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Finished Strong!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well I may not have done too well in August but I finished the month strong.

Today our 2 yo GS came over after breakfast. We went for a walk. He walked a little ways and then we put him in the stroller. Had a 15 minute walk. The weather was beautiful. I love this time of year.

DH mowed the front lawn and then went around the edge of the back yard and then I finished. I love our new lawn mower. Our old one was supposed to be self-propelled but didnít want to do it anymore. I worked up a sweat with it. This one is sooooo much easier.

DG came over after kindergarten and we had lunch. She played the Wii for awhile and then we went for a walk. If she walked as fast as she talks I would never be able to keep up with her LOL. It is wonderful to have one or two at a time instead of all five.

My total exercise time today was 50 minutes, which is a good number for me. I have to cut back on how hard I exercise so I walked a little slower and enjoyed the day. My food was in the range for today even though we went to Famous Daveís for dinner. Drank my 8 glasses of water. Life is wonderful.

Looking forward to what September has in store. I have my goals all set and am ready to get with the program.

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JOYATLAST 9/2/2010 4:04PM

    Gosh! I feel good all over reading your blogs.

Thanks for the visit! emoticon

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BOOKAYB 9/1/2010 5:04PM

  Ooohhh, what a beautiful day you describe!!! emoticon

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MTNCLIMBER88 9/1/2010 12:13PM

    Sound slike an awesome end of the month. WAY TO GO!

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HIKESHAPPY 9/1/2010 11:55AM

    It sounds like you are doing a great job at learning what works for you and keeping yourself in balance, and that's awesome, Yvonne! Keep it up - way to go!

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TLROYER 9/1/2010 10:02AM

    Good job. Looks like you had a great day. Hope today is great too!

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GOHUSKERS2 9/1/2010 8:43AM

    Life is good to you and I'm glad. That's such a blessing and I hope all your wishes for September come true.

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MONTY68 9/1/2010 12:54AM

    Hi Yvonne

Your blog sounds so relaxed. It looks like you had a very good day. It is nice that you can go out to eat and stay in your range.
Wow, September is here already, I believe you are going to have a great September. Enjoy each day as it comes up.

Thank you for sharing your day.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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What a Week

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My desk top computer was extremely slow to not responding. Called a friend to come and look at it and set up a time. Well, the computer is in the office/catch-all room. As you can imagine, it was more catch-all than office. DH and I started cleaning it out. What a job! It is now presentable. He came over and got it back to what it was - which is just slow LOL.

With the office and other things, it has been an extremely busy week. Haven't even had time to log my food :-(. The scale was going down the first part of the week, whick it usually does. Usually the second part of the week it goes back up :-(. So I have decided to only weigh myself on Mondays. I am also going to find the time to log my food again. I have to do something to get that scale on a downward spiral again.
Next week is going to be better!!! emoticon

I CAN do this.

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BOOKAYB 8/30/2010 12:15PM

  I had to clean house to get ready for our daughter and her boyfriend - ugh!!! I HATE housework - it simply is NEVER done emoticon And ugh again - computers! A lot of people I know are switching over to Mac - more expensive initially, but they swear they run better, are more user friendly and have much better security . . . maybe that will be our goal once we save enough money for a rehearsal dinner!!

Very best wishes for your week, Yvonne!!!

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MERRYMARY42 8/28/2010 5:48PM

    When I have someone (anyone) in I have to spend 30 minutes just picking up after myself and DH, I swear, why I dont pick up as I litter, I just can't figure out, and I actually keep a clean house, it is small and anything out of place is an eyesore, so will I ever learn? I really dobt it, because I have been a homemaker for 50 years now, so I guess this is just me, emoticon.
It is important that you do get back to tracking your food, I know that has helped me more than anything, when I actually see what I put in my mouth, I really put the old spoon and fork down.
I have to defrag and clear out my history because today, me and Sparks are not getting along too well either, I have to re-log in almost every site I go to.

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MONTY68 8/28/2010 4:54PM

    Hi Yvonne
I understand about the room, I have to clean my house before the cleaning lady comes. How old is the computer, I know mine was much slower than my new one.
One of the things I learned about my weight and weighing, I was required to weigh in 3 times a week and found some variance and it was due to the different times of the day that I got weighed. It was always low on Friday, Mondays jumped up and back down on Friday. It was the time of day Friday was very early every week and the other days late . Once we learned my pattern it was easy to watch. Of course we always looked at the food that I tracked, It is so important to track and I am glad to are going to start doing it again.
Next week is going to be a great week. Enjoy the weekend and you will see.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NANCYLEE46 8/28/2010 11:03AM

    It seems like whereever I put my computer I get a pile of everything emoticon I usually defrag my computer 2x a day, along with clearing the browser history.

A good time to set September goals emoticon

Have a great week-end


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MFFNSLYR 8/28/2010 10:45AM

    emoticon Rah! Rah! Rah!

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EARTHY2 8/28/2010 10:41AM

    Sometimes it takes a week like you have had to get you back on track. Good Luck and why not try to keep that room in tip-top shape by making sure it is clean each time you leave it. It's soooooo much easier that way.


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Pollock Bench Trail

Friday, August 27, 2010

Got up early this morning. Ate breakfast and then went for a hike. Hiked on the Pollock Bench Trail in McInnis Canyon. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot already. The only think that I donít like about the trail is the start Ė uphill. I am not an uphiller LOL. We have been there a couple of times with DS and family. We went a little bit slower today and were able to look around and enjoy the scenery. It is pretty country. We hiked about 2 miles.

