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My New Shoes

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who knew? Yes, we are always told to get "good running shoes", but nobody ever seems to specify what those would be, or where to get them.

As I said in an earlier blog, I went to a Couch to 5K meeting sponsored by my workplace, and have decided that I will try to run most, and possibly all, of a 5K in May. During the meeting, the personal trainer talked about having a "gait analysis" done. Apparently you can so something of the sort on-line, but he said there was only one store he is aware of in our town that does this.

I went out Friday to try out the first stage of the running program (much like the one on Spark), and realized quickly that the only "athletic" shoes I had in good condition (some "Shape Ups") feel good when I am walking, but were NOT going to work for running. They have a high, ridged rubber sole, which unbalanced me every time I tried to run.

I trotted off to the store for a gait analysis, cringing at the thought. My experience of "athletic" stores (which in the past have been those catering to campers) is that the clerks take one look at this overweight older woman and dismiss me as not worth the effort.

Instead, I found this very nice and very knowledgeable young man. He did the analysis (looked at my arches, had me stand on each leg with the other held up and bend my knee, and put me on a treadmill that recorded my gait onto a computer), and explained what he had found. Then he took me to look at shoes. I wasn't sure I was going to buy shoes from him, but felt I at least needed to look, since he had been so pleasant and helpful. Well--third pair I tried on fit like a glove, something that doesn't happen very often, since I have wide feet. He explained that because of the way my feet are shaped, he had brought me a men's shoe. Damn, those felt good.

He encouraged me to get on the treadmill--and I discovered that instead of needing to stay at my usual 3.2 mph, I could get up as far as 5mph!! I wouldn't be able to sustain it for long, but was WALKING along fairly comfortably at that speed.

Went to the gym last night after my meeting (we are talking 9:30PM here, so I planned a short session). I discovered that I can easily walk at 3.6mph in these shoes, and can job along at 4.2mph comfortably for a couple minutes at a time. Only did 10 minutes last night, because it was getting late and I wanted to get some strength training in as well, but I was very pleased with my own performance, and with my new shoes.

Wish men's dress shoes came in female type styles.

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FIFIFRIZZLE 3/18/2012 11:37PM

    Good for you! I had the same thing done and have the most comfortable pair of shoes. The only thing is, they are pink! Otherwise I would probably wear them all the time.

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BLUE42DOWN 3/18/2012 10:25PM


About a third of the running shoes I tried on were men's also. It's so wonderful when we find the right ones.

The reason it's impossible for those articles to say which shoe ... is it is definitely not one size fits all. I must have tried on two dozen shoes when I did, rejecting ones that pinched at the heel, came too high at the achilles tendon, rubbed the side of my foot, and so on. Those were shoes that would have fit other people's feet perfectly.

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OAKBORN 3/18/2012 10:13PM

    That is sooo cool! What progress you are making! I am so proud of you! Keep going!

Are you running the Jay Dix 5K? I plan to run it next year... maybe we can run it together in 2013?

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Broken promises

Friday, March 16, 2012

I would never treat someone else the way I have been treating myself. I haven't been eating at all well, missing exercise way too often--and the upshot of it is that I am back up about 8 lbs above the 198.7 I was so proud of a couple weeks ago.

Why do I do this to myself? I have been having to fight not only the stressors in my life, but the stress I am laying on myself by not doing what I know I want and need to do.

Well, I can't go back, so I've started over again, again. Yesterday the eating was a disaster (I gave into every urge to overindulge I felt), but today I am actually under my calories.

Yesterday, I also went to a meeting from my work for a Couch to 5K program, and am committed to actually running at least part of a 5K in May. There are two sponsored by my work, and this whole program is set up to lead up to those events. I really learned a lot, from how to choose the correct running shoes (there are places that will analyze your gait, did you know that? I didn't.) to what a "plank" actually is. There was a personal trainer, a doctor who specializes in sports medicine, and a dietician, and they have a private facebook account for all of us doing these classes to talk and ask more questions. I have lots of those.

Today, I tried my first walk/run. (Discovered yesterday that I didn't even know how to run properly.) I am not sure I can actually do this in nine weeks. I started off walking for five minutes, then tried running (including a changed gait, which I believe would work with the right shoes), but I could only run for maybe 30 seconds at a time, and was only able to do that four times before I pooped out and walked the rest of the prescribed 20 minutes, although I did try to keep my pace brisk. I think part of my problem was my shoes, part of my problem was that I started off on my "warm-up" too vigorously, and part of it that I was paying attention to my posture, having realized after the talk yesterday that it isn't as good as I have always thought it was.

So, today, I got home around 10PM, which is the time I promised myself I was going to go to bed when I have to get up at 5:30 AM, felt the need to track and blog, and here I am at almost midnight, because of course I can't log in without checking a couple articles and catching up with my friends, at least a little bit.

I need to start being as considerate of my own needs and expectations as I am of the needs and expectations of others. I wouldn't do this to somebody at my job, or as a volunteer, so why am I doing it to me? Because I can get away with it without social consequences? I would hope I am not that shallow, but it could be. After all, I am not going to be ostracized for promising myself all of these things and then not carrying through with them, but in my job or my volunteering, if I don't follow through I am going to lose the trust of people I like and/or need to trust and respect me. I guess I need to learn to need to trust and respect myself.

