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being a Team Leader is a learning process!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

at the end of last year I became a team leader. Fortunately Spark offers LOTS of resources, but I have more respect than ever for team leaders. I cannot imagine how much time it takes for some of the really large groups.

my team is Reaching Our Goals in 2014. It was started by another Sparker last year (as ROGI 2013), but she had to stop being the leader due to other commitments. Somebody else tried to get the team active again, but has now left Spark.

I really liked the team last year and Lisa did such a great job. I didn't want to see it go so when nobody else could take over as leader I decided to give it a shot.

Spark has special teams to help the leaders. That's helped tremendously. One is for technical stuff. They have another for socializing.

Tonight I added some links and a team announcement. I noticed on our team email that these were options and it didn't take very long to figure out how to do.

Leaders can give team goodies from a monthly points allotment. That's pretty cool. I've used them to welcome new members. We are compiling a list of birthdays and Spark anniversaries, so that will be another way to 'spend' the goodie points. Rewarding accomplishments and encouraging members will also use up some points.

for all you folks looking for an active team - you can help by being active on teams yourself, and by inviting your Spark friends to join. If you have the time consider volunteering to be a co-leader. If a team you really like loses the leader, maybe you can take over. Give it a try.
You can also award daily points to your team from the START menu...AND you get those points too!

and to all the Team Leaders emoticon emoticon emoticon

if you'd like to check out our team

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DEE_B1939 1/27/2014 10:18PM

    Debby, you are doing a wonderful job! I like this team a lot....and thank you for replacing my old laptop with one that works. emoticon

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JEANNETTE59 1/27/2014 1:03PM

  emoticon emoticon

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BLUENOSE63 1/27/2014 7:14AM

  If you can lead dogs and kids.....the rest should be relatively smooth sailing!

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KAB7801 1/26/2014 11:22PM

    That's amazing and a total commitment

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how my Spark friends MADE me workout

Friday, January 03, 2014

I did a little experiment today. I had the office to myself, so I did a status update this morning:
"okay Spark friends. I have the office to myself today. I will exercise (push-ups, lunges, squats, etc.) every time somebody leaves a comment on my status. Will blog to let you know the final tally!"
1st comment - 30 push-ups
2nd comment - 50 jumping jacks
one 'like' - 20 push-ups

things got too quiet, so I made a little change and did another status update:
"hey Spark friends. I have the office to myself today. I will exercise (push-ups, lunges, squats, etc.) every time somebody leaves a comment on my status. Will blog to let you know the final tally!"
1st comment - jump rope 73 times (I kept going until I missed - my old record was 70)
2nd comment - 40 curtsy lunges
3rd comment - 60 jump rope / 20 push-ups
4th comment - 30 squats
5th comment - 20 push-ups / 50 jump rope

THANKS guys! You are really helping me start 2014 right.

did I get any actual WORK done at work? You betcha! I blasted through some historical document scanning, got all the birthday mailers for January ready to go, researched some stock that a client asked about that our analysts don't follow, ran a college calc for a client, prepared a retirement report, ran some insurance quotes, finished putting away the Christmas stuff, and the phones were pretty darn busy too.

when I blog my workouts I usually include my play list. Today I listened to CDs.
started with Gordon Lightfoot's greatest hits
Steely Dan's greatest hits
Weezer - Raditude
Cake - Prolonging the Magic
Cake - Fashion Nugget
and some Jimmy Buffet for the ride home (Songs From St. Somewhere)

oh - after work I went to Boot Camp class, then walked down the the Y to pick up a January class schedule. They added some new stuff so I wanted to see what might work for my schedule.

have a great weekend!

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SLIMLILA 1/5/2014 12:06AM

    And I thought I had a good day.... mine was spent cooking but yours was spent working...Congrats on a great day!

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REBECCATKD 1/4/2014 10:08PM

    What an awesome day! I'll be home on Monday (cold temperatures in WI) and may have to borrow your idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

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JEANNETTE59 1/4/2014 4:13PM

  emoticon emoticon

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BLUENOSE63 1/4/2014 1:07AM

  SO I scared you into working out huh....I really wasn't going to comment every 10 minutes but it made you wonder!

Excellent work Debby!

