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Two Weeks Post-Op

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I had my two week post-op appointment with my surgeon yesterday evening. It went quite well. The day of surgery I weighed 386 pounds. At my appointment yesterday their scale weighed me at 369 which is down 17 pounds since surgery. They then looked at my weight loss since the end of July when I went on the pre-op diet and were quite impressed as that makes down a total of 40 pounds!

They removed my staples. I am now staple free! Yea for me. The incisions are ugly looking to me but he said in 48 hours they will look totally different. The surgeon said that the pulling I'm feeling could be from some inner stitches they had to put in one of the incisions on my right side. The back pain is likely due to the adjustment of core muscles as I heal. He said I have probably made an adjustment to the way I walk (no kidding) due to the pain and the tummy muscles being penetrated. He said the back pain should go away as I continue to heal. He suggested liquid Tylenol to help with the pain until then, especially before I'm going to move around a lot. I think I'll pick some up and go from there. I'm not one to take medication, even for headaches, but I'm considering this for now. At the very least, it will help the pain to not be so strong.

Then I met with the nutritionist. She didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, pretty much. She said I'm eating the way I should be but may want to eat a little more at each sitting. I'm currently eating only about 2 ounces of protein each time I eat. She wants that to be at least 3 ounces. She also wants me to track the protein intake a bit better. I keep a food log, but haven't bothered with the counts so much. Guess I'd better pick up a protein count pocket book so I can track more accurately. She also suggested I drink at least one protein drink per day. I'm going to get some EAS Lite today to try in shake form and also some Isopure which should help. She said that will at least boost my protein levels to where they should be and I won't have to worry so much about getting enough. They will draw blood at my next appointment in October to check all my levels.

I am to continue to increase my walking. The surgeon also wants me to add going up and down at least one flight of stairs per day. He said it will help me to build the core muscles and exercise my calves which is still important to keep me from developing blood clots in my legs. It hurts to just step up and down at curbs but I'll do my best to start this. We do have stairs in our apartment building and I'll just go out and climb one flight of them for now. Eventually I'll add going up to the third floor but baby steps right now.

Overall, things are going well. I still tire pretty easily. The walking increases my back pain. Still going to check into getting some Spanx (or something similar from Lane Bryant) to help in smoothing things out. It will also help my muscles develop a bit as well.

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TXSANDY 9/27/2008 6:29PM

    I keep hearing baby steps and that is where we start from baby steps it will all come soon enough. Glad you are doing well and healing. You will tire easy for a while so enjoy it while you can. emoticon Your weight loss is super just think about what is to come.

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L8BLUMER 9/27/2008 4:25PM

    thanks for the update - I think about you a lot and wonder how you're doing. I have some isopure, it's pretty tasty actually. One warning - it does not dissolve in hot water. I tried to make hot cocoa with it. it got really lumpy and wouldn't dissolve.

I have only one cloud on my upcoming surgery. I had a mammogram in early september and on Thursday they called me back for an ultrasound. I can't get in until 10/3. I sure hope nothing is wrong. I don't like these kinds of things hanging over my head.

I am so glad to hear you are doing so well. I am very proud of you. Stay in touch. I don't want to miss any of your daily miracles, Karon. emoticon

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GEORGIA_KAY 9/24/2008 11:52PM

    Karon you're doing it!

All the bad stuff is behind you now and a rosier future awaits you!!!

You're making it happen and i'm so proud and happy for you. I wish I could just give you a big ole HUGGGG....but I guess I better wait till the stitches heal up ...heheh

love ya Karon,
your spark sister

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CAREWREN 9/24/2008 10:04AM

    Sounds like you are coming along just great! I'm proud of you.

Thank you for keeping us up to date. It is very interesting to hear about the process from someone experiencing it and not from an article about it!

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KITT52 9/24/2008 8:27AM

    Karon good to hear from you. Glad your doing as well as possible.

Your loosing the weight and that has to feel good.

Have a healthy day.


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SYNCHRODAD 9/24/2008 7:36AM

    So good to hear you are doing so well. "Lane Bryant", I haven't heard that name in a while. My sister is a Lane Bryant customer. My prayer for you is that some day for you, Lane Bryant is where you only go to get gifts for others. Will you ever be size 6 or 8? Probably not. But in shape, and bouncing up those flights of stairs without noticing it will be a tremendous reward and sign of success. In the future, I will send your before and after success story to my sister and perhaps she will become an ex-Lane Bryant regular.

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Doing Well

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So far, so good. I have not had any pain medication for about three days now. I do still have a tenderness pulling on one side which I am assuming is the area some of the work may have been done. Other than that, no real pain.

I'm eating and not having much problem other than being bored with the foods I get to eat right now. A couple more weeks and the pureed restriction will be lifted and then I can eat more variety. I will also be able to add veggies back into my diet. I'm not sure I'm eating enough but I don't feel hungry so figure I must be doing okay. I'm eating about two ounces per meal right now and it is all protein. I need to get out and purchase some Isopure or EAS protein drinks and see how they are. I'm hesitant to spend money on something that I'm not sure I'll like, but it would give my protein intake a BIG boost.

