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Goals for 5% Winter Challenge

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I need to get more active. Winters are hard for me. I have SAD and it causes me to not want to do anything. To change that I want to get to the gym 3 days a week and keep my steps above 5,000.

Cooking more from scratch and eating wholesome foods. Increasing my fruits and vegetables. I just discovered pomegranates. WOW are they good on lettuce salads with slivered almonds and sunflower seeds and also on fruit salads. Iím hooked. A friend told me all you have to do is remove the seeds and put them in the freezer to have year round. Iím stocking up!!!

Talking about food, I need to start tracking everything that I put in my mouth EVERY day!!! I havenít missed many days but those days were whoppers L. With SAD there are days when I donít care if I eat everything in sight and the scales are showing it Ė about 4 lbs in January. I know excuses, excuses and 4 lbs isnít much but it is so much easier to put it on than take it off. No more excuses, just get back on track and do what I know I should be doing.

1.Track my food and have 1200 to 1500 calories every day.
2. Use my fitbit and get at least 4,000 steps per day.
3. Do at least 10 minutes cardio 6x a week.
4. Stretch at least 5 days per week.
5. Strength training 32 days per week. Oops that is only 2 days lol.
6. Weigh in and post my weight once per month.
7. Check in several times a week to help stay motivated and to motivate my team members.
8. Read and comment on blogs frequently.
9. Love myself even when I mess up!

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CAROLLEE57 3/1/2013 1:46PM

    I love your goals, I live alone and suffer from sad as well. Some times after work all I want to do is go home and stare at the TV emoticon

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DURANGOREDDOG 2/12/2013 4:53PM

    Great goals. I'm on the Shooting Stars team so we will have some friendly competition. I'm trying to lose another pound before our start date which I just saw to be Feb 23rd. BTW we post our weight once a week not once a month. I'm sure you know that as you were in the last challenge, too. Good luck. emoticon

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MAMAOWLS 2/7/2013 2:45PM

    I know the feeling. This is my busiest time at work along with the colder weather and shorter days really give me fits. I have a really hard time keeping up with the exercises and I'm so mentally exhausted, and tired of being on the computer when I get home the last thing I want to do is get on the computer and log all of my food and exercise. I have been doing pretty good but I know I could do better.

Things are slowing down at work a little and the weather has been good enough to take a walk during lunch so that is helping immensely.

I wish you luck at maintaining your goals.

Have a great day


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TPETRIE 2/6/2013 5:50PM

  Sounds like a great plan. You will achieve this with the attitude that you have. Good luck.

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TURTLETALK 2/5/2013 7:42PM

    Sounds like a solid plan. In fact it is very similar to mine! emoticon

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MERRYMARY42 2/5/2013 7:16PM

    all good goals, I try to do them too, but it is so hard some days. and that last one about not giving up, is a biggie

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GOODGETNBETR 2/5/2013 3:00PM

    Great set of goals, especially that last one. emoticon

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JOYINKY 2/5/2013 2:20PM

    Good list! This is a tough time of year; we're all struggling! I do have two suggestions based on my experience. I wouldn't go less than 1500 calories a day. I try to stay 1500-2000; put the top at 1800 if my weight starts creeping up like it is right now. But yes, definitely no mindless eating; if you're going to eat it--admit what you're doing. I'm a pencil and paper tracker; always will be. Second is step up the steps; even if it takes in-house walks. I've had to add them back since the holidays; I can't keep my weight down if I don't keep moving and I seriously believe the morning in house walks get my metabolism going faster sooner in the day. I'm babying a tender lower back right now and the walking helps; I've done over 6,000 steps inside today. More than usual because it does help my back. Yes, Absolutely love yourself! We all mess up! Just don't give up! emoticon

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Good Morning

Friday, January 04, 2013

It is almost 10 am and 7 degrees outside. The sun is shining and it is going to be a beautiful day.

We have a nice warm house, warm clothes, good food, what more could anyone ask for.

Today is the start of my 3rd day on the Jan. Jumpstart Challenge. It is just what I needed. Two days complete of strength training and cardio completed. I'm so thankful for Spark People and my friends here. I can always find encouragement and motivation.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TEQPEACH 1/6/2013 10:25AM

    You won't hear me complaining how cold it is at my house anymore!! Keep up the great work on the challenge!


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MERRYMARY42 1/4/2013 9:11PM

    I know, me too, I am really motivated this January, so far I am doing great, now to just keep motivated though the year.

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BESTSUSIEYET 1/4/2013 7:38PM

    Hooray! Hope your day ended as well as it started!

