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Today's my Independence Day!

Friday, July 04, 2008

I have finally reached healthy BMI! I couldn't wait until I got back to work on Monday to officially weigh in and since my home scale is quite close to the one at work, I recorded my weight this morning.

I think Independence Day 2008 will stick in my memory. I weighed 158 and that puts my BMI @ 24.8! emoticon

I am only 8 lbs from goal which should happen by the end of summer.

Yesterday I was out doing my run/walk and Eye of the Tiger came on my music mix. Corny old song, especially since I am a graduate of the University of Missouri, which make me a Tiger (through & through!). But it was the most inspiring song yesterday.

Today is my first day of Independence from being overweight.

I really need to be thinking about maintenance now!

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5WOLFCUBS 7/13/2008 11:20AM

    emoticon Happy HEALTHY 4th of July!

And Eye of the Tiger is a great motivational song! Love it!


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ANNIEONLI 7/5/2008 9:28PM

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MARGO1966 7/4/2008 3:27PM

    Congratulations, from another Tiger. Go, Mizzou! (That gets me in trouble down here in OU-land. LOL)

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Wrapping my mind around changes...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Since I'm getting solidly into size 10 bottoms, I went to buy a couple of pairs of shorts that fit and won't fall off @ Wally World today. While I know intellectually that I AM a size 10, I'm not sure I've gotten it into my gut.

I was going through the racks and looking at the sizes, saying gleefully to myself, "16s, 18s, 12s all too big!" But in another sense it seems wrong (in an "it's just not right" sense). I feel like if I ask for help finding an 8 or 10 that someone will look at me and say, "You? You wear a 10? Yeah right!"

But the truth is that I bought size 10 shorts and they fit well, if not a bit loosely. I also bought a medium sized top that fits perfectly. I don't have to buy XL or XXL shirts anymore. I wear size 10 shorts and will most likely end up in an 8 at the rate I'm going. I don't have to wear 18s anymore. I have turned my life around in so many ways and the magnitude is just starting to hit.

I barely recognize the person in the mirror now. A lot of people who haven't seen me in a long time hardly recognize me either. With the weight loss, hair cut & color... that is hardly surprising.

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ANNIEONLI 7/5/2008 9:27PM

    Oh Oak!! I love reading your blogs tonight! I'm hearing you here as well - but my tops are still a large (it's a boob thing). It doesn't seem real. And a size 8 - here you come!! Keep shopping at Wally World...you won't feel bad chucking things in the good will bag when you start maintaining!

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2QTBOYS 7/4/2008 5:19PM

    CONGRATULATIONS! I remember that feeling from long ago - when I initially lost my weight -- before the slow regaining.

It is really inspiring to read your post. It helps me remember how good that can feel. I can't wait to have no "Extra" in any of the sizes I wear.

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Fears... zealotry... funny things...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I am greatly enjoying 30 Day Shred. I can feel a difference in my bod... apart from the differences I was already feeling.

I have to go buy some size 10 clothes too. I have size 12s that are falling off. I'll prolly try the 2nd hand store since it's looking like I may well end this whole journey in an 8 (2 sizes smaller than I'd expected).

I have been weighing here at home, but it's not official since it's not the calibrated scale at work. According to "Weigh-In: The Home Game", I am at 159.

I had a nightmare last night... weird, very weird. I am trying to use it as a clue as to what is going on in my head regarding the weight loss. In the dream I ate two chocolate turtles and when I finally got ahold of the label to check the calorie content, the two candies had 897 calories?!

I think it signifies how much I fear losing control of my eating and activity. I am a pretty compulsive tracker of both. I am getting pretty close to goal and my biggest fear has been maintenance.

I have worked really hard to lose this weight and establish these good habits and I don't want to go back. The ultimate power in this rests with me, so I have to refuse to go back.

It's sad, but I certainly have become a zealot for healthy lifestyle and when I see someone who is apparently does not have healthy habits, I find myself just wanting to proselytize to them. I have never been someone who like zealots, even to the point of despising them.

I have to remember that I was living pretty unhealthily a year ago and for many years before that. So I really don't have any room to be too critical because I was there recently and it is all too easy to return to that place.

I have to remember their priorities are different than mine for whatever reasons. I keep my comments to myself. I don't want to be a zealot, they are annoying at best and evil at worst.

However, we went out for ice cream last night (Cold Stone Creamery... I had the small Sinless Sans Fat Sweet Cream, only 140 calories) and there was a larger woman there with her 20ish daughter. DH just patted me on the knee and said, "Thank you." while inclining his head in her direction. He really likes my new bod... I find it nice too. Unfortunately, her daughter wasn't thin either. I find it interesting how you see so many overweight parents and with kids that are either overweight or heading that way.

A true story: Last week in WIC clinic at our health department, we had a mother there with her 2 unruly sons. Both boys were off the top of the growth chart and when they were in with our dietitian K, the mother were asked about how much TV the boys watched and how much physical activity they got. The mother said that they didn't watch much TV. At that point, one of the boys said, "We like watching TV and playing video games." Another one said, "Liar liar pants on fire." When the mom tried to explain away what the boys were saying, one of the boys said, "You're a liar mom!"

