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New exercise routine

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well, after my last swimming experience, I was hoarse for 5 days. That's the same length of time I was hoarse after the original throat surgery. I will give it another month or two before I go back into that chlorine filled room at the gym.

Possibilities for return to the pool:
1) just sit on the bench for 15 minutes and see if breathing the air does any damage
2) water walking for 15-30 minutes
3) water aerobics class (an entire hour)

My problem is I don't know which caused my hoarseness, the increased force of breathing across my vocal cords or just the chlorine itself.

Actions before I can get in the pool again:
At least 10 minutes of activity each day, hopefully more on my days off.

I'm not a sedentary person. I'm on my feet 12 hours at work and spend time cleaning , working around the house on my days off. I sit to eat . I sit to chart at work. But my activities don't get my heart rate up, so this 10 minutes is better than nothing.

I'm on streak day 3.


The verdict on swimming is still out

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Well, I had a great time in the pool yesterday swimming my laps. But 6 hours later I became hoarse and developed a sore throat. I had these symptoms for about 5 days after the surgery on my vocal cord/trachea , but have not had any problems for 3 weeks. I didn't even have problems yesterday until 6 hours after I got home from the pool. My DH thinks the chlorine irritated the surgery site, or it could be the force and speed of breathing in the pool, or a combination of both. I just know that I'm not happy.

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JAMBABY0 7/10/2014 9:18PM

    I think more then likely it is a combo of both, maybe you should find another exercise until you have completely healed. Good luck

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Update on my life, surgery, and swimming

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The main thing going on in my life these days is that my husband lost his job. Actually, his plant is about 40 people lost their jobs. Our second daughter will be a senior in high school, so we've decided that I will remain in Jackson, TN until she graduates next May. DH has a consulting position with his current company that will take him through the end of the year/Jan 2015. After that we'll decide if he looks for work with another company so we can stay here, or stay with the parent company and we relocate....again.

On June 9, I had surgery. I had been having symptoms of asthma, but they didn't get better with treatment, so the doctors went looking down my throat to see what was going on. It turns out, I had subglottic stenosis ( a narrowing of the area between the vocal cords and trachea). This was causing my shortness of breath, cough and wheezing. So, I had that taken care of. I went for my follow up a few days ago and was given the "all clear" to get back in the water....

So, today I went swimming for the first time in almost 4 months. I had no expectations, I just wanted to make myself get in the pool again. Any time away from that exercise makes it harder to go back. So, I took it easy with a calm gentle pace the entire time and my breath came easier, I didn't cough or wheeze. I would say that was a success.

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ARMATTHAEI 7/10/2014 2:26AM

    Sorry to hear about your husband losing his job.

I am so glad that your surgery went well & that yiu can get back to swimming.

Maybe we can cross paths someday as I live in the Nashville area.


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BKWERM 7/9/2014 5:33PM

    I'm beginning to think your DH should have gone into nursing the way you did. His profession seems to be quite unstable. I hope he finds a job in the community so you don't have to move again.

I'm glad to hear your surgery was a success. I know what you mean by getting back to exercise after a break is hard. I was diagnosed with shoulder tendonitis in May and told to not use it for 6 months, which I wasn't happy about since I was doing upper body ST at least twice a week but I tried just doing biceps and my shoulder was in agony for two days so I've subsisted since then. However, I still swim whenever I can since I love it and it doesn't appear to aggravate it.

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Deja Vu or decide

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Deja Vu means the illusion of having previously experienced something that you are actually encountering for the first time.

What's the word for feeling like you've done something before, then realizing you have? Oh yeah, INSANITY..... Doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

I restarted my SparkPeople Stress Busting Challenge today. I wrote in a journal about the things that stress me and possible ways I could deal with them. Then I decided to blog about it. I reviewed my last few blogs and found one I wrote on Jan 12, 2012 when I first joined this challenge. I found that I had previously blogged about the exact same list of stressors. THE EXACT SAME LIST!!!!! Obviously, I didn't learn to deal with my stress. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about my discovery. At least I learned my life is consistent, and that's probably not a good thing.

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BKWERM 7/8/2014 1:49PM

    Sorry to hear you have the same stressors as previously blogged about. I hope this time you can make the change. emoticon

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Perfect.... is never going to happen

Friday, January 17, 2014

I could have titled this "Perfect AIN'T gonna happen". I often use the word ain't when I'm making emphasis. When the topic of discussion is beyond the realm of ever happening (at least in my little world).

Anyway, I was thinking this morning about what I want, and realized I wanted things to be perfect. Perfect, whatever I imagined that to be...goal weight, strong body, healthy diet, clean house, stress free day at work. And I want everything perfect at the same time. But, it's not going to just ain't.

I had decided that on my own this morning. While I tried to straighten up my kitchen...30 solid minutes and it's still a mess. I don't mean cleaning out drawers and organizing the pantry. I mean 30 minutes to load the dishwasher, put away things people had left out and wipe down counter tops...who am I kidding? I didn't even get to the counter tops.

So, I decided perfect can't happen in this world. Then I got on Facebook and was reminded that it doesn't need to happen. I'm starting a bible study next week called "Made to Crave" and their post this morning reminded me that God is not looking for me (or my situations) to be perfect. He just wants me to walk with Him and depend on Him daily. That's enough perfect for me.

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MJEFFERSON23 1/17/2014 10:44AM

  Great blog! Letting go of perfectionism takes a big load off! Thanks.

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