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New Running Strategies

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Today, I finished my third 8k. Unfortunately, my performance was a crushing disappointment.
I was not able to beat my previous time. In fact, I was a whopping 40 seconds per mile slower. When I figured out my pace time, the news devastated me. I feel like I've made no progress at ALL when it comes to running.

I kept looking at my watch each time I passed a mile marker, and I was pretty fast at miles one and two. By mile four, the running was over; and I was so sapped I wasn't even walking as fast as I normally walk the dog. To make matters worse, the frigid air was wreaking havok on my lungs (not only does it exacerbate my exercise induced asthma, but I think I've caught my husband's cold). It seems that, averaging out over distance, my running speed is pretty much the same as my walking speed, the main difference is my stride and the amount of pain afterwards. If I can walk 16 minutes miles with NO exhaustion and NO pain, why am I killing myself, running AND walking, to get 14 or 15 minute miles? I start out faster, but can't sustain it, and slow WAY down. On top of that, my retarded gait leaves me sore for a day after.

So, I'm thinking the 8k will no longer be an event for me. My new tactic will be to increase my DISTANCE when walking (10ks, half marathons and marathons), and focus on speed only at very short distances (5k or less). Maybe this will help me find my pace, find my stride, and heal my ego.

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SHORTY20 3/10/2008 12:51PM

    I'm sorry it didn't go well for you, I completely understand, my last 5K was a dissappointment too, but I think your plan sounds great, and just do what you think is best for you!

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TRECECOOKS 3/10/2008 9:23AM

    I just would echo what others have said - many things may have played into this. Be of good cheer!! 15 months ago you couldn't have done this at all!! Heal and Keep Moving Forward!

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PHEBESS 3/10/2008 8:28AM

    Oh sweetheart, I know how frustrating it is when our bodies don't perform as well as we want them to! But it's only one day, only one race, and it doesn't reflect how much you've accomplished nor how far you've come in a year (well, a year and 3 months).

The woman you were 15 months ago wouldn't have done this well. Might not have made it through 8K to begin with. Keep that in mind.

And you have that ankle injury. That isn't helping you.

Plus - you and I are built for strength and endurance. We aren't built for speed. So your idea of going for distance makes perfect sense. Not everyone has the long muscles and bones for speed. Some of us have muscles that keep us going for hours and hours, but we never get any faster. We're the turtles of the world.

And we're gonna do that half marathon! Even if I bow out early, or if you and I take 8 hours instead of 6, we're gonna do it!!!!!!!

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BODYNSOIL 3/10/2008 5:55AM

    Janine... I remember your post with the sore ankle too and could that be holding your back. Plus you are very active in your job and everyday life could it be that your body ran out of fuel for this run and you just didn't have it to give.

As you know I have been doing a lot of listening to Jillian Michaels about calories in and calories out. Running a huge deficit may not work in your favor long term and may put your body into starvation mode. That would make your body burn muscle and store fat around your midsection. Just a thought and you know I love you.. muah.. JJ

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LUCUBRATRIX 3/10/2008 3:58AM

    Your last entry from only two days ago does talk about how massively sore you are, too, so between that and your cold and the weather, I think it's entirely reasonable to expect a pace slow-down! There are so many variables that go into your final pace, besides your fitness.

In your future running endeavors, try to focus on not running so quickly that it leaves you completely sapped of energy. Make yourself take walking breaks BEFORE you get to that point, or just slow down the pace of the running several notches. I think it's fairly common among new runners to run too quickly and then crash. Work on consistency first, and then the speed will come in good time. I started out at 15 minutes/mile (SP doesn't even give that as a speed for running, only walking!) on short trips around the neighborhood a year ago, and today I ran a half marathon at a pace of 10:30. :)

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SECRETFUN 3/9/2008 10:43PM

  I think your plan sounds reasonable, but remember as you talk about healing your ego, your body needs some healing, too. You have been sore from other workouts, it was windy and cold this morning (and at 4pm when I walked), and if you are coming down with a cold....40 sec a mile off stride is pretty good I think. I might be more than a minute slower each mile so I guess it does not shock me. I know it shocks you, though. Regardless I think your plan sounds smart.

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"Are you exercising or are you on speed?"