Emotionally, I'm still up and down, but heck, I was that way a long time before surgery so I don't really think it's surgery related. I'm hanging in there. Moving easier every day. Only able to sleep in my bed on my back. Last night, Tim and I stacked two sofa pillows on my side of the bed. One flat and the other leaned against it. That enabled me to sleep in bed from 10:30 PM to about 4 AM which would have been about how long I would have slept on my tummy before so I guess that was good. It sure was nice to get out of the recliner for the night, anyway. I did doze in it from 4-7, though.

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SUN_CLAY 9/23/2008 6:59PM

    Hey lady, I was just thinking about you and stopped by to check on you. Glad to hear you are doing ok. Thanks for the update.



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    Karon, I am SO glad to hear how you are doing...haven't stopped by to check your blog for quite a while.

I know this was a very courageous step for you...I know many people who have had the surgery, and not ONE of them has ever regretted it.

Emotional flux? Mood swings? Sleep deprivation? Pain? All perfectly natural post op. They will pass. And once you see those pounds falling off? The joy of living will make it all worth it!

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L8BLUMER 9/19/2008 10:46AM

    Karon, I admire you so much. You have worked so hard, come so far, and you are such an inspiration to me. I am glad your pain is subsiding. Soon it will be a distant memory and you, my friend, will be on your way to experiencing those everyday miracles that are sure to come your way.

God bless you! emoticon

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SYNCHRODAD 9/18/2008 5:49AM

    Boring food? "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!" I read this on another SparkPage and it sounds really right for now, and maybe for a long time. That's all right! I am so looking forward to seeing your "after" picture. Who knows, maybe you will be giving UrbanMommy a run for the money! I am so glad to hear of your progress. Lord Bless You.

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TXSANDY 9/18/2008 12:10AM

    Sounds like you are doing great. It will only get better now.
Sandy emoticon emoticon

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REDIS279 9/17/2008 1:58PM

    Glad you are doing so well. I can certainly understand the food boredom, but what a blessing not to be hungry or craving. And knowing that the extra weight will be melting away! Woohoo!

The fatigue will ease. It's a great stress on your body to be put under and it takes a full 6 weeks for the anesthesia to be worked out of your body. So grab the rest while you can. Be easy on yourself: recovery takes time.

Becca, who is glad her plateau is over!

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POPTART44 9/17/2008 12:08PM

    Yeah Karon!! So glad you are feeling good!! What an experience huh? Well, we gave up a couple of weeks of some pain and discomfort for the wonderful trade of getting our lives back. Sounds like a good trade to me, but I would not have agreed if you asked me that the day after surgery!! I'm still on full liquids, and don't you know I'm getting pretty bored! Every day I tell myself it's only a little bit longer. I'm still a little sore too, and get tired very easily. You take care of yourself!!

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Emotions run wild

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Emotions are right on the surface. Being housebound not only because of surgery but because of rain hasn't helped much. When not raining, I could have at least left this little apartment for a walk outside. Praise the Lord, the rain has stopped and I'll be able to get outside and move more tomorrow. All week is supposed to be quite nice here. Yea!

I'm already tired of pureed chicken, pork, and scrambled egg. I had a little bit of cream of mushroom soup today and that was heaven! I love cream soups and am allowed to have them. Such a nice change of pace. Hot tea seems to help calm my tummy if it feels a little upset.

Only took pain med at bedtime. Still have pain in my right abdomen. It's like a pulling. Hurts but I'm dealing with it. And that's about it for me today.

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NOTABLONDE 9/20/2008 12:21PM

    Karon, I am sooo proud of you. You are making a healthy life for yourself and it takes so much courage to do what you are doing. Please do not get discouraged. Please know so many of us are praying for you and we are behind you in reaching your goals.You are my inspiration!!!!!
Marcie emoticon

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KITT52 9/17/2008 11:19AM

    Karon glad your doing so well. We are here whne you need us.


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TXSANDY 9/15/2008 4:53PM

    Hang in there Karon it will get better. Just think about what lies ahead after the healing is over. A new healthier, trimmer, and more adjusted you. You'll be ready to take on the world. emoticon

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SHERRY528 9/15/2008 12:20AM

    Hi Karon---SO GLAD you SOOO ENJOYED that change of pace with the Cr. of Mushroom soup! It's SOOO NORMAL for you to be having the intense emotions right now, Karon---not only because it's typical for ANY surgery PHYSICALLY by chemical changes and stir 'rounds in a surgery of this magnitude-but OF COURSE because you have so much to adjust to now in a VERY CHANGED LIFE. It's going to be ok, Karon. I hesitated to write because I KNOW anything I could say would be sooooo trite and SOOO what you KNOW---but it's still good to hear it, isn't it, Dearheart---IT REALLY "IS" going to be ok! In fact---it's going to be wonderful. You'll get thru this part, Karon. "HAVING TO" for awhile is going to be tough---and then---just like Georgia and her exercise---and me with mine---you'll see over days and weeks it getting better and better and easier and easier---even tho you know it was HELL in the meantime....HANG IN THERE---AND KARON---TALK, FRIEND---DON'T BE AFRAID noooo matter how many times to say how hard it is---and specifically WHAT it is...and KEEP TELLING US ALLLLL THE GOOD STUFF, too! We're RIGHT HERE WITH YOU THRU IT ALL, DEAR FRIEND---YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE NOW WHEN YOU GET THRU THIS HARD PART....LOVE YOU!!!! Sherry

