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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's been quite a couple of weeks, hardly had any downtime for 12 days straight and I felt wiped much of the time. However I just put my head down and got through it... and I feel better now on the other end of it.

I worked my regular job and then had drill weekend in the middle, which makes for a long stretch, especially when the drill days are extra long too.

As usual, my best coping technique when things are tough is to simply get my eating and exercise under control, it gives me something constructive to focus on and makes the less controllable parts of my life easier to cope with. I work my stress out in the exercise, it really is my therapy. Even if I don't directly think about what is bothering me while I run, it still helps me put things into perspective so I can better deal with them later.

My eating had been really off the ranch for several months... I was eating crazy amounts and I did gain back a few pounds because it. So I finally got the bright idea to honestly track everything I was eating so I could really see how far over I was.... I think that helped me finally get back on track this week 6 of 7 days... my exercise really hasn't been a problem, but I have worked myself back up to an 1800 calorie per week burn. So I am slowly working my weight back down, just like 5-10 lbs. is all. I just want to get back into my 145-150 range.

This week was weird, though, I kind of got lessons (by watching others) in "don't be that guy"... just people being rude through their actions or inattention... or in the case of my job, how not to win friends and influence people unless you want to make assumptions about others and then stab them in the back and create a ladder to climb to success out of the bodies. It's making me self reflective in how I treat others and interact with the world.

I have also decided that I am going to run a 10K in September. I will start training in earnest next week. I am up to running a solid 2.5 miles now. Next week I will add 1/10 mile... and hopefully keep building it.

Every step takes you closer to your goals and farther from your problems.

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COOP9002 5/23/2011 9:57AM

    Sounds like you're learning the lessons that matter. Keep us posted on how your training is going for your 10K.

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ANNIEONLI 5/22/2011 8:39PM

    So, so wise my friend!!

And now a 10K huh? You can SO do that with ease!!!!! you got this in the bag!! A little each day, just like you said! emoticon

Glad to hear you tracking again too....I swear if I had an iPod or something fancy, I'd have it on there and use it all the time! I'm a tracking nut!!! LOL

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KYSGRAMM 5/22/2011 10:04AM

  It is amazing what we can learn just by observing the actions of others! Keep the positive attitude, you are an inspiration! Thanks for posting.

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It's APFT time again!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well I passed my APFT with my best score yet!

I dropped in push ups by 2 and sit ups by 3... but I sooo rocked the run! I ran the 2 miles in 19:48!

So, with the way it is scored, I rocked the APFT. I scored 226/300!

I will take the overall improvement.

The good news is that my shoulders actually feel BETTER after having done the push ups, rather than worse. I also worked hard to stretch them out, including some yoga movements and it all helped. I still hope to build up to at least 25.

It was a very full drill weekend. I am now wearing several hats in my unit... and am preparing for our yearly Extended Combat Training in a few weeks and then mobilization in just over 6 months!

I have also decided that I'm going to try to run a 10K in September here in town. It's during the Roots & Blues & BBQ Festival. If I can do a 5K, why not a 10K? I will start training soon for that.

I am also finally getting my eating much better in hand. I have been in range 4x in the last week, as opposed to weeks of not caring. I feel better, much better!

Keep your feet running, you will be amazed at where they will take you!

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CBSPECIAL 5/17/2011 7:32AM


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COOP9002 5/16/2011 11:49AM

    Way to go! You should be so proud of yourself.

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NMMAMA2011 5/15/2011 10:20PM

    YOU GO GIRL!!! Wow, you should be really proud of yourself. I have some friends in the Guard here and the fitness tests are so hard! You did rock it! emoticon

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Cathartic 5K!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

My buddy Kimberly (DADAGINNY) and I got it together and ran in the Jay Dix Challenge to Cure 5K ( www.challengetocure.com/ ) yesterday morning. We had been planning on it for several months. She brought it to my attention and I was all for giving it a shot. Despite the cruddy weather we have had this spring... being constantly cold, rainy, etc, I managed to get in lots of training, steadily increasing my endurance and overall fitness. In the picture, you see us ready to go before the race. I also ran into my friend Kayla, which was great... she is such a sweetie.

The race started promptly at 9 am and off we went, the first stretch was a pretty good uphill grade and then levelled out for a most of the course with some up and downs, overall it wasn't so bad.

Unfortunately, Kimberly (DADAGINNY) had been sick earlier in the week for several days, so her resolve was to finish and we knew we wouldn't be able to run the whole way together. I ran steadily for the first 2 miles at about a 9:30 pace. Kayla caught up to me we ran together for awhile. Mostly I kept up a steady pace and did take a few walk breaks, but not more than 5 minutes in the whole race and the fact that I'd set a good pace out of the gate, the walk breaks didn't kill my overall time.

I just was filled with joy during the whole run, realizing that 4 years ago I was fat, unhappy and on the couch and that I couldn't have done this. I was thrilled to realize that Kimberly and I had lost the weight together and kept it off together. I realized it's been 10 years since my open heart surgery on June 7th. I looked at how my life has opened up and expanded and led to such a series of personal triumphs.

I also had several songs spin up on my mp3 player on my phone... I swear the thing is psychic... One was "Dream Into Action" by Howard Jones (Putting the dream into action, you are strong, we are strong, you feel it, we feel it, you are action)... that is the song my blog page here is named after.