Happy New Year


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TUDAFD 1/4/2014 12:35AM

    Love it! I did manage to do 40 minutes of strength training and 15 minutes of cardio so I'm happy. Now, if I can keep it up. :)

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BLESSED2BEME 1/3/2014 9:22PM

    You inspired me today! Great job on your fitness.

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DANIELLE2013 1/3/2014 8:25PM

    That is a great idea to motivate yourself to workout. Way to go!

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Thursday, January 02, 2014

in 2006 Obie (he was known as Buster then) was a Christmas present for somebody in Louisville, KY. They quickly realized they couldn't keep him and looked for a new family to take him. We drove up from GA in January 2007 and brought him home. BEST. REGIFT. EVER.

this was the first picture we saw of 'Buster'. When DH got the email with the picture, he asked me if I wanted to see the puppy. I told him, "you know if I look at the picture, he's ours!"

This is right after we brought Obie home. Sorry - he's just not a 'Buster'. He's Obie! He was named after DH's dad (who I never met). I asked the family in KY what he would have thought about having a dog named after him - they said he would have loved it.

still my favorite picture of Obie. That face!

he'll play fetch forever! And he loves to pick up the biggest stick (or in some cases, TREE) that he can carry.

in September of 2008 Jack joined us. We knew Obie needed a play mate because we just could not keep up with him.
My mom heard about a stray in the next county that had been hanging out at a school. All the parents were feeding him and trying to find somebody to take him. We put Obie in the truck and took him over to meet the dog on Labor Day weekend. They were best buddies from the start, so we loaded him up and brought him home.
The folks at the school were calling him 'Sader' (it was a Christian school and the school teams were 'The Crusaders'). Seder (pronounced the same way these folks were saying Sader) is a Passover meal. He didn't look like a Passover meal to me! So on the way home we decided on Blackjack - which has become Jack.

in April of last year, I found this little guy at the park. All alone and in need of medical attention (he ended up losing his eye). I put up posters at the park, but nobody claimed him.
I named him Omar after Omar Little from The Wire. It was really because of the scar on Michael Kenneth Williams' face (the actor who played the role), but he is DEFINITELY an Omar.
The character on the show robs drug dealers. Whenever he goes out on the streets of Baltimore, he whistles 'A Hunting We Will Go' (aka 'The Farmer in the Dell') and everybody shouts "Omar comin'!" and people run for cover.
yep. That's our boy!

I won't lie. There have been a few issues. Omar can be very aggressive, but he's getting so much better. They all play well together most of the time.
I'm still trying to figure out how to get a little dog to stop barking! The things that have worked for every dog I've ever had do not work for Omar.

so our happy household is made up of dogs that others couldn't keep. And we are so glad they found us. If I ever won the lottery I would buy several acres, fence it all in, and take in every dog that needed a home.

It's the vet bills that kill ya (even with the multi-dog discount). But if you have pets you are responsible for keeping them healthy and safe.

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BIISHO 1/7/2014 6:52PM

    Awww loved this blog, you have such a cute family :P they're all so beautiful!
I'm so glad you were able to keep them all :) I have 4 doggies atm but I've rescued over 15... I found good families for them but it's always really sad having to say goodbye :'(

lol and yes, little dogs can be very noisy and sometimes even grumpy :P lol little Omar looks so cute

Happy new year to you too :)

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KAYDE53 1/3/2014 11:04PM

    That would be the best re-gift ever; I'd like one of those myself!! Looks like you have a wonderful "crew" there! and they're all so precious!! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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LOUIE-LILY 1/3/2014 9:00PM

    I love the story of how your trio came to live with you. What a wonderful heart you have to take them in. How lucky they may feel how lucky you are ;) I know with rescues, mine included, that's the way it goes sometimes...who saved who?
Thanks for sharing your pups special stories and God bless you for taking them in to your loving home.
Hugs to you and your trio of fur babies,
Nancy, Lily and Louie...purrs from the 2 over here

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TRIANGLE-WOMAN 1/3/2014 6:17PM

    Beautiful! We have four cats and two dogs who are rescues.

They rescue me everyday!

..*) ♥.*)
(. .♥ (. .♥ (.*`* ♥☆.*`*♥☆
`*♥☆ Spread the Spark!!!

