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Completed Sat.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well this day is in the books. With work and then the Commanders Ball tonight it was a very busy day. Well day went ok as far as eating went. At least until the dinner at the ball. We had Prime Rib and I was going to save half of the piece I had but got to eating it and had not had any in a long time so ate the whole piece. The only saving grace is that the pedometer totaled a burn of calories of 420 for the day. I know that piece of meat was twice that but I sounded good didn't it. Well all had a great time even my girlfriends grand daughter who was an unexpected guest when her mom didn't show up to get her so her brother could do the dishes. Well we all got through that too. Well hope everyone had a great day blog again later. Night.


Back on the road again

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm back I think. Whatever was ailing me the last few days seems to be gone tonight. No pain all afternoon. Pretty busy for dinner tonight we did 32 not great but I'll take it. Did pollack french fries and hushpuppies with chocolate cheese cake that was donated to us. Well back to work in the morning and we have3 the commanders ball tomorrow night Whoo Hoo. Well need to go to support the out going commander it;'s only fitten he hasn't done that bad of a job with all the personalities he has to put up with. Well hope you all had a great day and evening. Blog more later.


A sick day

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yea that's right I am sick. I don't get sick very seldom. But something is up with my lower intestines and boy I would not wish it on anyone. At times feels like a knife being forced into my lower left abdomen. Well that said my eating has not really been impacted apatite good just pain later on. No walk this morning needed extra sleep. When I sit for a while then get up it's the worst. Well hope everyone is having a better day. Blog more later.


Lot's of steps

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wearing a pedometer all the time really shows how many steps you take daily, It can be pretty surprising. The only problem is that not a l9t of them are aerobic steps. But I guess thy still count as exercise. Well day went pretty good good day at the sandwiches. Not feeling real good need to lay off the black grapes for a while I guess don't compute with stomach very well. Don't really know why cause I love em and eat lot's of them maybe that has something to do with it heh.


Tuesday Night

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well a long night at work pretty slow that's what made it slow. Day went pretty good got walk in this morning. Feeling pretty good lately kinda nice. Well armadillo was taken care of this afternoon. You have to read one of the other posts earlier today for explanation.
Well kinda tired hope everyone had a great day and good evening, Blog again later.


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