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I'm gonna do a 5K...

Monday, May 26, 2008

A year ago I had nary a thought of participating in a 5K... this year I'm actively planning on it and it's not something that I planned at the beginning of this journey back in January. But I've gotten fit slowly and am now finding myself routinely walking 3 miles a day or more. It has been an exciting transition.

This weekend we went to my dad's to visit. Pop and I went to my mom's grave, which is in a military cemetery where my dad will also be interred. It was weird, especially since I'd not been there before. I'm glad we went, though. It was hard to have only limited access to SP for 2 days though... all we have is a dial-up connection there.

The weekend was also kind of a test of how well I can do without constant checking on my totals. I stayed within range both days... I also made sure I had exercise by recording the swimsuit bootcamp workouts and taking a Leslie Sansone video... I also mapped out a 3 mile route through my dad's neighborhood.

It was interesting walking/jogging through the neighborhood I grew up in. I felt like I was coming home and throwing all the teasing back into the faces of the people who were so cruel to me growing up. I don't know if that makes sense or not.

I have noticed something neat today... XL shirts are getting quite loose on me! I have been in XL t-shirts for a long time, but those were getting tight, so I was switching up to 2XL shirts. That is such a great feeling.

I weigh in again in the morning at work, but if I've not lost anymore, it's really okay since I'd already lost 1.2# last week. But if I do lose more... YAY!

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BATHMOM 5/28/2008 4:32PM

    Wow, this is an incredible post on so many levels. You have come so far. It's amazing how making one change in your life can affect so many aspects. Yeah, you!

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I walked 7 miles yesterday?!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I really did, I'm very excited about it. I ran/walked 3 miles at lunch and then another 4 after work. I ran almost a mile at lunch and two full half miles after work. My endurance is continually increasing, I can't wait until I can sustain a full mile!

Yesterday evening was a lovely time to get out and be active. It was part of the Swimsuit Bootcamp. It was cloudy and cool and the MKT trail here in Columbia, MO (http://www.gocolumbiamo.com/ParksandRec/P
arks/MKT_Trail/) was wonderful and beautiful as usual.

My son went with me and we were truly like the tortoise and the hare... I kept a sustained, steady pace while he would sprint ahead for a ways and then wait for me to catch up. It was neat... while walking we would talk.

Today we are going to my dad's for the Memorial Day holiday... after my son's cello lesson. I have mapped out a route around the neighborhood I grew up in that totals 3 miles. That will be interesting, though I swear nothing seems to change around there... I will have some first hand knowledge after I do my 3 mile circuit.

I also have the Bootcamp videos downloaded into my computer for today and tomorrow since internet connections are dicey there at best... like NetZero free dial-up.

I was going to walk this morning on the track at the University while my son is in his cello lesson, but well right now we have a big rainstorm going over, but it has a couple of hours to clear... hmm. May have to walk at my dad's.


Better day...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I worked all day as our "nutritionist on television" during WIC clinic. It was very busy which helped the day pass with reasonable speed.

I have had 3 very challenging days trying to fit everything in... I still managed 3 miles each day... one day outdoors, one day with Leslie Sansone, one day with treadmill. I think the focus I needed actually helped. I will actually be able to walk at lunch tomorrow... yay!!

Hubby made a nice chili for dinner, tasted good. Ate it over brown rice.

Had a big salad and a nice South Beach frozen pizza for lunch.

I've found that for convenience food, I really like South Beach stuff, the emphasis on veggies and protein is wonderful for me. Their meals actually have full veggie servings, rather than a bare hint that veggies were waved somewhere near the manufacturing plant.

Right now I'm about to fall over. Good Night!!


Grumpy evening after pretty good day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I got run off the road when trying to enter the interstate on the way home from work... by a semi that COULD HAVE moved over... this is something that pisses me off! If they can't move over, no harm no foul... but if they can and don't... I get very steamed and tend to make rude gestures.

So I got kind of begrumped for the evening. Still managed to eat ok today... I was way overbalanced towards fruit and snack bars. Hubby made his wonderful mac & cheese, but I only ate a tiny bit since it's full of butter and cheese and velveeta.

Then we went grocery shopping and bought more fruits and veggies. I came home and FINALLY got my exercise. I swear I need to just get my lazy butt out of bed and get it going in the morning.

I really love my lunchtime workout... but some days I just DON'T have time/opportunity... and tomorrow will be day 3 since it's our 10 hour/short lunch day... I also have to be in early and I was short sleep last night, so morning is right out unless I go straight to bed right this very minute and go immediately to sleep. (Ain't gonna happen!)

I am glad I did my Leslie Sansone and strength videos tonight. It's great because the workout are getting easier all the time and that strength one about killed me when I first started it. Whoever thought that crunches would be so easy?

The good news is that I'm on day 41 of straight exercise and I'm thinking seriously about running a 5K next month!

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2THWOMAN 5/24/2008 3:00PM

  Sorry you had a bad day, but at least you are still on your way to your goal and thinking about doing a 5k that is wonderful, keep positive and stay strong , I always say a lilting pray for the rude people of the world and ask for forgiveness of there thoughtless behavior. emoticon

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Some favorite tools... and a challenging food day...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I was in a training all day and they fed us, which can be a real mixed bag. The snacks were fine: fruit, granola, yogurt... and plenty of water to drink.

Lunch was almost my perfect food nightmare... the only thing that would have been worse was if everything had been deep-fried. It was basically a few chunks of chicken and a hint of vegetables and potatoes in a CREAM SAUCE. Served with 2 biscuits, and a pile of rice and a basket of rolls on the table. OMG, CARB MUCH? There was a tiny portion of steamed carrots and broccoli on the side.

I ate the chicken and stuff in the cream sauce & the veggies, avoided the rice and bread and rolls and dessert. After that, I went and got my carrots and grapes I'd brought... I then had a HUGE salad when I got home with a nice LEAN ground beef patty george'd and crumbled over the top. That was some GREAT eating!

I think about the plate split 3 ways that you are supposed to have half veggies, 25% each of carbs and meat. This plate would have been 90% carbs, 5% each of meat and veggies.

I told hubby about it and he said, "Who planned this meal?!?!?"

I'm putting out a question of folks... what are some of your favorite gadgets, websites, tips, tricks, etc (aside from our beloved SP) that help you stay on track?

I like:
1. www.podfitness.com (free 8 week trial)
2. www.gmap-pedometer.com (great for seeing how far you haved walked)
3. pedometer
4. mp3 player

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BATHMOM 5/21/2008 5:31PM

    That meal doesn't follow the color rule either! It sounds like a bland pile of white food, with a little color as an afterthought. ick.

I like your recommendations. I would like to get a pedometer and an mp3 player. I'll check out the sites.

The site that I've been using quite a bit lately is realage.com. I'm using it along with the book, YOU: Staying Young. Some of the site content is the same as SP, but they also have some good quizzes, especially the real age quiz. And everything comes from a medical perspective.

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