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Day 101... productive day and feeling TONS better!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Today started about 8:30... hubby and I got up and got it going. I made us breakfast and cleaned the kitchen, he made us coffee. (The kids weren't up yet.)ut

After breakfast, I started yogurt and made granola bars. After that I made a double batch of pancakes, some to eat for lunch and the rest to freeze. After that I felt kinda' punky (I'm not completely over this thing yet) and hung out in the living room for a few hours... then I went downstairs and hit the treadmill.

This was the best treadmill workout I have had in almost a week, which proves I am getting better. I wogged 3.1 miles, and run 1.6 miles of that! It felt good and breathing wasn't too painful, but I did take naproxen before hitting the treadmill.

(If you are wondering what I think I probably had... do a search on Bornholm disease, it's caused by coxsackie virus...I found this when trying to diagnose myself online.)

After getting off the treadmill, hubby and I collaborated on what turned out to be a very tasty dinner... a friend had given us a rolled tequila-lime turkey breast that we grilled (yum), we made cilantro-lime rice (ala Chipotle), refried black beans, grilled fajita veggies, and homemade salsa with optional cheese and tortillas. It was amazing and we got it together with great ease.

After dinner clean-up went quickly and we then took it easy the rest fo the evening. Hubby was a love and got the laundry (which I'd been meaning to do all day) moving.

So, day 101 of consecutive exercise and lots of other stuff accomplished.

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5WOLFCUBS 7/25/2008 11:55AM

    101 Days! AWESOME! emoticon

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MELNHEAD 7/22/2008 10:05AM

    Now that is a productive day! Congrats to you........days like that can be so gratifying.

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ANNIEONLI 7/21/2008 9:11PM

    SO glad you are feeling better Jenni!!

Thanks for the goodie and multitudes of support too!! My DH keeps saying to me that SP didn't do this...that I did, but I still think it's a large part of both, if that is possible! Which means that I couldn't have done it without your wonderful support!! I'm not done though and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!!! I need to maintain a little bit now before deciding what to do next...maybe 140 if I am ambitious...I don't want to look like a rail though! LOL!!

I read your other blogs...I'm impressed and awestruck! Working out for 100 straight is inspiring!! And sick! WOW!! you're amazing!!

So it's your turn now - the goal is in sight and attainable - totally!!

LET'S GO JENNI!!!!!! emoticon

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Early Journal Entries from FitDay & CalorieCount

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I have decided to move my entire weight loss journey to SP, including the earliest stuff from other sites.... I want it all in one place...
1 Jan 08: Okay I'm starting this morning. I'm really going to do it this year. I'm tired of being a lazy ass. I got up this morning and have already gotten the decorations down in the kitchen. The living room is next.

I like putting up fewer decorations. That way I don't have to undo the entire mess.
2 Jan 08: Well it's just after lunch on day 2 and so far so good. I did have one piece of Lindor chocolate after lunch, but that is acceptable on the structure of my plan... one sweet serving per day.

I'm proud of myself, I managed to walk past the box of candy and cookies on the table several times. But then I felt it was okay to have one small thing, realizing that there would be no sweets this evening at home.

I don't want to deny myself completely. I think I should also do the one day per week where I didn't watch. Although I started out Sunday & Monday this week with no counting and restrictions. So that will count plenty 'nough for this week.

I still need to get myself on the treadmill. I almost wrote "found time" but that's not right... it's truly a case of "make time." I gotta find out if we have choir practice tonight.
3 Jan 08: It's been a hard day today in some ways since folks brought in food that smelled incredible. But I managed to walk by. I did have one piece of chocolate. But that is my one sweet.

Tonight we are going to Lee's Fried Chicken to celebrate Madie getting her driver's license. I will get something baked with the least adulterated veggies possible.

Gotta get on the treadmill before Sunday night. I have a few days yet to MAKE the time...argh.
5 Jan 08: Today's going to be a bit tougher since I'm home all day. There are even more temptations here. But I do have the home scale for measuring portions and stuff.

I have the family here which can be both boon & bane since they are good at encouraging me both ways.

Today I will treadmill at last. I wonder how Jane Austen will work for that?
Jan 07 2008 10:28: Entry the challenges of today
Today. I'm at work. I think I'm going to try some light stretching and stuff in my office. Any bit of increased activity is better than just sitting here.

I have gotten the recommended interval for the first week on the treadmill printed out. It'll be a little hard with the incline degree, but I think I can do it. I put the perceived exertion scale on there too.

I've managed to control calories for a week... at 1750 or less. I'd like to shave a bit off of that or pick up the pace of exercise. However I have lost 1.6 lbs in my first week. Hopefully my body has burned a little of the fat hanging around my middle.

I hope this will be a journey to teach this old dog new tricks.
Jan 07 2008 20:44: What it's really all about...
I was thinking today... it's really NOT about eating one food or another, it's about making the right choices.

Today, I chose to have a cookie and a piece of candy... but I was still under 1550 calories.

