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So tired and my busy week isn't over yet!

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's been a busy week at work! I haven't accomplished much beyond giving lots of flu shots. We had our two big clinics this week and gave over 300 shots between the two. (Don't be too impressed by that number... on our first clinic 2 years ago, we gave over 500 on the first day!) However, that does mean that 25% of our 1200 doses of flu vaccine are gone already.

Flu shots are a very strange phenomena... It's like a switch gets flipped on right about the first of October and people want their flu shots RIGHT NOW! Then the switch gets turned off around Thanksgiving and most people don't even think about them anymore. Actually it's better to wait until December since the flu season actually peaks around mid-February most years... last year was a perfect example of it!

The rest of my week was taken up by WIC clinic and a little bit of communicable disease investigation... I just feel like I've been going all week.

Tonight I didn't get home until 7:45 pm since I had to pick up Mr A from a birthday party at 7. I also realized that I had only have a nice outfit to wear to a wedding tomorrow... being a lovely comfy pair of velvet slacks... they needed a top to go with them. I went to CATO and found cute stuff that looked great on the hanger and AWFUL on me. So I ended up at Maurice's in the mall (with poor Mr A in tow) and found the cutest lacy top that goes with my slacks beautifully. It cost $32 but I got it anyway. I can use the outfit for the holidays and other dressy affairs and it's comfy too. It's a large, but it's in junior sizing, so I had to go larger... but it's very slimming. I will wear my favorite amber earrings and great grandmother's cameo with it. I have a nice wrap to wear with it too.

Tomorrow I have to be at the Food Bank to volunteer at 8-12. Then at the Garden Coalition to move mulch from 1-3. The wedding is at 4. I have to eat and get cleaned up in the middle of all this somehow.

I did manage to get the gift card for all of us from work, but even that was a challenge this evening! We had decided on a gift card from Linens & Things, only to find them having a going out of business sale and no longer selling gift cards, so I frantically called my co-workers and asked their opinions, so we went with a Target gift card, which had been our 2nd choice anyway.

I also got my hair cut nice and short and had dinner out and a nice caramel macchiato @ Starbuck's.

MaintenanceVille is still a good place to be. I am absolutely obsessed with not gaining weight. I have really stepped up the exercise this month... I should easily meet my exercise minute and calorie burn goals. I weighed 147 today. I tend to go up a little around that time of the month anyway... so I am trying not to freak out. I am determined to be part of the 5%! I worked too hard to lose this weight to gain it all back again!

Well this tired brain needs to get some rest before another long day tomorrow!

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ANNIEONLI 10/19/2008 8:37PM

    I hope you had a relaxing weekend after that day and week! WOW! love the flu shot tip too....it's good to know.

The dental world is stalled all over LI it seems - recession anyone? it stinks - big time - I'd kill to have a crazy day like that at work - it makes you feel alive when things are crazy.

Anyway, since you asked...for Halloween, we have a 6 year old Storm trooper, a 4 year old Spiderman, and a 2 year old Woody from toy Story. (I have to put the "Toy Story" part down or that would really be pervy, LOL! I know - I am sick.)

Love the outfit description!! Sounds great!

OK, chick - gotta jet!! Oh, before I forget - post a new pic for the haircut!

emoticon later, skinny!

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SHADOWPUP 10/19/2008 3:05AM

    Thanks for the great tip on when to get the flu shot! I was thinking I ought to go in this month, but actually it would be a lot easier to wait until December because my schedule eases up a bit and the lines will be shorter.

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SHAREBEAR74 10/18/2008 6:52PM

    Wow, girl, you're making me feel freakin' lazy over here, lol! emoticon I hope you can take a few hours just to relax sometime soon.

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A couple more days without a net...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Had another conference in St. Louis, Infectious Disease this time. (I work in Communicable Disease as part of my job.) It was a good one, but that meant driving to St. Louis, staying with my Dad overnight and then fighting St. Louis traffic yesterday morning to get to the Airport Hilton... and then driving home in gadawful traffic to get home last night (it took me an hour to go 36 miles).

