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Today just had to be a no-count, no-track day...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I tracked in the morning, but a potluck with friends just doesn't lend itself well to tracking. But since I have inadvertently lost a few extra pounds, down to the 142, a no-count day isn't going to hurt me.

I actually had 2 plates of food, but mostly just little portions of many things and I wanted to try everything... so I did go back. Then I had a small sliver of each of 4 pies. I felt full but not bursting, satisfied but not uncomfortable.

I think it's okay. I am sort of talking myself into that still. But I'm just going to give myself a day off of tracking.

I did get in a brisk 2.18 mile walk before going to my friend's house. I may do Jillian Michaels tonight or I might not.

It was a wonderful meal and chance to visit with lots of old friends, one of whom is visiting from Minneapolis for the long weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night!


From Janice Taylor's Our Lady of Weight Loss Kick in the Tush Club Blog

Monday, November 24, 2008

I really enjoyed this and it makes a great deal of sense!

Thanksgiving Survival Guide to Mental Health
a holiday half-kick

1. Manage Your Expectations. Remember: Thanksgiving is just like any other day in life. It's filled with ups, downs, glitches and unexpected happenings . Whatever your expectations of Thanksgiving may be, please lower them right now!

Do you think every dish is going to be delicious? Think again.
Do you think that none of your buttons are going to get pushed? Think again.
Do you think that the air will be filled with happiness and gratitude every single second of this fabulous family day? Think again.

Manage your expectations!

2. Don't Regress. Your brother isn't 13, and you're not 9. It doesn't matter that he was bigger than you, elbowed you, teased you, took your favorite toy and smashed it! NO! It really is NOT relevant in the NOW. Let go of the past!

3. Celebrate You. If you find that your self-esteem suffers around your family or your partner's family, make sure to go in armed with the knowledge of all the wonderful qualities that you possess. Are you strong? Thoughtful? Creative? Whimsical? Friendly? Determined? Caring? Funny? Celebrate you! Write down the qualities you like most about yourself and bring the list with you to the meal. If you start to feel insecure, excuse yourself and take a quick peek. It will be hard to feel low about someone so great!

4. Give the Little Kids a Break. All that energy, all that food, all that sugar. It's inevitable. Someone is going to spill something, cry, get cranky, fall down, break something. Prepare ahead of time. Bring enough games, DVDs and books to occupy the little ones. And bring a bag of extra patience for yourself.

5. Pretend "They" are Someone Else's Family. Don't we all love our friend's family? Don't we find them interesting, loving, and funny? Pretend that you are not related to "them." Get a fresh start; a new perspective and you may be surprised find that they're not so bad after all.

6. Become a Foto-Food Journalist. Bring a camera and give yourself a journalistic assignment. Perhaps you can take a photo of each person eating, or holding a plate filled with their favorite food? Interview them and ask " What is it that is so compelling about pumpkin pie?"

7. Wear Tight Pants. Take your winter sweats, loose pants, elastic waist bands and ditch 'em. You will definitely eat less if there is no room to grow.

8. Say No, Thank you." Even though some people show their love through food, you don't have to eat it! Rehearse saying "No, Thank You!" In numerous languages, just in case English doesn't work.

9. Visualize. Instead of losing control and feeling really bad about yourself at the end of the day, in addition to possibly feeling ill from 'it all,' at the very onset of the day, before you venture out into the world, sit in a quiet place and visualize.

Visualize that it is the end of the day. Yes, you made it through the day, and you are feeling proud. You enjoyed the day, practiced moderation, enjoyed the company of others, felt grateful for what you do have in your life (your glass is more than half full). Add any details to vision in your mind's eye that bring forth visions of happiness, success, actions that are in alignment with your values and goals. Make it real, set your intention and carry this image with you! Yes, you can make it through the holidays without the glaze!

10. Thanksgiving is NOT a Gateway Holiday. Contrary to the agreed upon reality, you do NOT have to gain 6 or 7 pounds this holiday season. Create a new reality.

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ANNIEONLI 11/24/2008 12:55PM

    Great one - and just what I needed to read!!!!

Thanks Oak!

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BE the CHANGE you want to see in the world...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This morning I woke up and got ready for church and was very distracted trying to get my Thanksgiving shopping list together so I would only have to make one long trip out of it... but I didn't get the list done before church, which was going to necessitate a return home and going back out. I was kind of in a weird headspace already and then I noticed that someone had dumped 4 bags of fast food waste in my yard. (We don't live in the best neighborhood, nor the neatest, but this was way more than the ordinary debris we see.) emoticon

So anyway, I was really angry on the way to church and was glad to be going there. I was just angry about the lack of thought, consideration and manners that it represented.

While at church I figured out what I wanted to do in response to that which was perpetrated on my property... especially since there was no way to ID the idjits that did it... I decided to make good on my promise (both to myself and to some very nice young men who helped push my daughter's car to the gas pump the other night)... and pay it forward. So instead of fuming, once I was home from buying groceries, I grabbed a trash bag and went for a walk and picked up trash.

