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Water Aerobics

Friday, October 31, 2008

I've gone to two water aerobics classes now and enjoyed both of them so much. I have two different instructors and they each work us so differently. I LOVE that! I've been able to keep up and even push myself to jog faster in the water. It's been kind of freeing.

I'm still doing my walking. I even walk to two of the home each night at work. A couple nights it was chilly and I was tempted to drive but it's such a sense of satisfaction to look at my pedometer and see those steps adding up! I'll walk until it's so cold my face freezes just to keep the energy flowing.

Not much else to report. The scale is just not budging. I'm not worrying about it too much. There are a lot of reasons that could be happening. I'm bouncing up and down between 355-357; for some odd reason my scale likes 357. It does make me a little nuts but I know I'm eating the way I'm supposed to be eating. I've also gone back to drinking at least one protein drink of Carnation with added protein per day in case that is the reason. I wonder if I'm getting enough calories. I think about the pre-op days and the whole "starvation mode" theory. I don't see the surgeon or nutritionist until December. I will attend the support groups in November and see what the others have to say. It's frustrating but I'm hanging in there.

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REDIS279 10/31/2008 1:23PM

    I agree with CareWren, it sounds like you are doing all that you can. And remember muscle weighs more than fat! So hang in there and trust. I'm glad you have a support group to attend since you don't see the doctor until December. I'm sure you could call though and leave a message for the nurse, if it really started to drive you crazy. It's your recovery. And remember muscle weighs more than fat! So hang in there and trust.

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CAREWREN 10/31/2008 1:03PM

    Good for you! You're doing great! Just keep it up and your weight will have no choice but to go down. emoticon

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Victories are MINE!

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's back to water aerobics for me tonight. I don't want to go cuz I know the water is going to be COLD. Add to that the dropping temps here in northern IL and it spells doom. The hubby will make me go though, so no worries.

I had a good non-scale victory today. Last summer before going to Alaska to see my dear friend and sister Teresa from right here on SP, I purchased a bra top for wearing to swim. I never wore it for a couple reasons, but was glad not to because it really didn't fit well. I tried it on this morning to see if I can wear it instead of a sports bra and t-shirt to class tonight and it fit! Woo hoo for me.

Also got some great comments at work last night from a couple people. It made me smile because so many have said nothing. One told me I was going to have to get new pants soon as the ones I had on were baggy. I told her those were my new ones. I just got them a couple weeks ago! Thank goodness they have drawstrings. I guess maybe I'm getting closer to a 3X than I thought.

Lastly, so many told me that my tastes would change following surgery. I didn't really believe them but it must be true. Before surgery, the thought of eating yogurt made me feel sick. Today I ate 3/4 of a light Yoplait yogurt. It was quite tasty. The flavor was raspberry cheesecake and I didn't mind it at all. I have three other flavors to try and am hoping that I will be able to tolerate them all. I know it's a good source of protein and a healthy snack or meal. Interesting side effect of weight loss surgery, changing taste buds. Who would have thunk it? LOL

Got appointment for the mammogram. Set appointments with the cardiologist for near the end of November to see how long I have to stay on Coumadin. Set appointment with my surgeon for my three month post op appointment. Picked a date to have lab work completed per my doctor in late November. Going to have a chem panel, basic metabolic panel, and thyroid testing. At least that is all set and out of the way. Now I just have to keep the appointments.

Have a great week, everyone!

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GEORGIA_KAY 11/1/2008 8:59PM

    YOU ARE A ROCK STAR in my book!



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L8BLUMER 10/31/2008 12:02PM

    Hooray for you, Karon! Water aerobics are a blast, aren't they! I'm so happy for all your successes!

Keep up the great work.

Happy Halloween!

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GRACE2GRACE 10/30/2008 9:34PM

    Congratulations your doing this!!!!

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SYNCHRODAD 10/27/2008 11:03PM

    Wow, what a great day and a great report! Very encouraging to me!

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MIECHT 10/27/2008 9:13PM

    Karon! Yippe for your non-scale successes!!! What a great feeling to be able to fit into things that you couldn't fit in before. I'm so proud of you.
Stay on track and keep your eye on the prize...your health :-)

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Primary Doctor Appointment

Friday, October 24, 2008

I went to my primary doc today. The nurse was amazed at how much weight I've lost. She asked the doctor if I had my surgery already and he said that I had. She said she could really see the weight loss. That was encouraging! The doc told me that I'm doing awesome and that people have the misconception that after gastric bypass surgery they will lose weight quicker but he said that isn't true. He said the reality is that people lose quite a bit the first month and then the weight loss slows for most to about 2-3 lbs per week but it's a steady weight loss. I did feel a little reassured after talking with him. I know that it's best to lose weight slow and steady for many reasons. He also reminded me that I want to be losing fat and not lean muscle and losing slowly is the best way to do that. He said if I continue to lose 2-3 lbs a week I could be at my personal goal of 199 by next Labor Day. Woo hoo! And the doctor scales weighed me in at 355 today. Not so long ago, the scales there would not weigh me at all! Life is sweet.

