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No news

Friday, January 26, 2007

There's been no news on the job front. I called on Monday (one week after my interview) and got the HR lady's voice mail. Left a message inquiring about the position and a job offer but she never called me back. I'm guessing, from past experiences, this is a "no". So ... at least I have the job I have and I'll keep going.

I'm going to San Diego in February. My youngest daughter's fiance is graduating from Marine boot camp and we decided to go and show our support. Neither the hubby or I are really fond of this young man but he's trying and they are getting married so ... I figure it wouldn't have mattered who she chose, he never would have been good enough for our baby! We leave on Weds the 7th and get back on Sat the 10th. I'll take my laptop with and hope to keep in touch if I can find the time.

Got a phone call from my oldest daughter and she's going to have another baby in July or August. She goes for an ultrasound today and said she'd call later to give me a due date. Good thing I finally finished Ceci's baby blanket. I've started one for the younger daughter's baby and now have yet another to get done by early summer. This grandma needs to get busy!

Nothing much else to report. I shot back up to 400 pounds but as of today am back down again to 395. I am longing for the day I go under 390 and then go down more. I know it's going to happen but not without more committment and effort on my part. I'm working on it; really I am!

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KITT52 2/16/2007 10:47AM

    Karon just wanted to say hello have not seen you post for a while. I hope things are going good for you.
Take care


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SHERRY528 2/13/2007 1:53AM

    Karon, we LOVE YA, Friend! Had to come here to see how my Friend is doin'! Was delighted to see that you had gotten to get away again-my middle son was also in San Diego from here in Utah this weekend. Took his little family to Sea World. You guys could have waved!;-) Was much nicer weather there than Chicago, I'll bet, hmm???;-)
Karon, you KNOW how "I" feel 'bout you-I KNOW you are going to do just fine-you'll resume losing when it's time and for now, you are still VERY MUCH "in the journey" and progressing---even when!!!---AND ESPECIALLY that you "are" maintaining-even with an occasional climb-it's ok-you're staying right close and that is the important stuff for KEEPING OFF what you have done!So happy for you that you're back to 395. YES!
And congrats on those new Grandbabies in the making! I join you-we found out at Christmas we will have one coming as well. #6. LIFE-such a beautiful thing! HUGS, Karon. Sherry

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KITT52 1/29/2007 8:36PM

    Karon I'm sorry about the job, I know something else will come along. Hang in there. Have a great trip and enjoy your self.
As I said before the baby quilt is so cute. How wonderful for you to make for the grandkids, they will always remember it.

Sorry for your stuggle with weight loss too, its really is hard to stay commited when you are so stressed at work.
God bless you and your family. hang tough dear women good things are just around the corner.


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REDIS279 1/28/2007 2:59AM

    Sorry to hear the "no" news on the interview. Don't let this keep you from looking elsewhere.

How awesome that you are going to your daughter's intended's boot camp graduation! That is so cool! Especially since you have misgivings about her choice for a husband. That show of support will impress not only your daughter and future SIL but his troop buddies too. My hubby and I went to our daughter's boot camp graduation, too, clear in South Carolina...and this was September 2001. Yep, just days after 9/11 so we drove round trip from Cali in a week. Our military kids need to know we support their choice.

I know you will make it to your goal. Remember you are molding your behavior like a potter molds the clay. Small changes bring big differences in time.

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Job Interview

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The interview went pretty well. I interviewed with someone in the HR department first. Then I had to take a typing test. I managed to type 62 words per minute with 93% accuracy. That was just the practice, but she said I did so well I could keep that score if I wanted. That's what I went with.

Next I talked with the manager of the department I'd be working for. She sounded pretty positive that I'd be getting an offer by the end of the week. No call yet, but I'm still crossing my fingers and praying about it, too.

My current work position continues to get worse. Last night I had to help restrain the same girl four times. It was horrible and I'm really tired of it all. With any luck, I won't be there much longer.

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    Have you heard back yet?

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SHERRY528 1/19/2007 1:42PM

    Hi Karen-Had to come see how you are. I'll continue to pray 'bout your job situation, Friend. BEST WISHES as you wait to hear.

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SJEGUTIUD 1/18/2007 9:13AM

    Hello dear,
I will keep my fingers crossed for you and keep you in my prayers. I wish you all the best.
Your Friend

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REDIS279 1/18/2007 2:42AM

    Keeping you in my prayers and hoping you hear sooner than later!

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Down Two More

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am down another two pounds this week. It could be because I've had the flu and spent a LOT of time in the bathroom, but I'm taking it anyway. I really hate being sick and am just now feeling more myself. Started not feeling well on this past Sunday so that's a long time for me to be sick.

