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95 Day Birthday Body Makeover, Day 85: familiar territory...?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I almost titled this blog "a rough (re)start," but truth is, I'm slightly embarrassed to broadcast, almost three months later, getting off on the same (wrong) foot I did when I first started.

As I'm sure you can imagine, not much happened after yesterday's posting. My intent was some Shredding followed by a quick round of rebounding, but after a couple episodes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and some mindless e-chatting, I was down for the count. Down, but not out...

I woke up this morning feeling slightly salty, having every intention of, once again, crossing out my (not-so) original goals with an "eh" of resignation. But after rereading my post, I decided to take this thing by the reins and make as strong a final showing as possible. So I'm pushing everything back a day (technically still within my new one-rescheduling-a-week allowance) and making yesterday, rather than Sunday, my "off" day. It's going to be a crucial nine days...but I can't wait...

caloric expenditure

4/27 - (off)
4/28 - rebounding (51 min) [446], 100PU [50]; 30DS [243] => TOTAL [daily/overall]: 739/739 emoticon
4/29 - C25K, W1D1 [ ], 200SU [ ]; CT [ ] => TOTAL: /
4/30 - CKP [ ], 100PU [ ]; 30DS [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/1 - C25K, W1D2 [ ], 200SU [ ]; CT [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/2 - rebounding ( min) [ ], 100PU [ ]; 30DS [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/3 - C25K, W1D3 [ ], 200SU [ ]; CT [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/4 - CKP [ ], 100PU [ ]; 30DS [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/5 - C25K, W2D1 [ ], 200SU [ ]; CT [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/6 - rebounding ( min) [ ], 100PU [ ]; 30DS [ ] => TOTAL: /

**EDIT: A friend of mine just told me about some fitness challenges I'm super excited about, so I'm modifying my program--immediately--to incorporate them. (Changes can be found above.)

One Hundred Pushups and Two Hundred Situps are each designed to last six weeks and incrementally build on one's fitness level, culminating in the completion of 100 consecutive pushups and 200 consecutive situps, respectively, at the end of the programs. As a Couch to 5K veteran (and soon to be graduate...!) I'm a firm believer in what can be achieved in a short span of time with gradual progression and patience. That's why I'm so excited about these programs; 100 pushups, much less 200 SITUPS (not crunches, I'm afraid), is NUTS! But I'm beyond sold on the prospect of surprising myself when I'm actually able to do it.

For all who are interested, you can find the links below:

One Hundred Pushups -
Two Hundred Situps -

I've also posted on a couple of my teams' forums. I've found that these types of programs are great for establishing routines and ultimately forming habits, and the emphasis on upper body and ab sculpting is perfect for summer. Throw in some cardio to whittle away the extra pounds and you're set for a brand new body by June. I don't know about you, but I'm excited...

**EDIT TO THE EDIT: Apparently the Two Hundred Situps program does, in fact, call for crunches; reading is fundamental.


95 Day Birthday Body Makeover, Day 84: a moot point.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Okay, so I fell off.

Between knee injuries and unemployment, motivation for exercise has been distant at best. However, time has clearly marched on, and, at this point, my original deadline is around the corner. Though I do have slightly more time than originally anticipated (I just realized that Day 95 will actually be the 8th, not the 6th), some amendments to the plan are definitely in order. Especially since I have roughly a week and a half for it to come to fruition.

I initiated a personal challenge in the Leaving 170-ville team forums that I dubbed "2500 by 25." My goals and schedule are as follows:

- Burn at least 278 calories a day between April 27, 2009 and May 6, 2009 for a total of at least 2500 calories.
- Complete ALL scheduled workouts without failure.
- Weigh in under 170 pounds. (A 5-6 pound loss is ideal.)

caloric expenditure

4/27 - 30DS [ ]; rebounding ( min) [ ] => TOTAL: /
4/28 - C25K, W1D1 [ ]; CT [ ], Ab Blast [ ] => TOTAL: /
4/29 - CKP [ ]; 30DS [ ] => TOTAL: /
4/30 - C25K, W1D2 [ ]; CT [ ], Ab Blast [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/1 - rebounding ( min) [ ]; 30DS [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/2 - C25K, W1D3 [ ]; CT [ ], Ab Blast [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/3 - (off)
5/4 - CKP [ ]; 30DS [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/5 - C25K, W2D1 [ ]; CT [ ], Ab Blast [ ] => TOTAL: /
5/6 - rebounding ( min) [ ]; 30DS [ ] => TOTAL: /

So I'm excited about the prospects of new progress. Granted, I won't be meeting my original goals, but. I think the jump start into the next challenge--and the summer--might be just what the doctor ordered. Here's to new beginnings...

