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I am an army of one.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The cut Christmas trees arrived today. I went to work early to meet the truck and help unload them.

I unloaded MORE trees, FASTER, than any man there.
I was the only employee to RUN each tree to it's area, and run back to the truck for another.
I was the only employee to carry TWO TREES AT A TIME, one on each shoulder.
Morning is usually the time of day I do my workout, but today, because of the shipment, I went to work. They all got to see how I am on a typical morning, and I them. I was at my best, they were drinking coffee, sluggish, and scarfing donuts.
After an hour at work, I asked the receiving supervisor if there were any more men left for me to emasculate. He smirked. I clocked out.
I picked up the dog and drove to meet an old friend for a walk. Unfortunately, he wanted to eat lunch after less than an hour of walking! Not satisfying at all! So, I promptly lined up another walking partner for this afternoon... I just need more exercise than that.
There is another 18 wheeler, loaded with Frasier Firs, arriving at the nursery tomorrow morning.
I love days like this.

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MIIMA-ME-MY 11/29/2007 10:06PM

    WOW! You certainly were very active! I need to move a few furniture around in my house, if you are interested... LOL

I wish I culd exercise with you. You are such an example to follow! :-)

Thanks for your help on the Rookies team, too! :-)

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PHEBESS 11/28/2007 7:07PM

    You're a blushing Rambo, that's what you are!!!!!!!

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TNTSMOMIE 11/28/2007 4:39PM

    GO YOU!!! That's awesome! Hope those men felt like slugs after eating those donuts and watching you do so well being "tree woman." :o) Have fun unloading tomorrow. Bet those arms are going be feeling great!

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TRECECOOKS 11/28/2007 1:51PM

    Those are the words of one VERY fit lady!! You go get 'em, girlfriend!!

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OLIVEJUICE2 11/27/2007 6:58PM

    You GO girl!!

Rambo ain't got nothin' on you!! =}

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Thanksgiving Day strategy!

Monday, November 19, 2007

This year, we are going to someone else's house, but I am cooking a whole Thanksgiving spread, just for the two of us, here at our home, tomorrow.
That way, we will be so full of Thanksgiving food, nothing will be a novelty, and nothing will be irresistable. We won't take home any leftovers from the host's house, since our fridge will be full of our own. We will also have a big meal of my healthier recipes before we leave to go to Thanksgiving dinner, so we won't be ravenous, and we can have a little sample and enjoy some wine and the football game.
I am so stoked to implement my plan!

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BODYNSOIL 11/20/2007 8:02PM

    That sounds like a plan.. Mine is to avoid the gravies and dressing, stick to whole cranberries, turkey, sweet potato and green salad. No roll and only a small piece of pie. The other big thing for both our family is the pre feast feast... chips and dip and the like... have to stay away from those too!! Have a great holiday weekend and see you on the blogs. JJ

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TRECECOOKS 11/20/2007 12:44PM

    I'm so proud of you!! You thought ahead; you made a plan; you resolved to do right. Now, go have a wonderful, THANKFUL Thanksgiving!!

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ALLEIGHGRRRL 11/20/2007 12:21PM

    Great plan! Good luck, enjoy yourselves, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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Adam tempts Eve

Friday, November 16, 2007

We ran out of coffee this morning.
Even more unusual, my husband was first out of bed (but I digress).
He showered, dressed, and headed to Starbucks for the coffee... or so I thought.
He returned with a pound of French Roast, and not two, but ONE large cup of brew... (it gets worse) and not one, but THREE McDonald's breakfast sandwiches.
Like the serpent, he opened them all and spread them out on the table while my coffee brewed, and took slow, deliberate bites out of each one.
He informed me that it was an experiment to find out which was the best, so that the next time he has breakfast at McDonald's, he'll know what to order (my husband is a genius, ain't he). Never mind the fact that years could pass before we ever eat at McDonald's again. I pointed out that he will have forgotten his experiment by that time, and predicted that he will likely repeat it in 2010....
I did partake. EVEN THOUGH I'd already had a very sensible bowl of Kashi AND my whey isolate.

So, the immoral of this story is that it isn't even 9am and I've already had HALF my daily calories.
Just goes to show you how DANGEROUS it is to send your husband out by himself, with an empty stomach.

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EDDIEMAE 11/16/2007 9:31PM

    Just when you finally think you've got them trained, they go and pull stunts like that! And what can we do but shake our heads and love 'em anyways! Thanks for the giggle!

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SECRETFUN 11/16/2007 5:12PM

  well, at least he got the French roast.

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BLACK_UNICORN11 11/16/2007 1:04PM

    Thank you! I'm having a crappy day, and that made me laugh! :)

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BODYNSOIL 11/16/2007 10:15AM

    That isn't funny and hilarious at the same time. Sounds like something my DH would do, he is such a junk food junkie.