Have a job interview on Monday morning. I'd love to get out of the group home. The girls are getting more and more violent. One had to be restrained three times the other evening. They think nothing of walking right up to staff and hitting them in the face. They are so disrespectful and out of control. It's really sad!

The interview is for a job I actually applied for back in July of last year in a hospital. It is for a scheduling positon. The HR woman I spoke with said they hadn't an opening until now. Cool! In spite of working the overnight on Sunday night, I'm going and I'll put my best foot forward. Fingers are crossed but I'm really leaving it all in the Lord's hands. I feel He brought me here where I am today to get my leg taken care of and He will move me when He's ready. Until then, I plod along doing the best I can do.

Thanks to a good friend who reminded me I hadn't updated here in a while. I keep meaning to post daily in this blog, but I forget and then there are days I don't even get online. I needed the push today though.

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BOOBERRY 1/17/2007 4:24PM

    I hope your job interview went well, sorry to hear your were sick. hope you feel better.I know what you mean about the children getting more violent,I agree they do not know what manners are.and respect is out the door .I work in a school setting 6th- 8th grade and it floors me the way the kids are now even my son that graduated in 1999 can not believe the difference. I am so glad my daughter is graduating this year.Well just want to say going to go talk later take care.

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REDIS279 1/13/2007 3:51PM

    Count those pounds anyway you can! I lost 2 myself this week. I hope everything went well with the interview. You are such an encouragment to me.

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    Best of luck on the interview...having worked adolescent psych for years, I know how challenging that type of work can be. They are a tough bunch, those young survivors...Anc congrats for dropping a few pounds. I'm with you. I'll take them any way I can get them!

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Doing Great!

Monday, January 01, 2007

The resumption of my journey is actually going really well. I've been able to stay within my calorie range (except for one day) and within the percentages for protein/carbs/fat that Spark has set for me. For me, that's been quite the accomplishment.

I forgot to weigh myself when I got up this afternoon, so it's going to have to wait until tomorrow morning. That will be a more accurate weight anyway so it's okay. I feel like I'm losing weight again. I had a comment yesterday about smelling "fruity" and in the past a doctor advised me that was the smell of ketones burning confirming that I'm actually burning fat. I don't smell it but this person did and commented on it more than once. That's the only thing it could be as I don't wear any perfumes and I use unscented soap, shampoo, etc as I'm allergic to many of them.

I'm sticking with my program well. I'm pleased with my progress. Today is the first day of January and that means within the week I need to add exercise back into my program, too. I'm determined to do this. I'll start wearing my pedometer again starting tomorrow. I'll also drag out my Leslie Sansone WATP DVD and do that at least a couple times per week. I'm excited to see how well I can do it now that I no longer have my "sidekick" tumor hanging from my leg.

Onward and downward I intend to journey.

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NANCYINSD 1/6/2007 11:54AM

    Glad to see you so motivated again! I wish you all the best in the New Year!

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    You go girl!

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I'll Never Miss Again ...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This used to head my blog here at Sparkpeople. I am ready to move forward so I'm moving it and redoing my intro.

Never Miss Again
1. Having to wake up DH or DD to help me get my socks and shoes on.
2. Having to sit down on a plastic step stool to shower.
3. Buying ugly things or things I don't want because they fit (this includes shoes, clothes, cars, etc.)
What I love about NOW
1. I have my independence back.
2. I have lots of new friends and a wide support base of people who understand exactly where I'm coming from and exactly where I'm going.
3. Going to the movies and fitting into the seat.
What I just CAN'T wait for
1. Enjoying shopping again whether it's for food, clothes, whatever because I can walk and not get tired.
2. Going to an amusement park and being able to fit on the rides and now have to sit and wait for everyone else to have fun.
3. Getting to meet some of my new friends (and espeically my newly adopted sister Teresa) at our very own SP thread get together!

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    Guess I failed to mention how much I like what you did here...great way to put things in focus. I so appreciate your comments on my page...nice to know we are not alone.

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BOOBERRY 12/28/2006 11:52AM

    Hello Nora, Glad to see your getting back on track.We all know you can do it. I just read your dh had a stroke in july, and is depressed. My dad had a stroke a few days before is 75 birthday. in july and yes he was ok for a while but then has had depression for3 months finally went in because not feeling good his blood work was off and depressed the dr put him on meds and helped alot but now the last 2 weeks he got meds mixed up and was not taking the right one but now has all straited out. Yes I agree you have to take care of #1 you first , my dh is over weight 60 lbs and he say "he is happy as a pig in slop and when he is ready to lose he will" but in the mean time I worry about health issuses. His dad passed away36 yrs ago at a young age with heart problems.So yes I worry but I have to take care of my self firstso I can take care of familyYou have done great so far I know you have the will power and you will do great in 2007. Take care talk later Happy New Year.

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