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it's fun to be at the YMCA

Friday, January 20, 2012

especially on Friday night, when all the folks who have a real life are out living it. That means the treadmill is ALL MINE, probably for a full hour!!!


I feel a good evening run in the works. I'm hoping for more than 5.5 miles in 60 minutes

emoticon emoticon

do I know how to party or what???

ETA results:
5.9 miles in 65 minutes. I was drenched when I got home. I may have pushed a bit...I had to slow to a walk twice because of stomach cramps (which continued for a few hours after I got home).

I think I ran about 2 miles at a 9:30 pace. My 'easy ' run pace is getting a bit faster too emoticon


it's Boot Camp time

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I wonder what's in store for me tonight?

after the first class (one week ago), my issues had more to do with the hard gym floor than sore muscles. Sure I had some soreness, but the biggest issue was my lower back and my knees! I had to miss the Monday night class this week because I was out of town.

this class is very different from the other 2 I've taken. It's a different instructor. I like him. I can do the plank holds (thank you, Pilates!), and I'm ok with the running. I still HATE push-ups (I do have shoulder issues, but push-ups are never going to be an exercise I like).

I will confess that I'm a total sicko...I enjoy running bleachers. I know that's crazy, but it's true!

Those ab 6" to 90 degrees are what kills my back. Hopefully as my core gets stronger, I'll have less issues with my back.

anybody care to join me??? Come on, you know you want to! OK, know you'd feel better if you went with me, right???

ETA post Boot Camp notes:
it was tough. There were times I really felt like I was going to puke. He offered us an optional challenge AFTER class: 10 push-ups in the center of the gym, run to the top corner of the bleachers, back to the center, back up to the next corner, back to the center etc until we ran to all 4 top corners, then back to the center of the gym floor for 10 push-ups. Everybody took the challenge. We ALL made it

...and I wasn't last emoticon

I feel pretty good this morning. I guess my 'fake it til you make it' approach is starting to pay off.

the really great thing about Boot Camp is that I'm too exhausted to even think about eating afterwards!

Sara - THANKS for being there with me!!!! emoticon

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SARA80 1/19/2012 9:41PM

    How about I will be there with you in spirit!

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Zoey's story

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I just feel BLEH. I have no reason to be unhappy or sad. The only thing I can possibly connect this feeling to is having the neighbors take their dog back from us. They had a pit mix pup (Zoey) that they kept tied to a tree all the time. For the longest time she didn't even have a doghouse! She would cower under the overhang of the house when it rained, trying to stay dry.

one day when Zoey got loose (she always runs to our house) I put her in the fence with our dogs and she had a blast running and playing with them. The next time I caught the neighbors at home (they both work odd hours), I asked if Zoey could come over and play with our dogs. The husband was happy to let her come over.

so everyday after work (and just about all day on weekends), Zoey would come over to get some play time. It was good for her, and our boys got some exercise too. We also started feeding Zoey when we took her home because she was SOOOO skinny (and her owners were rarely home). There were many times that she didn't have water, so we weren't sure she was getting regular meals.

The neighbors have kids from previous relationships, and their son started asking us if we wanted to keep Zoey. We told him we really couldn't afford another dog.

once the time changed, Zoey's play time was shortened because it got dark so early. But I had some vacation time to use up at the end of the year, so I took some long weekends. When I was at home and the weather was nice, I just left the back door open and all the dogs ran in and out as they wanted to.

My husband asked me if I was thinking about taking Zoey permanently, but 3 vet bills is a bit much. We both knew that when the weather got colder there was no way we could leave Zoey tied to a tree (even though her owners did FINALLY get her a doghouse).

On Halloween night nobody in Zoey's family was at home. I knew that all the kids walking around would just drive her crazy, so I let her spend the night. She conquered the dog door pretty quick. From that night on, she was with us full time. The next time I caught the neighbors at home, I made sure they knew that Zoey was with us.

I asked her owners about her shots and if she was on heart worm meds. I told them I wanted to take her to the vet because she wasn't gaining any weight and I knew she was eating regularly. The vet said she was fine and we started Zoey on heart worm medicine. (The neighbors did offer to help pay, but I declined.)

for the most part, Zoey did well. There were some scuffles with our dogs, but once we started feeding Zoey outside those pretty much stopped. We had some stretches of rainy days when the dogs couldn't get out and run, and Zoey got into a little trouble (turning the trash over, grabbing things off the counter, etc). We started crating her when we were gone. That worked for a few days, but it turns out she's an escape artist. We cannot figure out how, but she would get out of the crate everyday before we got home. We started telling the neighbors that we would take Zoey if they wanted us to.