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SHORTY20 11/16/2007 9:50AM

    Sounds like my hubby!

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AZKITTYKATE 11/16/2007 9:08AM

    Ain't that the truth! Sometimes you have to happens.. but if you deprive yourself, you may binge. So forget the fact that you did indulge and continue with the day. You'll make the best of it! I know you will!! :-)

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NEE_NEE 11/16/2007 9:08AM

    Oh. My. Goodness. Your blog had me laughing my head off, that was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

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Keeping myself in perspective (compared to others)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My 8k this past Saturday was a big achievement for me. I’d looked forward to it for months, and several of my coworkers signed up to walk with me, adding to the excitement and anticipation. I “trained” for the event by steadily increasing my daily walking distance in the weeks preceding the event.
On the morning of the event, the excitement was high as I met my team at the starting line, and we waited our turn behind the marathon runners. We surged forward when they left the starting corral… we knew we were next. I don’t recall my teammates final words to me, just before the gun, but it was something along the lines of “don’t let us slow you down; we’ll just keep walking when you start running; just wait for us by the finish line.” You have no idea how flattered and motivated I was!
The gun popped and we started to go. As soon as the field opened up, and I was able to, I started jogging; and alternated my walking and jogging throughout the length of the course. I didn’t push myself to my physical limits my any means, but I definitely pushed myself harder than I did last time, in 2005. Of course, back then I was about 300 lbs, and I clearly recall being the most obese and out of shape person participating.
Finally, as I was walking into the home stretch, I was able to see the finish line ahead of me, and decided I ought to try jogging all the way to it… good thing, because there were cameras all over the place, and only a handful of runners coming in. At the instant I crossed the line, I was completely by myself, and heard my name announced over the loudspeakers. It was sweet.
After finishing, I phoned by friends to find out where they were, and walked over to the list of finishing times to find my bib number. I didn’t really have anything to compare it to at that point, having no recollection of my previous time. I found out later, when I finished WALKING home (yep, another 3 miles) and compared the numbers from my previous race. Although this was only my second time participating at this distance; but the results were much better than last time: I bested myself by almost 33 minutes.
I spent the hours after the 8k (or, I should say, 8 miles) eating and relaxing, feeling pride over my results, and wondering if I’d be plagued with foot pain that evening at work (it’s been very bad lately). I really wanted to eat and go straight to sleep, but I made it through my shift and came home to log on and post about my day.

That’s when I read the comments about celebrity marathoners.
Someone started a thread about Katie Holmes running the New York Marathon, and it got pretty heated.
Someone else replied that she hadn’t earned a spot legitimately, the way all of the non-celebrity, SERIOUS athletes had to.
Okay, I get that. I understand that there could be feelings of outrage at that, especially from someone who has worked very hard, exercised extreme discipline, and paid heavy dues. When a celebrity runs on a VIP pass, it’s like they are cheating. They didn’t work for it, they didn’t EARN it, and they don’t deserve it. It’s the same feeling you used to get when bigger kids cut in the cafeteria line in school. It’s the same feeling you get when you’re patiently waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and you see cars cutting in way ahead of you. But, the criticism involved specific statistics. Namely, Katie’s pace, which was 12:35 minutes per mile (for 26.2 miles).

Two sentences jumped off the screen at me: “covering 26.2 miles @ a pace of 12:35 really isn't that big of an accomplishment”, and “I… WALK…13:30…w/ bathroom breaks & lunch … 26.2 miles… in under 8 hrs”.

It was also suggested that, in light of her very slow time, AND the fact that she works out daily, that she obviously didn't train for the race, and did it on a whim. Which may be true…. but so much more was said… and said very, very passionately.

I read all these words over and over, and over again.
I couldn’t STOP reading them.
As they sank in, I started to cry.
The comments devastated me. I let these few words rob me of all my joy. I suddenly felt inadequate, disappointed with myself, and embarrassed at my inability to finish, walking AND running, in less than an hour. All my desire to share the experience disappeared.

Truth be told, Katie Holmes kicked my ass.
Not only was she significantly faster than me, she maintained that pace for more than five times the distance I did.

Hearing that other people walk faster than I run, INCLUDING lunch and potty breaks, and nonchalantly breeze through distances that are five times longer, completely deflated me.
And this is coming from someone who did not do it on a whim. I can state unequivocally that I did train, and I do work out every day. I am frequently sore.

