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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I have been struggling with too much snacking (sweets) and getting my exercise in. If I eat something that I shouldnít, I tell myself that I donít care and end up going over my calorie limit by 200 to 400 calories. My gym got rid of the Expresso bikes, which I loved. On a TV screen I could pick different trails to ride and it had a ghost of my last ride. Didnít like my ghost beating me so it was very motivational.

Iím 75 and had blood clots in my lungs last year and couldnít exercise for a couple of months per Drís orders. A couple of weeks of not exercising at my age means loosing a lot of strength and energy and 2 months is even worse. It is very depressing.

I donít want to continue like this. I DO want to get healthy and enjoy life every day. I need to make a list of reasons why I donít want to give up. I enjoy walking different trails around where I live and need to JUST DO IT on a regular basis.

My Dr. wants me to loose weight and eat healthier. He has set me up with a dietician. I log my food and rarely miss a day. I will take some sample days of what I eat to my appointment and see if
we can figure some ideas that will work for me.

I will:
Start reading motivational stories.
Put a stop to saying I donít care.
Tell myself it is okay to have a treat a day.
Add a little more time to my exercise every week.
Focus on getting stronger.
Not expect that I wonít slip up now and then.
Get back on track right away.

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ROCKPORT9 6/14/2014 10:02AM

    I am going through the sugar fix time. I have been having health issues and resort to sweets. It doesn't fact hurts our bodies. I have a close friend whose 85th birthday was yesterday. She line dances, walks her dog a lot, goes to the gym.....looks wonderful. I am 68 and not looking so good. It is not so much age as what we eat and do. emoticon I wish you health and wellness! Hugs, Laurel

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IOWAGRAMMA 6/14/2014 9:36AM

    Yvonne, if you're eating sweets and snacking on items you know you can't handle, maybe it is time to get them out of the house. I know that I can't have anything in the house that will be my downfall: chips, certain crackers, candy or sweets of any kind. I start and can't stop. Are you doing okay with your meals in general and the excess comes from the snacking? I have to be very cautious with my "snacks" and have come to hate that word. Trying to think about the one I do need in the middle to later afternoon as a refreshment, not a snack. It helps a little. Exercise? Can't help you much there, as I don't like it and have to make myself do it. I usually try to use the reward system...if I get my exercise done (or started or do 10 minutes...whatever it takes), THEN I can Spark a while or read a couple chapters in a book, etc. Whatever works is the way to approach it, and believe me, I know what you mean when you say you have been struggling. Seems like I've been struggling my whole life. But where there is hope, there is opportunity!! emoticon

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GLORYB2014 6/14/2014 7:28AM

    Oh Yvonne, it definitely is a struggle at our age (and I'm a few years older than you!).

Going to a dietitian will really help. With the nice places you have for walks, can you get a friend to go with you? If you know she depends on you, it might help push you.

Keep at it Yvonne, you'll get back in your groove.
emoticon emoticon

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JOYINKY 6/14/2014 7:07AM

    I loved KATEJLM's post! I've done all those things! I used to put stickers on the calendar for things that would make my life better if I did them daily. It may be staying in my calorie range, getting my steps in, or even wearing make-up or making my bed. I have to enjoy my sweets away from home, they trigger me. Ten minute sparks of activity throughout the day really made a difference. Whether it was a phone call walk or hooping. Spacing exercise through the day, I feel, kept my metabolism rev'd up. You can do this. Forget about yesterday, it's gone. But, you do have today. Make it great!

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TERI-RIFIC 6/14/2014 6:52AM

    Sounds like you're taking charge if the situation. Good for you. emoticon

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KATELJM 6/14/2014 2:13AM

    I call myself perverse when I don't do what I know I need to do to succeed. My misbehavior seems irrational. However, it is our emotional side that makes big decisions, so why not "market" to ourselves by creating bright, happy Vision boards that display the pleasure of meeting our goals?

Have you tried the "only 10 minutes" strategy? When you don't feel motivated, can you promise to do something for only 10 minutes? After those 10 minutes, you might ask yourself if you can do 10 minutes more. Ten minutes is a small commitment, but then you can tell yourself you're already started. But 10 minutes is half of 20, and suddenly 20 looks doable!

And why not try a child's chore motivation board, where you give yourself a pat on the back. Yes, even use gold stars. Write notes of praise like teachers used to write on papers. Yes, have fun with it. Treat your inner child like a treasure. Laugh lovingly at yourself.

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CLARISSABOND 6/14/2014 1:08AM

    It sounds like you know what to do and you know that there is only one person that can make you do it. I am sure you will work through this. Life is to short to waste time feeling bad. emoticon
I am having to hit the reboot button myself so I totally understand.

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    emoticon emoticon

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UKNOWITNOW 6/14/2014 12:35AM

  No one ever said it would be easy. But it is possible. You can do it.

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Monday, June 09, 2014

I have had a little setback but I am not giving up. I just read my Goal Board Check-In and I have motivating goals. They are:

Just Do It!
Get Outside
I am strong
Enjoy life
Get organized
Iím doing this for me!!!
Every step you take moves you closer to your goals

I need to check these out more frequently.

