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Setting the scene... a gaming convention!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello there! I'm coming to you live from CogCon 16 in Rolla, MO. Hubby and I are taking this as an overnight away (as mentioned in the previous post)...

If you have never been to a gaming convention (which most of you probably haven't)... imagine all the D&D gamer geeks you went to high school and expand that and put all of them in rooms and around tables in a hotel (or in this case, a university activity center). It's mostly guys, either skinny or very large (not much in-betweenage) with books, paper, pencils and dice... or with playing card games... or miniatures (they tend to stand up and have measuring devices in hand).

That's pretty much where I am today. It's a lot of sitting around, which is difficult for me anymore. I love the people, they tend to be intelligent, with good senses of humor... but they aren't the healthiest usually.

We got down here this morning and hubby's first game didn't have enough players, so we went for breakfast at Waffle House. I got scrambled eggs with veggies and wheat toast on the side with hot tea. Not too bad. For lunch we went for sushi! (Except they served chicken soup and not miso... how weird is that.)

It's funny, but most of the stuff on the menu was deep fried, but considering we are in southern Missouri, it's not particularly surprising.

I've also done a bit of shopping... the building is cold (and my cold tolerance has dropped greatly), so we went to Wal-Mart for diet soda (since it's cheaper there) and a sweatshirt for me. I got a happy bunny one that says, "Cute, but psycho." It really fits me and I'm sure Miss M is going to fight me for it. I got her a keychain from Missouri University of Science & Technology (she plans to come here) and a t-shirt for Mr A. I also got a Giant TB germ www.giantmicrobes.com for Nancy, our TB nurse at work.

A bit ago, I got kind of antsy and walked for half an hour and did some strength exercises... I feel better...

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OAKBORN 9/15/2008 8:05PM

    Yes GenCon is huge, like 20-30, 000 people!

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UNEEKNITTER 9/13/2008 10:45PM

    Actually I have a friend who goes to "Gen Con" I think it is called? It is a big gaming convention and she just went a few weeks back...r u familiar with that one? Anyway, good for you trying to be mindful even on your trip.

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10 days of maintenance... and a new swimsuit...

Friday, September 12, 2008

This isn't going to be a terribly long post. Just a quickie to show off the bod and suit.

I've been maintaining for 10 days now. I tell you, it's easy to kind of fall off the exercise wagon. I haven't stopped or even missed a day, but the intensity has fallen off somewhat.

I need to refocus in that area a little more. I want to make my monthly goal of 2000 minutes and I'm only up to 705 on the 12th of the month.

Part of the problem is that I've been so tired for the last couple of weeks. Hubby and the kids have had nasty colds and I think I had a touch of it and it has worn me out. I've just been braindead.

Tomorrow hubby and I get an overnight a couple of hours away. I'm looking forward to it. I want to take advantage of the pool at the hotel AND the fitness room. I really don't care if I just hang out and talk to people, it will be fine. Unfortunately, we have to leave very early in the morning...

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UNEEKNITTER 9/12/2008 11:47PM

    You look FABULOUS!! Woohoo!!

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42... finding the meaning of life, the universe and everything...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If you know the book, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", then you know that the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything is 42. This is kind of (humorously) significant for me since I turned 42 last October... and I have really started getting my priorities straightened out this year. I think I have found some of MY answers to those things:

I have lost the weight that has been hanging around for far too long
We have started getting involved in our wonderful UU church again
I have made my family a bigger priority
I have made my health a priority
We are getting our financial house in order
I've started cooking again

That's a very short list that reflects a lot of deeper changes.
Today while driving home, a favorite song of mine came on my CD and I really paid attention to the lyrics... it's going into my next exercise mix!

Dream Into Action (Howard Jones)

Between every man there is a division
Nobody ever seems to get it right
Even between friends there is a long gap
One of them makes a mistake, there is a fight
Whatever you do you have the benefit of the doubt
Whatever I do please understand
Whatever we do let's make a pledge to put it right
So we can end the rule of the division

Putting the dream into action, into action
Putting the dream into action, into action

Whatever you like to do then let that be my pleasure
Whatever you like to say I'll try to understand
Whatever you do you have the benefit of the doubt
Whatever I do please understand
Whatever we do let's make a pledge to put it right
So we can end the rule of the division

Putting the dream into action into action

You are strong
We are strong
You feel it
We feel it
You are strong
We are strong
You are action

Putting the dream into action
I've also been thinking about how trying to wrap my mind around the new body as "me" makes me empathize with bulimics and anorexics and their body image issues. It really isn't as simple as "just looking in the mirror"... you somehow get this image of yourself in your mind and it's hard to change. I've really been overweight most of my adult life, except that time just before and while I was in the Air Force.

Most of that time I thought of myself as not as heavy as I really was... a bunch of events last year caused me to be photographed more than usual and I saw those photos and that self-image was shattered. Now I have to lose the heavy mindset.

My boss continues her garage sale/auction spree for me... for her a $10 budget is massive... so far, $3.75 has been spent and she has found 12 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, 2 sweaters and 1 night shirt.

Also, our choir director at church is cleaning her closets and I'm getting the benefit of that. Everything from Desi is 8s & 10s and they fit! I'm soooo excited, especially because she has good taste.

I will hardly have to buy any new clothes at this rate!

I'm still carrying my food to work... although last night we did splurge on the Chinese food we've been craving for EVER! I got shrimp with snow peas... it was so very very tasty. I also have hot & sour soup (yum)! However, we may go out and buy $40 in Chinese food, but we eat on it for several days.

