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Chapter 6 of 'THE SPARK'

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm working on Chapter 6 of "The Spark" and being more concrete about my goals.

I set my long term goal as to be fit and trim by June 2011 and get into my wedding dress again with all 8 of my children surrounding me while my husband takes a photo.

My mid-term goal is to lose 7#'s by September 27th [I've already lost 11 so losing these next 7 will be a total of 10% lost of what my weight started at]

My short-term concrete goals:
*stock my car w/healthy alternative snacks
*look at my vision collage daily
*bring walking shoes in car in case an opportunity to walk arises
*start an accomplisment list
*do a full kitchen inspection and begin replacing unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives.See More

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VISUALLYRICS 8/17/2010 8:14PM

    Wonderful Goals! ....stocking my van with healthy snacks is one of my Fav choices! well as a full kitchen reassessment of the pantry etc....

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FINEBABY72 8/17/2010 7:48PM

    Great goals! I wish you much success! emoticon emoticon

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Horse back riding

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yesterday was so fun! My little darling daughter is a natural on that horse! And my good friend who owns the horses was SO tickled with Mary's enthusiasm and desire, that she offered her FREE riding lessons!!!!!! God is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!!

Here are some pics in remembrance of our special day: sorry if some of them are lopsided! Does anyone know how to flip them before putting them on? I've tried to do it and it shows that it flipped but then when I post it, it's horizontal instead of vertical.

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JULIEFRANCES112 8/17/2010 12:11PM

    It looks like everyone really enjoyed the day. Free riding lessons, what I wouldn't have given for those when I was younger or even now. When I was 12 I use to go to the horse stables close by and brush and clean the horses for free just to be close to them. Great pics Susan. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KIWINURSE 8/17/2010 10:50AM

    Looks like you had a day of fun! The photo ? I had the same problem but now I remember to turn them before posting them. I turn them on my computer before choosing them to be downloaded. I am sorry that your Stephen is not well, I am praying for a quick recovery. I have added you as a friend.
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JANETLP 8/17/2010 9:10AM

    Do not know the answer to your ?, But, the pics are cute. Cute daughter! Enjoy - Horseback riding- Something I've always wanted to try- I'll have to lose some weight for that one!

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Changing my heart...

Monday, August 16, 2010

BIRTHDAY PARTIES always conjured up LOTS OF FOOD in my mind, and if I was on a DIET, that diet went out the door for the party. NOT SO yesterday! Mary wanted Tacos and Cheesecake for her birthday dinner/dessert. I went to the recipe calculator and figured out the cheesecake recipe--376 calories and 27.4 grams of fat [and this was a small piece] so I cut that already small piece in HALF and had 188 calories and 14 grams of fat. BETTER choice and I was still able to stay within my fat grams for the day [I actually didn't quite eat enough calories for the day--very close @ 1304] but I almost went to my limit on fat @ 65 grams for the day. Anyway, I was SO content with one taco, a small taco salad and 1 extra small piece of cheesecake with blackberry pie filling on top. I didn't feel ONE bit deprived or ON A DIET! And the scale showed a loss today! YEAH!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for changing my mind and heart regarding this lifestyle of eating!

Blessings on your day!

P.S. We were out of BD candles so we had to improvise! emoticon

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JANETLP 8/17/2010 9:14AM

    emoticon Good job! I agree, tacos and cheesecake - some of my favorites. You were fantastic to make the decision and eat only half a piece and one taco. Not sure I could have done that! emoticon

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VISUALLYRICS 8/16/2010 6:40PM

    Beautiful day for all!! Congratulations!!

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CYCLINGSANDY 8/16/2010 12:07PM

    Yes, God is changing your heart for good food. I am so impressed with you willpower. Tacos and cheesecake, two of my favorite things to eat.

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PANSYLADY2 8/16/2010 10:49AM

    WOW! Way to go!! I am a sucker for tacos, but the cheesecake I can walk away from. (Would rather just eat 8 oz. of cream cheese!!)

Looks as if Mary was all smiles and loved her cheesecake and candles. Good job.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JULIEFRANCES112 8/16/2010 9:50AM

    Good for you. I'm not so sure I could have done that I love cheesecake. emoticon emoticon

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My one and only daughter...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, 2002 was a very special day for me. The LORD had already blessed me with SIX super sons in the previous 12 years and I loved them more than words can express; however, my heart did long for a daughter. I prayed and prayed throughout the pregnancy that God would PLEASE get me to neutral, but truly I never did reach that state. I remember them wheeling me into the delivery room and feeling desperate for NEUTRAL because I wanted this child to feel loved whether boy or girl!

We live in a small rural community and our doctors don’t put on airs which will explain the next part of the story. I had 3 doctors in the surgery room [this was my second c-section] and when the baby was born the room ERUPTED with shouts of joy like I’d NEVER witnessed. SHOUTS of ‘IT’S A GIRL’ resounded so loudly that I just BURST into tears, praising God for His love in giving me the desire of my heart! One of the doctors even came over and spread her legs in front of me shouting, ‘LOOK, IT’S A GIRL’! emoticon

Since then, the LORD has blessed us with another super son, but my Mary is a special ‘living fragrance’ [the meaning of her name] among all this testosterone. It’s been 8 years ago today, and truly the EXUBERANCE has NEVER left me! I love being a mom to boys! In fact, I think I would have a hard time if I had 7 girls! emoticon But, this one daughter is precious beyond words and I give thanks to JESUS everyday for her life!

