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Pig Roast

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Well the pig roast is in the books and the last numbers I was told was 28 servings. Now we have 1100 members and we can only get 30 people to come out and enjoy a meal like the one put on today is pretty sad. Well my hat is off to the team that did the work. It was really a great meal.

Well enough venting for now maybe more later. I know this is not the place for it but I get frustrated. The problem is when I get frustrated my give a sh** factor goes out the window. So maybe there is a place for it here.

Eating over the limit today but did get my walk in and lots of play time with the Bellmiester today. We went out for a short walk or I should say I did since I ended up carrying the miester most of the way. Lots of steps on our short shopping excursion also. Then came the coup de gra. About 30 minuets rolling around on the floor with her and rolling her around on the couch. She laughed with rolling laughs it was great. Like having that little girl around.

Well hope you all are having a great weekend got to go back to work tomorrow. Good night all.


Fish fry

Friday, October 08, 2010

Well done for the fish fry at the post but have to go in tomorrow and help with clean up with the Pig roast. The Men's Auxiliary is having a Pig Roast to raise money for certain projects we have going. Pretty tired after being there since noon today. One good thing about tomorrow is we have the Bella Mister coming to visit.

All this time I have been with Spark people I thought I was learning some good habits. Then why am I starting to revert back to some old habits after doing so good for over a year. I feel I'm backsliding and allowing myself to cheat more and more.

Well I know I need to work on my issues but not tonight. Did not sleep well last night not sure why. Good night all hope you all had a great day.


No title

Thursday, October 07, 2010

No title tonight since no thought patterns dictated one. Sound weird huh. My mind is not working properly these days. Eating off too much, exercising ok out there every morning just need to increase it back to where it was to justify what I'm eating. Spirits good today. Have to cook fish at the post tomorrow night. Well good night all.


Another "Friday"

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Well I'm back , been away for a couple of days not sure why I didn't blog was here just didn't do it. Well last couple days were off eating have to find a better solution to my eating habits. I'm way under or nor eating the right stuff cause I'm hungry all the time. Eat a great breakfast then an ok lunch and eat fruit for dinner when I'm working. Well I'll work on it good night.



Sunday, October 03, 2010

Yea today started my week and I consider it my Monday. Well day not too bad was over on eating though. Day was very slow at work so not a lot of steps today since no walk this morning. Will get back out in the morning. Well hope you all had a great weekend good night.


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