My Coumadin level was up to 1.7 which is almost in therapeutic range. They want it to be between 2 and 3. The nurse at the clinic increased my dose to 15 mg per day which my doc said is a little high but he agreed with her. He also referred me to cardiology for follow-up at the end of November. How long I stay on this medication is going to depend upon whether or not I have another incident of a-fib so I have to just wait and see.

I have an order for a repeat mammogram because they had nothing to compare the last one to. I have a referral to see the surgeon again, but that appointment isn't for another two months. And a lab order for bloodwork at the end of November to check a bunch of stuff including my thyroid as he said that medication can probably be decreased by then. So that's what happened at the doctor office.

Came home and got some rest. Then up and out to do the laundry. Not much else planned for the night. Going to just chill with Tim and enjoy my night off.

Oh ... and I just posted some new photos in my Sparkpage Gallery and on my Sparkpage. Check them out from beginning to surgery day to now. It's an amazing transformation!

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L8BLUMER 10/25/2008 9:26AM

    CONGRATULATIONS, KARON! You look awesome, and your doctor visit says it all. You're getting better every day. I went to my spark page today and noticed your new photo in the Spark Friends section. I did a total double take! OMG. Your weight loss is very noticeable. It's wonderful. I'm so happy for you.

I can't wait for your Labor Day! Woo Hoo!

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NANCYJEAN6 10/25/2008 7:28AM

    Karon, WONDERFUL!!!! What an acomplishment, I know your family is proud of what you have done for yourself and for them. You will do it by the time Labor day gets here. How ever close you come, know you have come along way!!!!
God's Blessings and Favor are my prayers,
restore to you miracle health!!

Nancy emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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POPTART44 10/24/2008 11:32PM

    Congratulations on your success Karon!! You are doing so wonderful!! I have also leveled off to about 2-3 pounds per week - and I'm happy with that as well. I don't really want it to come off in any higher chunks - that would mean more sagging skin! Just the fact that we are consistently losing the weight is a great accomplishment!! I go for my next appointment on Wednesday. I can't wait to move to my next food stage!!
Congratulations again -

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JUDYSPOSITIVE 10/24/2008 9:01PM

You look awesome and you can certainly see the weight loss. People won't recognize the new you soon. I'm sure you will reach your goal in time for Labor Day. I think you made a decision that is going to change your life. Good for you Karon, I'll be watching for new pictures as the new person appears.

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SYNCHRODAD 10/24/2008 7:32PM

    You new picture gave me one word: "WOW!" And your hair is longer. What wonderful news about your primary doc and nurse's reactions. I am so looking forward to your victory dance on Labor Day, a graceful sweeping waltz with feather slippered feet on a cloud.

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DAWNINCASPER 10/24/2008 7:00PM

You're right - it IS amazing! YOU are amazing!!! I think your pictures are awesome. Like I told you, you are such an inspiration to me. you are doing so well - keep it up!!

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Better Day Today

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today was a much better day. The dark cloud that surrounded me yesterday seems to have moved on (though it's pouring rain here right now). I honestly think I just get into funks.

I did quite well with walking at the store. I did not go to the track but I did walk at work. I managed to walk over half a mile yesterday and by the time I came home from work this morning, I had already walked over half a mile for today as well.

Work went okay. I did find myself getting up and moving around more often. I did not go walk in the gym. It's a big dark and scary place in the middle of the night and there are several doors leading outside. I just don't feel safe in there. I'm a big baby about some things and being alone in the dark is one of them from time to time depending upon the situation.

Synchrodad ... I'm not allowed to drink anything with my meals. I have to stop drinking 1/2 hour before I eat and cannot drink again until at least 1/2 hour after eating. It's a rule many surgeons have when post op gastric bypass surgery. The liquid pushes the food out and I would get hungry way earlier than if I just waited. Admittedly, I have sipped a time or two when something felt stuck but that's it. It has been one of the most difficult adjustments I've had to make. And yeah, my stoma (opening to the stomach) is very small and I'm told not to swallow anything larger than an M&M. Also, my stomach is the size of a large egg now. It can and will stretch eventually but I'm doing everything in my power to not have that happen through my own actions.

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L8BLUMER 10/23/2008 6:36PM

    Everybody has funks! It's a fact of life, Karon. But the important thing is, you know what you need to do to get through them, and you do it. You don't give in to them so that they get worse and stretch on and on into weeks of funky feelings.

As a matter of fact, you kicked their funky butts back into funkytown! Way to go!


Take care of yourself and keep in touch!