It also meant working without a net for another 24 hours. I did too well, REALLY... when I got home last night, I had only eaten 1042 of my 2000+ calorie allowance. I was too careful. I could have eaten that 250 calorie power bar and the way home to no ill effect. (No wonder why I was wiped out by the time I got home!) I also had little chance to exercise on Thursday and most of Friday, so I came home last night and did 5.1 miles on the treadmill and felt so much better for it. It actually woke me up some so I could better enjoy the rest of the evening.

I'm still kind of searching for balance in my eating v. exercising. I'm trying to learn that self-regulation... not eating too little or too much. Most days I do fine, but I really underestimated my caloric intake yesterday. I think I'm starting to do it again today, I had half of the power bar I wanted, a plum and a cup of coffee so far today. I am getting hungry, but we are going out for lunch for my birthday today...

Yes! It is my birthday and I'm 43 today. I am so happy that I spent most of my 42nd year getting healthy, it makes me look forward to getting older much more than I used to fear it. I know that by staying healthy I can have a long life, or at the least increase my chances of it. I am not fearing osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease like I was a year ago. My starting pic on my blog page was taken just about a year ago while in Las Vegas with friends from work. I wish I could go back and re-pose in the same spot!

While I was at the conference yesterday, I ran into a girl I went to nursing school with... she's in her late 20s now... I was one of the oldest in the class. I saw her last year at the same conference. So when I asked what she thought of the "new me"... she said, "You're tiny!" (Me, who always thought of herself as a large bull in a china shop being seen as "tiny"!!) Ego booster there!

So anyway, we are going out to lunch today to one of our favorite restaurants... HuHot Mongolian Grill. You can pile on as many veggies as you want and create your own sauce out of many combinables! It is so yummy! Unfortunately, this chain hasn't spread out of the midwest yet... but we LOVE it!

Mr A's cello teacher had a birthday this week, so I fixed up a coffee mug cake mix for her and made her a card. It came out pretty cute. I hope she enjoys it. I plan to health up the recipe and I will post it when I do. It's been circulating on the internet for awhile apparently... I got it from a friend at work... but it's laden with calories. So I'm going to work on it... like subbing in some whole wheat flour and applesauce for the oil... stuff like that. I guess you could replace the sugar for splenda, but I'm trying to get away from the artificial sweeteners as much as I can.

By the way, I last posted about the fat free half & half, but it's chocked full of additives and corn syrup, etc. So I don't think we will be buying that again. Again trying to get rid of some of the processed foods. I'll just be having the real stuff or my skim milk in my coffee....

I did try the Nonfat Caramel Latte from McDonalds the other night on the way to St. Louis. It wasn't too bad, but it had a kind of weird whang to the flavor that took a little getting used to. I have fallen in love with Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato with skim milk though, it's nice and not as whang-ey as the McDonald's coffee.

I also at at McDonald's on the way to my conference... I had a grilled chicken snack wrap and a yogurt parfait with granola to accompany my coffee. It wasn't too bad for calories, considering it was from McD's and NOT a salad. (I love the Asian chicken salad, but I'm kind of burned out on salads!)

For my birthday, I am planning very little excitement. I think I may well pull out my spinning wheel and turn wool into yarn. My wool has been too long neglected. We may surprise our son with a trip to the corn maze.

Miss M, our darling daughter, is working at a local haunted house through Halloween and having a great time with it. One night she was laying in a plexiglass box and would trip the strobes with her foot when people would come into the room and then start screaming to be let out of the box and banging on the plexiglass... apparently one guy hit the ceiling of the tunnel.

Another night she was sitting on top of a refrigerator and chanting, "I hear people..." in a creepy kid voice and then asking the people coming in the room to stay and leave a few pieces of themselves because they were "awful hungry and didn't get fed very often."

Tonight she will be out there asking for keys to a van so all the inmates can escape.

I have interesting kids.

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SHAREBEAR74 10/12/2008 4:25AM

    I'm laughing over your description of your daughter's haunted house job; it sounds like EXACTLY the kind of job my teenagers would love to have! And I know what you mean about looking more forward to growing older now...I used to hate the idea so much, and especially due to working with the elderly, but now I know growing older may be inevitable, but HOW you grow older is largely up to us.