Friday, March 07, 2008

I am sore. I am sore everywhere.
Okay, not my legs really, but everywhere else.
What did I do today?
I swept.
It isn't listed as cardio. The closest things as far as motions would be shoveling or raking, and I chose raking, due to no throwing motion.
I came to work and unloaded a shipment of Camillias. An 18 wheeler full of them was sitting in the middle of the field when I arrived at work, and I jumped right in. We unloaded hundreds of Camillias.
After that, my duties were active but random for about an hour. Then, I picked up a broom and started sweeping of the patio.
The patio is MASSIVE. It's kind of like a parking lot: a big asphalt blacktop.
I swept at a fast and furious pace for HOURS ON END. People commented, and accused me of "working out". I was asked if I might be on speed. So, when I say I was working at a fast and furious pace, I mean I was a high speed sweeping machine. I kept the pace up for 5 hrs.
And I also counted about an hour of "heavy cleaning" this morning, before I went to work, because I flooded the basement and cleaning up a flooded basement is "heavy housework".
And my abs are still sore from my Roanoke trip.

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MRSZIZ 3/8/2008 6:43PM

    Way to go! Sometimes exercise is easiest when it doesn't seem like 'real' exercise... Your body will thank you after the soreness goes away! :)

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SECRETFUN 3/8/2008 8:09AM

  Flooded basement yuck! I was going to ask if your abs were still sore from the trip. Good luck in your race tomorrow. Maybe it will stretch you body out?

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BODYNSOIL 3/8/2008 7:19AM

    I know where you are coming from but only experience it during the spring months at my home. Gardening and such is high level activity that really can get the ole heart rate up.. Now I have a tendency to still maintain the same level of calories when my activity goes up and start to feel drained and confused. I am doing the BMR thing that Magda does in an effort to avoid the results of that (cortisol release that makes the body store fat mostly in the mid section). I am hoping that this summer will be different and I will be better able to manage my blood sugar.. I mention this because of the previous post where you are plateaued and want to be sure you are considering that when planning your daily nutrition.. big hugs to you girlfriend and still envious of your job.. JJ

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PHEBESS 3/7/2008 10:07PM

    You get an A+ for finding healthy opportunities for fitness!!!!

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No Tree Left Behind

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I just got back from Roanoke, Virginia's "No Tree Left Behind" arboriculture symposium.
I had a great time, and as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed all the lectures and speakers. Trade show and convention lunches, however, leave a lot to be desired. Not only is the food weird, but lunch is very lonely. I really look forward to getting to know more people in my industry, so I'll have someone to sit next to, and talk to, in the future.
The highlight was (once again) Dr. Ed Gilman of University of Florida. The lecture wasn't as in-depth this time as it was back in January (MAHSC symposium), but as always, I found his research inspiring. I was able to buy his book, and had him sign it. Briefly spoke with him and Dr. Bruce Fraedrich. Tried not to behave like a star-struck tree geek.
I also enjoyed the field demonstration with Jeff Kirwan, about how to measure large trees. I volunteered to carry the data collecting devices for his demonstration, which led to some lively exchanges between us (trust me when I say Jeff will probably remember me).
All in all, an enjoyable and educational day.
Even the extra hard bed in my hotel room wasn't a total wash- it was great for doing abdominal crunches (I did say it was extra hard, right?). I did so many exercises, comfortably, that I made myself sore. And sore abs are a GREAT reminder of progress.
Maybe it is my recent weight gain (you heard me), maybe it was boredom and insomnia, maybe the time is just right, but my attitude over the past two days has taken a dramatic turn in a positive direction. I'm feeling energized, inspired, and motivated. I feel as if I'm BACK. I've got the "eye of the tiger" again.

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BODYNSOIL 3/7/2008 8:03AM

    Ugg, recent weight gains are something I know all to well after my bad month of February. I think a lot of mine was fluid because of the increased sodium as I have flushed much of it out. Let me know if I can help you out with that..

Now for the great time you had at the convention.. woohoo and meeting two fantastic speakers way to go.. With all the interest you have I bet you will be giving talks in the near future.. JJ

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PHEBESS 3/6/2008 11:36AM

    I LOVE the "No Tree Left Behind" - that is hysterical!!!!

And of course you are back - it's spring, things are growing again, and so is your attitude! Rebirth and all that!

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I'm an Arborist

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I passed. I passed the big scary exam to become an ISA Certified Arborist. Done.
It feels great to follow through on a New Years resolution. Especially because I reached my biggest goal in February.