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Here I Am

Friday, September 12, 2008

I am back. There were no complications during the surgery, however my surgery went six hours. Two hours was the actual gastric bypass surgery. The other four hours were removal of my gall bladder. It was full of 30 stones! Who knew? Doc said they were pretty good sized stones. Good thing they meant to take it out anyway, huh?

I am still in a good amount of pain. Getting up and down is the most painful. I have a thick stomach wall and they went through the muscle to do the lap surgery so ... I'm only taking my pain med when I need it, though. Doctor said that is a good thing. So far it's only about 6-8 hours when I could have it ever four.

My sister is here and has shown Tim how to help me up and down without either of us getting hurt. I came home from the hospital yesterday. Debbie cooked and pureed my meats for me. They are in the freezer so all Tim has to do it heat it up. It amazes me how little I eat and feel full.

All in all progress is good. I have more to say but it will take a few days. I'm thankful for all my friends who prayed for me. I'm thankful to my sister for coming up to help Tim and help me when I got home. She's going home later today and will be back up next Sunday. I really want to go to churgh and have my two week follow up on Tues the 23rd so she said she'd come up to go to church with us and take me to my appointment.

Have a good weekend. I'll try to check back in tomorrow. We'll see how I feel.

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GEORGIA_KAY 9/14/2008 4:18PM

    Welcome home dear, dear friend!!!



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REDIS279 9/14/2008 1:25PM

    Karon, I'm so glad the surgery went well. May you feel better very soon.

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SYNCHRODAD 9/13/2008 11:11AM

    I am so glad to hear from you. "Thick muscle wall" is on its way to becoming thin! Remember, little tiny bites, little tiny meals, little tiny you! Well "tiny you" might not fit, it certainly won't be me ever! But how about "trim", "toned", "buff", "agile", "flexible", "aerobically fit", perhaps even "quick." Welcome to the path of a new life!

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Today is THE day!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Well, my day has arrived. I slept okay. Woke up at 6 AM and got up. Took my blood pressure and thyroid meds. Finished off the bottle of water since it's all I could have and all I'll get until ice chips later today after surgery.

I've checked my email and posted in all my SP groups. I did a new post on my personal blog that I've been keeping for three years now. It is located at should you be interested in taking a look. My entire weight loss journey has been chronicled there, pretty much. And now I sit and I wait. I have to be at the hospital at 12:30 PM.

I still need to shower and shave the ole legs and pits. TMI but it's what needs to be done. I also need to pack my bag, but I have a comprehensive list of things I need to pack so it's all good. And I need to have the day of surgery "pre-op" photos snapped. In addition to that, I also need to get Tim or my sister to help me get my measurements so when the scale isn't moving so much, the inches can be recorded. Lastly, I need to weigh myself here at home. I know the hospital scales generally weigh me about five pounds heavier.

I'm not scared or even all that nervous. I am just anxious to get this all over with. I'm ready to have it behind me and to head on downward toward my goal. I'm more worried about how this is all affecting Tim (the hubby) than how it is going to be for me. I'm thankful my sister is here to be with him.

He will bring my laptop to the hospital tomorrow and the good Lord willing, I'll be up to at least posting an update here. If not, I'll check in as soon as I can to let everyone know how things are. I really don't forsee any problems.

I know there are prayers going up all over the country (and even a couple parts outside of it) in my regard. The operating room will be packed with angels sent to watch over me and be with me through the process. I know that the Lord will steady the hands of my surgeon and give the entire surgical team wisdom and sure responses. It's all going to be just fine.

So ... this is my last post pre-op. I've managed to hit an all-time low of 389.5 lbs as of yesterday. I've not weighed yet this morning. Should it be different, I'll try to jump online long enough to change the ole weight tracker. I'm at peace with my decision. So ... on that note, I'll just say "Catch y'all later!"

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GEORGIA_KAY 9/9/2008 10:26PM

    I'm here waiting anxiously about news from your operation. I know in my heart all is well. Can't wait till you come back online and let us know how you are---love and prayers------Georgia

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REDIS279 9/8/2008 3:55PM

    Amen to all that!

God bless you!

Comment edited on: 9/8/2008 3:53:07 PM

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FIBROCHIC 9/8/2008 1:43PM

    God's Blessing to you my friend...all is well..your new life is beinging..
Smile for me the best is yet to be...
Hugs, Barb...

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REBECCAGIRL1969 9/8/2008 11:57AM

    I will pray the rosary for you today. I will be eagerly checking back for updates. Godspeed!

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