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Helping other people reach their goals

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I love helping other people. Always have and always will. The simple words "thank you", when honestly said and are meaningful, are music to my ears. Even when they're not said, just a look or the smile of someone I've helped can really fill my heart with joy. For a thing as simple as a present, I have to think days ahead, find out what someone really needs and make sure that what I give them will bring a smile to their face. If I could be 18 again, I would definitely start a career as a doctor or a nurse. All this time that I've been here on Spark, there's nothing that makes me happier than leaving comments to people who need support. My comments may have meant nothing to some people or a lot to others but to me each and every one of them is an act of trying to do something for someone.

During this journey, I've learnt a lot about nutrition and exercise. Knowledge that has been passed on from other SP members or that I have acquired from hundreds of articles I've read and videos I've watched. You can't imagine how excited I was when I was asked to use this knowledge to help other people!

A very good friend of mine started her own health journey yesterday by visiting a dietician. So, after setting up her nutrition plan, she asked my help in order to find a way to exercise. I'm already gathering videos and information to send her and I intend to try to motivate her everyday.

My mom was diagnosed with osteopenia this week, which is the first stage of osteoporosis. At this stage, it might not be curable (you can't get back your bone density once you lose it, especially at 70) but we can do a lot to make sure it doesn't deteriorate. What's the key? The same as always! Eat right and exercise! She got the nutrition information from her doctor and I did a research on the right type of exercises for this case. After I talk to her doctor, I intend to help her start a mild exercise schedule.

Yesterday, I went to my first dance class! I joined the parents' dance class at my daughters' school. (Yeah, me!) While we were dancing, another mom complained about calf pain and she had to stop for a while because of that. At the end of the class, we were talking about it and she asked me how come I didn't feel any pain after an hour of dancing. I told her I exercise regularly and she wanted to know what she can try at home, too. I gave her a few ideas and I told her about some good exercises that could help her strengthen her calfs.

Sharing this knowledge felt so great! And knowing that I can help my mom and my friend is just so exciting. Don't get me wrong, I don't pretend to have become an expert on this and I would never suggest anything to someone without the consent of their doctor. I just love helping people. And I want my friend to succeed and love exercise like I managed to do. And I want to help my mom remain healthy for many years to come. Because sharing somebody else's joy is a rare feeling. Knowing that you helped just a tiny bit to create a smile on somebody's face is just priceless!

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BLOOMINGLENA 9/18/2012 4:46AM

    You are such a giving person! You have so much love and care inside you and you are so generous that you want to share it. When you share it you make it double! You deserve the best and thnk you again for standing by me. emoticon


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CANNIE50 11/4/2011 11:42PM

    I came to thank you for your kind comments on my "sweet depression" blog. Yes, your words were helpful to me and I appreciate what you had to say, and the fact tht you took the time to read my blog and post a comment. I enjoyed reading this blog, it was uplifting. What a good Sparkler you are, both here and in the "big" world.

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BAKER1009 10/26/2011 9:42AM

    I already knew it, but you are emoticon!! THANK YOU for being so helpful and supportive to those around you! Keep up the great work darling!!

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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 10/25/2011 4:32PM

    You are spreading the spark...your spark!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BENTONHEALTHY 10/25/2011 12:33PM

    What a pleasant read today. Good for you and all the people that enjoy your suggestions. Have a great day.

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KEEPITUP05 10/25/2011 10:19AM

    Great blog! Helping others is a gift that can't be bought and is priceless! emoticon

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The scale sabotaged me!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've been on Sparkpeople for a long time, actually two years and a little more. My progress has been sloooooooooow. So slow that at some point I thought the SP staff would erase me for being a bad example to other Sparkers!

When I started out, I knew this had to be a lifestyle change. I had been on diets again in the past, successfully I could say, but when the diet was over, so were my newly-acquired healthy nutrition habits. I had even got help from an expert. But I couldn't afford visiting her forever! When I stopped, I just returned to my old ways of eating.
This time I had to do it on my own. I had to make slow changes that would last. I set a goal for myself but I wanted it to be flexible. Ok, I want to lose 20 kilos but I won't set a deadline for this. I don't care when I reach my goal, I just want to establish new, long-lasting healthy eating habits. I want to get into a weekly exercise schedule that will make my body healthier and increase my endurance. So, I shouldn't care about the number on the scale, right?