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QUEENIEBELLE 1/2/2014 10:55PM

    Beautiful! emoticon emoticon Love the pictures and the story behind them. Best gifts ever! You to them, and they to you! Makes me want to go out and get the two we want, but timing is not right for now. Thanks for letting me share in some of your joy. emoticon

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JEANNETTE59 1/2/2014 5:09PM

  The Three Musketeers.....One for All and All for One! God Bless You for opening your hearts and your home for this wonderful trio. emoticon emoticon

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    Love those pics!

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AKATHLEEN54 1/2/2014 11:54AM

    I love seeing all the pictures of your pups!! Lucky was the day that you saved each and every one of them. Jack reminds me so much of the Black Lab I had before I adopted Gib. I'm right there with you with vet bill!! OMG!! I'm still going back and forth with Gib and his itching issues. The vet thinks he has developed an allergy, but now comes the hard part of figuring out what it is. But needless to say, he now a part of the family and I love him to death!! Yours looks like a very happy family. Have you tried a shock collar with Omar. I know it sounds cruel, but I have used it to train Gib and get him to calm down from his aggressive behavior and now all I have to do is show him the controller and he back right down without me having to shock him. Just a thought but it may work to tame the barking as well. emoticon emoticon

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QUEENMOXIE 1/2/2014 7:21AM

    I love the whole lot of them! I would be the same way if I had a place big enough to keep them. Except I wouldn't stop with dogs and cats....I'd have horses, too! I love your little guys. Best baby I ever had was a sick dog that no one wanted...I spent 9 years with her and they were the best years of my life. My Monet use to bark at garbage cans, snowmen, wooden Christmas decorations, and a whole lot of other things. I could not get her to stop. Now that she is gone, every time I see a snowman, a turned over garbage can, and the wooden Christmas cut outs in town, I smile and laugh and think of her. Maybe Omar has a lot he wants to are blessed to have such wonderful re-gifts! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RUKIDDINGME123 1/2/2014 4:09AM

    I would have to agree best re-gift I have ever heard of! What lucky dogs to have found your home. I had a cat for 19 years and she was my best buddy she passed about 5 years ago and I still can't imagine getting a new pet I know that seems crazy but I feel like I'm trying to replace her even after all this time I feel this way, nuts I know.

I love the pictures of your kids it started my day off with a smile.


Comment edited on: 1/2/2014 4:10:17 AM

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hitting the bleachers

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

today was the last day of my 4 day weekend. I finished up the Angel Tree gifts and got them wrapped, ran some errands, did some things around the house, got dinner cooking in the crock pot, and decided to try for a bleacher workout.

it's been very rainy here. About noon, the sun started breaking through. It was still very windy and cold, but at least it was sunny. So I put on my lined running pants and a hooded sweatshirt and headed for the stadium.

Friday night I did 450. My quads have been killing me since Friday. Today I was almost back to normal, so that means it's time to hit it again, right?

I really wanted to break 1000. That's what I'd finally gotten to when I was climbing bleachers once or twice a week earlier in the year. Tonight I got to 900 and didn't know if I could do any more. But I just couldn't get that close without at least trying. I needed to go up and down 4 more sets to get just over 100...and I did it! 1020
cue the Rocky music emoticon

tonight's playlist:
Tom Petty - Don't Come Around Here No More
Lost Prophets - Rooftops
Weezer - Perfect Situation
Garth Brooks - Wrapped Up In You
Blackfoot- Highway Song
Tom Petty - The Last DJ
Live - Selling the Drama
Incubus - Wish You Were Here
Steely Dan - Deacon Blues
Beetles - Can't Buy Me Love
David + David - Heroes
Live - Overcome
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Superman
Fastball - Better Than It Was

then I went to the Personal Fitness facility and picked up the chairs I had loaned from our office for the Christmas party, took them back to the office, and changed my shirt (my hooded sweatshirt was SOAKED. Fortunately I had some t-shirts at the office), then stopped at Publix on my way home to get their weekly specials that end tonight.

tomorrow is our Christmas luncheon for the branch offices in my town and the neighboring city. It will be good to see everybody and to actually take a lunch break (I rarely leave the office for lunch).

enjoy the rest of your week!

oh - and I did push-ups between bleacher sets. 100 total emoticon

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JEANNETTE59 12/11/2013 5:27PM

  emoticon emoticon

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DRAGONCHILDE 12/10/2013 8:12PM

    I really wish I had a decent stadium somewhere I could get to regularly. The nearest one is about 30 mins away, though.