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ASMPD2 10/11/2008 9:50PM

    Happy Birthday! I'm glad to hear your last trip to STL was a calorie success. Okay, so it was low, but that's a better problem to solve than high.

I'm so glad to hear you can look back to your last birthday and feel differently looking forward. Fear of the future is such a sad state to be in, so I'm thrilled to hear that you're no longer there, thanks to your drive and determination. Yey!

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Of half doughnuts and fat-free half & half...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

When I was fat, I always used to scoff in my head at those who would take half a doughnut or cookie or whatever, especially when those people were overweight too. Somehow I just felt better realizing that I wanted something, I would just eat it.

I have a huge weakness for doughnuts and other sweets and when we would buy a dozen, I would eat my 3, not wanting to heed the knowledge that I was easily downing 600-700 calories. Right after I took my nursing boards, I was so rattled (it's hard to describe the scene, but it's very intense) that I bought a dozen doughnut and ate half of them in the car before driving home.

Now I'm not scoffing at all. I understand some of the mindset that goes into the NOT eating the whole shebang. Despite my weakness for sweets, I am allowing myself a small portion of the desired item, which helps me defuse the craving. I get a taste of something I really do love, but I take a portion that fits within my calorie limit rather than blowing a weeks' worth of calories on one binge.

So I'm guessing at least some of those who take the limited portions are actually trying to defuse themselves while allowing themselves a taste of what they crave. I'm sure there is a group that is relatively delusional and thinks that they are doing great things for their health by only taking the smaller portion and then continuing to drink sugared sodas and eat every other thing they desire.

Now, we come to my great discovery of the week... fat free half & half! It's good, really and it's 22 calories per ounce less than regular half and half. It's a little less creamy than regular, but it has a better consistency than skim milk and takes less to add the dairy I prefer to have in my coffee. It's also a bit more expensive than half & half, like 34 cents/quart at my Wally World, but it's worth it to me.


Working Without a Net... a month in MaintenanceVille...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I spent the last 3-4 days without my SparkPeople trackers or Internet access... from Wednesday evening to Saturday evening. I was really working without a net and I was scared... really scared. I didn't feel ready to take the training wheels off yet... so life threw me into the deep end... and I survived!

I stayed within my calorie ranges each day and I managed to exercise everyday. I am very proud of myself.

My calorie range is 1810 - 2160... I ate 1975, 2099, 1778 & 1858 on each of the days. I tried very hard to limit snacks to healthy choices or smaller unhealthier ones. It wasn't easy being surrounded by so much stuff... one snack was candy bars! full size candy bars! I still have mine and am planning on apportioning it out over the next day or so.

I managed to exercise everyday too...6 miles run/walk on treadmill & outside, 15 mins exercise bike & 15 mins treadmill, run 20 mins & walked 36 mins & 18 mins walked and some body weight strength stuff.

We went out to eat 2 nights in a row, the first night was to Fitz's in University City, MO ( www.fitzsrootbeer.com ) and it was GREAT. I had the grilled salmon sandwich, which is served on marbled rye and field greens with fries. I ate only one slice of the rye, the field greens and 12 french fries. I also drank their diet root beer... and Fitz's Root Beer is the BEST I have every had. The second night we went to Cheesecake Factory and didn't even have cheesecake! I had an "appetizer", the Vegetable Chopped Salad www.thecheesecakefactory.com/frames.
with grilled chicken on it (and dressing on the side, of course) it was GREAT!

Luckily, the food @ the conference itself was mostly good too. I had a beef wrap sandwich and salad the first day. The second day was even better, there was chicken breast in artichoke cream sauce balanced out by platters of cold grilled vegetables and salad. The vegetables were fantastic!!

We also went shopping, the girls wanted to go into Christopher & Banks, a store I'd never been into... and I found lots of stuff I liked and GREAT sale prices. I was torn between a very cute purple short sleeved sweater (size M) and a linen/rayon top (size S!!!!) that both fit... I opted for the sweater because of care concerns for the linen/rayon top (I HATE ironing!). I also got a very nice, soft tank and a pair of earrings and a pin for our receptionist at work. I plan to go back to their stores from time to time.

