mary is sitting...carrie on the Left.

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ZIRCADIA 9/26/2008 7:01PM

    :D YES!!! If I can do it, you can do it!! And even though I do not have money to buy clothes that I would want to, it's even more fun to THINK about clothes. Before it was, oh that is so cute but I could never wear that, they don't even make clothes my size. Now its, oh that's so cute and WOW I could actually FIT into it! hahahaha. :) The end result is I still have to try to do the best with what I can, but the feelings are definitely a LOT different. And on the taco -- it's interesting how our tastes change, isn't it?? :) I want to try to make soup one of these days. So far I've made pumpkin soup. It was AWESOME. (And incredibly easy.) And I love cottage cheese now, too. OOOH I used to LOVE reading Little House books!!! Still do from time to time... :) The only one I own is Little House in the Big Woods. But I've read veryvery many of them. That would be really cool to go to those locations.

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LESS_IS_MO 9/26/2008 2:31PM

    Hey good attitude. I love using the succesful slimmers as motivation for my own journey, so good for Dana and good for you!

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250STRONG 9/24/2008 11:02PM

    love it - you are doing great things

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CAROLISCIOUS 9/24/2008 10:03PM

    Yes...go see little house...how cool, and the kids will love it. Keep us posted on Aaron.

You CAN do this my love....

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BUSBYBOTTOM 9/24/2008 10:45AM

    When I had my tonsils out at the not cool age of 16, my Dad's boss brought me a bag of lifesavers. It helped my throat feel better faster. Best wishes to your patient.

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Here I am! again. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

again. :)

I'm ready to think about stuff again. Be warned, this may be an off again, on again cycle till spring. LOL!

I'm ready to make a small start up. Its called water.
I was thinking, water is easy. Its painless. It helps.
I was telling JBUTTARS about how I haven't drunk a whole 8 oz of water in a few months. Well, I know that's not cool. So, I've got my trusty water bong back out.
I'm going to throw out technical thinking at this point. Just for now. my crawl back again stage. I'll eat when I'm hungry. I will push the water a bit though. Its not hard with the water bong though.
That's it up there. Mine is black though. This one must be new.
That baby holds 32 oz of pure, unadulterated water.
It has a big spout you put your lips around..so no air gets in, and then it has a release valve on the other side. The water shoots in, and before you know it you've downed 16 oz of water. Just like a bong baby.
I'll fill it twice tomorrow. For the next 4 days. Then probably 4 more. I might fill it 3 times a day by then.
Heck, I still have my Protein powder hanging around. I can shake that up for lunch. Seems I'm never very hungry for food at that time. Well see what happens.
I'm ready though. To crawl again. Its harder to be fat. I was in wally world tonight...I walked passed the clothes, and thought...no way in hell I want to buy fat girl clothes for winter again. no way. I can't go back. I can't give up. Its harder to be fat.

So there ya have it.

As far as the Tonsils go, We go to see the Dr. we dealt with for Isaac on Monday. I'll decide after that appt where Aaron will get taken. I like to make choices. Like I said, the other dr was fine, but its the place. They have a class you just show up for, to show your child, and whomever else shows up, what will happen. At the place I am familiar with, the Dr takes you and shows you around. I like that more.
The hospital is 40+ minutes away, and there is a lift bridge involved. That sucker goes up every half an hour, and its the quickest way to MN for me. I still have to cross the bridge to get to the Dr. I am familiar with, but at least I won't have to drive another 35 minutes if my son is in the back seat and bleeding to death. lol! ok, maybe not funny. ha!

Whatelse can I enlighten you with?
Well, it was our anniversary yesterday. We had a fun evening. We had a meal out together, which only happens on these kind of things, and we went to the movies. I got to pick.
Get ready..
Thunder Tropic! LOL!!!!
yep. I actually kind of liked it. It was different, and I laughed.
He wanted to see the cop shoot em up movie, but I just don't want to sit through another one of those. B o r i n g.
He liked Tropic thunder too. lol

Schooling is going well. I have everyone figured out, and hopefully they'll be geniuses by the time they are 35. HA!
Its a full day though..no more morning school, afternoon free, with only 2 kids to teach. All 3, 3 different levels, all day. Its good though. I have it broken up well, and Isaac is doing lots on his own, which I like to see. The littles split the day on monday tuesday, and Isaac gets wednesday thursday. With work to do alone on your off day. sound good? wanna sign up for school?
Fogetaboutit! I'm booked. Read this blog, Its long and goofy. See, I'm already going gonzo.

So, anyways, now that this is a mile long, I'll shut up now, and go to bed. lol!

I feel good ne ner ne ner ne ner ne. Like I knew that I should now.

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LESS_IS_MO 9/20/2008 5:52PM

    LOL. just like a bong baby. Ha ha ha. you made me laugh out loud. I'm v. bad about the water too. Couldn't care less about it normally. The only thing it does for me is give me a bit better reading on my Body Fat scale. And I just don't care about the BF number enough to drink all kinds off water and spend time walking around with a full bladder constantly. Good for you ththough. I know I should do better.

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BUSBYBOTTOM 9/19/2008 2:47AM

    Drink the water! It will become a habit and you will stsrt to crave it! Thanks for stopping by my page.

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ZIRCADIA 9/18/2008 7:49PM

    I can't remember which SparkFriend posted this... but it was like, it's hard to be fat, it's hard to lose weight, it's hard to maintain... choose your hard. Or something like that. None of it is easy, but it's challenging in different ways. Maybe no physical effort is required to be fat, but anyone who's been overweight knows that they price is definitely there. It's tough. To shop, to be physically active when it's required, to be confident about your appearance, all kinds of things. Anyway. I like your plan of thinking in generals. Drink water. Eat when hungry. Good stuff. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :D I want to see Tropic Thunder. :) Glad you liked it. We recently saw Burn After Reading, which was AWESOME. :) Later!

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250STRONG 9/17/2008 10:38PM

    Wow. A water bong.

I'm still trying to get my head around that one and can't even move on to the whole homeschooling/tonsils thing.

Sounds like things are crazy, but in a good way. Do what you can, feel good about it and move on. :)

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    You crack me up. Keep on drinking girl. Water bong! Ha! ROFL. WW tells you to get in 6. I found that easier to handle to start and now I drink between 7 and 9 on most days. Having a good bottle (or BONG!) helps too. Don't give up on yourself. Take it slow. You can do this. Just keep remember that fat sucks.



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MUSIQLUVER 9/17/2008 12:13PM

    Ah man! Happy belated ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad y'all had fun! That's so kewl you got an evening out - alone. AWESOMENESS!!!

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CAROLISCIOUS 9/17/2008 12:26AM

    I've read a lot of blogs about water tonight...it's funny that I have had trouble the last few days getting my 12-15 cups down...and now everyone is blogging about it! Must be a sign to stop whining and just do it.

I admire anyone who home schools. Yes, I want to sign up! Can't ya take just one more????

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