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It's the Weekend!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Goal Update:

Flossing - Just got back on track tonight. It took longer than it should have, but honestly, our bathroom's a wreck bc we were supposed to basically get a brand-new bathroom today (now it's supposed to be Monday or Tuesday) & I ended up falling asleep in bed before doing my routine.

10min Exercise - So Thursday I had supper with two guy friends I haven't seen in a long time. I totally allowed myself food splurges with 10 chicken wings (dry w/ blue cheese on the side) and 3 pints of beer. Why am I sharing this? Because when I got there and went to sit down, I hurt my knee. That's right - sitting my ass down slightly injured me. *facepalm* It was a booth & I was standing facing it and turned my body to slide in...except my foot caught the floor and meant my knee down didn't turn with my body. Few things are as gross as hearing part of your body make a "cruch-cruch-crunch" noise and feeling it at the same time. *shudders* I slid into the bench, held my knee & ordered a pint. Thankfully I haven't had trouble walking or doing most things (esp. since it was a second storey pub), but I keep having twinges above & below my knee where I think some ligaments connect. I let myself skip the Thursday workout. Friday I had planned to do one of those seated workout videos on Sparkpeople, but I didn't make it happen. I'm happy to say that tonight I got that back on track as well! I had an upper body dance party while sitting in bed working & then did some light general cario.

Fast Food - Totally still on track, although we did order pizza last night. It's not something that we think of as "fast food", although maybe we should have? We also got frozen yogurt from Cherry Berry tonight with a $5 coupon, but we stayed there to eat even though N's first instinct was to go to the car. I can't imagine ever getting anything more than the smallest container. I know myself & I would just fill whatever size container I get and then regret it.

Today was gorgeous outside & I totally wanted to go for a walk this afternoon in the sunshine & N agreed, but it took me a long time to finish what I was working on...

I submitted what is *hopefully* my FINAL THESIS DRAFT to my supervisor today. It took me waaaay longer than I had expected this week to make updates & changes to my reference lists (as in Monday-Sat), but at 264 pages, it *is* a huge document with a ton of references. I feel great about getting this in, but it taking so long took a lot of time that I needed/wanted for my report for my actual work contract. *eeps* I'm doing some reading tonight & then spending tomorrow & most of Monday working on the report. This is the second-to-last part of this contract, so it means I also need to look for another job again. *sigh* I've loved doing this because it was so flexible and paid well. Ah well. I'll find something else!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

I'm waking up tomorrow to pancakes made by N, like every morning. Best.Partner.EVER! emoticon


Nov. 6 Check-In

Thursday, November 06, 2014

I'm feeling super tired this morning and have been having a super slow and lazy start to the day. It might be because I forgot to drink a lot of water last night after donating blood. :P I also woke up slightly disappointed in myself for breaking my flossing streak last night, but I'm going right back to it tonight. N & I were talking and snuggling in bed early last night and I ended up so tired that I didn't even manage to pull myself out of bed to get ready for bed; I just fell asleep where I was around 11pm!

I do feel really good about the 2-2.5h that I spent housecleaning for the YWCA yesterday. They have a program called WISH that helps get women who have experienced homelessness and are connected to income assistance or other programs to move into an apartment. The YWCA acts as in-betweens and charges reduced rent and meets regularly with the women to help them work any challenges they might be facing, things that might seem simple like grocery shopping to the more challenging budgeting or whatever. They're there as support. As a not-for-profit though, the YWCA needs to have tenants in all their apartments at all times and sometimes only gets a couple of days notice that someone's leaving one of their apartments. That means determining who should move in, setting it up and cleaning the apartment so it's move in ready. There have been a lot of apartments changing hands this month (4 or 5, I think), so they needed help. I helped clean two apartments yesterday, everything from vacuuming to going through things to trash, scrubbing kitchen shelves to walls. I finally learned the huge difference a carpet cleaner can make! Since the cleaning was pretty active without stop, I counted that towards my minimum 10 minutes of exercise.

When I picked N up from work before needing to give blood, I knew I still needed more to eat and that I should have something ASAP. Out of closeness & habit, he suggested Burger King. I reminded him of our challenge & that there was a Subway next door too. It turned out he had had Subway for lunch, so we stopped for a sub for just me. He drove home so I could eat right away and then made himself dinner before we went to the clinic. When we were cuddled up last night, he thanked me for saying no to BK, which was really nice. :) I totally did have some mini cookies at the clinic after donating & then a few chips at home, but after taking the ice cream out, looking at it for a minute, I put it back in the fridge (pre-chips).

Taking small steps is still moving forward!

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SWEETLILCARRIE 11/6/2014 10:47AM

    emoticon Sometimes the small steps and small wins seem like big ones. All those small ones add up to the big ones. you are doing great! emoticon job at sticking to you guns and not giving in to BK. emoticon

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CRUISEGAL55 11/6/2014 10:26AM

    emoticon Those small WINS add up!