I finally went to an orthopedist concerning my ankle injury from back in December. It did not go well. Frankly, I think it was a waste of time and gasoline.
After filling out a ream of paperwork and explaining how to spell my name, I was called in (not by my correct name, so much for all my explanations), sat down on a chair, and x-rayed.
Then, ushered into a small room to wait again.
The doctor was a brusque man with a thick tuft of graying hair and ruddy round cheeks. He took one look at me, made a catalog of assumptions about my health habits and lifestyle based on what he saw, and his years of experience (i.e.: preconceived notions), and approached our dialogue from that vantage point.
Okay, I'm fat. He saw. The cat's out of the bag.
What he did not see was the TREND. He ASSUMED it.
He obviously pegged me for a middle aged housewife who spends most of my time in a chair, eating, and gaining weight; and that my exercise is limited to mall and boutique strolls.
Carefully speaking in third person, he emphasized the importance of 'people' exercising, and 'us all' losing weight.
I cleared my throat.
"Well, last year I lost over a hundred pounds..." He interrupted me. "So, you had the bypass?"
He, puzzled: "So, what did you do?"

Now, THAT question is ridiculous. I said it wasn't surgery. You're a freakin' DOCTOR. You tell ME how I did it! (Dumbass!)
In my most deliberate and deadpan tone, I replied, "the other way."

I fully did NOT expect this from an MD, but there it was, that glazed over look that people get when the diet and exercise concept smacks them in the face. Or, maybe it was that look of realizing what an asinine question he'd just asked me.
I continued: "so I lost over a hundred pounds, and I typically walk ninety to one hundred twenty minutes every morning."
He immediately changed the subject back to my ankle injury.

Bottom line-
Soft tissue injury doesn't show up on x-rays. The bone doesn't look fractured, and after our little "lifestyle" exchange, he didn't spend much time with me. I have severe pain, but not constantly, so no prescriptions.
He told me to buy some arch supports.

Like I told ya, waste of time.

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BODYNSOIL 3/3/2008 5:37PM

    I am so excited for you passing your Arborist exam.. way to go... Not only that but for everything you have done in the last year. Wouldn't you have love to just say what you were thinking to the doctor... I hate closed minded people like that.. You were right about it being a waste of time too... What a jerkwad... JJ

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QUIZSHOW 3/3/2008 3:13PM

    Huge Congrats on passing your exams!

And Yeah, losing it this way is totally a lost concept to many.

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PHEBESS 3/3/2008 10:56AM

    What a schmuck of a doctor!!!!!!! No MRI? No ultrasound? No pushing and probing?

And there is no way a size 14 is fat. Bigger than the accepted average. But anyone who looks at you should be able to see that you are solid muscle.

So - correction - the dr isn't a schmuck, he's a PUTZ!

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TRECECOOKS 3/3/2008 9:01AM

    HOORAY for passing your test!!! We told you so!!

Sorry about the PITA MD. I have a soft tissue problem, too, that no one can figure out, either. I rest it when I need to, but otherwise I just Keep Moving Forward!! Have a great day!!

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JOCECHRIS 3/2/2008 10:59PM

  For your ankle injury try: RICE, rest, ice, compression and elevation. When it really acts up wrap it with an ace wrap and keep it up whenever you can. Tylenol and/ or motrin may help with inflammation and pain. Doctors are usually less openminded than the rest of the world so don't let him get you down. I hope this helps.

Congrats on passing your big scary exam! Keep up the good work on all fronts!

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WHERE have the past two weeks gone?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I thought, because there were no conferences for these two weeks, that I'd be able to jump down to Florida and visit my brother for a few days (and do the 10k in my hometown).
I have been trying to use the slow season to my best advantage: education, business stuff, taxes, and housework. Well, it just goes to show you what FOCUS and GOAL SETTING can do. I have created a ton of work where there was none! Now I'm trying to not be stressed out over it, breathe deeply, and persue the opportunities.
It's looking like FULL STEAM AHEAD in all areas.
I have my first two clients of the new year, and several promising prospects to expand my business this year.
I am quickly becomeing buried in a sea of paperwork.
We had another construction contractor come over this week to look at our poor house. He just dropped off his proposal.
My husband guessed that it would be in the $8000-10000 range... I almost dropped my coffee and said I bet it would be 20-25.
I hope HE wins the bet.
Holy crap, I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.

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PHEBESS 2/22/2008 7:17AM

    Good luck with the new clients - I know your designs will knock their socks off!

And positive and cheap vibes for the contractors!

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BODYNSOIL 2/22/2008 6:20AM

    Ugg, construction contractors scare me.. We are having a little work done to our place too and luckily we found someone who will do smaller projects because around here the workers pick and choose. Are you doing a landscaping business? Glad to hear that it is taking off and sorry for the stress..

Go and visit family, the work will always be there and the visit will allow your mind to rest a little bit.. Oh and are you running or walking the 10K? JJ

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SECRETFUN 2/21/2008 10:01PM

  I am with you on this.

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