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DOINITRIGHT2012 1/4/2013 7:11PM


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MAMAOWLS 1/4/2013 2:32PM

    You are having a heat wave it has been between 5 and 8 below zero here in the mornings all week. I too have started the January fittness challange and am looking fowarward to the end of the month to see if it is working.

Good luck

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YELLOW09RED 1/4/2013 12:18PM

    WoW! 7 degrees, I'm glad you are keeping warm indoors.
Hugs for you to not get sick.
Have a wonderful day toooo!

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Fitbit and SP - still learning how it works

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I linked my fitbit up with Spark People. It automatically transfers my steps and workout information to SP. It even credits my housework and shopping activities when I get my heartrate up. I found out today that it even transfers my weight that I enter on the fitbit page. That Iím not so happy about L. I enter all my weight fluctuations into fitbit and was only entering my weight into SP when it actually went down.

I gained 4 1/2 lbs on vacation and the 3rd day home I lost 3 of those pounds. Just when I figure I understand how my body gains and loses weight it does something drastic like that. Sometimes if I put on a couple of pounds it will come off easily like that and other times it sticks and I have to work hard to get it back off. Our bodies are a wonderful, complex creation.

Iím looking forward to getting my life back to normal again. Love the holidays but glad to get back to regular eating and exercise. Looking forward to this new year and whatever it has in store. Was debating on whether to join the January Jumpstart Challenge because there are some things I am unable to do but have decided to join and do what I can and adjust what I canít to something that I can. I need that extra push right now.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MAMAOWLS 1/4/2013 2:42PM

    I have been thinking about getting a fitbit for my husband. My phone has a pedometer built in so I have been tracking steps for almost a year. I carry my phone all the time anyway so I'm not sure I relly need one for myself. Almost 2,600,000 steps so far.

Have fun learning how to use it.

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MERRYMARY42 1/2/2013 9:00PM

    I gained 2 pounds, and they are still hanging around, so, I am really measuring my food, 2 whole days emoticon but, I will be super good, I can, it is just hard to do,
I really want a fitbit, but it takes me forever to decide to do anything like that pros and cons, expense and whether I really want/need it. I imagine I will get one in the end, I use my pedometer faithfully, and really like it. so no reason I wouldn't like the fitbit,
does it tell you how much sleep you get, I think so, but not sure, but I would love that part of it, because I am in bed about 9 hours, but I know I spend quite a bit of time awake.
anyway, I will check that challenge out too, I need a push in the right direction.

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DOINITRIGHT2012 1/2/2013 11:28AM

    I'm right with you, as are many people. Let's do this!


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HIKESHAPPY 1/2/2013 11:00AM

    It's good to learn how our bodies react. Good for you for joining the challenge - I did, as well, even though I can't do it quite the way they have it written, either. Thanks for sharing that you can't, too - that helps me not feel bad (I thought about un-joining because of that):-)

So how do you like the fitbit? I've thought about it - that it might be motivation for me. I'm just not sure and I hate to spend that money if it's not going to be motivating.

Have a wonderful, healthy, blessed 2013!

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YELLOW09RED 1/2/2013 10:41AM

    Good morning Yvonne,
glad you are back home. Merry Christmas & Happy 2013 year.
I have gained a couple of pounds that need to be lost.
Have fun on the challenge and the weight will drop off.
Enjoy your fitbit, I have another friend that is using it.
Hugs & joy,

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JOYINKY 1/2/2013 10:20AM

    I'm so glad to be getting back to my normal routine too! I will be interested in knowing how you like your fitbit as you use it more. Right now I'm happy with my pedometer. I don't like getting overwhelmed with too many numbers and too much information. My focus is on healthy choices. Still the pedometer has been a great motivator. The most intriguing thing about the fitbit for me is the size; my pedometer is bulky. Have a wonderful new year; you're off to a great start!

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Evaluation and Goals

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Looking back over this past year I went from 171.8 down to 161.8 with 2 weigh-ins during November at 159. Over Christmas I went back up to 166.2. We were out of town for 2 weeks with family and eating ate out some too. Pants that were very snug are now very comfortable. During this year I have increased the intensity of my exercise and decreased the amount of sugar I eat.

My goal for this year is to get down into the 150ís and never see the 160ís again. I plan on increasing the length of my exercise each day by focusing on adding extra sessions each day. Will continue to decrease the amount of sweets including artificial sweeteners. Also planning on cooking more from scratch instead of using so much processed food. That way I can control the amount of sodium and additives that we eat.