Today I chose to get on the treadmill. I did the 22 minute interval workout they suggested, 1.25 miles worth. It felt great. They call that the "day one" workout. Well, I'm using it for week one, hopefully a couple more times. Then I will use the next two listed for the next couple of weeks. My thigh muscles are very tight, but that's okay. I did it.

I really like the calorie counting, it worked for me 20 years ago... it will hopefully work for me again.

I can have whatever I want to eat. I just have to fit it into my 1500-1600 calories. And then there is "no count" day each week... funny thing was that I actually ate less that day than I did on the previous days when I was counting.

My body satisfaction level with my calorie level is dropping too. I was staying pretty solid around 1700 last week and I seem to be dropping off to the 1600 range this week.
Feb 02 2008 15:49: Challenges, choices, eating out
I am doing pretty good overall. Even been out to eat a couple 3 times and made the best choices I could for where I was.

Taco Bell has a new Fresco menu and I hope that stays. I ate a steak burrito that had only about 330 calories and 8 grams of fat with a diet soda.

Long Horn Steakhouse has a nice steak salad. It's a pepper rubbed steak (6 oz, about 350 calories) cooked to order and sliced and served over a bed of wild greens and a small amount of bleu cheese crumbles. Very tasty, might leave off the pepper rub next time. Maybe 400 - 450 calories total without dressing.

Subway has great choices. They have the 6" subs, but they also have mini subs. I opted for one of those with roast beef and cheese and mustard and lots of veggies, which kept the calories under 250 with a diet soda.

I've been looking lately at fast food menus too. ARGH. There is hardly anything to eat that is good at McDonalds except for the salads with grilled chicken and barely any dressing and the fruit & yogurt parfait. The burgers are fricking awful. Sonic is much the same, the best I can find on the menu there is a grilled chicken wrap.

Again it's all about choices and learning the best ones to make.

Speaking of choices, I have been smacked in the head twice in the last 2 days to take opportunities to walk about a mile each day. It has felt wonderful.

The first one was at lunch yesterday at work... I was itchy to move. So I took the last third of my lunch period to walk the 11 laps around the building that equals a mile. Today, our daughter needed money for a thing at church tonight and neither of us wanted to drive the mile to ATM, but our daughter suggested us walking and we both jumped up and said, "let's go!"
Feb 04 2008 15:16: Inside and outside

It's kind of weird but I hadn't really realized how great I feel about losing weight and how much it really bothered me... until now when I've managed to lose 10 lbs.

I am so happy about losing it. I'm amazed at how fast it's coming off and that makes me even more committed to continuing the life change.

I am so excited about the prospect of buying new, smaller clothes. I'm excited about being able to fit into cute littler things and look decent in them. It's just exciting.

I'm feeling better physically and mentally. I have more energy to do more stuff and I'm needing less sleep too. WOW!


Day 100!! Though I've not exercised yet... I WILL!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Despite the fact I've been rather under the weather, I have managed to keep up the progress towards my goal.

This morning, and this day, are proving to be very busy... but I'm really having to pull back and just say "no"! Hubby, Mr A (our son), and I did go out and get the groceries shopped... that was 4 stops! The farmer's market, the natural food store, Wally World & Aldi. I had only eaten a little and had NO COFFEE before we left and I was both pooped and ravenous when we got back.

The rest of the day sees our daughter coming home from an all-night party, our son going to his best friend's b-day party, hubby doing game demos at a local shop, and at least a few of us going to an adult friend's b-day party. I had to pull back from the day, so I could rest.

I did 5 miles of Leslie Sansone today (65 minutes) and it pretty much was a workout for me. I may still do some strength work, or not. I would still love to go wogging outside, but it's already 86 at noon. (And 88 @ 7:30 pm). Bleah. Humidity isn't too bad, but it's enough to keep me in, I think.

I took my waist, hip & neck measurements today... and there was actually some movement since the last set!
My neck is down 1.25" (from 15 to 13.75)
My waist is down 4.25" (from 37.5 to 33.25)
My hips are down 1.25" (from 38.75 to 37.5)

My first measurements were taken in early May... so that's some good progress. I have a belt that I was wearing at my heaviest and last time I measured from where I'd been latching it to where it would need to be buckled (a couple of weeks ago), the difference was 6 inches.

Right now I have 2 naproxen on board to prevent fever and pain from returning. This virus is really kicking my rear, let me tell you! I am just trying to burn it out with moderate exercise. I hate it because I start out fine in the morning and am shredded wheat and grated cheese by mid to late afternoon.

Finally figured out where to find the banner for weight loss. I chose the 20# lost with SP one because I didn't get really started with SP until I was already at 178. I have lost a total of 47.6 lbs though. I have also dropped my goal weight to 145 today. I just think it's best. If I start looking too thin, I won't go so low.

