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ANY name suggestions?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Jonathan wanted me to ask my friends if they had any name suggestions for his new bird. He's been trying hard to find JUST the right name. :-)

Here are some pictures of him/her:

Jonathan has thought of Alahandra [sp?], Carlos or Ricardo. But he'd love suggestions. :-)

Have a GREAT day, dearest SPARKfriends

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DELPHYNE 9/2/2010 11:14AM

    He looks like a "Franklin" to me. emoticon Cutie pie.

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    I like Alejandro that you picked out. You could also call him Hunter for the green color (maybe not a hunter green but still it fits). Or maybe Rambo, just for fun because it looks like he is good at tearing things up.

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SWIMLOVER 9/2/2010 9:28AM

  What a beautiful bird! I like the name Frances said--Kiwi!

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GALSMILEY7 9/2/2010 9:19AM

    What a pretty bird! I was trying to think of a name to give justice to his beautful colors, but nada.

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GESHANNON 9/2/2010 7:03AM

    I like the name you picked out!!

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JULIEFRANCES112 9/1/2010 6:40PM

    I like Kiwi.

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CRYSTLE4HIM2010 9/1/2010 2:58PM

    What a precious bird.

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    Gorgeous bird! How about Alex ~ can be short for Alexandra or Alexander!

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PAMAPPLE 9/1/2010 12:07PM

    How about Connor the Conure.

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GOSPELCLOWN 9/1/2010 11:28AM

    It would be a more simple task if the bird's gender was established...

I love the colour on his/her back so I started working on names related to the green feathers:

Vera from the word virescent if she's a female or
Phil from the word chlorophyll if the conour is male.

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SEWINGMEG 9/1/2010 11:27AM

    Beautiful bird!! I am not the best at naming... it took us WEEKS to name our new puppies!! Good luck!!

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1LUCKY1 9/1/2010 11:21AM

  My son has a conour very similar to yours. After he had him a few days he started calling him spot, if you let yours lose around the house you can guess why. name stuck.

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Our NEW addition

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No, I'm not pregnant! ;-)))

The LORD is so very, very good to us! Last week, when we were planning on travel arrangements for Jonathan's new bird, the breeder told us that all kinds of flights were being cancelled to Minneapolis as of 8-27 or a little later, but not working with anyone's schedules. We were going to have to travel 8 hours to Chicago or 7 hours to Madison. So she decided to call Delta again, and they CHANGED in OUR favor! When she had called before they were only flying to Minneapolis but their new fall schedule had them flying STRAIGHT to Duluth, MN--only 70 miles from us. AND the day scheduled was the EXACT day of one of son's orthordontist appointments in DULUTH!!!!!! Isn't God good!!!!!!!

So we now have our baby Green Cheeked Conure and he/she is SOOOOOOOOOO cute and so tame and loving!!!!! You wouldn't believe how he/she snuggles up to us ALREADY! The breeder has 3 daughthers and their whole family has handled the bird from the get-go so he/she is VERY used to attention and LOVES it! It will fit JUST perfectly in our busy household with lots of eager attention-givers! :-))))

I'm TOTALLY a homebody but here I go again for another day away from home. My girlfriend asked me to go with her to take her daughter back to college. Have a GREAT day, special SPARKfriends!!!!

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PAMAPPLE 8/31/2010 10:23PM

    God works in wondrous ways! Enjoy your cute and loving addition!

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VISUALLYRICS 8/31/2010 5:39PM

    Have Fun with your friend !! glad for the lovely details arranged for us and God's hand in everything!

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ABIGAILSING 8/31/2010 1:18PM

    Isn't it great how God meets our need even for something as simple as a pet to add length of days and joy to life. You have a great day, too!

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JOYFULMOMTO5 8/31/2010 9:31AM

    God cares about every detail of our lives, doesn't He! emoticon

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No 'loss' on the scale this week

Monday, August 30, 2010

For the FIRST time ever, in ALL my dieting career ;-), I'm TOTALLY okay with not losing anything this week.

First off, I KNOW I did everything I should be doing towards a healthier lifestyle. God is giving me the grace to not focus merely on the scale but to keep sowing to the Spirit and wait upon Him to reap in His perfect timing. Praise God for using Sparkpeople in my life and ALL my supportive friends and teams!

Secondly, I FINALLY cycled after 77 days [going through menopause] and feel very bloated from that. So who knows, next week might show a 2# loss but even if it stays the same, I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually I'll see changes!!!! :-))))

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PURPLELVR7 8/30/2010 2:52PM

    Keep up the good work -- it will pay off

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JULIEJO39 8/30/2010 11:56AM

    Wonderful mindset! You will see another loss--and maybe a change not related to the scale such as more endurance or clothes fitting loose!

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VISUALLYRICS 8/30/2010 11:44AM

    I am with your 100%!!! I care not about Mr. Scales at the moment. The scales don't have such a hold on me as they used to. I am just going to be faithful daily and enjoy the journey!

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CRYSTLE4HIM2010 8/30/2010 8:03AM

    Good for you...when you know you are doing right what more can you ask. You are so right your body will respond. Keep up the good work.

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JULIEFRANCES112 8/30/2010 7:46AM

    You have such a great attitude Susan and you are good influence on me.
emoticon emoticon

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FARMCHIK 8/30/2010 7:31AM

    I am with you no weight loss for me either but with God's help we will push-on!!! Praying for healthy eating today! Have a great week!