I had the girls drop me off @ my dad's, so I could spend some time with him. It was good to see him. I also cooked several meals for him... he lives alone and has a hard time seeing and hearing, so he eats tons of prepared foods. I walked to the local Catholic parish that has been doing Fish Fry for over 50 years (it's sooooo good). It was a nice walk on a lovely evening and I allowed myself a small piece of fish and a few french fries along with their incomparable sweet-sour cole slaw.

Saturday I walked to the grocery store to pick up what I needed to make the dinner Pop wanted (meatloaf & mashed potatoes). He felt bad that I had to walk (he doesn't drive anymore and I didn't have a car) and I tried hard to impart to him how OKAY it was that I had to walk... only 1-1.5 miles to get what we needed/wanted.

I need to get over to see him more often. He's 81 and his memory is starting to fail. My brother & sister-i-l check on him quite often and are satisfied that he is okay right now. He just started on Aricept about a month ago... so it's hard to tell if it's helping much. He also had a brain scan about a month ago and it was negative.

I also found out that the Army National Guard here in Missouri is needing nurses and might be willing to waive the age limit of 42. A fellow public health nurse in a neighboring county is going to get more info for me. It could mean a $30K sign-on bonus for a 3 year commitment... and I could serve my country again.

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ASMPD2 10/7/2008 9:28PM

    Congratulations on working without a net!! You'll soon be the Mayor of MaintenanceVille!


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ANNIEONLI 10/7/2008 3:01PM

    Sounds like you had a nice time! Glad you got to see your dad too. Lots going on. WOW!

PS - Thanks for the Den mother blog comment....herding cats! LMAO - Guess what? It was just like that! Cats with the attention span of gnat!

Nice job on being Sparkless too...I'm back to tracking starting today...Being Sparkless for 2 weeks was WAAAY too much...I'm not ready to cut the umbilical cord yet, so I'll be chatting with you sooner than later, my friend! Back to baby steps, baby steps....

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SHAREBEAR74 10/6/2008 2:06AM

    I'm glad you had such a good trip. You continue to inspire me!

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How can I keep from singing?

Monday, September 29, 2008

In my job as a public health nurse, I see all kinds and have many interesting interactions with the public. (Imagine that!)

This morning has included lice checks on 2 little girls, placement/reading of TB tests, calling doctor's offices to investigate communicable diseases, a guy walking in just before lunch to report his son being bitten by his neighbor's cat (and he HAD to tell me the WHOLE story, despite my trying to get him to cut to the chase), and then the latest & most wonderful story right after lunch:

A woman, I'm thinking late 30s-ish came in for a blood pressure check. She is trying to get off blood pressure medications. She has lost 49 pounds since the first of the years, she has been tracking her food and exercise on her own. She has manged to get her BP meds cut in half. I was in tears, I was soooooo excited for her! I stood up and clapped... just in case she'd not had a standing ovation yet. She is still in he 270s and has a ways to go... but the fact is that she IS doing it!

I shared my story with her and we hugged. I find her so inspiring and she said the same about me. The joy that I find in those that choose to do/are doing it/are succeeding is incredible to me. She'd not heard of SP, so I gave her information on it.

I also got in a nice 1.5 mile wog at lunch which doesn't hurt at all.

I am on the top of the world looking down on creation and I need to drum up something on my work computer that I can sing along with...


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JILLWILSON2102 10/1/2008 9:40AM

    It is little moments like this that make a wonderful memory. Thank you for sharing your moment with all of us. I would be on cloud 9 as well. You should sing!!

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ANNIEONLI 9/30/2008 1:46PM

    Great blog, Oak! I love that stuff!
PS - Thanks for the recipe! DH is a little bored today b/c school is out for the holiday...time to break out the bread machine!

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SHAREBEAR74 9/29/2008 9:21PM

    It's wonderful that you were so encouraging to her! And I had to smile over the lice checks; I worked as a school health aide for 3 years at an elementary school, and was the official head checker.

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