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busy weekend, but I still have TWO MORE DAYS!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

due to several issues, I ended up with 5 vacation days left to take in December. Normally that wouldn't be too much of a problem, but the boss will be out of the country the last week of the month. We are a two person office, so I try to not be out when he is. In addition, several of the people who normally cover when I'm out are unavailable.

I talked with the ONE person still available and scheduled my remaining days off - and got TWO 4 day weekends. Yippee!

Friday I worked late, getting everything in shape for me to be gone Mon & Tue. I did leave the office at 5 and go for a quick bleacher workout.

I had worked so hard and had finally gotten to over 1000...then I got out of the habit. Friday was only 450. Partly because it was getting dark. Partly because I had to get back to the office and finish up. And partly because I was blitzed! My calves are a bit sore, but my quads are killing me. It's the stepping down that really got me.

Saturday was the Christmas parade. I decided at the last minute to go help with our church float. Set up started at 7:30. All floats need to be staged for judging by 9:30 and the parade starts at 10:30. We got everything assembled with a few minutes to spare.
I had a FB conversation with one of the folks in the personal fitness group late Friday night and they needed some folding chairs for a Saturday night Christmas party. Our office is at the other end of the street from the training facility so I told him I could bring some chairs over from the office. The only problem - it had to be between 10 and 11 because that was the only time anybody would be there Saturday morning.
So after we got the float up to the staging area I jumped in the car and went to the office to get the chairs, dropped them off at the training place, parked across the street and hoofed it back to the parade (only about 1/2 mile). When the parade started, I was part of the group walking along side our float and passing out candy.
oh - the judging - our float won first place! Second year in a row.
we walked the parade route then headed back to the set up area for dismantle. Right as we were closing the doors on the trailer and finishing up, it started to rain just a little. Perfect timing!

I counted that as my Saturday workout. I was on my feet from 7:30 until after 1 (except for the drive time picking up and delivering chairs), so I entered it as 2 hours 'misc cardio'.

Sunday morning I went to the park for a walk. It was raining a little, but I knew that if I didn't get moving my sore muscles would only be worse. I did 3 miles in 40 minutes (just about all of that was walking - I did run a few sprints on my last 2 laps). Then Sunday school, the Christmas cantata, lunch with mom, a trip to the wholesale club, and back home.
There is a church Christmas party tonight that I really should go to - but that's not gonna happen. I'm T I R E D.

this morning's playlist:
Green Day - Good Riddance
Hank Williams Sr. - Lost Highway
Blues Traveler - Hook
Jackson Browne - Redneck Friend
Jackson Browne - The Pretender
Jimmy Buffett - Volcano
Matchbox Twenty - 3 A.M.
The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go
The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care
The Wallflowers - Into the Mystic
Tom Petty - Don't Come Around Here No More

yep. You read that right. Green Day followed by Hank Williams Sr. My taste in music has kind of a wide range.

Monday and Tuesday will be spent doing stuff around the house and shopping for Angel Tree gifts.
Neat story - when the announcement regarding the Angel tree was made at church this morning (we still had almost 40 names left!), one young lady stood up and told us that as a teen, her family's house had burned to the ground on Halloween. They lost everything and had to live in somebody's basement. She mentioned the Angel Tree to her dad, and he told her that she and her brother were names on the Angel Tree the Christmas after the fire. She never knew that until this year. Now she is married with a little boy of her own and looking to help somebody have a little something for Christmas.

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BLUENOSE63 12/8/2013 10:51PM

  Wow I am tired just reading that list of activities. I love the idea of the Angel tree and we have one at my son's school which we actively participate in. It really does take a village.

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JEANNETTE59 12/8/2013 6:14PM

  emoticon That was quite a Friday. - Sunday

Love your cardio, emoticon to your church on the float emoticon , but you saved the best for last! emoticon

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