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GESHANNON 8/30/2010 6:43AM

Great Attitude! Day by Day! Praise God! emoticon

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MARYJOANNA 8/30/2010 5:34AM

  You are right-one day at a time, and that is all we can do.

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County Fair and more...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We had a WONDERFUL time at the Bayfield County Fair! I was BLESSED beyond words that my back didn't hurt AT ALL! I'm not kidding! God touched my back in a phenomenal way and I'm was praising His NAME!!!!!! Thank you so, so much for your prayers and ALL my goodies telling me of your prayers! Pam, I especially LOVED the back rub. I love backrubs! :-))) Anyway, THANK YOU to all! I felt your love.

Here are some pictures of our time. There is one picture of Sammy with my girlfriend and if you look closely you can see the picture of him that she entered into the photography section. :-)))

One last thing! I'm SO excited that I did my 4 mile walk this morning in 62 minutes!!!!!!! I took off 6 total minutes from the other day! Now just 2 more minutes off and I'll be up to 4 miles and a 15 minute mile! One thing that was disappointing is that I burned MORE calories with more minutes and slower time. OH, well!

Have a WONDERFUL "SON"filled day! :-))))

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JULIEFRANCES112 8/29/2010 8:51PM

    Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. So glad you weren't in pain. The power of prayer!
emoticon emoticon

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PURPLELVR7 8/29/2010 7:58PM

    What a wonderful report - thank you for sharing. Glad you had a such a blessed day.

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JOYFULMOMTO5 8/29/2010 7:23PM

    Praising God with you for the healing of the back pain! Way to go on the walking! Looks like you had a wonderful day! Basking in the Son!

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    So glad to hear of your no-pain day! What a wonderful blessing!

Great pictured!

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BESTSUSIEYET 8/29/2010 5:15PM

    emoticon on increasing your speed and distance! You are inspiring us all! The fair looks like fun - so glad to hear you were pain-free! emoticon

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PAMAPPLE 8/29/2010 5:00PM

    I'm glad the back rub helped!! LOL!!!!! Wonderful job with going faster on your walk! I bet you burned more calories than the calorie tracker indicated because you worked harder! Nothing discouraging about that! Thanks for sharing the pictures! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CRYSTLE4HIM2010 8/29/2010 4:29PM

    Praise God for touching your back!! The pictures are just precious, thank you for sharing.

WTG on getting a new time on your walk.

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VISUALLYRICS 8/29/2010 3:14PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You are doing a terrific job in you journey faithful and motivated.....I am so proud of YOU!!

emoticon ~ Laura

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FARMCHIK 8/29/2010 9:28AM

    Wow thanks for sharing your photos!!!! Nothing like a good country fair to meet all your friends! We are going in to pick up our entries from the Barrie Fair which was held in Cookstown this year!!! To close to home not to exhibit!
What a glorious Sunday!!!! I am off to church this morning and hope to sing his praises!!!! Hope that you enjoy a great day!!! Glad to hear your back is feeling better. The power of prayer is awesome!!!!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm feeling anxious and asking the LORD of healing to touch my neck/back. The pain started last week but then subsided but after my 4 mile walk yesterday, I've experienced a lot of pain. In 1995 I had emergency ruptured disc surgery in my neck, and at the time the doctor told me that I had another bulging disc that could rupture [although since I've heard that bulging discs ARE ruptured so I don't know what to believe]. In 1995 I had FOUR boys 4 and under emoticon and it was BEYOND crazy to have Mom out of commission. Now 15 years later, I'm having very similar symptoms and trying to trust that God is on the throne and has 'my back'. :-))) No pun intended! hehe

Today is the Fair and I'm HOPING and praying that the LORD can give me grace to have a full day on my feet. I'm taking a chair to sit in and some ice packs, but my kids would be WAY TOO disappointed for me to cancel. FREE unlimited carnival rides is a real draw for them! emoticon

Have a BLESSED day in the LORD!

{{{love and hugs}}} Susan

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VISUALLYRICS 8/28/2010 6:13PM

    ....just now on SP and saw your blog.....I am praying right now for you, dear friend!
Thank you for the applause! If only we could hear Heaven!! ...just think! =)

love ~ Laura

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PURPLELVR7 8/28/2010 4:40PM

    May God be with you, and may heal you

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ERMYLIFE 8/28/2010 11:44AM

    I will be praying for you and enjoy your day!!

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JANETELIZABETH1 8/28/2010 10:29AM

    Susan so sorry to hear about your back & neck...I've had more than my share of that area too but the Lord will undertake for you too!
He can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities, not meaning that He suffered them but He does FEEL what we are suffering...I believe that with all my heart. I'm praying for you my dear friend.
Take it easy at the fair today but you sure can sit there smiling!!

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PAMAPPLE 8/28/2010 10:24AM

    Blessings and prayers for you, Susan. Enjoy the fair with your children and keep the faith that the Lord will carry you through! emoticon

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CGARREN247 8/28/2010 10:14AM

    Praying for you, Susan. Enjoy the fair today with your children!


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    Praying for you! Hope you have a great day at the fair!

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JULIEFRANCES112 8/28/2010 9:09AM

    I'll be praying for you Susan. I hope you can enjoy the day.
emoticon emoticon

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FROG60 8/28/2010 8:30AM

Blessings to you, Susan. I'll be praying for your back also.


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