It worked well to work out my grumpies and do something positive with the energy. And I really realized that I was BEING the change I want to see in the world. I managed a fairly slow pace, but I did burn some calories and clean up the environment a little. emoticon

But I must say I am looking forward to Thanksgiving since one friend is coming to visit from Minneapolis and I haven't seen her in 2 or 3 years. So a large group of us are having a massive meal together on Thursday!! We are looking at 17+, it will be so fun. Some of my friends have had kids much later than I did, so we will have kids from ages 1 to 19 and a group of groovy adults. And lots of food, both healthy and not-so-much. emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JILLWILSON2102 11/25/2008 8:59AM

    What a truly wonderful way to convert something negative into something positive. I wish we could all see from that side.

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MARYRAM 11/24/2008 7:55AM

    Way to go, channelling your negative energy into something positive!

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ANNIEONLI 11/24/2008 7:03AM

    Again - you beat me to it! LoL! Things have been super busy this week - when I read your blogs, I was "I'll comment later tonight" and then life got in the way again and again! Sorry 'bout that!

Sounds like you've had some week - an exasperating week! At least you channeled your energy for the good...always try to see that glass as half full. You're the glass half full kind of person, so I'm preaching to the choir. The asses who dumped the garbage - karma's gonna kick them in the pants, if it hasn't already. "Do unto others..."

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Tough week, very busy, very tired, very unmotivated...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have had blog entries in my head all week and just have felt mentally pressed ... so I am sure I had some great things to say, but can't promise I'll remember them here.

Today I am totally trying to multitask... I have Christmas Cards set out to start on. I am knitting a scarf for my niece. I am trying to blog. I also managed a challenging treadmill workout today. I'm also incredibly tired.

My sleep has been messed up all week. On Thursday night I didn't exercise, I just mostly came home and flaked out on the couch and was snoring between 8:30 & 9 pm. I started waking up about 5 and was on the treadmill by 5:45. (Yes folks, I actually got my but up and exercising before work.) But I stayed up too late last night... and then couldn't sleep in this morning. So now I'm totally zombiefried again.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about taking myself down to 6 days of exercise per week. The streaks are getting harder to maintain and I'm starting to feel the beginnings of burnout... and I don't want to develop a full-blown case of the I-don-wannas! I also keep reminding myself that the exercise is part of the hard work that got me here and that will keep me here.

It's just hard with us going into winter... it cuts my exercise options a bit since we don't belong to a gym. I love going outside to run... so I'll be grabbing any day that I can that looks even slightly hospitable to exercise. I just hope I don't hate the treadmill by spring. I do have videos I can do and the Podfitness workouts keep it a bit freshers. (I'm so glad I have my new fantastic mp3 player.)

I'm also finding that I am relaxing a bit about calorie counting. I'm allowing myself to estimate a bit more, but still tracking. I guess it's working since my weight is still holding steady.

I'm doing okay. Next trick, healthifying my fave Thanksgiving dishes... woo hoo. Then a nice FOUR day weekend! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANNIEONLI 11/24/2008 7:07AM

    Sounds like a change of phase of maintenance you're going thru! Hang tight - balance will come. It really is a give and take. Heck - I'm still doing the balancing act too. I'm going to blog about that when I have the time. I think it really is more mental than physical at this point.

You are doing great! Keep the faith and listen to your body and you'll be fine!

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The songs and people that have inspired me!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I just had a great time reading back through ALL my blog entries... mainly I was looking for the songs that have inspired me on this journey. They are as follows:
The Garden Song--John Denver
Runner--Manfred Mann
Eye of the Tiger--Survivor
Conditioning--Howard Jones
The Blessings--Dar Williams
Dream Into Action--Howard Jones
Playing to the Firmament-Dar Williams

Here are a couple of playlists I created:
1. Africa-Toto (warm up)
2. Aireshire Lament-Dan Fogelberg (warm up)
3. Amish Paradise-Weird Al Yankovic (speed up a little)
4. Crosstalk-QFeel (running)
5. Army Dreamers-Kate Bush (walking)
6. The Ballroom Blitz-Sweet (running)
7. Between a Man & a Woman-Kate Bush (walking)
8. Cool for Cats-Squeeze (running)
9. Crazy-Seal (walking)
10. Dola Dola-Bride & Prejudice Soundtrack (running)
11. Galileo-Indigo Girls (walking)
12. Relax-Frankie Goes to Hollywood (running)
13. Room for the Life-Kate Bush (walking)
14. Runner-Manfred Mann's Earth Band (running)
15. The Sad Cafe-Eagles (walking)
16. Shock the Monkey-Peter Gabriel (running)
17. Should I Laugh or Cry-ABBA (walking)

1. Early Morning (A-Ha)
2. Don't Pay the Ferryman (Chris DeBurgh)
3. Love Can Do (Amy Grant)
4. Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd)
5. Machines (Giorgio Moroder)
6. Bounce Right Back (Howard Jones)
7. Someone Else's Story (Helen Sjoholm)
8. Song for Ireland (Mary Black)

By going back and looking at those entries I also saw all the wonderfully supportive comments I've gotten in my time here on SP. Thanks to everyone for that support!


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