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SYNCHRODAD 10/21/2008 12:04AM

    Thank you for the enlightenment. You are certainly walking a careful and carefully planned path. So I guess we are both back to Mom's eternal advice, "slow down and chew your food." My Mom was right, I just didn't believe her.... Have a wonderful (full of wonder) rest of the week.

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Feeling Lost

Sunday, October 19, 2008

For quite a while now, like over a year, I have bad days. Days where no matter what, the sun does not shine in my world. They are dark and desolate and I feel so alone. Sounds kind of silly saying that here, where I know I'm NEVER alone. I have so many who check in on me, motivate me, encourage me, and just plain out care about me and how I'm doing. But today is not a good day for me. I feel so lost and I don't know why.

I have walked every day since Tuesday this past week my quarter mile around the track. Today I know I need to go walk. My brain is telling me to walk I'll feel better. My heart just isn't in it today. "I don't want to!" screams my heart. So here I sit in front of the computer. I do know I'm going to the grocery store and today I will not allow myself to take the easy way out and ride on the electric cart. I will walk that store and be glad I did it. Tonight I will be walking from the administration building (where I do the majority of my work) to the homes (where I have to check in and make sure no one is sleeping). It will be a bit chilly here in IL in the middle of the night, but I am going to walk. I vow that right now. I'm not sure of the distance but I think in all it will be at least a quarter mile of walking. I'm also going to turn on the lights in the gym and about every two hours I'm going to get up and go do a lap of walking in the gym. No one else is there to know what I'm doing and I know I'm not going to be able to sit in front of the computer for eight hours so I may as well walk. I'm not feeling all that guilty about not walking today given all of this.

Yesterday I went out for lunch with the hubby. I made what I thought was a good choice. Grilled chicken breast with grilled veggies (green peppers and onions). I left off the potato and bread choices and only ate the above. I don't know if I ate too fast, didn't chew well enough, or something got stuck but man, when I was done (and I only really ate about four bites of the chicken) I had this pain in the middle of my chest. I knew I was in trouble. I've done enough reading to know that. By the time we got to the car, I knew I was in BIG trouble. As I bent down for something I felt like I was going to pass out. Then, it all came right back up. This was my first time vomiting since my gastric bypass surgery. I don't EVER want to repeat that again! (I'm guessing many will say that I will but it's not something I'd want.) Once it was all up and out, I felt fine and life went on as usual. I suppose one could say that was my first ever "dumping" experience. Blah!

I'm going to try to increase my walking to two trips around the path by Wednesday. That's my goal for the week. Oh ... my other goal is get down one more bottle of water per day since I've only been drinking two lately. I found my favorite Walmart brand 'crystal lite' flavor (Cherry Limeade) and that's gonna help since that counts as water. I'll check back to let you know how it goes.

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NCJUNE 10/19/2008 10:32PM

    I completely understand your feelings an can honestly say I've been there & done that. This too will pass. I still have sunny days and dark days but since my surgery in Jan, it seems like there are more sunny days than dark days.

Make sure your meat is moist. If you make a choice like baked or grilled chicken make sure that you have a gravy or sauce on it to moisten it. If you need more ideas let me know.

All of those WalMart drinks are great. I think I've got every flavor and I don't notice an aftertaste. If you want to avoid aftertaste, get those unsweetened packets of Kool-Aid and instead of sugar use Splenda. Tastes the same as the sugar one and adults & kids both say they can't tell the difference. Plus you don't get the sugar rush with kids!

Best of luck to everyone,

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SYNCHRODAD 10/19/2008 5:21PM

    HALT, Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. I think "lost" fits in there somewhere to. You are not alone, you have "us." And family. I find if I hang around my computer too much lethargy sets in and vice-versa.

When Conan starred in "Twins", there was a great line about "tossing our cookies together" or something pretty close to that. I have hyatal hernia and have been tossing cookies once in a while since my 20's. It sounds like you now have a similar surgery induced condition. For me, it is where food gets stuck on the way down in a pocket just above my diaphragm. Like I said, "similar." I don't exactly what you had done except that you have a smaller pace to put stuff.

I avoid it by chewing my food carefully, and being aware of things that stick. One of them is chicken that is a little dry. Some others: shredded wheat, beef or pork (or any meat) eaten too fast or in big bites, nuts not chewed up properly, some veggies not chewed, greens or carrots. So far unfortunately, I don't think I have had a problem with desserts. The keys: avoid dry, stringy food, cut up your food into small bites, chew your food well, and eat somewhat slow, maybe toss in a bit of water while chewing as need. That keeps me out of trouble 99% of the time. If I hurry, and become "Wolfey", I pay.

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KASSIANDORA 10/19/2008 2:41PM

    I've been wanting to try those crystal lite thingies for bottled water, but I've been afraid of an aftertaste. Does it go down easy?

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