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Monday, November 09, 2009

Okay, so I woke up at 0615 this morning with a hang up call from Melissa. I try to call her back and she doesn't answer. Then I get a text saying that someone stole her money and is driving her to my house in a broken down truck. She wanted me to come and get her and the kids off the causeway. Of course I was not awake and had to get dressed. By that time she sent a text advising that she was off the causeway and to meet her at the store. She told me that Rocky and Rob stole $500 from her. She looked a mess. I got the kids from her because she was leaving with Rob to go back home. I brought the kids home, got them dressed and off to school. What a way to start off the day.

I forgot to mention that I didn't get to sleep last night because the battery in my fire alarm was going out and beeped outside my bedroom door every minute until it finally died!

I have not done well on my diet. I know I have gained weight and I know why. It is since the boys have moved in and the stress of my sister.

Ok. The stress continues. More later



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ok. I didn't go home and clean the house. I got into an argument with the AT&T people and it set me off. I made fried egg sandwiches and did my facebook, pogo and mobsters stuff.

I am a little stressed today. I found $18 spent by Amanda on my credit card for Daquiris. She said she thought it was her card. Money is tight. $18 is alot to me right now.

Full day of work today. I got supplies ordered. More work still sitting for me.

I really need to go to the store tonight. I don't have any tuna or chicken left for lunch. I also ate the last of the oatmeal.

I have to run. See you tomorrow.



Monday, October 12, 2009

I have been doing well for about a year. In the year I have lost around 40 pounds. I haven't done anything for the past month and I have to get myself restarted. I talked to my friend Andrea in California and we are going to start reporting in to each other. Of course we were supposed to start this a month ago and she has been waiting on me. Get off your butt Kathy! emoticon I emailed her the information on the site today. Hopefully she has a chance to look at it and let me know her username. I will add her as a friend and we will go from there.

I have logged my breakfast and lunch. I didn't realize my bread for lunch was so much. I plan on shrimp tonight. I just don't know how I want to cook it yet. Of course I want it in pasta. Maybe I will make it with wheat pasta. emoticon That counts as doing good, doesn't it?

I am not looking forward to going home tonight. My nephews are back at my house after missing a week of school. They have probably been up all night and I am going to have to get them back on schedule. I am not looking forward to it. A slew of homework is going to hit me. Patrick is in a grumpy mood. The house is a disaster. I will work on it tonight. I have to have it done. I hate it being messy. I just have no desire to get out of bed and do it. I stayed in bed most of the weekend watching tv. I should have cleaned the house. (I did clean the kitchen yesterday, but that is all.)

Tonight my goal is to finish up the kitchen, the living room, foyer and laundry room. Sweep, mop and dust all of the above. Do the laundry on the sofa. I can do it. Just don't get into bed when I get home.

Okay, I will sign off for now. Later emoticon

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