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Eat Anything You Want: As Long As It's Green Vegetables, Brown Rice, or Lentils

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I took my son to the local water park today and had a lovely afternoon sitting in a lounge chair reading. I was sitting right by a group who was apparently extended family or several families of close friends. One of the women was getting out her lunch, and another was asking her about the new diet. As she squeezed lemon (the only flavoring allowed) onto a baggie containing a dozen small shrimp, she described how you could eat 3 specific items the first week, add a few more the next, and so on. Now on her 4th week, she could have a sliced apple and baggie full of shrimp for lunch. No sweetener except stevia though.

Holy crow, how could anyone stay on something like that for 4 weeks, let alone long term? You would almost be guaranteed to gain the weight back, since you would not be developing sustainable healthy habits. And from the conversation, it was apparent that she was learning nothing about nutrition or calorie density - she was just blindly following a list of how much and what she was "allowed" to eat.

"I like my new diet better," relied her friend. (I am not making this up!) "It's not so restrictive. You can eat anything you want, as long as it's green vegetables, brown rice, or lentils."

I suck. I wanted so badly to engage them in conversation and tell them about SparkPeople's plan. But I didn't know them, and I didn't want to be seen as a nosy old woman (even if that's what I am) so I kept my nose buried in my book.

What I Love About SparkPeople

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!! Wow, I didn't realize that I had so many entries from before!

Anyway, when I started this program I weighed about 145. At 5'4" it was not obese or even officially 'overweight' but it was the most I'd ever weighed in my life. I've always been thin but not "healthy thin." Then I hit a 'certain age' and the pounds started to creep on. Then, since I was gaining weight anyway, I quit smoking. Ah... well... something like that. I had pretty much resigned myself to accept the weight as part of getting older and quitting.

Then as part of a company 'greatest loser' thing, my husband started calorie tracking. And I remembered that I'd signed up for this site. And the change started.

Always before, when I'd 'tried' to lose weight, I felt like I was lost in the woods. I had a basic understanding, of course, that weight loss was a function of calories in - calories out. I had absolutely no clue how many calories were in what, or how many I needed in the course of a day. SparkPeople's calorie tracking took the guess work out of that, and enabled me to make intelligent meal choices. And it's good stuff, too!

And the exercise tracker. Whoooo, what a revelation! My idea of a "workout" was riding my bike leisurely around the neighborhood for a few miles. That was enough, I felt, to justify a trip to the frozen custard stand.

Anyway, with the tools that SparkPeople gave me, I was able to get above the trees for an aerial view. They let me know how much I was burning off, and how much I was taking in. They gave me tools to stay accountable and keep track of how I was doing, and didn't advocate any gimmicky "diet plans" that are not sustainable.

With SparkPeople's help, I was able to get back to the "good" side of 120 by the end of that year, and pretty much stay there. I set a "come back to Sparky" weight of 125, to prevent gaining it all back, and I've come back a few times - but the lessons learned are in place now, and all I've needed was a short reminder.

Oh I Suck.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Alright, so I went off tracking 2 weeks ago for camp. What else could I do? And then last weekend for Mabon (a week late). And to eat the Mabon deserts after Mabon. Again... understandable. Now tonight, I found myself eating for absolutely no reason but amusement. I polished off half a bottle of red wine (that I could have lived without) and ate a whole batch of stuff that I could have lived without too. Now the stuff is gone and I just suck. At least this time, I forced myself to put the damage into the calorie tracker (not sure I got quite enough chocolate, actually).

It is SO WEIRD. It's like, if I manage to not write it down, it doesn't count. If I find a justification to lower portion size, the calories won't be there. And conversely... oh no!... I may not have given myself enough work out time... as though if it isn't sitting there on paper, it doesn't affect my body.

So anyway, I'm over 2000 calories today. Who knows how much more. I doubt it'll make me gain, and I keep consoling myself by telling myself I didn't really want to lose any more. And, oddly enough, that's true, too. My first goal was 125. When I was in the lower teens, I looked kind of anorexic. I like my hips better now than at 143, BUT my waist hip ratio was more feminine at that weight. I'm so confused. I don't even know where I want to maintain.

Back to Normal (so to speak)

Friday, September 26, 2008

The best thing about camping is that one of my coven mates is a physical therapist. He took a look at my "wooden leg" - showed me an extension to unclamp the guilty nerve - and my legs are back to normal. He recommends avoiding crunches, but I don't think those were the culprit. It was either the yoga or the new machine (which I will never use again!)

Camping was fine, too. I didn't track for a few days, had me a couple of smore's, and didn't gain. Of course, I didn't pig out on the pre-fab cheese sauce and chips and whatnot either.

Workout injury

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm blogging this mostly so I keep track of how long it lasts and when it was. Late last week, my left calf lost all strength. I noticed it at Zumba on Saturday, when I could not lift up my toes... I blamed it on the shoes, so it couldn't have been going on long. I thought maybe it was the one-legged things from yoga on Wednesday... they were rough on the calfs, except that there is also a spot in the middle of my left buttock that was itchy like a bit... but there was no bite. I wonder if it is/was a pinched nerve...? At any rate, Sunday was bad, trying to walk uphill against the wind. I was hobbling pretty badly after that. Tuesday I managed a workout on the cross-trainer, and all of the weight machines except the glute isolator and the calf thing. Yesterday I managed a bike ride, but it was much harder than usual, and the bike fell and cut my leg. Duh. And today same as Monday, except that I did manage 1 set on the glute isolator, using no weight. (I didn't try the calf thing). They do seem to be getting a little better, in that they don't cramp immediately when I move them in the morning. The left one does cramp when I stand on it, but stretches out quickly. Hopefully, it will continue to improve.

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