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It finally happened. My pants fell down.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not all the way, but low enough so that I tripped over them coming out of the grocery store.
My arms were full of groceries, and they slid way down before I could free up a hand to pull them up. I almost fell on my face.
Almost unconsciously, I have fallen into the "gangsta" habit of actually HOLDING UP MY PANTS with one hand when I walk around doing my chores during the day. Today, I had no belt on, and caught myself several times holding up my pants on both sides. Way beyond gangsta. Bordering on Barnum and Bailey.
Yet, when I saw that it was almost 8 o'clock and I still hadn't been to the grocery store, I thought nothing of my attire and went out the door. The rest is history.
I sincerely hope nobody had a camera phone.

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_UMAMI_ 3/21/2007 1:19PM

    I hope you were wearing some boxers under your pants!
Congrats on the inches lost! And treat yourself to some new pants! (or perhaps a belt? suspenders?)

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MUSTANGGIRL 3/21/2007 10:02AM

    Love the title of your gave me a much needed giggle this morning. And even though it can be annoying and happen at the most inconvenient time, aren't you happy that your pants are falling down? I love it when I notice my clothes are too big.

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Results beget action

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One of my sparkfriends posted this morning that she is down four pounds. Of course, she is jubilant! And of course, I am ecstatic for her.
She said that it makes her want to work THAT MUCH HARDER at her fitness program.
I COMPLETELY agree. There is no question how much of a morale booster it is to have that tangible result! It makes you feel superhuman, workout even harder, and watch every calorie. NOTHING is more motivating than results! When you don't see them, you wonder, 'what the hell, will I be this heavy forever?' and feel hopeless.
I soooo yearn to get that hopeful feeling back, when the scale was moving down consistantly, every single week.
I was just getting dressed this morning, and thinking to myself, that I have now been plateaued for almost as long as I had been losing weight! I'm in a huge rut.

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GEMINIGIRL08 3/17/2007 1:55PM

    I've been plateauing big time too, so I share your frustration! I've just resolved to keep on going because despite the scale not moving, I'm feeling better and trying to focus my attention on other rounding out my diet nutritionally and upping my exercise. It's helped me to shift some of the attention on what's NOT happening with the scale. But deep down, I still wish the scale would COOPERATE!

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SECRETFUN 3/14/2007 11:11PM

  this will sound discouraging I suppose, but I wanted to let you know. One of my friends plataues for 3 months or so at a time. then it finally moves and so it goes. over a few years she has done great. Her motivation was the fact she knew she was doing a healthy thing, she felt better, and a few friends committed suicide. the last may sound harsh, but it really made her feel she could either kill herself softly or take control and keep control. Another friend had a similar weightloss problem and still kept it up and over a few years is doing ok.

So keep it up. I hope your feel superhuman again soon.

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BEECOMINGME 3/13/2007 1:29PM

    I am so sorry you are on that dreaded plateau. I feel bad, now, about complaining about my measley 1.4 lbs. this week and last.... at least I am seeing the scale s-l-o-w-l-y move. I'm sure you've gone and checked, but Spark has a number of articles on what to do when plateauing... keep up the great job!

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"I can't control myself."

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Phrases like this are all over the community boards. I don't get it.
EVERYBODY has cravings. I have cravings. But you know what? I CAN stop myself.
So many posts follow this theme, and a reply comes into my mind:
"How do you stay on track?" -I don't know, I just DO.
"I can't stop snacking" -Yes, you can.
"I keep messing up" -Stop doing that!
"I just can't motivate to exercise" -Neither can I, I just do it.
"Please help me" -You're the best person for that job.

I'm sure this sounds overly simplistic, but if you want something, make an effort. Don't pretend everything is up to fate and beyond your control, it isn't!
Some people are here to make changes, lose weight, and get fit; and some people are here to talk about it. Decide which person you are.
So much for my random vent.
I guess I'm still frustrated and wanting more results for my own efforts.

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_UMAMI_ 3/12/2007 10:24AM

    I agree with much of what you've said. I think a lot of people just aren't ready, and don't have the level of commitment that it will take to succeed. If they're that dependent on other people keeping them in line, they will never reach their goals!

I'm sorry things are so frustrating for you right now---hope they improve soon.