I admit it! The number on the scale can be my greatest motivation. Even the slightest change (100 grams!) can give me the energy and the spark I need to start my week and do everything right. So, what's the problem with that? you may ask. The problem is that scales move to both directions. Downwards but upwards, too!

That's what happened yesterday morning. I hadn't seen the scale going up for a long time. I don't really know what the reason is. But a gain of half a kilo was enough to awaken the little bad voice in my head...
"Why should you keep trying? If you didn't lose last week, you won't lose this week, either."
"Come on, you can have as much as you like of this freshly-baked bread. Because even if you don't, you'll never reach your goal!"
"You'll never succeed in losing 20 kilos! Not in a hundred years. You'll go back to your old habits at the drop of a hat!"

In short, a slight backward movement of the scale was enough to make me lose all my motivation, my willpower, my energy for working out, and, most importantly, my self-confidence.

And now the good news! I'm still here. Still fighting. Trying to make this voice shut up. I won't quit. No matter what happens, no matter how many times I fall, I will stand up again. Because in my mind, I have already written this blog about my successful journey here on SP. And I want all my Sparkfriends to be able to read it one day. But above all, I've made a promise to myself. I promised to give myself a proof that I CAN be a winner. And I won't let you down myself. Not this time.

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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 10/12/2011 9:09AM

    You got it-lifestyle change. And it needs DAILY attention...I repeat....Daily attention. Every morning, you have to choose to eat breakfast, drink your water, eat your veggies and exercise-no matter if at goal weight or 100lbs to lose. It sounds to me that you are not giving up and thats so very important. You can do this-yes you can!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TABBYJO88 10/12/2011 1:10AM

    That is the way to look at it emoticon And if you do have one of those bad days there are many people here who are more than willing to help.

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WALKINGTHETALK 10/11/2011 1:55PM

    I hear you - I am the same way - so quick to adopt a "who cares, I'm never going to get there" attitude.....but you only fail when you quit trying so you are doing awesome - taking quit out of your vocabulary!

WE can do this :)

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TYME2BME 10/11/2011 9:25AM

    emoticonThat little voice just waiting to taunt us in giving up what is important to us. But you stood your ground and you are still standing up to it. emoticon This is a life long journey with lots of lessons to learn and you are learning them.
You didn't go back to your old ways in a drop of a hat, you got more determined. You will be writing your success story. It isn't about the time it takes, it is about taking the time you need to learn the lessons and live the lessons. You learned a very valuable lesson because here you are still going to fight for you. You is what is important. emoticon
Have a fabulous week.

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Think before you judge!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

During the past couple of days I've spend a lot of time on Sparkpeople. I read many people's blogs, people who inspire and motivate, people who struggle to make this work, people who have just begun a journey and are anxious to see results. Each and every one of them had a thing to say, an advice to offer, a helping hand needed.

Among them there were some people - very few I'm happy to say - who blogged in order to judge and criticize. I'm not going to get into details, after all nobody judged me personally, but I would really like to express my opinion on this.

This site is a kind of social network. There are many different kinds of people here. But we all come here for a reason. To offer and receive support, inspiration, motivation, all for the same purpose. There's no need to judge other members' actions, choices and words. I've read things that I didn't agree with, either. But who am I to criticize how a person speaks, acts or thinks? If I have a different opinion, I can just share it. Everyone has their own views about life depending on the life experiences they have. They make their choices according to what they've been through.

None of us is here to judge or be judged. Instead of easily criticizing people, we should try to understand them and learn from their experience if we can. This way we'll make this journey worthwhile. Not only for our health and our body, but for our mind and soul, too.


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CANNIE50 10/7/2011 1:21PM

    I have encountered this a few times on Spark and it shocked me at first, because SP is so overwhelmingly positive. But, I got over it because I refuse to let a few mean people ruin my SP experience. There are way more kind people, like yourself, so the meanies are in the minority, thankfully.

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BRAVEONE92 9/27/2011 7:42PM

    Well written! Positives are better. emoticon

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    well said!