I have put so many dreams into action in the last 3 years... I lost the weight, rejoined the military, have recovered from some severe emotional blows, and so much else. And the thing that has carried me through so much is being healthy. If I'd not had S*P and this healthy focus in my life, I would be a depressed mess. Though things are not always perfect, I know I can handle what life throws my way.

So how did I do? Inquiring minds want to know, eh?

I finished in 30:41! I shaved off nearly 4 minutes off my time from 3 years ago. I was 3rd in my age group (40-49 year old women)... that really blew my mind. I was 172nd of 313 runners overall and 76th of 181 women running. Despite my rankings, I was ultimately running against myself.

I went back to run in with Kimberly and she made it in 38 minutes and chopped off 14 minutes from her previous 5K 2 years ago!! And that is after having respiratory flu earlier in the week! She is such a trooper and I am so proud of her! Such a great friend, I am blessed to have her in my life!

We (Kayla too) ended the race feeling exhilarated and like we could conquer the world!

There was a Couch to 5K group sponsored by a local fitness business and they were chanting and getting psyched before the race... I thought that was fantastic.

It was a fantastic run. I cannot wait to do another one!

And I know I'm going to rock the APFT next week!

Happy Mother's Day!

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COOP9002 5/9/2011 10:55AM

    Nice job! You should be proud of yourself for how far you've come. Enjoy the afterglow for a while.

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ANNIEONLI 5/9/2011 6:57AM

    YAAAAAY!!! Great blog Jenni!!!! Felt like I was there!! THat is SO awesome! You are totally going to rock that APFT!!!

So proud to have witnessed your transformation over the yeeeeaaars on here!

You RAWK!!!!!!!!
emoticon emoticon

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SLENDERELLA61 5/8/2011 12:22PM

    Congratulations to you!! Way to train and prepare and deliver! I know it feels great. We'll see if my time actually does match yours. I guessed 30:41, because I am subtracting 28 seconds for the start until I crossed the mat with my chip. That's what my watch seemed to indicate, but time will tell. Wouldn't that be ironic?!? Wish I'd gotten pictures. It made your blog extra interesting. Again, congratulations!!

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NMMAMA2011 5/8/2011 10:54AM

    emoticon on your great time and hard work. You are such an inspiration!

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5K... evening snacking... I am such a geek!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Tomorrow morning I run my 2nd 5K, but my first since June 2008. My time then was 34 minutes and change. I hope I can do a bit better this time around, not that that was a bad time at all. I have been in training for this and the APFT (which is next week) for the last several months and have been making great strides. I ran 25 minutes straight on Monday and am pretty sure that adding 6 more minutes really won't be a problem since the course I will be running is overall flatter than my usual neighborhood routes with some near 3% grades and my fave park running route with its 3-4% grades.

That is where the geek in my comes in... I sat and figured out the grade % for my fave routes one day when I was bored and puddling about with a spreadsheet. I then did it for the 5K route ( www.challengetocure.com/ ). This is a local 5K started in honor of a local medical examiner, doctor and avid runner who died of cancer some years ago, he was also a big name in the community. (I just looked on Amazon and found the Jay Dix wrote a novel and textbooks on forensic pathology.)

However my evening snacking has been my enemy for the last month. I get to evening and I just drop any pretense of trying to keep within calories, it's been horrible. So I am trying to crawl my way back up on the horse and it's not easy.

Oh well, tomorrow... I guess today... is another day. My sleep has been whacked too, coming home exhausted after work, sleeping from 7-10 and then getting up for a few hours. Sigh.

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SLENDERELLA61 5/6/2011 7:58AM

    Good luck on your 5K! I run my second 5K tomorrow, too. And evening snacking is my downfall, too. Have you ever tried counting your calories on a 24 hour day starting at 5pm (before supper)? Sometimes that really helps me. It is easier to cut back breakfast and lunch if I need to than to cut back on supper and my evening snack(s). Also, when running sometimes I eat over my calorie range and don't gain. Makes me think I'm not planning to eat enough calories, so maybe that is why my body still wants food. You, too?

Best wishes for a great 5K! I love the way you computed the grade %. Good for you!! Good luck with the evening eating, too.

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Duty calls... and random thoughts... like giving up diet soda... and 3 year Sparkversary!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't know if I have much profound to say today, just felt like writing.

I leave in the morning for an Army training trip to Florida. No time for sightseeing, will be in classrooms the whole weekend from early till dinnertime or later. It's all good though. Just need to get my packing done.

I have also this week to give up diet soda, except as an occasional treat. I was actually waking up in the night or even the next morning with the taste of nutrasweet in my mouth. That was freaky and wrong... definitely didn't like it. So I have managed 3 days without it now and you know what, my afternoon snackies are less intense. I don't know if there is a correlation, but their might be.

I am maintaining my weight in my range of 145 to 150 without a problem. Everyone told me I was too skinny at 140. So I put my range up a little bit. I am happy with where I am.

I am also well on track to pass the Army PT test next month. My running is getting better and stronger all the time.

I am thankful to all my friends here who are on the journey with me. We can all do this and we will continue to do it, because we are all cool like that!

By the way, I am posting this as my 3 year Sparkversary post since I'm gonna be busy Sunday when it really is!

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ANNIEONLI 4/13/2011 8:41PM

    You are rockin' it!!!! HaPpY 3rd SpArKiVerSaRy!!!!

So glad to hear that the Mountain Dew battle is well underway....no doubt here that you won't conquer that as well!!!

you are so emoticon

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