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No Fast Food November!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Even though some of the goals in my previous post were coming along (found some work, getting out for walks more often, going outside more, getting up earlier), I saw the scale moving in the wrong direction. I thought about my activities and realized that I was eating fast food more than I ever had in my life (or at least since I moved out of my parents' house as my dad is a Wendy's addict...and only ~165lbs). Since I have more fun doing things with someone else, I invited N to join me with a month long challenge of no fast food in November.

The rules:
- The only drive thru allowed is coffee (no baked goods, etc.!)
- We can still go out to eat, but we need to eat in the restaurant unless there are special circumstances and it needs to be a "sit down" type restaurant. (Only exception are frozen yogurt spots, like Cherry Berry", but we still need to eat there.)
- Subway is the only "fast" food allowed. We wanted to have an option available for days when N doesn't pack something for lunch (there's one by his office) or we're traveling and don't have enough snacks packed.

I've also committed to a minimum of 10min of exercise daily & flossing nightly. Again, small little steps, but they add up, especially when I can get N to go for a walk with me because it's usually longer. Plus, flossing is something I've never done, but know that I should. To help keep me accountable since I don't blog often anymore, I've told Noble & my mom about my goals. I've also printed out a calendar page for November, written my goals beside it and am putting a star on each day that I complete my three small goals. So far I'm 3/3! This feels extra great because the last two nights it's been after 11pm when I've realized I still haven't exercised and yet I've just made up ~10min of cardio and then done a cool down+stretched. It's small, but I go to bed feeling accomplished. :)

On a positive big life goal NSV - I'm just fixing up some things with my references and then submitting my thesis (all 270 pages!) to my supervisor for hopefully the last review. *knock on wood* My committee members have already given me their feedback and I've incorporated it, so hopefully after this last bit of supervisor feedback, it'll go to my external! :D

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NUTKINNB 11/6/2014 11:38AM

    Thanks! After spending so long not really working on any fitness goals, I thought I'd better start small enough to gain momentum first!

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SWEETLILCARRIE 11/6/2014 10:52AM

    I love your goals. Simple yet hard enough. Yet they are definitely attainable. Just remember small steps. Slow and steady wins the race!

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New Goals

Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm trying to make small healthy changes right now because I don't feel like I can really handle major stuff. Even though I'm at home and don't have any real challenges, it still feels like working out is this huge thing to tackle. I actually find being healthy when I'm home by myself every day MUCH harder than being healthy while working, etc. I end up sitting around the house on the computer way too much and not moving enough. I got a FitBit using Airmiles and that's been neat to start using and I do find that it's helping motivate me to get out of the house for my walks more.

I have been getting better about making healthy meals and snack though, which has been really nice. I've been introducing N to them as well, plus how easy cooking can be in general. He's the type of person who really eats the same things over & over again and is vegetarian, so it's been interesting introducing him to new things. Last Sunday we ended up at the multicultural fair and he tried Korean and Sri Lankan food for the first time and loved it! Last night I made a basic pasta & veggie dish for supper and then when he said he wanted to take me out for ice cream, I instead got us to make banana "ice cream" together and he had a blast!

These are the current goals that I have set for myself:

Long-term Goals
- Under 200 lbs by September 2014
- Hike Cape Split by September 30, 2014
- Finish my master's degree
- Find work

Short-term Goals
- Walk at least 10min/day
- Drink 8 glasses of water/day (minimum)
- Aim for 5 servings of f/v (I've been living off of carbs for too long)
- Hike at least one trail a month
- Get up earlier (trying to sync up with N who's up between 6:15-7am)
- Get outside more
- Eat ice cream no more than once a week (so tough for me in summer!)

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EVIE4NOW 6/27/2014 2:26PM

  Great goals. Start with baby steps and move on from there. You CAN do it!

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Life Update

Friday, June 27, 2014

I feel like my interest in becoming healthier/fitter seems to wax and wane, so I'm often doing what feels like a reboot on Sparkpeople.

I've gone through a ton of ups and downs since my last blog in August 2013.
- G-Man & I split up (amicably, although he changed his mind afterwards) in November 2013 while he was still in NL.
- The week before G&I split up, my high school sweetheart (N) & his wife decided to separate amicably, and in December he came to visit and we got back together!
- I finished my internship as a sustainability and management consultant in December.
- N's father died of prostate cancer somewhat unexpectedly Christmas Eve day and my first time seeing/meeting his family again was at the funeral on New Year's, which was hard, but went well.
- I got a job with the federal government, but someone messed things up with my security clearance and my contract ended up cancelled the same day I signed it, leaving me desperately trying to figure out where I would live, what I would do for work, money, etc.
- N flew up in February, helped me pack up my life in Ottawa and move back East.
- I spent March living with my folks, unable to look for work there bc I knew I was moving again.
- I moved back to NS and am now living with N and looking for work.
- I submitted my full thesis to my supervisor & got positive feedback, after my university almost wouldn't let me register for this semester and I almost gave up. NSW!
- I submitted my thesis to my full committee and had a committee meeting this week with good feedback. NSW
- I found out I won't be able to finish my degree this summer and graduate in October bc one of my committee members doesn't have time for me, so instead of the 3-4 weeks to review my thesis, it's going to be more than 2 months and put my defence past the deadline by a week or so. :/


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