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DIXIESPARKLE 8/16/2010 10:45AM

    God is so Good!!! She is breautiful. Blessings on her special day. PS, I was also born this week- Thursday - we can celebrate together.

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ALLFORHIM8 8/16/2010 6:26AM

    That is so beautiful! He loves to give us the desire of our hearts. She is a treasure!

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URSULA125 8/16/2010 12:40AM

    How sweet. Happy Birthday to your beautiful gift from God!

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ERMYLIFE 8/16/2010 12:30AM

    What a marvelous story; it made me smile. Your blessing is so cute!

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DELORENZO74 8/15/2010 8:01PM

    God is so glorious! I have a very LONG story, but the short version is that my hubby and I struggled with infertilty, three failed IUI's (intrauterine inseminations.) Then we decided to adopt. Our adoption turned into a nightmare - we were defrauded of $75k. The owner of the adoption agency is now in jail, but that does not make up for the fact that we loved and lost three baby boys that we were trying to adopt.

After we grieved the loss of our boys, we went back for fertility treatment. God was gracious and we conceived with our first IVF treatment. After spending three years trying to adopt boys I was hoping for a boy, but God's plan was different - we have a beautiful, precious 15 month old baby girl! I love her with all of my heart and soul. She is my sweet angel from above. emoticon God bless little girls!

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JULIEFRANCES112 8/15/2010 7:29PM

    What a precious little girl you have. Enjoy her while she's young but boys really are less trouble. I think i told you my daughter is 11, I'm not looking forward to the teen years. My oldest daughter is 30, she turned out great but those teen years were a nightmare. Hormones and more hormones. Never had a problem with my son then or now , he's 28. Thanks be to God they are all good and healthy. Get through those years and it'll be great. My daughter and I are great friends, she tells me everything even stuff I don't want to know.LOL

Happy Birthday Mary emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1GROVES2 8/15/2010 5:55PM

    I have 3 sisters and one brother. brother is the youngest (he just turned 50 last month!!) My mother was 43 years old at the time of his birth. She was so happy and although I was barely 4 when he was born, I remember saying we couldn`t have a boy because our family was only girls!...Yes, it was a grand day in our family.

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VISUALLYRICS 8/15/2010 3:47PM

    I give God the Glory for touching your life with a daughter!!

Great things He has done and will do in our lives!! =)

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PANSYLADY2 8/15/2010 3:42PM

    An awesome experience!! I have one son, one stepson and two stepdaughters. Children, no matter if girls or boys, are a joy (but i think boys are easier!!). Thanks for your blog post.

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THINIWILLBE21 8/15/2010 2:38PM

    Thank you for sharing your joy with us in your blog post!!

Thank you for posting Mary's picture - she is sooooooo cute!!!!

Happy, Blessed Birthday, Mary!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GRAMSIECAKES2 8/15/2010 2:16PM

    We had to wait until our three girls and then God blessed with our special son. He has been nothing but the best guy any parents would want. He will be 45 on Sept 1st and the Dr too just couldn't keep it a secret from me once he seen this nice healthy boy that we waited so long for...He is just so good to us and he always wants us to tell him how happy we were when he was born. He is now over in Afghanistan working as a civilian Contractor for the Air Force which he was in for 20 years. He has gotten us so much and we have no worries for money...the bank is just three blocks away and we have the debit card LOL

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CYCLINGSANDY 8/15/2010 2:07PM

    Yes, Jesus did give you the desire of your heart. It is a praise that you give Him the glory for blessing you with Mary.
She is beautiful! emoticon

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ROBINROSE3 8/15/2010 12:42PM

    You are truly blessed. Sugar and spice and everything nice is blessed as well to have a mother as special as you.
With Love,

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STRONGERLEANER 8/15/2010 12:41PM

    She's a cutie! Hope she has a wonderful birthday full of love, blessings, and JOY!

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Busy day

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I got my walk in and my strength exercises, got my 2 log in points, figured out the recipe nutritional information of a cheesecake my girlfriend brought over for dinner last night, commented on one blog and updated my status, but beyond that I don't think I'll have any time today for SparkPeople.

Baking all morning, preparing for my daughter's 8th birthday tomorrow [we go horseback riding on Monday for your BD], going to a good friend's father-in-law's funeral, and a picnic with our special friends this evening.

Have a GREAT day to all my MUCH appreciated SparkFriends.

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ABIGAILSING 8/14/2010 11:00AM

    Praying blessings for you.

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JULIEFRANCES112 8/14/2010 10:34AM

    You sure are a busy woman. Don't forget to relax at some time. Have fun horseback riding. I haven't done that in years. Happy Birthday to your daughter. God Bless!

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JULIEJO39 8/14/2010 9:58AM

    I hope you have a great weekend and get in some time for yourself even with all you have to do!

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SWIMLOVER 8/14/2010 9:43AM

  With all that is going on in your life, I think you did GREAT
just getting on SPARKPEOPLE. Have A Very Wonderful Day! Have
a Great Time going horseback riding with your DD on Monday.

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