Tomorrow I think we will ride our bikes on the Audubon Trail. We are fortunate to have so many trails around here.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TLROYER 8/28/2010 10:11AM

    Sounds like fun times. I think I'm going to do a little hiking today too. Have a great weekend.

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MONTY68 8/27/2010 10:34PM

    Hi Yvonne
I believe that some walking and hikes should allow for seeing nature. There are times we walk much slower just to look. You did good, 2 miles and nature makes for a great day.
Tomorrow sounds exciting riding your bikes along another trail.
Congratulations on today and enjoy tomorrow.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Rarin To Go

Thursday, August 26, 2010

That 3 mile walk wiped me out. I have been so tired since then. About the only thing I've done since then is get the office/junk room cleaned up. Had to do that since someone was coming to look at my desktop computer. The reason that it is so slow is because it is so old - like me LOL. He cleaned some things up on it and it is working a little better.

I read JR's blog yesterday about "I Don't Wanna" and thought how much that fit the way I was feeling. Somehow it helps to know you aren't the only one feeling that way. I decided tomorrow I was going to have to get with the program. Well, I had a good nights sleep last night and woke up rarin to go today. It is wonderful to feel that way again.

Look out Sparkers, here I come!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HIKESHAPPY 8/27/2010 9:25AM

    It's good to rest - listen to that body:-) But it's also good to get up and get ready to go, too - woo hoo! You can do this! I'm so proud of you for doing that walk - and of course it tired you out:-) Next time, you won't be so tired!:-)


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NELLIEBLUE 8/27/2010 1:22AM


emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon

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NANCYLEE46 8/26/2010 12:42PM

    Yvonne - You are so much with the program!!!

I think it is an awesome feature of our body to signal "I am tired", slow down.

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MONTY68 8/26/2010 11:25AM

    Hi Yvonne
I guess when one feels wiped out, it is difficult to get moving. To find that you are not the only one that feels that way actually is a good thing to know.
But it sounds like to got some good rest and off you go. I do know you have a very positive attitude and a desire to do well and WILL.
Glad you are feeling better

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BOOKAYB 8/26/2010 11:18AM

  Hey Yvonne!!! I'm so glad you're Rarin' to go today! I liked JR's blog, too - made me feel the same way, better that I'm not the only one . . . Here's to resting when we need to, but jumping back on the path once we're rested!!! emoticon

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My 3 mile walk/run

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I won First Place in my age division Ė 70 to 79 in the 3 mile walk/run this morning!

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn, well at 6:15 anyway. Grabbed a quick breakfast and headed for the 3 mile walk/run. We got there at 7:15 and the race started at 8:00. There was a cool breeze while we were waiting. They started the 5 milers and we waited for another 5 minutes for the 3 mile start. When they started us everyone took off either running or jogging. I thought this was a WALK/run. Well, not to be embarrassed, we took off jogging also. Jogged all the way off the school grounds. There was a couple walking about half a football field in front of us, a girl and her mother walking about 40 feet in front of us and one elderly lady walking behind us.

At the halfway point the 3 milers turned around and headed back. We were on our way back and a runner pulled up along side of us and said Yvonne? It was Kelly, WillingToGrow. She even took time to give me a hug.

After the race was over, we introduced each other to our families. It is great to actually meet someone that is on our team.

Now for the rest of the story. I was the only gal in my age category, so I had to be number one. That is okay. I did it and crossed the finish line. That is what counts.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JRIMM4 8/23/2010 11:40AM

I'm glad you had a good time Yvonne! And super that you got to meet Kelly!


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BOOKAYB 8/23/2010 10:41AM

  Yea, Yvonne!!! You did that in great time, too!! Thank you for continuing to be such an inspiration for us all emoticon I didn't have the guts to sign up, ultimately, so you see that you are an example of courage and determination, as well, for those like me! Maybe with a year to plan, we could get a Western Slope SP team together for next year?!?! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HIKESHAPPY 8/23/2010 9:40AM

    Oh, Yvonne, I am so PROUD of you! I think you most definitely deserve first place. You did what no one else in your category had the courage, the heart, and the dedication to do! Shoot, you did what people my age (47 now:-) couldn't do! I couldn't do it, my friend! Woo hoo - doing the happy dance with you!!!!

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TLROYER 8/22/2010 6:14PM

    You did it! Congrats. And how fun to meet a fellow Sparker. You are an inspiration to a lot of us. Have a great week.

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GMFAY33 8/22/2010 1:39PM

    Thank you for representing those of us who don't accomplish such feats

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MONTY68 8/22/2010 2:03AM

    Hi Yvonne
Congratulations on your event. I feel it really doesn't matter if you were the only one in your bracket, the important thing is you competed, you completed it and you had a good time. When I did the 5 k last year my only goal was to finish, after I was done, I left (since I was the last one in and they don't give prizes for last emoticon. Little did I know that I was first because I was the only one at my age.
You really need to be proud of yourself, it is a great accomplishment.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful day and meeting a Spark friend.

Monty emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    I think that the fact that you were the only ones in your age category is something even more amazing. It means you had the courage to come out and participate when others did not. YOU DID IT!!!!

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DRJJ2004 8/21/2010 9:41PM

    Awesome!! Way to go!

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DARKTHOR 8/21/2010 9:33PM

    You're doing what nobody else is doing, that is something to be proud of in itself. I hope you inspire others.

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