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I refuse to wear a skirted swimsuit.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Who ever came up with the idea of the skirted swimsuit? It doesn't hide anything I want to hide. It isn't fooling anyone.
How about just a regular, normal swimsuit in my size? No ridiculous "boy legs" that dig into the fattest part of me, right where my ample hips connect to my meaty thighs. A slightly higher thigh makes ME look better too (not just the size 2 model).
And while I'm complaining, where did they find my grandmother's old bra cups to cleverly sew into my swimsuit? Who knew it could even be done? Nice to know that plus size swimwear has such cutting-edge bra technology; all these decades later, we still have those ill-fitting, one-size-embarrasses-all bra cups to look forward to.
Thanks, swimwear manufacturers, for so subtly reinforcing the idea that women over size 12 are about as appealing as a root canal, and we should stay off the beach and away from the pool!

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NOTBLUSHING 12/23/2009 11:20PM

    Memory lane...

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MEEZEY 5/15/2007 9:21PM

Best. Swimsuit. EVER. No joke. I currently own four of these babies. All in solid black with pink straps, and a size smaller then I actually am, for some extra suck-em-in on the ol' belly.

It's awesome - highly recommend it.

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SECRETFUN 4/22/2007 7:53PM

  damn straight.

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AMIEINTX 4/21/2007 3:00PM

    Janine - you crack my a$$ up! And you're absoltely correct! Swimsuits suck, and those old bra cups, LOL! You're going to look AWESOME in your NON-skirted swimsuit.

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HEREAMI 4/20/2007 11:25PM

    I quit wearing those skirts also. I do have boy legs and really like them.

You are a pretty lady so what is the deal? Come on down to the pool side and enjoy. Take a stroll on the beach and relax. You likely are much more critical about how you look than anyone else.

You just keep smiling, keep shining, keep Sparking, knowing you can always count on us here to love you.

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Here goes: Week 17 Progress Report

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My "Self Pep-Talk" for days when I'm afraid of the scale, and need to be reminded of how far I've come since December 27th. Ready?

~ weight down 47 lbs (down 6 since last update)
~ chest down 1.5" (unchanged since last update)
~ waist down 4.5" (down 1.5 since last update)
~ hips down 6" (down 1.5 since last update)
~ upper arm down 2" (down 1 since last update)
~ thigh down 2.5" (down 1 since last update)
~ calf down 1" (unchanged since last update)

~ stamina up
~ productivity up
~ attitude up

Yay! Looking at that always makes me feel so much better!
I feel that I have turned the corner from the "out of the starting gate" phase, and am coming into the long term grind. Oddly enough, if I imagine myself as a healthy, fit person, focusing on weight maintenance, I am still able to lose; but not as quickly. My loss is FINALLY starting to be noticeable to others.

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KERRIGIRL 4/18/2007 2:30PM

    Great job NB... Staying positive and focused really does help.
YOur attitude, stamina and numbers prove you are doing a WONDERFUL job!!!

Woo hoo!!

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SECRETFUN 4/17/2007 6:17PM


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SMURFETTE0725 4/17/2007 5:06PM

    What a wonderful post Janine!! You are doing such a PHENOMENAL job! A true inspiration!!
Magda ♥

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BBRABBIT 4/17/2007 4:28PM

    17 weeks?! Wow, AWESOME!!

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A big, fat, weight loss reward purchase.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Up until now, I have embraced the opinion that weight loss is it's own reward. In fact, I still believe that... it is! However, the unceasing needling of my friends has convinced me that I should BUY myself something, because (in the oft-repeated words of these well wishers), "I would!"
Okay, I've gotten chummy with the idea. But instead of a counter-intuitive romantic dinner with my adoring spouse, I decided to purchase things that would not only reward the milestone reached, but HELP ME reach the next one: fitness equipment.
When I first began my new life as a fit person, we bought an elliptical machine. In my opinion, it has been immensely helpful in helping me shed the first forty-five pounds. The reward I want MOST when I hit the big five-O is a new sit-up/weight bench. I am five pounds away from my bench.
Now, completely embracing and already looking forward to my NEXT big reward, which should occur in the hottest, nastiest part of summer, and coincide perfectly with our ten-year anniversary vacation, I began shopping for fun summer toys: scooters and kayaks.
I bounced this idea of my adoring husband.
No scooter. He freaks out a little at the idea that I could be driving something to work everyday that is LESS safe than my tiny car, and reaching speeds of 70 mph. If I want to feel the wind on my face, I'll ride my bike. Most of the time, THAT is pretty scary.
Consequently, I have decided that the mini-boat or kayak will be a very big goal reaching reward. That way, I'll be small enough to fit in it without sinking, getting stuck, or looking ridiculous enough to cause strangers to pause and photograph me. I'm so psyched, I could buy it NOW if not for that darn school tuition. And for less than the price of a Vespa or a premier designer handbag, I could be enjoying this reward as early as the latter part of THIS summer.
How's THAT for incentive?

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SECRETFUN 4/13/2007 8:45PM

  hum, I should find links to your boats (or find them at a place I have to WALK!) I keep seeing the kayak my FIL has, and he ties it on the roof of a car not that much bigger than the one you have.

Your bliss, love, follow your bliss.

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NOTBLUSHING 4/12/2007 9:30PM

    SECRETFUN, the mini-boat (motorized dinghy) I was considering is far smaller than the large twin hull fishing kayak I want.

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SECRETFUN 4/12/2007 8:49PM

  Now kayak is different than a mini boat in my mind (or, when thinking about your tirp, it can go on the car not behind the car). When you are ready let me know if you want my FIL's kayak info. He has a little rented slip on a dam/river and everything :) You can take classes at LL Bean and through other places. He started in Alaska and continued learning around here. He loves it. Says he has lunch at his 'water front property' and does literally go out at lunch, afterwork, and on weekends to unwind and get exercise.

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Inlaws GONE, time to get down to business!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NO MORE restaurants
NO MORE big meals
NO MORE beer and wine
Not that these were big issues, but my waistline still is! I have lost three pounds so far this month, and while it's not nothing, it's not exactly stellar. I can do better.
Tomorrow is Thursday, the beginning of my work week. I will be physically exhausted until Tuesday. And I will burn huge numbers of calories.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am but five pounds away from the fifty pound mark. I am resolved to exceed that mark this month, and be at least 65 lbs lighter by June 18th, my wedding anniversary.
In the words of Yul Brynner: "So let it be written, so let it be done!"

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SECRETFUN 4/12/2007 8:43PM

  Go! Go! Go!

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Is it seriously almost Friday?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The invasion of the inlaws has lasted for a week now. I need a break.
I TOTALLY have to spend all day tomorrow finishing a design. I am having my FINAL meeting with the client Saturday morning. I have a lot of work to do.
Good night all.

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EMSCHICK9 4/6/2007 8:00PM

    Hope you got your project done! Have a wonderful weekend!

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SECRETFUN 4/6/2007 7:18PM

  Hope you got the peace and tranquility you needed!

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MRSTLC 4/6/2007 7:33AM

    Be blessed, rest and refresh!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! :o)

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