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One year since the beginning of the journey & 4 months of maintenance...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Today is a great day for me to sit down and look back for both reasons in my blog title.

I remember well waking up on December 30th 2007 and deciding that I was going to make my first-ever New Year's Resolution to get healthy and lose weight in 2008. I still can honestly say that it wasn't any ONE thing that clicked, it was many small things that had been leading up to that wake up... over the previous year(s)... The real "Eureka!" moment was waking up and knowing EXACTLY what to do... what steps to take... how to build the momentum for changing my life and maintaining that change...

I also can't believe how easily for me the weight came off... I only had 2 short plateaus in that time.... and the weight came off at at average of 1.6 lbs per week... there were many weeks were I actually lost exactly that much. It took me 8 months.

I have been living La Vida Maintenance for 4 months as of tomorrow. It's a great place, but it is hard. When the goal is staying where you are, the ballgame does change. It's just hard to explain to those not living inside it. You have more freedom in what you eat, the trick isn't being TOO free! You also have more freedom in exercise, but again, it's not about being too free!

It's a daily process... the journey doesn't end with reaching your goal weight.... it is just another step on the road to the rest of your life...

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ANNIEONLI 1/3/2009 6:27PM

    Congrats on the year mark and Happy New Year!!!! So I'm a little late, better than never! LoL

So here's the goal...next year, same bat time, same bat channel!! Ok, maybe even a little better than before, but still here!

Many blessings for a happy and prosperous new year Jenni!

Smiles and hugs from your maintenance bud...

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Resolutions for 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008

The dailySpark had a great thing about making wishes and resolving to make them happen.

I posted these:
1) Start and maintain habits that help keep my house neat, clean & presentable as I clean it all year.
2) Finally finish redecorating my kitchen.
3) Maintain my weight loss.

I am slowly seeing my path for 2009 crystallize just as I did for 2008. It worked well for me. So I'm planting my seed for change now.

I never made new year's resolutions since I knew I would never keep them. But last year I made one and kept it... and that showed me that it can work again. It's a tool, an arbitrary tool, but hey... whatever works!

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JILLWILSON2102 12/29/2008 1:39PM

    Absolutely - cheers to what works!!

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Stress and then *poof* de-stressed!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I was feeling extremely stressed with the approach of Christmas... I had been trying to complete so many tasks around the house, but hadn't had a day at home with nowhere else to go or nothing else to do for over a month... so it just came down to me needing to simply accept what it was as just that.... what I got done, had to be enough.

(Makes me think of the book Shogun... when Blackthorne is to be taught Japanese by an entire village and if he doesn't learn enough in the allotted amount of time, the entire village is to be crucified... but Blackthorne threatens to commit suicide, so the decree is amended to where it is decided that whatever he learns will be enough)

Christmas was very pleasant... no big production numbers, just a nice meal with hubby, kids and Mother-in-law. We had nice presents. I baked healthy banana bread. It was a good day and I could finally breathe... just stay home and do what I wanted.

What I got done was a lot more than I'd realized... and it was enough...

I also did manage to keep up the exercise despite being sick... but it was a much lighter week than usual. I did manage to get up to about full speed today, though and it felt GREAT.

My eating has been slightly over, but with the fact that I'm down to 140 and really don't want to be below 142, I'm not too worried about it.


Feeling much better now...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, with the help of Zicam, sleep, an extra day off, etc... I feel much better and though, while still kind of draggy, got my health and my mood back on track.

So what that my long list didn't get done... I will do what I can & to heck with the rest!

The tree is up with ornaments, we have the stockings hung and some lights in the living room, all the gifts (but for 3) are wrapped, and I have all my old clothes sorted into bags to be given away, my craft corner is clean, and all my current clothes put away in either my dresser or closet.

Considering how I felt all weekend, that is pretty impressive. It's also a great jumpstart for getting my house "fit" in 2009.

My first baby step for 2009 is to NOT let my laundry touch the floor, it has to be folded/hung and put away! 2nd baby step is to not have more than one project by my chair in the living room at any given time.

I think I was much sicker than I realized or something like that. I lost 2 lbs since last week... and I thought I was eating a lot... and I even didn't exercise on Sunday since I was feeling achey and sore and wrung out...

Hubby has strong forces arrayed against me. He wants me to gain a few pounds back since I have dropped below the bottom of what I said I wanted to weigh when I started this whole thing. So now he, our daughter and my mother in law have all hollered on me. I am NOT trying to lose more. I eat nearly 2100 calories per day... but I just can't seem to gain weight. How did I get to this point?


It is what it is...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I poured a lot of energy into cleaning the house on Friday night... hubby made me a red-eye (coffee w/ espresso) with double espresso shots or maybe more... so I was caffeine-powered and got an amazing amount done.

Then Saturday, I managed to get Mr A to his cello lesson and was in a very bad mood since I have been needing, not just wanting, a day when I can just stay home... but I have been running running running every day since at least the 22nd of November. Add into this the fact that I've been trying to catch up with my own rear end for the last several months... and just can't seem to get caught up on anything. AND my mother in law arrives tomorrow.

So anyway, I was very stressed but walked to a nice place downtown to grab some lunch during Mr A's lesson and then went to starbuck's for my favorite brain cell enhancer... gingersnap latte, no whipped cream, skim milk, very tasty! However, while I was looking the the latte selection, I got the familiar feeling of pressure in my sinuses and slight headache, which let me know I was coming down with a cold... a very annoying one.

So my brain and energy are sapped and I'm looking around at the stuff that needs to get done rather helplessly. The tree is up but has no ornaments. Christmas cards aren't done. The house isn't clean. My mom-in-law's bed isn't done. No other decos are up. No presents are wrapped. No cookies are baked. I feel like such a slacker, but after working all day, it's hard to come home and jump into things.

The only time I seem to get that is totally for me is my exercise and sleep time. It does help with the stress... but I just feel pressed and frustrated lately.

What I have accomplished is getting my clothes thinned down to thin clothes. FIVE bags going away!! I also have my clothes ALL in my closet and dresser. I am a lousy housekeeper, so this is a major feat for me.

This is why I want to get my house fit in 2009.

On a happier note, I did find a cheaper way to get Podfitness! If you go to walmart.com, and look under the fitness accessories, you can get a 6 month prepaid card for $30 plus tax & shipping, but that is still about 1/2 of their quarterly rate!

And it's been awhile since my free trial ended... and they just continued my membership where I left off! How cool is that?!


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