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Go the Extra 10

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I actually completed yesterday's challenge--to do an extra 10 minutes of exercise. I had already worked out in the morning before I saw the challenge for the day but I got home from work early enough last night that I pushed myself to go for a quick walk so that I'd meet the challenge. I felt great that I didn't after!

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CHICA_BORICUA 5/2/2013 8:20AM


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CHERIJ16 5/1/2013 3:56PM

    emoticon emoticon

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KNYAGENYA 5/1/2013 8:56AM


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Eating on the Clock

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Today's Spark Challenge is to eat based on the clock... waiting no more than 3-4 hours between meals and snacks. This won't be much of a challenge for me as I try to eat that way already. I find it helps to keep my blood sugar levels stable and from getting into that "hangry" state.

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EWL978 2/5/2013 8:55AM

    Whatever floats your boat!! If it works, why question it?

Keep on keeping on...


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Three Things on My Mind

Friday, January 25, 2013

My SparkCoach Community Task for today is to update my blog. I'm supposed to share my "three things" today. I'm not sure if those are supposed to be three certain things or just three things of my choosing. Since I'm not sure, I'll discuss three things currently on my mind that are affecting my journey.

1) Focusing on the positive instead of beating myself up on the negative. I have had issues with binging over the past few years. I have phases where I will go without binging for a few months and be able to stay on my healthy plan but fall back into a binge cycle after. I'm currently in a binge cycle. It started with the holidays (Thanksgiving) and has waxed and waned since then. I haven't been able to get a solid two weeks in of being binge free since then. Instead of beating myself up about my binge episodes of the past couple of months, I am going to try and focus on the times that I was able to make it through the day without binging. I am also going to try and become more aware of when these feelings creep up so that I can find a healthier substitute to deal with my emotions rather than going on a weekend long bender. I've also decided to take the pressure off of trying to lose my latest binge cycle weight as fast as possible. I need to start learning how to adapt a healthy lifestyle into real life and not be so regimented because clearly that isn't working.

2) My alcoholic father. When I was a kid, my dad had a drinking problem. He was able to turn things around and quit drinking for nearly two decades (or so I thought.) Growing up, he always tried to instill in me to be careful with alcohol. This past Saturday it came to light that my dad's problem was back... when my family found him passed out in the bathroom from secretly drinking himself into oblivion. Initially we were unsure what had happened to him. Did he have a heart attack? A stroke? Because he was sneaking drinks we had no idea what was going on. The EMTs brought him to the hospital where we found out he had a BAC of .399 (almost 5x the legal limit). So many emotions have passed through me since then. Anger, hurt, fear, worry, etc. I guess it really is a life long battle but I didn't really expect my dad's monster to come back again. Part of me also worries about myself and my future. I don't have a drinking problem myself but I do feel like I use food as my drug of choice as my dad uses alcohol. I am worried that I won't get my binging under control or I'll finally feel like I will but will end up having future setbacks like my dad.

3) "If goals don't scare you, they're not big enough." -Tom Holland. I signed up for a half marathon and boyyyyyy am I scared! I just need something to focus my attention on that's healthy and not related to the above two points. Yikes!

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ABERKSON 1/25/2013 10:18AM

    Great post! I thin I need to be scared too. I will ponder on that.

Happy Friday :)

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Trying Out Spark Coach

Friday, January 11, 2013

I am currently doing a trial of spark coach. I really want to take full advantage of it during this time so that I'll get a real feel for how helpful it is. Today I am supposed to write a blog post but I don't have much to say. So this is my current update today :)

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RAPUNZEL53 1/11/2013 11:25AM

  Good Luck with Spark Coach!

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Trying Out Blogging as a Way to Get the Noise Out of My Head

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have had soooo much "noise" emoticon going through my head the past week or so. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven't been able to exercise emoticon for the past three weeks (a great stress and anxiety buster for me) along with a combination of other factors.

The reason why I have not been able to exercise is that I had a melanoma scare emoticon. About six weeks or so ago I had my annual full body skin exam by my dermatologist. I had a few moles removed and biopsied. A couple of weeks after, I received a call from his office that one of them came back so atypical to the point where they couldn't rule out melanoma and the rest of the lesion needed to be excised as soon as possible to eliminate the risk of having any remaining atypical cells that would spread emoticon. I went to a surgeon to have the remaining lesion removed and stitched closed. The mole was on the bottom edge of my foot. I had stitches on the bottom of my foot for two weeks. The stitches have now been removed but I still can't flatten my foot when I walk as the area is still healing and it is painful to do so. The surgeon also ordered me to not exercise for at least two weeks post-stitches to avoid aggravating the wound.

I have been so frustrated emoticon not being able to exercise. I miss the endorphine release. I miss seeing my boot camp friends. I miss having an outlet to burn off anxiety that bubbles up. Exercise doesn't eliminate every stressful and anxious thought that crosses my mind, but it does help minimize it. This is why I think I have had so much noise swirling around in my head lately. It is all building up.

Another reason why I think that I have had so much noise lately is that I am very close to my goal weight; I am four pounds away emoticon. I have that fear that I won't be able to maintain it and I'll constantly be living my life in a yo-yo. I hate the yo-yo. I really do. I really want my weight loss to stick this time. I hate the feelings I have when I'm at my heaviest emoticon. I have been wondering a lot lately though if I'll ever be able to indulge without the guilt emoticon. For instance, today I went out to lunch emoticon and one of the desserts on the menu was a chocolate chip cookie sundae emoticon. That is one of my ultimate favorites. Such a basic dessert but just so comforting. I stuck with my healthy lunch though and didn't get dessert as I really want to reach my goal weight. But I still could not stop thinking about that one particular dessert. Even for hours after I was still thinking about it. Am I ever going to get to the point in life where I can have those things and still be able to maintain my weight? Or am I going to allow myself the indulgence and fall into another binge and yo-yo struggle? Is this food noise ever going to go away?

Those are the two main reasons why I have had all this noise lately. The others I will write about later. Can only process so much at a time.


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