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30 days straight of exercise!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I have achieved this goal. Yesterday was 29/6 and today is 30/7!

I have completed every Bootcamp challenge thus far, including all bonuses.

I walked/jogged this morning for 42 mins... 8.5 mins jogging. I just keep trying to bump that up. Mr A was in his cello lesson, so I dropped him off and went to the outdoor track on the University campus and had my lack of will with it. My pedometer said just over 5900 steps, which comes out to 2.95 miles (@ 2K steps per mile).

It's weird but I find that I run better on the treadmill... so I'm working on my outside jogging/walking. I use distance on the treadmill and time when I'm outside. I can now run a mile on the treadmill in chunks... and I'm up to about 6/10 of a mile outdoors running in chunks.

I love love love how my body feels now. I also am pretty pleased with how it is looking. I hope I have a good weigh in on Monday at work.

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KOKORIFFIC 5/13/2008 4:54PM

    Excellent! Good for you! Very inspiring. emoticon

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SHERAX 5/10/2008 4:10PM

    30 days straight is amazing! congrats!

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PEPCEA 5/10/2008 3:40PM

    Congratulations! I love reading the positive posts and your's is definitely one! Keep up the great work!


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A new day...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Yesterday was day 28/5. I can't believe that I've actually exercised 28 days straight. I've managed to do all the Bootcamp challenges too. The challenges are a real motivation.

My husband joined yesterday too. He's aravine. He's very cute. He has about 10 lbs to lose and has lost about 10 already.

I'm excited because I completed 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday and I ran a total of a mile of that, first 1/2 mile, then 1/4, then 1/4. I do have a slightly pulled muscle in my right calf, though, so I may take it easier today.

I won't weigh "officially" until Monday since I'm off today and won't be back at work until then. Our home scale seems pretty good though... but it's not my official measure.

An old friend of mine has joined a weight loss group I started on LiveJournal and I'm really glad of that. I hope to get her pointed here too.


Long long day. Some thoughts on losing it in America...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I did walk 3 miles on the treadmill this evening after getting home at nearly 8:30.


Bootcamp Day #4 also completed. Today is also day 27 of consecutive exercise.

The above was really all I could manage quickly. I feel great. The cold/sore throat/sinus/fatigue thing appears to be mostly gone. Mind you, I have been using tons of echinacea/goldenseal/vitamin C just to kick its butt.

I spend the last 2 days in a training about foodborne illness investigation... really a VERY good one, except the epidemiology part... I know most of this stuff, but the guy went way into detail on the math and stats, which most non-epi folk don't freaking need to know... but anyway I had 2 days of flattening my butt on a very hard plastic chair, which did my back and hips no favors. My exercising came late both days, which I found very frustrating indeed. And I was able to pop my back significantly, which I have had a hard time doing since getting on the fitness train.

But anyway... let me expound a moment...

Some years ago I was walking down the candy aisle of a grocery store and remarked to myself ironically, "Americans can make anything out of sugar and plastic."

Today at the training conference, I noted how they had hard candy on all the tables and how they had supplied doughnuts on day one and bagels on day two. It suddenly struck me how much those of us really trying to change how we eat goes against the grain of the prevailing culture. This was sort of a realization in conjunction with having to eat lunch out two days in a row.

Those of us trying to really change are trying to become conscious, not only about what we eat, but about how we move our bodies, and so many other things. We have chosen the harder road.

Conscious living runs quite counter to today's society. Most people just seem to sit there and accept the sugar and plastic and television. They don't want to think or put forth effort into living. They just sit and get pumped full of junk. Then, before they know it, they are fat, unhealthy and they don't even know why. They want it easy and that's exactly what they get.

So for those of us really trying to turn our lives around, it's more like turning an ocean liner than a rowboat. We are fighting not only ourselves, but the prevailing currents as well.

This is not an excuse, just an observation.


Day 26 in a row and BBB day 3...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Today was a challenge since I was in a training on my butt all day. And we had no fruit in the house for me to take... so I took carrots and some Kashi crackers, but those were gone by lunch. I managed to chew gum and drink water all afternoon. I'm kind of low on veggies and fruit today... for me anyway.

I also had to wait until I got home to exercsiee... I didn't get my lunchtime exercise... so that was kind of a killer for me.

However, I did get the 3 miles of Leslie Sansone done, plus 10 minute swimsuit bootcamp workout and the extra challenge on that.

I feeling mostly fine, but I still get tired really easily from this thing I've had.


Day 25 in a row, plus BBB day 2...

Monday, May 05, 2008

You know, if I'm lacking motivation around here, it's my own darned fault!

I'm doing the Beach Body Bootcamp and that had a relatively simple 10 minute workout (but very good! it got me pumped when I was feeling sleepy this morning). I also have met the goal of 3 fruit servings.

I'm in the one day challenge team... and the challenge there is 60 minutes of cardio. I am 53 minutes for the day.

I'm also walking to Kirksville, MO with my CoMo team and to London with my P&P team.

Add to this my personal challenge of exercising 30 days in a row, which could be extended indefinitely.

So, I've walked 3 miles today, done 53 minutes of cardio and eaten 3 servings of fruit.

So far, my cold is staying in my head and I'm not so fatigued by it as I was Saturday and Sunday. Luckily I'm in trainings the next couple of days and then off for a 4 day weekend.

I think my next personal challenge is to add the BBB to my consecutive days exercised... that would be 51 total days exercised!

I can do this!


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