And today, there was a bowflex commercial on TV and these really buff people were touting how great the machines were and how wonderful they felt and all that good jazz. I was having an internal dialogue about how you don't really need all that stuff to get fit... and as the commercial was ending, my son said, "With arrogance included!"

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ANNIEONLI 7/5/2008 9:22PM

    I love you, you crazy zealot!! I hear you, loud and clear about everything!!

I needed a little inspiring for the old TM now that I'm back from vacation (which was ALL walking and moving - all the time and 8 to 10 hours of sleep - and LOTS of protein and carbs) So THANKS!!!!

And I hear you about the new bod thing - DH is happy too. I'm never going back to the dark side. If you see me slipping - feel free to slap me....HARD!

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I am Woman, Hear me Roar?... Axe Woman?... Me Tarzan?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I was going to do 30 Day Shred today, but I somehow think that isn't going to happen. I had a nice run to start my day... once I had breakfast... and then started working out in the yard.

I mowed the lawn with the push mower for 30 minutes, cut and dragged limbs for 30 minutes, and then cut down a half dozen small trees with a small hand saw and drug those around the house and that took 1:45 mins. I was going to trim back the front yew bushes too, but they are going to have to wait since I couldn't get the electric trimmer down from where it is hanging.

I feel pretty good, but I know I'm going to be sooooo sore tomorrow! Considering I have a small scratch on my hand a perhaps a bit of poison ivy, it's not so bad considering all the work I got done!

It is just so beautiful and breezy, low 70s here, I just had to get out and enjoy it. I really had fun, even when I was trying to figure out how to drag this rather large mulberry I'd whacked down (4" dia) trunk into the backyard pile. I just kind of took the answer to "How do you eat an elephant? = One bite at a time " and took a bunch of smaller branches off with the lopping shears and then drug the remainder back.

Hubby has been in Ohio for a convention since Wednesday, he will freak out when he sees it!

My daughter is at her church youth group meeting, my son has been at a friend's all weekend and hubby is gone for a little while yet. I think I'm going to take a nap.

According to my cardio for calories burned, I have burned more than I've eaten today and I've been snacking ALOT... O my gosh! I guess I will listen to the body and eat when it wants food, like NOW!

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ANNIEONLI 7/5/2008 9:12PM

    Food....Gimme foooood!!! More foooood!!!

Just had to! LMAO!!

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CANUCKER08 6/29/2008 8:22PM

    Wow good for you. I know sometimes once you start on things like that you just want to do it all!

I had a case of stinging nettle the other day doing similar activities! It didn't last long at least but felt strange on my fingers for a couple of days.

Hope hubby appreciates it all!


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Starting a week of vacation...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's been stress city around here for the last month, but things are better on some fronts so I'm bearing up and much happier. The aliens brought my real daughter back and took the scary replicant away, so things are better there. Still I just really need a few days off. We will have our usual 4th of July gathering which consists of the Ritual Burning of the Meat and Blowing Stuff Up.

I've managed to stay on track in terms of food and exercise. However I won't have an official weigh in until I get back to work on the 7th.

I have gotten a pretty good amount of stuff done... I made a batch of granola (if you click on my recipes, it's Granola Bars #2). This is a work in progress until I get it JUST the way I want it.

I also got the grocery shopping done and went to the bread store and got us stocked up on some basics.

I spent some time with my daughter and watched movies and ate cheese bread and apples and carrots.

I tried on my belt that I was wearing before I started losing weight. I am cinching it up 7 5/8 inches tighter now. It also wraps fully around my left side. Wild to think of. I love it though.

Today is my 79th day of consecutive exercise. It's funny but I think my body is used to evening exercise... so I have gotten to where I really don't even think of exercising until mid-day or later. It is also humorous in that I can't stop my streak now... so not exercising isn't even in the cards.

I have managed 30 Day Shred 3 times this week. On the disc, it is suggested that you do the workouts every day... I am doing it every other day. I really like it, it's simple and straightforward and Jillian is very "well, here it is and you can do it." I am already feeling the effects of it.

This video is definitely a step up from what I have been doing for the last 6 months. It is more intense, but it's quick and effective. I am still on Level One, mind you. I don't know when I will move on, but I plan to give myself plenty of time.

I'm having a very hard time coming to terms with the calorie levels that SP is recommending for me. My minimum is 1740 now, based on the level of exercise I'm maintaining. It seems so high, but I am finding myself hungry if I don't eat more. I've currently eaten about 1620 and my stomach is growling right now despite the oodles of water I'm drinking. ARGH.

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ANNIEONLI 7/5/2008 9:11PM

    Just popped in to say hey and catch up with your world...glad to see DD is back from Mars! And the weightloss!! how crap Oaky!!


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CANUCKER08 6/29/2008 6:55PM

    Oh I really like your comments about your daughter LOL and I can sooooo relate!

Have you tried having smaller but more meals throughout the day to curb your hunger a bit? Just a thought...

Anyways, you and your family have a great and safe vacation and good luck with keeping up with your nutrition and exercise !

emoticon emoticon

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