It was interesting today looking at people at Wal-Mart... I realized that I'm one of the "thin" ones now. I also remembered myself thinking that I "didn't look as bad as those OTHERS" when I was still heavy. Isn't is strange the way our brains work? Now I have a hard time realizing I am actually pretty thin and fit... and before I just "knew" I wasn't as bad as "them". How hypocritical I was!

My own weight loss success makes me want to find people who are ready for success and help them experience the joy that I feel. I worry about my boss, who is wonderful, but very heavy... and she started nutrisystem but has now gone back to her old eating habits: burgers, fried foods, sodas, etc.

I also had an interesting WIC client the other day... she was apparently overweight and depressed. Our dietitian (who I was filling in for) recently got in a really cool visual aid showing the amount of sugar in different foods, each in a little box on a display board. The young woman came into the office and was looking at the display... and I commented about how amazing it is to see how much sugar is in various foods. Her return comment was, "So what. I don't care if I'm fat." Her demeanor was someone who has been defeated by life... but you know, I don't believe her retort for a moment. She is a young mother, late teens to early 20s like so many WIC moms, and it just makes me sad. I feel kind of helpless when facing someone like her.

It was also sad because I had to refer a couple of clients to the local food bank since they didn't have enough money for food in their homes. I just worry because some of the stuff at the food bank is crap... and it's not the fault of the food bank, they have to depend on donations from individuals and companies and grocery stores and what they can purchase... they have what they have and have to make the most of it. Also with the demand on their services continually increasing, the situation probably won't get much better any time soon. And this in a nation of plenty.

I think I'll stop rambling now.


Day 99! I've got to admit it's getting better...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Part of my title was sung by the Beatles in case you didn't know.

Saw my doc today, she is family practice who does OB as well and is wildly popular because she is wonderful... so my Weds appt got postponed and then Aunt Rosie came to visit last night, making the main part of the visit (my yearly exam) impossible. But I am hypothyroid too and needed to discuss that and a few other things. She didn't even know me at first since I've lost THAT much weight. She was absolutely thrilled with the progress I've made and how I've accomplished it. Thanks in part to all of my sparked friends!! I also got to visit a bit with her, she's great... she even gave me a hug.

My brain-sucking virus is getting better. I'm not sure what else to call it, it's sort of like having a cold without all the sinusey crap, coughing and sneezing... but you certainly get all the fatigue and brain fog. I also have a charming thing that happens sometimes when I get a cold, I get chest wall pain... so it hurts to breathe. So I was fine yesterday until about 4 pm and then I was totally useless. I'm doing great today, but I'm sure the brain will flatline at some point later this afternoon or evening.

I managed to do 30 day shred again today, first time since Monday (I attempted level 2 for the 1st time Sunday). It went pretty good, but I could tell that I'd not done it for a few days and had lost some endurance.

Otherwise, life is pretty good. Just trying to make all the changes in my life that go with the weight loss... it's sort of like losing weight in other areas... like clutter.


Day 98! And I'm feeling much better today!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I don't know what the deal was yesterday. Prolly something because I was running a temp too. I'm totally great today. I'm glad I pushed myself to get to work today. I'm playing our nutritionist on television (our dietitian is on vacation). I'm actually considering a Masters in Dietetics. All this weight loss has made me pretty passionate about healthy, sensible weight loss.

I was down to 157 this morning. I didn't expect that big of a drop... but there it is. So that is a 24.6 BMI/47.6# lost/23.3% of starting weight lost... How exciting is that? Wahoo! I've been nutty about watching the scale this week. I really need to step away for at least half a week anyway.

I'm still trying to decide whether to go to 145 or 150. I think I'm leaning towards the 145 so the 150 can be the middle point of a 10 lb acceptable range. Besides, it kind of puts off the beginning of maintenance for a little longer.

Today while walking at lunch I had to use the mp3 player on my cell phone for music and an old favorite song came on...

Conditioning (Howard Jones)

Well you're not, you're not who you think you are
Well we think that you are John or Dave
But you're not, you're not who you think you are
Jumbled mass of preconceived ideas

From our birth we were given an identity
People told us we were great or small
From our birth we were given rules of right or wrong
Not forgetting the bullies at school

The world teaches us to think that life is full of limitations
The world tries to make us think that there are loads of limits

Welcome to Conditioning

And as the world makes us feel great
And as the world makes us feel small
Oh so convinced of our identity
If we only knew it we just can't believe it we just won't believe it

Leading us to think that we are such a success
Conning us to think that we are just a failure
Leading us to think that we are so intelligent
Conning us to think that we are just a do-do do-do

Welcome to Conditioning

Who is to say what is what
Welcome to Conditioning

I think it's a really great song that should make us think about what the world is telling us about ourselves and the messages that we internalize from that.

Weight loss is a prime example, really. Very interesting... just nothing coherent per se.

Today is day 98 of my 100 straight days of exercise goal. I may take a day off and start a new 100 days... or I'll just add on. I'm not sure. The problem is that exercise is such a part of my life that I get pretty squirrely without it.

Have a great day!


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