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Planned Interruptions

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I was reading FAST COMPANY, my favorite business magazine in paper form and there was a quote from Cathy Davidson author of the book, "Now You See It", that started me thinking.

(uh-oh, could be dangerous!)

Here it is:
"Manage your relationship with technology by scheduling offline planned interruptions. And be mindful of which conversations need to take place in person or over the phone versus on email or text."

So, get out there and Nordic Walk during lunch or a problem-solving session! You'll come back in a better frame of mind to tackle anything after a "planned interruption". And give someone a surprise call on the phone instead of a text, LinkedIn message, email or Facebook post!!!

Hope this rocks your a good way


From Then to Now

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Since sitting in front of this blog spot over a year ago I have started two websites, maintained a blog on my site, joined IDEA and created a profile on their pages, updated my LinkedIn profile, added two new Facebook pages, maintained a monthly e-newsletter...and created a new email address to match my website name.

The social media aspect of my business is becoming time intensive yet so speedy! What I write to you now is over-baked tomorrow.

The "cost of doing business" used to be office furniture, office supplies (reams of paper!) and a new typewriter...okay, that was back in the day. Now, I invested in a new laptop and pay for monthly web-based hosted platforms. Next up is a new smart phone so I can go even faster.

My business is people; I never want to forget the main reason for sharing Nordic Walking! If I get to the point where I feel my internet dependency is a problem, I'll power off all devices and anchor myself to my students.

That's where the good stories are...just not in blog format.


Nordic Walking Community

Sunday, February 13, 2011

There are the instructors and the enthusiasts...I'm talking about the World of Nordic Walking, of course. The instructors are important for teaching low-impact technique and making sure the poles are correctly adjusted. The enthusiasts are important for passing on to their friends and family, the love of Nordic Walking.

How can the two worlds mesh? Not by endless discussions among Nordic Walkers at events and message boards about which technique, which poles, which training icon is the path; of this I am sure.

I teach Nordic Walking private lessons, group lessons and workshops for the Parks & Recreation Department in our County. What I love most in these settings is if mother/daughter or sister/sister or friend/friend take my class and then buy poles so they can carve time out of their day to spend it Nordic Walking together. If every friend told someone about the benefits of walking with poles, imagine the tipping point of conversion we'd see!

Instead of competition, I look at the other local Nordic Walking instructor in town as someone pushing the activity into the public eye with me...which leads to more acceptance and adoption.

Anyone who wants to share the love of Nordic Walking and make it their business life, check out There is a way to make the path of health your full or part time job like I did.

We're all in this together, no matter which pole or technique you practice or believe in. Let's grow the love of Nordic Walking!


Coffee & Chocolate

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today I made a strong cup of coffee by using the one-cup Melita drip I have had for decades. I used to take it camping and on day trips. It has even been on the Appalachian Trail with me. Coffee just tastes better dripped through the Melita brown unbleached filter.

What better compliment to this on an overcast day but 2 squares of dark chocolate? Yum, this combo can kick a headache, regulate your blood sugar and give you a reason to say, "I deserve 5 minutes to savor this".

Everything in moderation...yes, I could have had 4 squares but then I thought, hey, I can always have more tomorrow. That's the way I look at food. There will always be something to eat tomorrow!

Say that to yourself next time you want to finish the bag of chips or eat the whole bowl of something.
+ I can have more if I want it (then you usually won't want it)
+ There will be more food for me to eat tomorrow and the day after that
+ I'm lucky that I have enough food to eat unlike 1/2 the world

The relationship we have with food is so powerful. I wonder why Oprah can't keep it off even with her trainers, chefs and experts. Here's a simple formula: maybe she needs to eat less and start Nordic Walking so she can have coffee and chocolate once in a while too!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ABKO2010 7/14/2010 7:52PM

    If it was only that simple! If I tell myself I can have more if I want trust me I WILL be eating it and I STRONGLY dislike the taste of dark chocolate. Relationship with food is in fact very complicated. I'm really glad this approach works for you! Everyone has to find their "thing"! emoticon

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Outdoor Gym

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yesterday, I took a long Nordic Walk at Lakes Park in Fort Myers, FL. While I walked along with my poles I played a little game...want to try it too?

I picked something like walking lunges forward, walking lunges backwards, skipping, side skipping or running and interspersed these with Nordic Walking every 100 steps.

Every time I came to a park bench, I did 10 "step-up & fly" moves for each leg.

Let me tell you, I am sore today!

Let me know if you try this boredom buster and if you feel it in your quads the next day.


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