Tonight I just had a wonderful sandwich. Just ham & turkey with tomato, lettuce and lime pickles. It was so tasty. If you have never had/heard of lime pickles, they are a tasty homemade sweet pickle, but not like regular sweet pickles. They are crisp and have a sharp bite since they have been soaked in pickling lime & water for 24 hours and then rinsed. You then add sugar and spices and process like other canned items. My mom used to make them from my Aunt Leila's recipe... they were so so so good... we bought a jar at the farmers' market last Saturday. Putting them on my sandwich precludes a need for any mustard or other condiment.
Maintenance is a journey like any other journey. One day at a time, one step at a time. We stumble, we learn and we go forward at all costs.

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UNEEKNITTER 9/9/2008 11:21PM

    Good habits die hard!!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

I ran an incredible 2.44 miles (25 mins) straight yesterday at almost 6 mph and that included some pretty challenging hills... not steep, but those long, slow grades that take endurance to get up. The one going into the golf course is shorter and a little steeper but I have managed it repeatedly. The one on the way back, which is longer and slower, is the one I managed for just the 2nd time yesterday an then I just kept on going all the way up to the Sonic!

I still wonder what the people in the cars going by think when they see me running... and I try to remember what I used to think before I lost the weight...

I think it was a mix of "crazy/wow.not.for.me/eh.whatever/bully.fo
r.them" mixed with jealousy.

Now I feel a sense of camaraderie... I want to hop out of the car and cheer them on or run with them and get to know their stories.

Today I did something bold and hopefully I did it right... I applied for a job with the Army in Germany as a Community Health nurse. Leap of faith, maybe not even done correctly... but it's doing what I love in Germany for more money. Did I mention it's in Germany?

Getting the balance right on my eating vs exercising is a new and interesting challenge. I managed to only lose .2 lbs this week. I ate 1800 cals or thereabouts for the last week and kept my exercise pretty level. So I guess I need to eat somewhat more. I'm going to ease up to 1900 calories and see how that works.

Today's lunch is chicken gyros salad... leftovers turned into salad and it's lovely!

I've been thinking about my mom a lot this past few weeks. The 3rd anniversary of her passing is in November. I had a dream about her in which she was sitting in her wheelchair through a doorway and was staring straight at me. Then I noticed how much my hands are starting to look the way I remember hers looking.

"I saw my mother's hands today." That is the seed of a poem I want to write. It was such a blessing to have a mom like her. She tended us when we were sick, she cooked amazing food, she created beautiful art in oil paint, papier mache, crochet, cooking crystals, burlap, elmers glue, tissue paper, wood, etc. She created an atmosphere of love and plenty no matter the $$ in the house. She also had a marvelous sense of humor & fun spurred on by a sharp facile mind.

She would be proud of my weight loss. She always worried about my weight and for health reasons. She would have made an incredible nurse.

But back to the present... today's a gift, that's why it's called the present.

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CARM22584 9/8/2008 3:52PM

    I'm positive that your mom would be proud of you - you are doing awesome! Keep up the good work!

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SHAREBEAR74 9/8/2008 3:04PM

    You continue to inspire me with your running progress. And you touched my heart with the story about your mom. Mine passed away 2.5 years ago. She had mental illness and was fanatically religious; not a great combo. I loved her and I hated her and I was never sure if she loved me. But recently it dawned on me; "she really did love me. Underneath the illness, she really did love me". I have alot of dreams about my mom and find them comforting now. In the beginning of her illness and death, they were sad dreams where she was physically lost or being hidden from me, and I would desperately search for her. Now I dream of everyday events and in the midst of them, my mom is there. I love those dreams because I feel like she's still an active part of my life after I have one of them.

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UNEEKNITTER 9/8/2008 1:29PM

    Wonderful on the running!! Keep up the good work!!!

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Creative cooks are us... and other thoughts.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I weighed myself on Friday and I was 148.8 still... perfect maintenance so far! I am working just as hard at exercise and eating right... still tracking everything.

Thursday evening I ran 1 mile in 9 minutes. That was way cool. Last night I ran 1.3 miles in about 12.5 minutes... slower but still acceptable to me.

Today I am cooking, a lot! I am making chicken gyros... the pita bread dough (with whole wheat) is rising nicely in the bread machine. I love the bread machine since I can mix up everything and rise it in a controlled space.

My lunch today was possibly one fo the weirder concoctions I've created, but it was very tasty. The farmer's market really gets my creative juices flowing... we bought fresh shiitake mushrooms and those went into my salad after being grilled on the George. I also took some pretty old cherries and halved and pitted 20 of them and put them on the George with small cut up celery and grilled that. I put about a half can of tuna on top with some rice and a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette dressing. MMMMMMMMMM. Good for protein, low in fat, cals, carbs overall. I just love playing around like that in the kitchen.

I also need to make something for my son's Sunday school class for tomorrow. I was thinking brownies... maybe banana brownies with yogurt. That is yumminess to be sure. And a great way to sneak a little bit of healthy into the pickiest eaters!

Yesterday I was talking to my boss about my weight loss and the effects it has had on my life as a whole. I started tearing up over it. I was surprised by that. I guess it shows how deep all this really goes, even though I was never a huge worrier about my weight... at least not on the surface. There was also the part of me who avoided mirrors and having photos taken...

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SHAREBEAR74 9/6/2008 9:55PM

    I always enjoy reading about your experiments with food! And it's okay to get emotional about your journey...you've come a long, long way, and have worked really hard. You deserve your success and are an inspiration to those who meet you, both in person and online.

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UNEEKNITTER 9/6/2008 6:01PM

    mmm...creative cooking. I just decided to buy a spaghetti squash at the store today and will make it tomorrow with some turkey meat sauce. Yumm!!

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