Around Thanksgiving, the neighbors came and got Zoey for an overnight visit with the kids (not at their house). The next day, Zoey came flying in the dog door (they had just put her back inside the fence without saying anything to us).

Zoey went in heat (thank the Lord we had her!) which I've never dealt with before. Both of our boys are fixed, so it wasn't much of an issue.

The husband brought all the kids (a boy & 2 girls) over to see Zoey. While the kids were distracted, my husband told him that Zoey was in heat. One of the girls wanted to take Zoey home, but her dad told her that "Zoey needs to stay where she is."

About 2 weeks ago, my husband came home from work and Zoey was gone. He went out in the yard and called her. He looked all around the house. He noticed the neighbors were home, so he went over and asked the dad if they had Zoey. " wife went over and got her." They never said anything else. I kept hoping it was just a visit, but it looks like they are keeping her for good (inside the house this time).

she did get loose one night and showed up at our door. I put her on a leash and walked her back home, but nobody was there. Eventually they came and got her. I gave them her heart worm medicine and her toothbrush.

I know she was never our dog and I'm glad they are letting her stay inside. I sure do miss her though (she was with us over 2 months). I really hope they take care of her. I hate that they just let her out with no supervision. I worry about her getting hit by a car. I worry what will happen when she goes in heat again.

I just don't understand why people get a pet when they have no time for it. Both of our boys are unofficial rescues. The golden was 'free to a good home' when his original family realized he wasn't going to be a cute little puppy for the rest of his life (he was 4 months old when we drove to Louisville to get him). The lab mix was abandoned at a school during the height of the foreclosure mess in our area.

I'll try to post some pictures of her when I get home.

ETA: there should be pictures now of Zoey, Obie (the Golden), and Jack (black lab mix)

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BLESSEDTOBEME1 1/27/2012 12:23AM

    You sound like an incredable person! We r home all the time and we homeschool. We have five dogs and they all live in the house with us. We have a large fenced backyard but they mostly want to be where we r. It is so sad to see how people treat their animals ! Sow is so lucky to have u, maybe her owners saw the care that u gave her and relized what they were doing was wrong.

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VIXSTERLU 1/21/2012 3:21PM

    It's so sad how people treat animals :( They are surely part of our family. If one can't commit, then they have no business having a pet! Your dogs are lucky to have you and if it helps, your neighbors know that if they cannot keep Zoe, she has you and your family! My dogs are unofficial rescues too! Same scenario with our Golden (she was 7 months when we got her) and the lab was wandering our neighborhood, we tried to find her owners (super hard to believe no one was looking for here, she is an awesome dog) but to no avail. She was an amazing addition to our family. I love walking them, they help keep me motivated.

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QUEENMOXIE 1/18/2012 4:57PM

    I can only hurt I would be. But you can still be a lookout for Zoey, can't you? Feed her and give her water and love when you can. Who knows, the owners might decide they don't really want her. Sometimes people want something only because someone else wants it. Once they have it, they no longer want it. I would act like it didn't bother me...they seemed to want you to have her when you didn't think you could take her. emoticon

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CHAYBLEE 1/18/2012 10:43AM

    Awww! I'm sorry to hear how much you must be hurting. I know in our house our pets aren't just animals, they are members of the family. I was very cruel to just take the dog without saying anything to you even though it was technically their dog. At least she is in the house now and she knows that there is always somewhere for her to run to for safety and love when she needs it. Chin up, take pride in the fact that you are a lovely human being and that everything happens for a reason. emoticon

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MOM2CHTHJAEL 1/18/2012 8:25AM

    I just read your story and wow I can imagine you miss her! I do hope that your neighbors have smarten up and will take care of her now and if not I hope they know you are there to take her whenever. I moved 2 years ago from Canada to France to a very small home with at the time 3 kids. I knew our dog would have a hard time traveling and staying in the small house. even though we where not suppose to stay in that small house for more then 1 year I did what I thought was right for her and gave her to a woman who would love taking care of her. She has no kids either and lives on a huge farm by the woods and river. Our dog was a Leonberger and very beautiful but big and there she has all the space she needs. The kids and I miss her like crazy but anyway what I am trying to say is that you are that woman I would trust my dog too and I hope your neighbors know the same! Take care and the rest will fall into place!

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IOWARHINO 1/17/2012 5:05PM

    Nice story. And yes it is amazing how people don't get how much responsiblity dogs are. You sound like saints in your house. Hang in there hoepfully it will all work out for Zoey. You just have to have hope and faith. God will take care of the rest.

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