Now, I know this person is my friend, and would never say or do anything to intentionally hurt me. She’s a role model in every sense of the word. She is also uber-athletic, and has been one of my biggest supporters on my fitness journey. I’m sure she has no idea the effect her words had on me. I’m also quite certain that what she considers an intense workout, and what I consider an intense workout, are two very, very different things.
Even though she and several other friends have messaged me about the 8k, I was just not able to respond. The subject, and the thread I'd read, had broken me.

Several days passed before I was able to write this blog.

Having expressed all that, however, doesn’t reveal the positive effect that this had had on me. Yes, there *is* a positive side to all this. I have decided that if my athletic, rock-star friend can walk at 13 minute miles, then so shall I. I decided the very next day, that I would focus heavily on participation in 8k and 10k distance events, and set a goal of improving my pace in each successive event, until I’m at least able to beat Katie Holmes (speed, not distance). If that means pushing myself and spending more time jogging, less walking, then so be it.

It so happens that I walked TWO 8k’s last week- one that I mapped out on MapQuest and did all by myself, and the one I did with my friends (and few thousand other people). Today, I walked a lonely 10k through the streets of 210ville. Please don’t ask how long it took; there was no jogging involved.
I am looking forward to the next “official” race with great enthusiasm, and much more determination than I’ve ever had before. I have a new goal. I wanna be a contender.

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THREEE 11/26/2007 12:32AM

    now i am comparing myself to you...but only as a challenge to 11 months you have persevered and lost over 10#/month average--WEIGH to go!!! THANK YOU for setting such a good example...and you continue to give yourself challenges...i am proud of you and i don't even know you...please, don't allow comparisons to bring you down OR inflate your ego...just be proud of YOUR effort AND your ACCOMPLISHMENTS...and, let me just 'p.s.' that i love that you set yourself the midway goals(that are challenging but realistic) AND THEN you BEAT THEM!!! i want to do that...i guess i need those S.M.A.R.T. goals--and then i will do it too...thanx for your inspiration...THREEE

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SECRETFUN 11/16/2007 5:36PM

  The most important part is we challenege ourselves. That we try to acheive. Don't slack, although sometimes anyone will. You have done and are currently pushing forward. No way anyone could say you slack. While I am not happy with the pain it took to get you to the final conclusion, I am glad to read your phrase that you plan to be a contender. And while you know it, 33 min off an 8k is HUGE. That is because your trained your butt off (pun intended I guess). And likely kicked my butt time wise. And remember that 12-13 min/mile is a very fast speed, actually, for many, regardless of distance. Don't hurt yourself, but do continue to propel yourself forward. I cheer you on, every step of the way.

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NEVA2LATE 11/16/2007 11:46AM

    Girl, You're fantastic, and I'm sooooo proud of you for not only finishing that race, but beating your own time by 33 minutes!! ... That's awesome!!! ... You are an amazing woman, don't ever forget that!! ... You are doing what we all want to do and you're REAL about it!! ... You started where a lot of us did and you're beating the odds!! ... I know it's easy to lose sight of that, especially this far into the game, but please know how much I respect you and am looking forward to the day that I too can blog about running a race!! ... You are truly a great motivator! ... Keep up the good work!

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NEE_NEE 11/16/2007 9:13AM

    You're an amazing woman.

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QUIZSHOW 11/15/2007 2:38PM

    Now I feel like crying too. Sending many hugs and high fives your way. Be proud of every single mile, lap, step, lb, ounce, and inch you've put behind you. You are an inspiration to so many people.

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SHORTY20 11/15/2007 9:46AM

    {{{hugs Janine}}}

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WITHSPIRIT 11/15/2007 8:45AM

    I think anyone who participates in a race of any length (and is able to physically) has much to be proud of, including Katie Holmes! A marathon at the pace she did isn't nothing! You besting your previous time by 33 minutes is nothing short of awesome!! Unless we really have walked in another's shoes, we have no room for judgement! Always, always be proud of yourself for getting out there and doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa =)

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BODYNSOIL 11/15/2007 7:54AM

    NB, Don't beat yourself up over the other times that people have done. You said that you beat your personal time by 33 minutes and that is wonderful. Katie Holmes and everyone else have not had to overcome the same obstacles that you have in the last year and Katie doesn't have life to interfere or cloud her mind like the average person would. Please remain positive about your accomplishments over the last year. Set goals for yourself that make you feel like a million bucks. Just as in life, you can't gage success against the success of others because you will always find someone that can be faster or better. Remember the feeling you had when you found out you beat your own time and keep the goal to try again and improve it next year. You can do that and will do that, training and working toward a new personal best. I am very proud of you for what you have achieved in the last year already and you should be too!!

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MICHELLEBLUEIEZ 11/14/2007 10:49PM

    you did a fantastic job don't let anyone get you down on a job well done! so what if KH did better then you you did your best for you please don't forget that! I wish I could do what you did! you diserve a huge pat on the back! Congratulations for finishing the race!!!