I appreciate all the encouragement that you have given me. It does help!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

YELLOW09RED 6/13/2014 1:11PM

    Hi Yvonne,
I'm going to share this to my page. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ANNIE1114 6/10/2014 10:06PM

  Great goals! emoticon

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IOWAGRAMMA 6/10/2014 7:22PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ROCKPORT9 6/10/2014 4:27PM

    emoticon emoticon You are emoticon

Comment edited on: 6/10/2014 4:27:49 PM

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MAMAOWLS 6/10/2014 1:52PM

    A little setback is not going to stop you. You realized it now just move on and keep aiming for your goal. emoticon

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JOYINKY 6/10/2014 9:38AM

    Those are absolutely MOTIVATING goals! Check out Sparkpeople articles on SMART goals. They are helpful too. I like this worksheet.


The important thing is to stay the course! emoticon

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TERI-RIFIC 6/10/2014 7:31AM

    Setbacks happen. You've got the right motivation to step forwatd, now. Go for it! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GLORYB2014 6/10/2014 7:05AM

    We all have set backs Yvonne, I'm glad you didn't let it side track you.
Great that you had a Goal Board to read and remind you!

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    Glad your goal board was helpful!! You can do it!!!

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 6/9/2014 9:51PM


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DAY 3 WooHoo!!!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Got up early this morning, took the dog and went for a walk. Walked for 40 whole minutes plus 10 min. this afternoon. FitBit said it was VERY active. Went shopping for 60 min. in between which showed as fairly active. Had over 11,000 thousand steps for the day. Usually I get between 5 and 6 thousand.

Posted everything I ate and stayed at the low end of my calorie range. I will be extremely happy if I can keep this up.

I think I will stay here instead of going back home

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GLORYB2014 6/2/2014 3:09PM

    emoticon Yvonne!

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ROCKPORT9 6/1/2014 10:20AM

    Outstanding! emoticon

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TERI-RIFIC 6/1/2014 7:35AM

    emoticon emoticon You are on a roll! Good job.

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SEWINGMAMACDS 5/31/2014 11:19PM


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JOYINKY 5/31/2014 10:12PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MCFITZ2 5/31/2014 9:59PM

    A very very good day. emoticon

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Off to a good start!!! DH checked the air in the tires before we took off this morning and one had only 20 lbs in it. Had to wait till someone opened at 8. They said it would take a half hour to fix. Off I went on my walk and got 30 minutes done. Great way to start the day! Oh yes, the tire had a nail in it. Tire fixed and off we go.

Wish my eating would have went as well. Splurged at Dunkin Donuts. Not doing anything like that tomorrow.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DR1939 5/31/2014 2:13PM

    Good decision-making.

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ROCKPORT9 5/31/2014 12:19PM

    Sneak in that exercise! emoticon

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JOYINKY 5/31/2014 10:17AM

    Good Job on the fitness! Great way to start any day; I may head out this beautiful morning and walk before I start on the garden.
Traveling is a challenge; you have to plan your meals before you walk through the door; it's just too easy to cave otherwise. There are healthy choices everywhere that are also good; it's a lifestyle change. One step at a time; enjoy the trip!

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TERI-RIFIC 5/31/2014 7:16AM

    DD used to be my downfall. Bagels! Frappes in the summer and mocha lattes in the winter. Now I go for breakfast sometimes on trips, put blinders on and get bacon egg and cheese on an English muffin, take off one muffin slice. Coffee with skim milk and Splenda. Great job getting a walk in before biking. Way to go. Have fun!

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    Good job on the fitness!!!!

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MAMAOWLS 5/30/2014 10:54PM

    I'm glad your husband checked the tires brfore you went on your way. It's much better than having a flat in the middle of nowhere, and you got a walk in while waiting. A double bonus. I hope you are enjoying your trip.

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Dr's Visit & Trip

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Went to the Dr. yesterday. He says that I have "mild" sleep apnea. He want me to loose weight and exercise more. I think that was just the kick in the rear that I needed.

Left on our trip this morning. Got a 30 minute walk at a rest area today and have eaten in my calorie range too.

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ROCKPORT9 5/30/2014 12:41PM

    Sometimes we need that extra kick to get us going the right way!

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YELLOW09RED 5/30/2014 10:54AM

    emoticon Keep your walking fun. emoticon

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JOYINKY 5/30/2014 10:33AM

    Wanting better health is a great motivator, so is a pedometer; both work for me! You can do this!

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HAKAPES 5/30/2014 1:52AM

    Hope the "motivation" will give the push you need.
Keep it up!

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MAMAOWLS 5/29/2014 11:49PM

    Sometimes our motivation comes in strange ways. Gook luck with your eating while on your trip. It is sometimes a challenge. Enjoy tour vacation.

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STEVEN_D 5/29/2014 11:43PM

    I hope you keep with your new motivation!

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