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OAKBORN 3/18/2012 10:18PM

    It's so hard to break those old habits. My old habits of evening snacking have become my bugaboo... so I understand it so well. Luckily, I've not gained much, but I know it won't stay that way if I can't keep my snacking down to manageable.

Hang in there. You know what to do... I trust you to do it, now you just need to trust you! emoticon

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POPCORNCARLA 3/16/2012 9:22AM

  it's hard to respect and trust in ourselfs isn't it? Struggle with it every day. I too have a secret desire to be able to run a 5K. Walked in one but i just can't seem to muster up the stamina needed to run it. I've gotten as high as a maybe running 3 minutes on the treadmill, then back to walking. Gets frustrating and makes me feel worse instead of better... focus on the failure instead of the success. Still trying to manange that as well.
I do try to remember though that beating myself up is not going to change anything... to just keep plugging along and remind myself that i'm doing this for me to make my life better in the end.

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O, Frabjous day, Calloo, Callee

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The construction is over. I have my house back. It's filthy, and messy, and generally unlivable, but at least now I can start toward getting back to normal, after wading through mud and over trenches to even get into the house for two months. They did a really good job. There are a few things that they left lying around, but all in all they were efficient, and excellent to work with.

In the meantime, back at the life change: yesterday I got the exercise in, but didn't eat well. Today I ate well, but didn't get a chance to get any exercise in (had to come meet the construction guy to go over what they had done and hand him a HUGE check). Goal for tomorrow: try to do all of the above. I think it will be easier now that I have my house back, and my visit to Mom is over. Both have been very stressful, and my emotional eating habits continue to need a lot of work.

I am still hovering a little OVER 200 lbs again. I had planned on a major spa day when I had lost half of what I want to, but that isn't until 180 or so. I think I need a major reward before that point, or it will never happened. I've decided that when I get to 190, I am going to give myself an entire day of pampering--massage, manicure, pedicure, and anything else that sounds luxurious at the time. Maybe the prospect will be a little more motivating when it is a little closer. And simply getting to 190 is beginning to feel like a major challenge. So, off I go to get where I want to be next.


Something's gotta give.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

OK, something has got to give. It isn't possible to fit everything into my life. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy touring around Spark People, I am spending much too much time doing it, especially since I am on dial-up at home and every page take FOREVER to load. I've decided that except on weekends, what I do on Spark is going to have to be what little I can fit in at work--obviously limited, since I do have to remain gainfully employed. So, expect to see me, but perhaps not as much. I am going to try to keep tracking my exercise, since I find it affirming to get those "you've crossed xxx minutes!!" notices, but it may not get tracked until the next time I am in the office.

Well, time to leave for the day (I've been here since 7AM). I will be thinking of all of you, even if I don't get here as often in the near future.

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MMRB7111 3/10/2012 8:54AM

    You are doing the right thing and you are not alone. This year is alot different for me too. I just don't have the time to get everything I want to get done, done in a day. Since exercise is my number one priority for this year, I had to eliminate some activities and unfortunately it is time spent on SP.

For the last few weeks I have only been spending time on SP on the weekends. During the week I only be spin the wheel, track my food and exercise and perhaps read an article or two from time to time.

With less time spent on SP, perhaps I can finish my blanket before it gets cold again. LOL

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Doing it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Busy day at work today. I hadn't expected it, so I didn't eat breakfast at home, and regretted it when I was pulled to our admissions unit and never got a chance to eat. On the other hand, what I have eaten has been a good mix, with lots of freggies and a reasonable number of calories, and I got back to the gym. I haven't made it for several days, and can already tell that I have lost some of what I had gained. Damn. And of course my weight is still up from my bad week last week, but I figure I am going to get it back this week.

Signed up for a free thing at work to do Couch to 5K, and am going to the talk next Wednesday. I had promised myself I would work on actually running all or most of a 5K by spring, but haven't done much yet. Now is the time.

Have to go visit my mother this weekend. Actually, my brother is coming back from Montana for the first time in a number of years, so I am really going to visit him, and since he will be there Mom will be diluted a little. Sorry, but the woman gets on my last nerve, and it seems to be getting worse over time. I've started outlining a story where I kill her without getting caught. I think it has potential.

I've also outlined a story about a vampire who tells it like it is, instead of the Buffy-esk type of vampires in all the books now. And I swear to you that my vampire is NOT going to have hot monkey sex with some human. I am really tired of every book I read any more having long involved descriptions of not very original sexual exploits between people who are old enough to know the difference between love and lust. The only sex life I am at all interested in is my own. Please, keep the details of yours to yourself.

Anyway, this week is off to a better start than last week, although I just realized that I charted goals for yesterday instead of today (forgot what day it was).

Didn't get into bed until 11PM last night because I had to finish the laundry, but tonight--10PM or bust!!

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LHLADY517 3/6/2012 9:49PM

    10 PM sounds like a good bed time here as well.

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