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GOOSIEMOON 9/27/2011 9:46AM

    It's always amazing to me how some folks like to bring others down instead of lifting themselves up.

So sad.

I agree that positivity is more helpful and pleasant.

Have a great day, all!

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BAKER1009 9/27/2011 9:38AM

    I couldn't agree more. One of my current courses in school is called Cultural Diversity. We are discussing judging this week. One girl in my class lost a lot of weight by changing her diet and exercising regularly. She talked about how hard it was at first, and about how much time and effort she has been putting into living a healthier life. She talked about some of the foods she missed, but how she knows she is doing what is best for her. She said she overheard some women at work talking about her. They said they think she is doing drugs because she is losing weight. Seriously!?! Is that what we have come to in this society?
I have another friend here on Spark, who was the victim of people talking about her and her weight loss journey.
People are going to judge...they always have and always will. The difference is knowing when to keep your mouth shut! Like you said, I don't always agree with everything I see on here, but I just move on. Everyone has a different way to do what it is they are doing, but we all have the same goals, to live a long & healthy life!

Kudos to you, my SP friend!

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KIMPY225 9/27/2011 9:18AM

    Very true! I just ignore the bad apples. I have enough stress in my life, I don't need any more from crappy people on here!

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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 9/27/2011 9:07AM

    I agree!

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Motherhood: a journey full of feelings!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Exactly 9 years ago!
That's how long it has been. Since this morning that I felt the most overwhelming feeling in the world which just can't be described. It doesn't have a name. It's what you feel when, for the first time, you look at your own child. It's a mixture of happiness, responsibility, love, confusion, awe, relief - just to name a few. And it's just the beginning.

They say that if someone acquires a plane, that doesn't make him a pilot. In the same way, having a baby doesn't make you a mother. Motherhood is one of the most difficult "jobs" in the world. Because you can't be given any kind of training. You learn every day by trial and error. There's no other way. You take a small baby into your hands and your job is to make a man or a woman. And the feelings become more and more. Anxiety, worries, agony, fears...

You watch them grow every single day. Time flies but you don't even realize it. Your children discover the world inch by inch through your guidance. And your heart fills with joy, pride, happiness.

You help them discover themselves and they create a character. A strong one that sometimes is not in agreement with you. And, as a human being, you react. Where did I go wrong? Questions, doubts, more worries come knocking on your door.

And throughout all these years you can't help but wondering: "Does my child love me?" Surely, you've heard many "I love you, mom" from their lips but do they really feel it? Especially when they are past the childhood phase and they are almost pre-teens or teenagers. That's when a simple word or phrase can make a mother cry like a baby...

Yesterday, I was talking with my daughter about the basketball team that she wants to join and she was telling me how much she likes this sport. Then she asked me what I really liked when I was at her age. I told her that I've always loved dancing and I still do and that back then my dream was to become a dancer. She said "Why don't you go to a dance school then?" And when I told her that it's a bit late for me now she looked deep into my eyes and said: "But, mom, this was your dream and I want you to be happy."....


Nothing more to say. Just " thank you". Thank you, God, for giving me the privilege to be a mother.

Happy 9th birthday, sweetheart! I love you with all my heart!

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FIT_MAMA_2_FOUR 9/23/2011 11:56AM

    awwwww, refreshing! I love when a mother can express the overwhelming love that a child brings to them. Thank-you for letting me see your heart.


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SARAHFAILLA 9/20/2011 5:55AM

    That is so sweet. My oldest is turning 6 next month and that's even hard for me to comprehend. 9 will be just around the corner and come way to quickly. I was just telling myself to enjoy the moments they want me to lay with them in bed and such bc before I know it they will be busy with friends.

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    Great blog :) My daughter just turned 12, and I have no idea where those dozen years went!

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IAMNOT61 9/16/2011 9:05AM

    Motherhood is indeed a privilege and our time spent with our children under our wings goes by way too quickly. Enjoy your gift from God to the fullest.

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TATTER3 9/16/2011 9:03AM

    My daughter celebrated her 30th birthday on the 13th. I am still so glad she came into my life. Thank you for this entry. I loved reading, remembering, and feeling that there is still hope for the world with parents who take their job seriously. Keep Sparkin'!!!

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