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Whoa stomach

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Well apparently I can't eat at Buffalo Wild Wings any more. I only went because mom was having a little meltdown about her car and needed some comfort (it's in our half-way point city) and the after effects were not pleasant. My stomach is still rumbling and it's been well over 12 hours. I guess I now know my fast food limitations. emoticon

Today is a 14 hour work day. emoticon I packed an extra sandwich to have at work #2 and I'll grab cheese or something from the gas station or Target.

I'm exhausted thinking about my day. I can't wait to nap at lunch. :)

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LOSER_ZIMM 7/31/2014 9:28AM


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What is this jogging thing?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So twice now I've gone to the park and ran/jogged/walked 3 miles. And I like it? Okay, so my "run" is really a slow jog/fast walk. But whatever. Normally I'm just a walker. I preferred it. But I'm kind of liking this setting a goal of a tree to run to and then seeing if I can get past it. I mean, I guess I can do it, and I'm not AS lethargic as I thought? Let's be real, it still takes me just as long to "run" as it did to walk last year, but I'm making an effort! :)

Tracking and Schedules:
Tracking goes really well during the week when I have a set schedule. When the weekend hits though...let's just say, I also need to plan those days more carefully. Thursday and Friday this week I work from 7:30AM to 9:30PM so I'll get home at 10PM. I won't be working out. I'm okay with that. Friday after work I'm going to a friend's house to help her with things for her daughter's birthday, and then Saturday is the party. I'll probably work a long shift on Sunday, and then Monday, and Tuesday evenings again, so we'll see how I do. Dinner is the hardest to track and plan on those evenings because I can't just pop over to the market after job #1 and get something I feel like eating. I have approx. 15 minutes to eat dinner in between jobs, depending on traffic.

In other news, I'm going to Nashville in 21 days! I'm terrified and excited! Terrified I won't have enough money and excited because it's my first legit adult vacation EVER. emoticon

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BRIANLIEBERTH 7/30/2014 3:26PM

    I am with you on slow running. I did a a race where I finished 381st out of 420, and yet I was thrilled.

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LJOYCE55 7/30/2014 3:13PM

  Love the turle sign.

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SLIM4LIFE09 7/30/2014 2:58PM

    I had to giggle about the running thing- I'm the same. When I do run it's like "ok, I ran, but I'm sure people could have passed me several times over." But it's all about baby steps and getting out there and just doing it.
I can imagine how tough it is to squeeze in exercise and tracking with your schedule- yikes! You can do i though!

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Thirsty Thursday

Thursday, July 24, 2014

All I do is drink water and pee. I'm not sure how much work I actually get DONE. Whatever.

This week in life:
-My good friend and her husband have moved to the other side of the state and their house just went up for sale. So, with it being 4 miles (or treacherous, non-walkable terrain) away from my place, I've been going over to empty the dehumidifier in the basement nightly. That's fun.

-Monday I went to the grocery store, bought produce and stuff for meals, and portioned it out for the rest of the week while at work. I've been full and satisfied, for the most part. Work is the best place for me to be mindless about food, so I really need to watch it. I know that that has a lot to do with no weight loss.

-I keep eating vegetables that I "don't like" because of a 4-yr old. Darn those kids!

-Except for dinner last night, I've been awesome at tracking and weighing my foods. But last night it was Sweet Potato, Zucchini and Grilled Chicken. So even if I had 2 portions (or more) or everything, I was still well within my calorie range. That's the bomb, because I have a nasty habit of eating everything in sight.

-I went for a walk on my lunch today, through the park, and I ran a little. Okay, it was a slow jog. I'm counting it. My loop was 2.5 miles, and I would hesitate to say that I ran half a mile, but's SOMETHING. Something I know I'll be paying for the next couple of days.

Does any one have a recommendation for ear buds? Mine were falling out the whole time. I really don't want to hear myself breathe, I sound like I'm dying.

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BRAINBENTT 7/24/2014 5:09PM


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NYCKIMCV 7/24/2014 4:41PM

    Oh, this is actually a very not busy week. I'm not sure how, but I've pulled off 2 jobs for 4 years now. emoticon

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    Sounds like you have had a pretty busy week! I drink water all day also and stay in the restroom so I do definitely understand that lol! Far as earbuds, you may want to try a pair with the soft rubbery covers that can kinda fit inside your ear. I have a couple pair one made by Gummy and the other I purchased from Avon but just about everyone carries a brand nowadays. Good luck with your search!

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Weekend Update

Monday, July 21, 2014

This weekend I went to the A2 Art Fair and visited with my mom, aunt, and cousin. There was a lot of slow and sloped walking because it was on the roads in A2. It was a lot of fun, and my cousin kept us very busy, but I was passed out by 9:30 every night, so I didn't even see what it was like there at night!

My biggest problem lately has been that I've eaten everything in sight. I've been trying to keep a diary of things I eat and what I'm feeling at that time. I think this will help me recognize/acknowledge what I've been doing to myself? I hope anyway.

I've got a 14 hour day ahead of me today, I think I'll start a 30 day plank challenge again tonight so that it's at least SOMETHING on my long days.

Any suggestions for other 30 day challenges?



Monday, July 14, 2014

Success comes in small steps and in every decision we make. I really thought I would have thrown any successes I'd made out the window this past 2 weeks, but it looks like I've maintained. I've had a lot of beers the past 2 weekends. A lot. And the was awesome. But apparently it was all healthy? I don't know.

Thursday I turned 30. I went out to dinner with the family and ate too much. Then I went out for beers at a local brewery. That's a lot of calories. Then I drove to the east side and drank beers and laid by the pool all weekend. It was fantastic. I don't even care that I had an over-indulgent weekend because I know that I DID stop eating when I was full, and that really, I didn't drink that many beers.

I'm going to consider it a success. I felt very loved and comfortable in my skin. I have an amazing framly (friend-family) that supports me and loves me no matter what I am/do.

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2BEHEALTHY2014 7/14/2014 11:08AM

    Happy belated birthday! We all need to indulge sometimes. I'm glad you had a good time.

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