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    You can do it and do not let the other things get you down. Surround yourself with positive energy and know that you are a Child of God.

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95 Day Birthday Body Makeover, Day 22: Twentyversary (no, I'm not dead).

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'll come back to this tonight when I get off work to post my current stats, updated goals, and race results.


95 Day Birthday Body Makeover, Days 11 & 12: swan story.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've never believed I was ugly, or undesirable, or unattractive, even when others did. I always wondered what was wrong with their eyes; even by convention's standards, I considered myself blessed. Long limbs and neck, small hands and feet, delicate ankles and wrists, natural hourglass shape, heart-shaped face, high cheekbones. If anything, whenever I've thought about losing weight, it's been within an "I'd-be-undeniably-untouchable-if-I-were-t
o-tighten-this-up" context.

At the risk of sounding cocky (I promise I'm not), I don't think I deserve the black-and-white treatment society gives attractiveness. Either fat or skinny. Either hot or not. Mutually exclusive. Non-negotiable. But what's more, I don't think I deserve for my desirability to be reduced to reflect solely my waist size. That's why this weight loss thing scares me. I haven't always been this size, so it's not that I've never in life gotten any attention for my looks. But if all of a sudden, once I reach a certain unspoken threshold, there's an outpouring...I'll be sorely disappointed. That's all I can say.

Needless to say my weight's been a topic of conversation--a hotly debated one, even--as of late. I wish it weren't that way. I wish someone would notice that I'm an intelligent, compassionate, ambitious, spiritual being whether I weigh 200 pounds or 20. *Sigh. Off the soapbox...

I picked up my race packet today, and I'm mostly apprehensive for what's to come. It's still so surreal; maybe I believe--as does everyone else, apparently--that I'm too fat to be a runner. That there's no way I can do this (that's right, no soapbox...sorry). Then there's the Taurus bull in me who says SCREW y'all--WATCH me. Then there's the teeny tiny part of me that desires one small triumph at a time. Just to finish this one workout, this one program, this one goal. To build upon them gradually until one day, they've become a huge triumph by their own right. That's the part of me that's going to carry me through tomorrow: envisioning my triumph. Taking each baby step toward the me I want to be despite anyone else's (dis)approval (or presence, for that matter).

So I'm pretty much just waiting it out. I'll definitely update after the event. In the meantime, here are today's pictures:


My calories have been somewhat scant recently, too. I don't know if I'm losing my appetite or what, but I've been working out so much that I expected to be eating myself out of house and home by now. I think I skipped dinner all but two days this week. Not intentionally, of course, but essentially out of exhaustion. Once I got the chance it was just too late and I was just too tired.

Workouts have been going well though. I'm not sure I'm noticing any drastic changes--not that I think I should--but I've been more consistent than I probably ever have been. For whatever reason, this is really feeling like a body makeover this time around. So I'm definitely excited to see the end result.

I have a lot of plans in the works that I intend to share, but right now I need to take a hot soak and get to bed in preparation for my race. See you on Day 13!

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LOLAGEEK 2/17/2009 10:08AM

    Great post. That unspoken weight threshold is really irritating. It is flattering when you are on one side of it, and defeating when you are on the other.

I am looking forward to your post-race recap. emoticon

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95 Day Birthday Body Makeover, Day 10: in the swing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm so hungry right now it doesn't make any sense. Which I guess is just as well since I've been clowning from dinner last night well into this morning. But thank God I'm learning, progressing, advancing. I finally feel some movement in this thing. Maybe I spoke too soon with the "challenge" I closed yesterday's blog with; either way I definitely took a big slice of humble pie today. But the Lord knows I could always use a good life lesson.

I'm intentionally keeping this brief and vague because 1) I'm sleepy and don't want a repeat of this morning tomorrow, and 2) I'm ready to eat! Today has been jam packed and, now that it's all said and done, I'm just glad it's over. One day at a time, as my dad mentioned in church tonight.

Today's pictures are as follows:


I realize I should probably be talking more about my workouts and what I eat in these entries, but because I do them at the end of the day I'm usually so tired that it's pretty much just "herearethepicturesgoodnight!" I'll try to elaborate a little more tomorrow. If nothing else, I'll definitely be fleshing out my first 5K experience, so stay tuned for Saturday. (And I haven't forgotten about the topic I mentioned last week either. Trust me, I'm a woman of my word.)

Catch you on Day 11...


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