Looking forward to a wonderful and productive 2013.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MAMAOWLS 1/4/2013 2:48PM

    Great goals. I would love to cook more from scratch but since I work full time prepared foods are just so much more convenient.. We try to watch the sugar and fat content even with prepared foods, not so much sodium, although we should. I haven't really gained or lost much this year I guess my body is in maintenance even if I'm not ready for it to be. I would like to lose 10 or 15 more pounds but it seem as hard as I try I can't get there. Oh well I'm just ecstatic that I've been able to keep the weight off this year. Of course, i fluctuate 3 to 5 pound depending on the amount of water I drink and the amount of sodium I eat but I don't consider that weight gain.

Good Luck with your goals for 2013 emoticon

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HIKESHAPPY 12/31/2012 12:59PM

    Awesome, Yvonne! I'm so proud of you - you've really made progress this year! I'm sure you will continue to do so next year.

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SEWINGMAMACDS 12/31/2012 11:45AM


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MYSTERYROSE74 12/31/2012 10:08AM

    Awesome progress this year! I have no doubt that you'll reach your goals for 2013.


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BESTSUSIEYET 12/30/2012 9:27PM

    Way to go! I like your plans! God will give to strength to make healthy choices!

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JOYINKY 12/30/2012 8:03PM

    Good planning; very doable! Have a great 2013!

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MERRYMARY42 12/30/2012 7:41PM

    good goals, sounds like you have developed lots of muscles and firmed up, which is great, I plan on getting down at least 5 pounds, and staying there, I have been at goal, but it has been a long time, so I would be happy to get down to low 120's

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DOINITRIGHT2012 12/30/2012 6:54PM


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CHUM48 12/30/2012 6:48PM

    I wish you the most successful 2013! May you reach each of your goals!

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Sunday Walk

Monday, November 12, 2012

On Sundays our DS and family come over after church for dinner. I go for a walk with the four grandchildren (ages 5-10) after dinner. Yesterday our high was supposed to be 39 degrees and the wind was blowing. At that temperature I didnít want to go for a walk so I didnít say anything to the kids. In the afternoon the 5 yo came and wanted to know if we were going for a walk. Know how could I tell her no. We all got bundled up and off we went. Needless to say we didnít let any grass grow under our feet. When we got back DS commented that we werenít gone very long. As cold as it was they wouldnít have been gone long either.

Thanks to GD I got in 20 minutes of exercise in. YAY!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TPETRIE 12/2/2012 9:15AM

  Great work. It's always so much more fun when you are with your Grandkids. emoticon emoticon

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BESTSUSIEYET 11/19/2012 10:10PM

    Good for you! I was out of town that cold weekend! Sure is lovely this week! Happy Thanksgiving!

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LYNNIERN 11/12/2012 10:07PM

    Love it, walking with your grandkids! So awesome! emoticon

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CARANN56 11/12/2012 9:04PM

    Hooray for grandkids!!! emoticon

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JOYINKY 11/12/2012 5:39PM

    emoticon Good habits start young! Proud of all of you!

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DONNABRIGHT 11/12/2012 2:58PM

    There's a lot to be said for keeping up traditions and look what good habits you are teaching your grands!

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DOINITRIGHT2012 11/12/2012 2:28PM

    emoticon 39 degrees isn't too's better than 39 below! I'm so glad you got out and walked. BRAVO! emoticon

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MAMAOWLS 11/12/2012 2:07PM

    I'm glad you went for your walk with the grandkids that was another wonderful memory maker for them. I walked on Sunday morning before 7:00 am it was only 10 degrees. Waaaaayyyyyy too cold to be out but we were hunting so I really felt like I had to. After we got done hunting we moved all the stuff we bought at the auction on Saturday so I was out in the cold all day. Fortunately I had on my long johns and heavy coat all day.

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MELBBART 11/12/2012 1:23PM

    Great job!! Every little bit counts! What a great example you are setting for your grandkids too.

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SUNSHINEGB 11/12/2012 12:37PM

    Way to go Yvonne! A good brisk walk in the cooler air would be good! It's great that the grandchildren are so into walking!

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DIANNEMT 11/12/2012 11:48AM

    So glad you got out -- even for a little bit! God bless the little one who got you moving!! Great for ALL of you!

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AMYROSEC 11/12/2012 11:39AM

    emoticon My dog Shadow always gives me the puppy dog eyes and sits by the door when he knows it is walk time and I just can't say no to him I also bundled up yesterday and this morning for our walks.

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ALICIA214 11/12/2012 11:37AM


It is hard to drag yourself out of a nice warm home into the cold..for you it was your GD... for me
it is my dog Chica and let's face it we are now heading into winter and the weather will get a lot chillier... time to get out the winter woollies . Hang in there.... after winter comes Spring, emoticon

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PRAIRIECROCUS 11/12/2012 11:25AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CHUM48 11/12/2012 11:07AM

    You are like the mailman, nothing stops you from walking! And look at the example you have set for your grandchild! You go girl!

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