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AZKITTYKATE 11/14/2007 10:43PM

    I am so proud of you! Try not to compare yourself to anyone. Beating your previous record is such an accomplishment! It is definitely more than I could do. Keep up the fantastic job...and know that you are making an impact on our lives by being such an awesome example in them!!

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Jumping on the Self-Challenge bandwagon

Monday, November 05, 2007

I will be participating in my 2nd 8k this weekend. I mostly walk, but I'll be moving a little faster this time.

I will be participating in a 10k on April 5th, 2008. I have walked this a bunch of times, but again, I intend to go faster this time.

I have located (at LAST) a marathon that accepts walkers! The best part is, it is close enough to DRIVE to, so no big financial strain. It happens on March 16th, 2008.

Between now and then, I intend to walk a half-marathon. I located a very cheap one within 100 miles, but unfortunately they don't accept walkers. SO, I will do either the Gulf Beaches Halfie or the Gasparilla Distance Classic, both of which are in Florida, and turn it into a vacation. Needless to say, the spouse is "totally down" with this!

So THERE YOU HAVE IT! I will follow in my idol SMURFETTE's footsteps, only slower! But mark my words, THIS WILL HAPPEN!


A thought provoking post by a fellow team member:
What inspires you? Do you have anything in particular that you turn to when you're feeling off-track or discouraged? A list of goals, an inspirational quote, a pair of jeans...or something else?

I thought about this, and decided that NOTHING is more inspiring or motivating than STICKING TO IT and reaping the RESULTS.

I always feel excited about my program in the morning, but that feeling crumbles quickly if I mess up and eat badly! I become so disappointed in myself. Several consecutive days of falling off the diet wagon break my spirit and make me feel hopeless.
However, find that if I really concentrate on sticking to it, and being committed to overcome my problem areas (EATING), I become more inspired and motivated each consecutive day I achieve this goal. I become PROUD of myself. I know that after just a few days of discipline and willpower, I will see results on the scale, and in a few weeks I will see results in my clothing.

Really, if not for having GOALS to focus on, where would anyone be on this journey? We ALL HAVE GOALS. I feel best when I know I'm doing my best to get there.

Have a goal, and work toward it as hard as you can!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KARYNWAGNER 11/11/2007 7:55AM

    Your blogs are so well written and inspiring. Thanks for all of your positive energy!!

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CHEEKS1177 11/6/2007 11:25AM

    WOW ~ you are so right...knowing that YOU have control over your goals is so motivating and inspiring...the discipline is such a reward...I agree with you all the way! and congrat on doing "something" You may not be able to run, but at least you are doing "it". Who care how it gets done ~ YOU get it done...its all the same thing at the finish line ~ isn't it!

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MOMMATAURUS 11/6/2007 12:57AM

    Your page is incredibly inspiring! This blog is so true and well written. Thank you!

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SECRETFUN 11/5/2007 10:26PM

  Guess you can ignore my question re the HM, it is answered here!

Have a great vacation! :-) Maybe I can draw my own circuit and make DH work food/water/triage........

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KERRIGIRL 11/5/2007 7:26PM

    You rock star!!! Go NB.. That is fantastic.
I am so happy for your new goal, I'll be here cheering you on!!


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TRECECOOKS 11/5/2007 3:49PM

    You are such an inspiration to me. I love your no-nonsense style. I also am learning from those who go before me about GOALS. Thanks so much.

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SMURFETTE0725 11/5/2007 3:12PM

    I SO WISH I COULD JUMP THROUGH THIS LAPTOP & HUG YOU!! I am so, so, so, so excited for you & your self-challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! You have come so far & continue to go even further which each step (and run!). And GIRL, you are SO RIGHT about those goals! I can't believe it's taken my all these years to realize that the scale is not what motivates me long term, it's setting GOALS and achieving them through hard work, dedication, persistance ..... the results from the scale quickly follow. KEEP ROCKIN' IT GIRL!!!!

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SHORTY20 11/5/2007 2:25PM

    OMG Janine, that is fantastic that you will be doing a marathon! I bet you'll be running most of it :)

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BODYNSOIL 11/5/2007 11:12AM

    I hear you about feeling excited in the morning but then the day falls away from you. I get the same way and have to push myself to workout in the morning or face not doing it at all. Problem eating is something I need to overcome and have been feeling down this past week. At first SP was very inspiring but it was still new to me, now it too has become part of my day and I find myself looking for things to push me along with the goals I set for myself. Best of luck with your marathons walk or run that is still a huge thing.. As always I will be here for you if you need a push or two.. JJ

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