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The Good News and the Bad News

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Seems like every morning, I get on the scale and get disappointed, then I immediately look for ways to get over the heartache and focus on the positive.
I'll start with the bad news, just to get it over with and move on to the good news.
I'm still stuck.
Well, almost stuck; I don't announce half pounds, which seems to be what the scale shows me every 2 weeks. I guess in some peoples' minds, that is not really a plateau; since I am down a few ounces, but like my last salary increase, it's pretty much an appalling slap in the face.
Okay, now I'm ready to psych myself up with some good news:
~I'm not gaining. This is, of course, #1 on any dieters list of good news, especially in the absence of weight lost.
~I have lost inches... a LOT of them. I'm starting to look like a clown in these pants. However, as I have stated before, I'm not buying new ones until it's warm. I'm holding out for capris. Since my journey began, my bust is down about 2", and my waist and hips have each lost over 3".
~It's a beautiful day, and I have a whole list of new exercises to try out, and a 6 hr shift of walking ahead of me. In fact, my abs are a little sore today from all the exercise experimenting yesterday. That is HUGE, as my abs have not been sore in YEARS, in spite of all the crunches I've been doing. YAY for NEW EXERCISES! I'm amazed.
See? I'm already feeling much better. Now I'm off to encourage other people.

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    I know personally that my weight goes up and down a lot, and there's a ton of ideas about WHEN the best time to get on the scale is. I do it once a week, Monday, in the morning. Then I measure my body. Last week I was very proud of myself, I stayed at the same weight, but I lost around 2 inches total. It felt great! Another idea is to just take a break from the scale for a bit and look at how your clothes feel. Scales, for some people, just add stress. Then you overanalyze and it could really get messy.
Best of Luck

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BEECOMINGME 3/9/2007 4:27PM

    Awesome on losing inches, go you! I know how disheartening the scale can be. Um, ever think about putting the scale AWAY but for once a week? If you know you are doing the right things w/eating and exercise and lifestyle changes, then who cares what the scale says daily. It is over the long haul that counts!

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_UMAMI_ 3/9/2007 1:35PM

    Hey, it's ALL good---and congrats on all the inches lost!
I'm totally envious of your job! Except for my horrible allergies. :-)
Good luck on getting that dratted scale to budge, but don't let it stress you out.


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I'm going to eat more cruciferous vegetables!

Friday, March 02, 2007

This is an article I found online. It has definitely inspired me to make some changes.

Cruciferous vegetables, also called Brassica Vegetables, include Arugula, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Watercress, Bok Choy, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, and Collard Greens, Mizuna, Tatsoi, Rutabaga, Napa or Chinese Cabbage, Daikon, Horseradish, Radishes, Turnips, Kohlrabi, and Kale.
We should make sure to include a variety of these vegetables (three) each week. They help our bodies fight cancer and are nutrient dense.
Booming with vitamins including vitamin C and folate, minerals including potassium and selenium, and also contain fiber, chlorophyll, as well as antioxidants, flavonoids and phytochemicals, carotenoids, lingnans, phytosterols, isothiocyanates, sulforaphane and glucosinolates, and indole-3-carbinol, these are nutritious super foods!

Isothiocyanates stimulate our bodies to break potential carcinogens down. Therefore, they prevent our normal cells from becoming cancerous cells. They have been associated with metabolizing toxins from smoke and lowering the risk of tobacco-related cancers. Only cruciferous vegetables contain the nutrient isothiocyanates which has been associated with a decrease in lung cancer. Even nonsmokers benefit since second-hand smoke is so prevalent.

Sulforaphane (that's one of the isothiocyanates in cruciferous vegetables) and indole-3-carbinol is most concentrated in cruciferous vegetables and this is linked with reducing the risk of breast, prostate, cervical, colon, and other cancers. It can delay the onset of cancer and reduce the size and growth of tumors.

Cruciferous vegetables also help reduce homocysteine levels so they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

More information:

Linus Pauling Institute - Micronutrient Research for Optimum Health
Move Over Tomatoes, All Vegetables, Especially the Cruciferous Kind, May Prevent prostate Cancer, Science Daily
Nutrient in Cruciferous Vegetables Protects Against Lung Cancer, National Institute of Health
Healthy 101


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